Gallery one

Mike Pearson took this photograph of a European Nightjar

Nightjar, photo by kind permission of Jim Bevan 

by kind permission of Martin Bennett 

European Nightjar                        Camprimuglus europaeus
                       very scarce passage migrant, no confirmed breeding records.
2006: bird seen on 2 nights in May at Balmeanach camp site, another at Scoor late May. A third at Quinnish in June.  These are the first reliable records for Mull.  The previous Mull records were over 20 years ago in 19851988. 
2007 one seen at Balmeanach Camp site on 8th-9th July and at Garmony picnic area on 10th and. at Dervaig by the Heritage Centre on 6th July:  
2008  A bird seen at Loch Spelve in late May. One heard at Balmeanach  24th June. And at Balmeanach Camp Site, also heard on 16th July.
2009 There were no reports received 
2010  a Nightjar was heard in Glen Forsa, near Kilbeg Cottage on 3rd August this year (David & Sylva Brennan)
2017  9th-11th August at Dervaig,  a Nightjar heard churring over three nights. Felicity Hanson,  (probably a migratng bird, as no earlier reports for the year. AS)