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         Iceland Gull.   Larus glaucoides.  Status:  Scarce, but regular winter visitor, 
A medium-size gull, smaller than most herring gulls. It has a rounded head and smallish beak, giving it a dove-like    expression. It has   very pale plumage and white wing tips, and, like the glaucous gull, it is sometimes referred to as a 'white-winged' gull. It is a winter visitor, with small numbers of birds, usually seen singly. It breeds in the Arctic and winters as far south as New York, Ireland and Britain


Iceland Gull at Tobermory 19th April 2009

Iceland Gull at Knock fish farm Nov 2007  Alan Spellman

Iceland Gull Loch na Keal Nov 2007
Iceland Gull, Loch na Keal November 2007 (A Spellman)

Tobermory 19th April 2009