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                    species listThe species list includes Mull, Iona, Treshnish Isles and Lismore.
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Mull & Iona Species List  prepared by Alan Spellman (mullbirds)

Red-throated Diver
Black-throated Diver 
Great Northern Diver
White billed Diver

Little Grebe 
Great Crested Grebe 
Red-necked Grebe 
Slavonian Grebe 
Black-necked Grebe 
Pied billed Grebe 
Cory’s Shearwater
Great Shearwater
Sooty Shearwater
Manx Shearwater
Storm Petrel 
Leach’s Storm Petrel
Northern Gannet
Great Cormorant
Black Stork
Snowy Egret
Little Egret
Great white Egret
Cattle Egret
Grey Heron 
Mute Swan 
Whooper Swan 
Greylag Goose 
Snow Goose 
Canada Goose 
Barnacle Goose
Brent Goose
Eurasian Wigeon
American Wigeon
Eurasiuan Teal
Green-winged Teal 
Blue winged Teal
Northern Shoveler 
Tufted Duck
Greater Scaup
Lesser Scaup 
Common Eider
King Eider
Long-tailed Duck
Common Scoter 
Surf Scoter 
Velvet Scoter
Red-breasted Merganser
Red Kite 
White-tailed Eagle
Pallid Harrier
Hen Harrier
Marsh Harrier
Sparrow hawk 
Rough-legged Buzzard 
Golden Eagle 
Red Grouse
Golden Pheasant
Water Rail 
Spotted Crake 
Corn Crake 
Ringed Plover 
American Golden Plover
Golden Plover 
Grey Plover 
Knot (Red Knot)
Little Stint 
Temminck's Stint
Pectoral Sandpiper
Curlew Sandpiper
Purple Sandpiper
Buff-breasted Sandpiper 
Jack Snipe
Black-tailed Godwit
Bar-tailed Godwit
Lesser Yellowlegs
Spotted Redshank
Green Sandpiper
Wood Sandpiper
Common Sandpiper
Grey Phalarope
Red necked Phalarope
Pomarine Skua 
Arctic Skua 
Long-tailed Skua
Great Skua
Little Gull 
Sabine’s Gull
Black-headed Gull
Ring-billed Gull
Common Gull
Herring Gull
Yellow-legged Gull
Iceland Gull 
Glaucous Gull
Great Black-backed Gull 
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Ross's Gull 
Sandwich Tern 
Common Tern 
Arctic Tern 
Little Tern 
Forsters Tern
Black Guillemot
Little Auk 
Rock Dove 
Stock Dove
Collared Dove 
Turtle Dove
Barn Owl 
Tawny Owl
Long-eared Owl
Short-eared Owl
Eurpopean Roller
Green Woodpecker
Great Spot Woodpecker
Sand Martin 
Barn Swallow 
House Martin 
Tree Pipit 
Meadow Pipit 
Rock Pipit 
Grey Wagtail
Pied Wagtail
Yellow Wagtail
Blue headed (M. flava flava)
White throated Dipper 
Black Redstart
Ring Ouzel 
Song Thrush
Mistle Thrush 
Grasshopper Warbler
Sedge Warbler 
Lesser Whitethroat
Garden Warbler 
Wood Warbler 
Common Chiffchaff
Willow Warbler 
Yellow browed Warbler
Spotted Flycatcher 
Pied Flycatcher
Long-tailed Tit
Northern Long tailed tit
Coal Tit 
Blue Tit 
Great Tit 
Crested Tit
Golden Oriole 
Red-backed Shrike 
Lesser Grey Shrike 
Great Grey Shrike
Woodchat Shrike
Eurasian Jay 
Eurasian Magpie 
Red billed Chough
Carrion Crow 
Hooded Crow 
Common Starling 
Rose-coloured Starling
House Sparrow
Tree Sparrow 
Common Chaffinch 
Lesser Redpoll 
Common Crossbill 
Common Rosefinch
Common Bullfinch 
Snow Bunting
Reed Bunting
Lapland Bunting
Ortolan Bunting
Corn Bunting
Rustic Bunting
scarce breeding, also winter and passage migrant 
occasional birds in summer, more frequent in winter. last bred in 1972
winter & passage, birds in breeding plumage regularly seen in spring and autumn
vagrsant, very occasionally see off the north coast or in large sea lochs
breeds, small numbers, in sheltered lochs in winter. Mishnish lochs, Lochdon, Salen Bay.
there have been unconfirmed reports but no firm sightings
very scarce winter passage, March through to April 2018, a single bird at Pennyghael on Loch Scridain 
winter visitor peak about 25 birds, winter on Loch na Keal and Loch Ba
very scarce winter birds. last record (juvenile) in Sept 2005 on Loch na Keal
vagrant 2 records, 1998 Mishnish Lochs and in 2011 Salen Bay April 
common but localised breeding. colonies at Caliach & Carsaig 
very scarce, Caliach point,Treshnish point are best areas for sea watching Sept/Oct 
occasionally seen west of Coll. Check Calliach point 
passage vagrant  recorded in July/Oct off headlands
breeding on Rhum. passage birds seen in spring and autumn Cailiach point, Treshnish point best
summer visitor, small numbers breed on Treshnesh Isles 
scarce but regular reports in autumn off the west coast 
around coast April to Oct. The nearest breeding colony is Ailsa Craig, South Ayrshire.
resident breeding, less numerous that Shag
very common resident breeding on islands
no records for this species
Vagrant. a single bird, first Argyll and Mull record was at Dervaig on 26th May 2013
Accidental. Balvica (mainland Scotland, south of Oban) Oct 2001 1st UK record by Bill Jackson
2011 first confirmed record of this species a single bird at Loch Beg
2017 November at Loch Cuin. The first record of this species photographed
First record of this species was in 2011, a single bird at Croig
widespread resident breeding in all areas
very rare passage migrant two birds were at Lochdon in July 2010,  before that  Dervaig  in 1994 
common breeding in sheltered areas on sea lochs
passage winter & spring, single birds have stayed Loch Assapol, 2005/06, Loch Pottie 2009
very small numbers in winter and spring passage, with Greylags. many fly over Mull
winter visitors and passage bird, usually found at Fidden in small flocks
large resident breeding population around the coast
occasional birds on passage are blown off course , east on to Mull in Autumn
2007 established as a breeding species now. flocks with Greylags & Barnacles in winter
winter passage flocks (350+) regularly seen at Fidden and over winter on  Inch Kenneth
scarce winter passage bird, small flocks & family groups at Fidden area
small breeding population,  absent from mid August to late October 
scarce & local breeding species, widespread winter visitor 
no Records
very scarce species, few records usually in winter months on coastal areas. 
widespread winter visitor on all lochs, uncommon breeding 
no records
a single record of a drake at Killiechronan, Loch na Keal in May 2010 (photographed)
resident breeding most lochs and around the coast
very scarce birds passing through
very scarce. 2011 a single record of a pair at Kintra 18th April 2011 
rare, only six records since 1995, last record was at Suide, Bunessan, a drake on 18th April 2018
very few records, very occasional birds on Loch Assapol
scarce resident breeding on Loch Pottie and Loch Assapol occasionally elsewhere
scarce winter visitor & passage migrant, occasionally seen on Loch Scidain, Loch Pottie.
no Records
resident breeding all around the coastal area, numbers have declined over the years. 
vagrant last ( and only) record Tobermory Bay on 27th March 2000 
uncommon winter off north of Mull  occasionally on larger sea lochs, Scridain, Loch na Keal
scarce winter visitor, occasionally in Sound of Mull and larger sea lochs
vagrant in spring. Mull has had three records, 2 female and one stunning male 
scarce winter birds of N coast. Loch na Keal and Scridain most likely sites
scarce winter visitor, small numbers over winter on Lochs. Loch na Keal can hold up to 50 birds
a single bird (red head) was on Loch Pottie in May 2004, our only record. M Wagemakers
very common and numerous resident breeding on all sea lochs
scarce breeding species.  Loch Cuin and Aros estuary, Lochdon & other  sea lochs
scarce passage migrant  usually get a bird over during year, mostly spring time.
resident breeding species
Vagrant. 20th Sept 2011 Mulls first record of a juvenile over Pennyghael estate. (photographed)
regular breeding species in suitable habitats.
a rare passage bird, usually juveniles, last one over Grasspoint in May of 2011
regularly reported, not confirmed, detailed description and photo is required 
widespread resident breeding, terrorising most bird tables
resident most common breeding raptor over all of the island
0ccasionally reported, a full and detailed description and photo is required
resident breeding species
regular spring passage visitor, no breeding records 
resident breeding species, numbers have increased 
scarce breeding, under recorded, passage birds in winter
scarce breeding, can be seen all year
very localised a few resident breeding birds. Torloisk hill road
rare and irregular summer visitor. there are only a few records of calling birds, fewer sightings
resident breeding, sparse & local distribution above 2k ft
very common widespread breeding species
very small introduction mainly around the Gruline/Knock area. not recorded now for several years.
scarce breeding, a few records only, Dervaig, reed bed Aros Park lochan reed bed & at Salen
very scarce. last report from Ross & Dervaig reed beds in 2005
scarce breeding summer visitor. Iona and now other areas of Mull
Very scarce, even rare, the last record April 2007 at Dervaig reed beds
very scarce, even rare,  last recorded at Dervaig in March 2009
resident breeding widespread...logo of the Isle of Mull Bird Club
breeding. large winter flocks on mud flats. Loch Beg/Lochdon
scarce passage probably under recorded. no breeding records, Top of Ben More
vagrant. single bird was the first record Loch Beg 6th Sept 2005    Bryan Rains
few breeding  birds on the hills, winter & spring passage,  good numbers at loch Beg in winter-spring
few records, occasional single passage birds in autumn/spring Fidden most productive.
localised resident breeding species. Fidden and other coastal areas.
uncommon passage migrant, few records received
main passage in April/May & August, found with Dunlin, Uisken and Ardalanish Beaches
very scarce. last record April 2003 Lochdon
very scarce passage migrant. only three Argyll records, one being at Fidden in Sept 1985
very scarce migrant last recorded Fidden 6th Oct 2004 
rare north american winter-spring visitor, a few records
scarce passage migrant, check out all winter-spring wader flocks
scarce spring & winter passage. small numbers overwinter at Lainne Sgeir Calgary 
Common spring & winter passage probable breed in 2004
only one Mull record 27th May 2011 at Fidden, 
scarce, but probably under recorded passage migrant. Calliach is best site.
widespread & locally common breeding
widespread & under recorded resident breeding
scarce passage migrant in spring,  small numbers in April Loch na Keal, Lochdon and Fidden.
recorded throughout the year, passage migrant
North American Vagrant. no confirmed records accepted
regular passage migrant Spring and Autumn, all coastal areas
widespread resident breeding species
very rare passage migrant with no Mull records
common breeding, passage migrant & wintering
Has bred, passage migrant, first  bred on Mull 2000
very scarce passage autumn, last  Sept Grasspoint 2005,
scarce passage migrant, occasional birds at Lochdon in spring.
widespread & common summer visitor breeding
common passage migrant, most coastal areas,
passage migrant in autumn & winter usuall. last reported in April 2007, on sea in Loch na Keal
two records on 23rd May 2011 at Killiechronan & 2012 Pennyghael.
scarce migrant last passage during May 2011, 20 birds seen off Craignure/Oban Ferry 
scarce but most common Skua often seen off shore nor
occasional birds seen out at sea to the north of the island
passage & summer visitor, breeding on Treshnish Isles
occasional birds recorded. possibly under reported
vagrant, a beautiful 1st summer bird was observed at Killiechronan in May 2011
resident with patchy localised breeding areas
vagrant, has been recorded at Oban harbour & Mishnish Lochs & Tobermory. (
widespread and common resident breeding
widespread breeding species from March to September
very rare. there have been several reports but no accurate records for Mull
scarce regular winter visitor usually in January/February
scarce but regular winter visitor usually in December/February
common & widespread resident breeding
widespread summer visitor breeding on coastline
very rare, a single bird at Fidden 6th Oct 2004, Alan Spellman /Pam Brown /Arthur Brown 
breeding on Treshnish Isles, normally strictly marine
uncommon passage migrant
locally common summer visitor breeding
Summer visitor breeding usually with Common Terns
very scarce passage , small breeding confined to Coll/Tiree
single bird Oban Harbour Jan 2003. 1st for Argyll 
common, breeding, large rafts of mixed birds in August
locally common breeding species
common breeding species, coast and islands in sea lochs. Oban pier has a breeding colony (16 pairs)
irregular storm bound winter visitor, last 19th Dec 2001 Loch na Keal
very localised breeding species, breeding on Treshnish Isles
resident breeding but localised,"true birds" can be found at Fidden & the Ross area
very scarce & local resident, few records
common resident breeding
widespread population of resident breeding birds
very scarce summer visitor. single records from Salen, Treshnish Point & Bunessan 
common summer visitor breeding, main host Meadow Pipit
resident breeding, probably under recorded
widespread resident breeding
scarce resident breeding almost certainly under recorded
breeding visitor, numbers fluctuate dependant on vole population 
recorded in May-June 2006, & in May 2007 & May & June 2008 at  Balmeanach Camp site.
scarce passage migrants in May, no breeding records
very scarce species, occasional birds in winter as young disperse to coastal areas from mainland 
rare passage migrant Last record is of two birds at Calgary in May 2010. 
rare passage last recorded July 1997 at Grasspoint
very scarce passage migrant last at Haunn 2011 only two records 
Mega Rare, on 16th June 2011, one was found in Glen Aros by John Bannon (photographed)
rare, single birds in 2007 at Aros Park. have beed recorded at Lochdon Frisa and Garmony.
resident, breeding, our only breeding woodpecker
widespread breeding, many emigrate in winter
regular summer visitor breeding
widespread summer visitor breeding
less numerous summer visitor breeding
common summer visitor breeding
abundant summer visitor breeding, main host for Cuckoo 
common resident breeding
common resident breeding species
widespread and common resident species
a single record of a bird at Kintra in May 2010, The first record for Mull.
a bird was photographed on 24th April 2013 at Craignure 
irruptive winter visitor occasionallly in great flocks on berried trees
resident breeding species on many small burns & rivers 
common resident breeding species
abundant resident breeding species
widespread resident breeding
Rare visitor, usually in Spring; five records since 2006. last April 2018 at Killiechronan.
 localised summer visitor breeding in oak woodlands
common summer visitor breeding
widespread resident breeding
abundant summer visitor breeding
very scarce summer visitor no confirmed breeding reports, but strongly suspected to be breeding
abundant common resident breeding
passage winter migrant often huge flocks on berried trees
common resident breeding species
passage winter migrant with Fieldfare on berried trees
widespread but thinly distributed resident breeding
summer visitor breeding localliy in suitable areas
summer visitor breeding locally in most areas
very scarce. 2009 one at Loch Buie 23rd June, previously one on Iona in 1965.
summer visitor & common breeding species
scarce summer visitor breeding numbers fluctuate 
summer visitor breeding species. migrant birds often over winter. 
summer visitor breeding species. 
summer visitor breeding common in suitable woodland
abundant summer visitor breeding species
common breeding species and passage migrant 
extremely rare visitor; 2012 at Ledaig, 2015 Tobermory, 2016 Knock all in November.
very scare passage. 8th November 2016 at  Ardura, a first record for mull. visitor John Ogg
Usually an abundant summer visitor breeding 
occasionally seen on passage in the spring in suitable habitat
common resident breeding, flocks up to 30+ birds in winter
Three birds were reported down the pier road at Salen in November of 2010. not accepted
abundant common resident breeding species
abundant common resident breeding species
abundant common resident breeding species
very rare Only one Mull record 19th Oct- 9th Nov 2002in Tobermory garden
common resident breeding species
rare. 2008 10th April at bird feeder in a Calgary garden, a first record for Mull.
rare, only one Mull record adult male found dead in June 1989 at Burgh by Fossil tree
rare passage migrant last record in June 2013 along Glen Bellart-Dervaig Road
rare passage migrant there is an old record from 1974
No records occasional birds eported, not confirmed. A larder was found at Dervaig in March 2009
No records
scarce but now breeding in small numbers. Lochdon, Dervaig & Frisa areas are best. 
scarce single birds seen most years
very scarce, a pair a Scoor have not been seen for many years occasional birds 
uncommon resident species, on Iona around the Abbey
Breeding, there is a small rookery at Assapol and on Iona
occasional birds have been seen briefly on Mull
abundant common resident breeding species
common resident breeding species
common resident breeding species
very scarce, records fromTobs/Dervaig (2009) & Bunessan in 2008 
abundant resident breeding species
very scarce. a bird on Iona (May) and at least two at Griburn in June
abundant resident breeding species
uncommon winter visitor, with flocks of other finches
common resident breeding species
four records, at Treshnish 2009 and in 2010, at Killiechronan May 2014. Lochdon April 2016 
common resident breeding species, mixed flocks in winter 
common resident breeding, visits gardens in winter 
resident breeding, flocks autumn & winter, Ross of Mull and Iona are best areas.
small localised resident breeding species, flocks in winter. Fidden is a good area.
localised resident breeding, numbers fluctuate each year
locally common resident breeding species
Vagrant three records, 2009 Kellan Mill. 2011 Ardrioch Farn Dervaig and 2013 Lochdon 
locally common resident breeding species
winter visitor in small numbers, in colder weather 
common resident breeding, emigration in autumn
resident breeding species
very scarce Autumn passage birds occasionally found on beaches. 
vagrant. a bird at Craignure on 9th May 2009. First record and only for Mull and Argyll 
extremely scarce. occasional passage birds. Ardalanish farm area is probably the best area.
This is a Mega rare bird, one was on Iona (photographed) on 27th May 2014 by Geoff Pain

This is the web site of Alan Spellman, 'Maridon' Lochdon, Isle of Mull. PA64  6AP