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Spring migrants arrivals on Mull 2019

18th April  there was a first grasshopper warbler calling at the edge of the Dervaig reed bed around 5.45 today.  Andrew Scott
17th April first
Redstart in mixed woodland alongside the River Ba. John Miles
17th April.
Just heard first Cuckoo at killiechronan this evening. reglar visitor  Pam Bennett
11th April Croggan - Tree Pipit in song,  Ewan Miles 
10th April Our first House Martin recorded at Pennyghael. Bryan Rains
10th April Willow Warbler at Croig. Ewan www.naturescotland.com10th
9th April  a first Blackcap singing at the back of the Guest House this morning. Richard Airey. Harbour Guest House, Tobermory.
26th March  a first swallow north at Salen this afternoon.  Richard Dale
25th March first Chiff Chaff - near the boats at the Java end of the coastal path. Nancy Somerville
24th March  first Sand Martin recorded at Kellan. Ewan Miles  www.naturescotland.com
23rd March  first Common Sandpiper at Dervaig. John Miles  www.chickbooks.co.uk
21st March
Our first Wheatear along the shoreline at Loch Spelve this morning. Alan Spellman
Latest reports for April 2019

18th Heard and saw a cuckoo at Croggan today.  Pam Bennett.
there was a first grasshopper warbler calling at the edge of the Dervaig reed bed around 5.45 today.  Andrew Scott
Moorhen on lochan south of loch Assapol, Goshawk at undisclosed site, Cuckoo calling at Croggan.
First Redstart in mixed woodland alongside the River Ba. White Wagtail at Uisken beach. . John Miles

18th Grasspoint Road:  Cuckoo calling.  Beaten to it again!, Andrew Oldacre

18th Loch na Keal- Loch Spelve: still plenty of Great northern divers about, many changing into summer plumage. Alan Spellman
17th: Scallastle Bay - skein of more than 90 geese flying north, white-tailed eagle on nest and one in flight, pair wigeon, great northern diver transitioning to summer plumage, single common sandpiper. Craignure - great northern diver transitioning to summer plumage, single common sandpiper.
16th: Fishnish - great northern diver in summer plumage. Craignure - pair long-tailed tits, hooded crow dipping food (bread?) in puddle, white-tailed eagle over field by the hospital. Nancy Somerville
15th: Calgary - pair meadow pipits, pair rock pipits, pair pied wagtails, Mornish - 6 curlews in field, Kilmore - 2 lesser black-backed gulls.
12th: Craignure - white-tailed eagle over field by the hospital. Nancy Somerville

a smart male wheatear along Loch na Keal shore line 18th April 2019 AS
17th. Just heard first cuckoo at killiechronan this evening. regular visitor Pam Bennett (2016 14th, 2017 17th, 2018 19th)
17th 5 raptor morning today - Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Buzzard & WTSE mobbed by a Peregrine.Also Wheatear, Skylark, full summer plumage Great Northern Diver. Richard Greenwood  
17th Over 100 golden plovers at Fidden this afternoon and Slavonian grebes on Loch na Keal. Pam Bennett regular visitor.
16th Now there’s a sight I’ve never seen on Loch Cuin - 5 Black headed Gullsl keeping the Commons company right now, Moira A Owers
Here are notes of my sightings for today around Loch Buie & Croggan areas 
16th Loch Buie - Sand Martins, Wheatear, Golden Eagle, Raven eating stillborn lamb (def. still born - ewe had given birth to twin lambs, but one was dead. Ewe was still trying to pass afterbirth). White Tailed Sea Eagle. Eider & Great Northern Diver. Richard Greenwood (holidaying from Ilkley)
16th Croggan - Ringed Plover, Common Sandpiper (x2), Great Northern Diver (x4), big raft of Eider. Also Otter by pier
14th pair of golden plover on south side of Loch na Keal this morning. Also 3 gannets at Loch Buie this afternoon. Pam Bennett  regular visitor. 14th  a pair of summer plumage Golden Plover on the south shore of Loch Na Keal this afternoon - they looked fantastic!. Richard & Liz Airey Harbour Guest House, Tobermory. 
13th - Croggan/Gruline. A Carrion Crow was seen on the track to Portfield; and a flock of 40 Curlews were feeding in pasture at Gruline. Stuart Gibson and Steve Littlewood

Nuthatch photographes taken by June Saul 
13th We have had sighting of (another) Nuthatch plus Greenfinch and Swallow  at Garmony.  Jenny Jackson
13th - 14th  Nuthatch active again in a Craignure garden this afternoon. Alan Spellman
12th Loch na Keal, head of loch, south side, summer plumage Slavonian grebe.  Mike Wagemakers
12th Ardmeanach View, Bunessan   a male crossbill perched on top of a gorse bush just outside my living room window. Emily Wilkins. Ranger - South Mull, Iona, Burg and Staffa NNR
11th Croggan - Tree Pipit in song, Willow Warblers signing and a lone Crossbill overhead (my first on Mull for 13 months!). Also a skein of around 200 Pink-footed Geese heading north. Ewan Miles www.naturescotland.com ]
10th - Tobermory The Blackcap heard singing behind the Harbour Garage may well be the same as reported the previous day  Stuart Gibson
11th: Craignure - 3 red-breasted merganser (2 males), at least 9 razorbills in the Sound, single common sandpiper, pair ringed-plover,  3 meadow pipits, grey wagtail, pair pied wagtails, pair long-tailed tits. Nancy Somerville 11th Grasspoint road, this evening, a pair of Gooseander by the bridge and this lovely Short eared Owl posed for me. Alan Spellman  (photograph below)
Short eared Owl
                                                  at Grasspoint April
                                                  2019 AS
11th Willow Warbler heard along the Grasspoint Road this afternoon; just beyond Ardnadrochet Farm.I see Ewan beat me to it!. Andrew Oldacre
10th Pennygghael Our first House Martin seen by Bryan Rains
10th: Craignure - two huge skeins of (probably pink-footed) geese flying north. First skein at least  157), 2nd skein 175.  Aros estuary - 5 goosander (3 males). Fishnish - 3 eider (2 males) Nancy Somerville
10th -  Swallow at Fidden Beach, 10  Golden Plover at Fidden Beach. visitor Simon Evans
10th - Sea between Mull and Coll.  Three Common Scoters flying SW between Mull and North Coll. Stuart Gibson
10th first Willow Warbler at Croig. Ewan www.naturescotland.com
9th - 200+ Pink-Footed Geese, heading N over Ardtun. visitor Simon Evans
9th Lovely to see a family of Whooper Swans on Loch Scridain..Jacqui and Mike Murphy. Enjoy Mull Wildlife Tours

9th: Craignure - common sandpiper.  Sound of Mull at Scallastle Bay, big raft of at least 50 auks feeding with gulls plus a few great northern 

divers and shags.Nancy Somerville
9th There was a Blackcap singing at the back of the Guest House this morning.Richard Airey.. Harbour Guest House, Tobermory.
8th - 24 x Whooper Swans, heading N over Loch Scridain.  Swallow at Pennyghael.  visitor Simon Evans
8th: Craignure - single red-breasted merganser (male), white-tailed eagle flying over Scallastle path.Nancy Somerville
7th: Craignure - single red-breasted merganser (male), high over Craignure - skein of more than 100 geese flying northwards.

Nuthatch photographes taken by June Saul
8th Craignure. A Nuthatch in a local private garden in Craignure.  Alan Spellman
taken from:-  The Isle of Mull Bird Report   Nuthatch. (sitta europaea) A scarce visitor; reports are increasing as this species moves northwards. 2008 10th April. Mull’s first ever Nuthatch was in a garden at Calgary, presumably the same bird was seen in Dervaig in June. Also in Craignure on 30th June and August,  2011 October, one reported on Ulva. 2013 14th May, one  at Lochdon garden . 2015 19th April  at Pennygowanl. 2016 8th July: one was feeding in a garden at Pennyghael on 8th July and again on 21st September. 2017 4th May at Craignure one photographed feeding in a local garden and on the same day one was recorded at Lochbuie. 27th April at Garmony: one was photographed in a local garden.

Loch Spelve shoreline today 7th April 2019

a pair of Gooseander by the bridge at Lochdon 7th April 2019

Common Sandpiper by  Nancy Somerville.                                                            Hedgehogs are lacotse intolerant
6th: Craignure - newly arrived common sandpiper, photo by Nancy Somerville
5th: Craignure - pair ringed plover.  Scallastle Bay - 2 curlew, Great northern diver, White tailed eagle on nest, female goosander, wigeon (heard).  White tailed eagle over Scallastle hill path.
4th: Craignure - pair red-breasted mergansers, pair mallard.
3rd: Craignure - pair grey wagtails.
2nd: Craignure - chiff chaff, buzzard.  Scallastle - raven, buzzard. Nancy Somerville
5th Ardrioch Farm Dervaig. a peregrine taking a small bird or mamal from the field at the bottom my garden. Arthur Brown
5th an adult female Merlin near Dervaig. Ewan Miles  www.naturescotland.com
4th Long-eared Owl flying across the road and into a spruce woodland at 7:15 this morning on the glen road!  5 Whooper Swans at Scallastle and 3 overhead in Craignure. 60 plus Redwings in Salen and around 90 at Duart. Ewan Miles www.naturescotland.com
Today a breeding plumaged Slavonian grebe head of L na Keal. Adult male hen harrier hunting N side of L na Keal.Dave Pierce
4th A trip to the Ross gave us brilliant views of a male Hen Harrier, Tufted duck and 27 Whooopers on Loch Pottie, a flock of Golden Plover with the sun shinning on them at Fdden, Lots and lots of Redwing on their way North, a Mistle Thrush, Jackdws, Rooks, Ravens. But most of all a pair of Red legged Partridge just South of Pennyghael, my first ever record, (perhaps escapees ?) Pam and Arthur Brown, Meg and Stewart and myself Alan.  www.discovermull.co.uk
3rd 17 Great Northern Divers on Loch Tuath and a Slavonian Grebe near Killiechronan - almost in summer plumage. Tim Dixon
3rd Large flock of approx 40 Redwing in upper Tobermory. Ron Corderio, (many other reports of large flocks of Redwimgs passing through)
3rd  One Hen Harrier (male) hunting at Derryguaig in very strong winds!  Liz Shrewsbury2nd Slavonian Grebe (looking stunning in breeding plumage), Loch na Keal in the vicinity of the pontoon on the south shore.  A GND tried to steal an eel from it. White-tailed Eagle, flew across Loch na Keal towards Loch Ba. Black Guillemot, Sound of Ulva  Liz Shrewsbury 2nd  Lagganulva - pair of Shelducks (they've been there for a while), a lone winter plumaged Bar-tail and Lapwings still on territory, Killiechronan - a flock of 70 Oystercatchers and 15 Swallows, Salen Bay - pair Mute Swans, 6 Goldeneye and 13 Wigeon, Druimnachroish - a pair of Lapwings displaying. Tim Dixon
1st  20+ Wigeon, Aros estuary, 6 Goldeneye at the mouth of the Aros estuary, Black Guillemot, Tobermory Lighthouse 
1st Gannet off Quinish Point yesterday. Chris Austick
Ist April - a Wheatear at Torloisk. Tim Dixon
Tiree Sightings: February 2019
Best birds were the 2nd-winter Ring-billed Gull at Sandaig (to 12th at least) and the trio of Ring-necked Ducks (2m and 1f) which re-appeared at Loch Bhasapol (19th-28th). Other good birds included juv Sea Eagles at Balephuil (1st) and the Reef (27th), a male Brambling at Balephuil (16th-28th) and our earliest ever Goldcrest at Balephuil (22nd) with 3 there (28th). White-winged gulls were in short supply with just 1 Iceland Gull near Loch a’ Phuill (12th) and single Glaucous Gulls at Balephetrish Bay (11th) and the Reef (14th). Winter scarcities included a Pale-bellied Brent at Barrapol (12th), 2 Scaup all month at Loch a’ Phuill, a Kestrel at Balemartine (9th), a Jack Snipe at Cnu Lochanan (11th), a Woodcock at Balephuil (17th), 18 Jackdaws all month at Crossapol, at least 3 wintering Goldfinches and a return of Pied Wagtails including 4 together at Balephetrish Bay(24th). High counts included 21 Shoveler on WeBS (19th), 1,650 Common Gulls and 430 Curlew around the island (11th-12th). The first adult Black-headed Gulls returned from 18th with some 65 birds back by 26th and the first returning adult Lesser Black-backed Gull flew north at Balephuil (17th) with 25 back by 26th. Hundreds of returning Oystercatchers in the second half of the month included colour-ringed birds from Dublin Bay and Pembrokeshire. 

A goose count (11th-12th) found 4,665 Barnacle Geese, 1,992 Greylags, 867 Greenland White-fronts, 7 Pink-footed Geese, 123 Whooper Swans, 1,910 Golden Plover and 2,270 Lapwing.

 John Bowler

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