Gallery One
                    Lesser Yellowlegs by Rónán McLaughlin
                    you can see more of his excellent images here:
The Lesser Yellowlegs is altogether more delicate-looking than Greater Yellowlegs. The head and, especially, the fine bill of a Lesser Yellowlegs gives an impression rather like that of a Marsh Sandpiper whereas a Greater Yellowlegs has a thicker-looking head and neck and a stouter, slightly up-turned bill and therefore looks much more like a Greenshank.

From breeding grounds in central Alaska through to Canada, birds migrate in autumn to West Indies and South America, moving earlier in autumn than Greater Yellowlegs, and returning later in spring. This Irish rarity was photographed on the Cunnigar, Co. Waterford, and extremely obliging and photogenic bird.                                           with kind permission of Rónán McLaughlin

Lesser Yellowlegs, by Henry McLin

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