juvenile white tailed eagle photo by Carol Bennetto
Adult White tailed Sea Eagle  by kind permission of Sindri Skulason 

              East coast birds release program:
note the tag style of these (and other) East coast young birds in another release program .
A white tag with a distinctive black bar above and below the letter or number
We would expect to find these birds over on the west at some time during this winter and any sightings (with tag details) would be greatly appreciated.
Good views of White tailed Sea Eagles can be had from many areas on the island, and a circular route from Salen to Loch na Keal round to Loch Scridain and through Glen More, back to Craignure will provide plenty of opportunities to see both Golden Eagles and White tailed Sea Eagles.  Scarisdale Rocks in Loch na Keal is another favorite place, these birds can sit around for hours on the rocks provided they are not disturbed.Scan any and all of the hills for Golden Eagles which can be seen in most areas.

Each year the young birds are tagged on the upper wing only, with a coloured  tag with a white or black letter. Different wing tags are also used on some other birds and these have a single colour with a white base plus a number.
It is more valuable information when reports include tag details.

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