The Dervaig bird by Arthur Brown (Discover Mull Tours) 7th September 2013

Dervaig bird 7th September 2013 Alan Spellman

2013 5th-7th September this Juvenile present, found by holiday visitor Howard Stockdale (photo)

Red backed Shrike at Treshnish 26th May 2012 Photo by Anand Prasad

       Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio). very rare passage migrant.
          1999 First record in June 1999, at Pennyghael. 
          2007 Along Grasspoint road, 11th June, a single bird was observed by Alison Borlase
          2012 at Treshnish 26th May, a juvenile, Anand Prasad
       2013 at Dervaig/Salen roadside, a juvenile 5th-12th September Howard Stockdale etal

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