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Latest sightings for October 2020                      

Latest October reports for 2019

Latest October reports for   2018
31st  Amongst others 2 woodcocks at Tiroran yesterday at 0640 & 2 greenshanks at Fhinichin maybe of interest. Dave Pierce 30th Male Merlin at Salen bay this morning, Pink-footed Goose in with Greylags at Killiechronan, Black-throated Diver on Loch Tuath, Carrion Crow near Aros Mains. Sparrowhawks in numerous places around the moors, presumably migrants. Quick look for Cattle Egret at Calgary
 but no sign. Ewan Miles
 29th   7 Jackdaws at Mornish near Calgary.. Pam & Arthur Brown. 

27th  Treshnish, 120+ Jackdaws around Treshnish wood.  prasad.
25th 140 Barnacle Geese on the beach opposite Inch Kenneth, probably the usual flock  which overwinters on the island. Also 7 whooper swans over Loch Beg, heading west. Pete and Jan www.mullwildlifetours.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  25th A family of 7 Whooper Swans this afternoon on the edge of Loch Beg very close to the road near Pennygael. The room off along the loch as we watched

25th Treshnish, c460 Greenland White-fronted Geese (with at least 1 Barnacle Goose) flying south over Treshnish and 20 Whooper Swans on Treshnish lochan Calgary, Cattle Egret still present  prasad
24th Fidden - good sighting of a female Merlin, 9 Whooper Swans flying over, Ringtail Harrier. Loch Scridain - several GNDs, male Hen Harrier, immature White Tailed Eagle. Glen Seilisdeir road - male Hen Harrier. Loch Na Keal - , GNDs, single Slavonian Grebe & single Black Guillemot visitor Edwina.
 23rd Cattle Egret still on the machair at Calgary today. A movement of continental Wood Pigeon around the island. Ewan Miles
22nd  a Jay this afternoon in the woods just west of Pennyghael timber pier. . visitor Brian Moyes.

21st A Little Egret was on Loch Cuin around 4 pm as we watched it 5 Whooper Swans flew over.. Pam, Arthur, Moria & Cheryl. Cheryl Pam  Pam & Arthur Brown
21st  little Egret on Loch Cuin for most of the day and whooper swans about six . All confirmed by Pam and Arthur as I called them out to confirm the Egret . CherylCallow
21st We went down to Calagary and scoured the fields and the machair for a Cattle Egret but there was no sign of it. So we turned round and started to head back when it kindly flew into the grass verge about 30 feet in front of us!  Edwina and David Sharp

18th  was a good day for migrating Geese and Swans over the western area of Ross of Mull, Fionnphort/Kintra/Bunnessan/Fidden areas: At least 350+ Barnacle Geese south in lots of groups on and off throughout the day, also at least 58 Greenland White-fronted Geese south in 5 flocks and at least 150 Whooper Swan in several flocks. 28 Fieldfare in off the sea at Kintra, also a high flying Snipe in off the sea at Kintra. An imm male Sparrowhawk over Fionnphort, a female Merlin at Fidden in the evening also a juv White-tailed Eagle there and 8 Teal, 9 Golden Plover, 15 Curlew and 5 Wigeon. A resting flock of 25 Teal at Bunnessan also 1 Wigeon  Samanther Melling and Tony Disley

19th 3 Purple Sandpipers east of Croggan, a flock of 70 plus Jackdaws over Loch Spelve, Icelandic race (coburni) Redwing at Lochbuie, Barn Owl at the Mishnish lochs (22:00). Ewan Miles and Iolo Williams
19th Oct Java (in my back garden): single brambling. Nancy Somerville
18th  October. at Lochdon a single Brambling (must be more about) Steve Hiscock
                                                      Nancy Somerville
  Photographs by Steve Hiscock and Nancy Somerville
18th  25 whooper swans on Loch Pottie, also some 6 tufted ducks.At Fidden Farm and Knockvologan we had several groups of whooper swans probably 100+ and several skeins of Barnacle Geese,
probably in excess of 300. Also at Fidden Farm a pair of Golden Eagles talon- grappling.  Pete and Jan Mull Wildlife Tours
                                                          Browd Warbler
Yellow browed Warbler at Ardura 8th October 2016 photo by visitor John Ogg a first record for Mull
17th  Some sightings for your website, a Yellow Browed Warbler on Iona today by the Heritage Cafe with lots of Coal Tits, also 3 Chiffchaff, 2 Blackcap on the island. A flock of 28 Whooper Swan south over Fionnphort early am also 3 flocks of Barnacle Geese totalling 115 south. 2 Kittewake in Iona sound this afternoon. Samanther Melling and Tony Disley
17th  Wheatear near Gribun, 2 Bar-tailed Godwits, Salen Bay, 23 Whooper Swans (all adults) over Salen Bay, 16 Whooper Swans (1 juv), Loch na Keal, 5 Whooper Swans, Loch Ba. Ewan Miles and Iolo Williams
17th Oct, Lochbuie: large flock of at least 100 fieldfares. NancySomerville
17th  On my tour today, we had excellent views of the cattle egret at Dervaig, among the sheep! Also a pair of Jays at Kellan Wood. Pete and Jan Mull Wildlife Tours
16th Oct, Dervaig: Four redshank, 12 whooper swans . Nancy Somerville
15th  Loch na Keal  party of 19 Whooper Swans, female Otter and two well grown cubs. 2 Wt Eagle sat on Scarisdale Rocks again.. Martin Izzard

15th  1 Cattle Egret at Calgary, It has been seen there since at least the 12th according to my farmer neighbour. Before that, presumably the same, was reported from Dervaig. prasad
15th Oct, Java: flock of around 30 redwings; single red-breasted merganser; 12 greylag geese; two curlews. Nancy
14th Bunessan. Little Egret opposite the Argyll Arms
14th Wheatear near Balmeanach yesterday . Chris Austick
9th Oct, Java: single red-breasted merganser.
10th  Garmony: 2 dippers; 5 curlew; 4 male and three female eider; single twite, ; two greenshank; 4 mallards (3 drakes, 1 duck); single black guillemot in winter plumage; 6 turnstones; 3 wigeon (at least).
12th Oct, Java: single curlew
14th Oct, Java: single curlew, 13 greylag geese. Nancy Somerville
14th Two Whooper Swans flying west and calling over Tobermory Golf Course today .. Ron Corderio
13th I am up for a few days.. Dervaig, Loch Chumbain 1 Greenshank. . Calgary Bay 4 Great Northern Diver. . Loch na Keal at Killichronan 6 Great Northern Diver, 7 Slavonian Grebe. Ulva ferry                Juvenile WTEagle sat in a tree looking sad in the rain. Regular visitor Martin Izzars.
23th Seems to be that Jay time of year again. Saw one nr Carsaig road-end today & more surprisingly, one flying north over Fionnphort this afternoon. Chris Austick                                                                                     
12th The little egret is still around as my neighbour George has been seeing it too quite frequently over the last 2 weeks.. Emily Wilkins                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
11th Just read a report from Arran bird’s reporting a rare vagrant - a Little Egret. In case it’s of interest, a Little Egret was on the edge of Loch Na Lathaich, near Eorabus. Also, this evening, two Whooper Swans flying over the same loch towards Bunessan. A Great Skua off the beach by Calf Island on Iona this afternoon. David and Juli Lockstone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
 10th Pair of jays this morning - just west of Pennyghael, Ross of Mull. Tony Jeffree 
5th: Treshnish, 6 Jays (flying east) and c20 Long-tailed Tits at Treshnish House.   Guests reported an Osprey on 2nd and 3rd at Haunn.  prasad

                                                          with greylags
                                                          oct 2018

5th Quick visit to Mull this time. Pink footed goose with large flock of greylags at Killiechronan. Also around a dozen redwing landed on telephone wires in same area.
On Loch naKeal was 9 Slav grebes, pair red throated diver, and a striking plumaged black throated diver. regular visitor Lee Dutton. Somerset.
4th Achnacraig (Road from Dervaig to Salen) - Male hen harrier quartering in the muzzle and overflown by white-tailed eagle. Also flock of redwing/fieldfare. M Murphy
2nd Gruline - 4 x Golden eagles, grey wagtail, Calgary - Great Northern Diver, Dervaig - Snipe, Greenshank  Mike  Murphy


31st A single teal duck on the lochan - hanging out with the resident mallards. Suidhe farm, Bunessan. Tony Jefree                                                                                                                                                                                                    25th 'Greenland' Wheatear at Langamull and what I think is a Polecat/Ferret hybrid at Haunn (camera trapped by Graeme Hutchinson & Angie Craft).                                      They also got footage of a pair on the previous night. See blog.
28th a flock of 25 Whooper Swans from the Oban ferry flying to Mull.Martin Izzard
27th - Sea off Ardnamurchan. A single Sooty Shearwater was associating with auks, gulls, Gannets and five Minke Whales in feeding frenzies in the sea West of Ardnamurchan lighthouse. Stuart Gibson 

             goldie                                                             Golden Eagle targeting a young Red Deer on our Mull Wildlife Tour earlier in the week (see photo).. Ewan Miles 
24th Craignure, 3 Bramblings at golf course.  prasad

little egret at fishnish
Little Egret at Fishnish Hide 24th October 2017 photo from Steve Hiscock

23rd October Loch Chumbainn 6 Whooper Swan, 4 Little Grebe. Calgary Bay Adult and sub adult WTE, Otter close to the beach feeding. visitor Martin Izzard

24th Little Egret at Fishnish. Andy Oldacre. Bryan Rains. Steve Hiscock

22nd subadult WTSE Loch Chumbain. Martin Izzard.

23rd Langamull, 8 Barnacle geese flying west and 1 'Greenland' Wheatear near Langamull house

20th Treshnish, 1 Brambling at house
19th Treshnish, 1 Brambling at house and 1 Barnacle Goose below Ensay burn

23rd  Whimbrel at Salen Bay today along with a male Peregrine. Ewan Miles

22nd a Little Egret at Fishnish hide showing well. visitor Stephen Hotham

22nd At least a thousand redwing at Killiechronan, some amongst the greylag geese. Pete Hall. Mull Wildlife Tours.

21st At Lochdon a Greenshank calling was rather special against a moody sky and in the rough grassland opposite Loch Spelve, a fine dark grey Harrier, ringtail, with an almost orange chest was a fine sighting on a grey damp afternoon. Martin Izzard.

21st - Salen/Loch na Keal Five Redwings at Salen, with 100+ at Gruline; 14 Teal were on the loch opposite Kellan Old Farm Stuart Gibson

20th Single Redwing in fields between Glengorm Road and Ardmore Forest. Mike Wagemakers

19th - Glengorm. A single Crossbill overhead a conifer plantation on Glengorm road, outside Tobermory. Stuart Gibson

18th - Sea to North of Mull Visible migration of a single Whooper Swan and 13 Pink-footed Geese heading south towards or over Mull; and 60+ Gannets in feeding hurries with Kittiwakes, Guillemots and Razorbills. Stuart Gibson

18th Leach's Petrel at Langamull beach being predated on by a juv Great-black backed Gull. Ewan
 18th 40 plus Fieldfare heading south down Glen More yesterday. Ewan 
18th Treshnish, 1 Brambling at house and 6 Whooper Swans at lochan

17th Caliach, 12 Whooper Swans flying south at point and c30 geese migrating south to far out to sea to identify, prasad

16th Loch Scridain At least 10 Great Northern Diver today. Loch Beg 2 Golden Plover.

17th Loch Beg 1 Swallow this morning. Bryan Rains

13th  Glen Aros: Male Hen Harrier. Calgary bay: 2x W T Eagle over hills on north side of bay above pier. One feeding on carcass on skyline.3 Skeins of Pink Footed Geese (60 birds) then flew SW into a ferocious wind then a Golden Eagle appeared over the same hills, gained height and started to dive towards the Geese but pulled out and flew south across the bay 1 x Great northern Diver. 13th Aros Park: 20 Crossbill. 14th loch na Keal: 7 Goosander

14th Craignure: 1x W T Eagle above ferry. Jason Mossman.

16th A blurry record photo of a Male Merlin coming in from the sea at Caliach this afternoon. Ewan Miles.
 14th 574 geese (at least 40 were Barnacles) flying south at Treshnish Point

15th 610 Barnacle Geese flying south over Treshnish with another 140 too far away for id but probably also Barnacle Geese. prasad.

16th I was up at the Glengorm transmitters this afternoon and there were four Whooper Swans flying along the north coast (east to west). There was also a Red Grouse (heard but not seen). Richard Airey.

16th An adult female Golden Eagle hanging around the north shore this afternoon as large skeins of Barnacle Geese come in off the sea. Is she looking to help the SNH with the goose cull!? Ewan Miles.

13th - Salen Bay to Craignure ten Wigeon were in Salen Bay, where three Little Grebes also seen; a single Greenshank was roosting with six Curlews and six Oystercatchers near Craignure campsite.

13th - a single Jay was seen in Aros Park.

14th - Ten Wigeon were close-in near Craignure Golf course; a single Jay was seen in outskirts of Aros Park. Stuart Gibson

15th excellent views of a solitary male goosander near the parking area for Ben More. Further along we had 47 pale bellied Brent Geese just after the sheep fanks.  Also a solitary Pink Foot Goose among the greylags near Killiechronan.  Pete Hall

Mull Wildlife Tours.

14th  A constant passage of Barnacle Geese all morning over Caliach. Ewan.

15th On my tour today we had excellent views of a solitary male goosander near the parking area for Ben More. Further along we had 47 pale bellied Brent Geese just after the sheep fanks.  Also a solitary Pink Foot Goose among the greylags near Killiechronan. Pete Hall

Mull Wildlife Tours.

12th Cheryl  asked me to let you know of our sighting of the Merlin near Bacca Cottage this afternoon.  visitor Sharon Worral
12th Knock hatchery: Three woodcock today. Colin Moody
11th - Langamull. Six Barnacle Geese flying SW towards Coll/Tiree; a returning Great Northern Diver (still in Summer plumage); a juvenile Gannet close-in; and 65 feeding Starlings. Stuart Gibson
9th River Bellart: one Whooper Swan on the Bellart between Dervaig and the rhe Old Byre. Cheryl Callow

8th A 1st winter Scaup on the Mishnish lochs from 29th Sept. Found by Adam Moan, visitor from Cumbria.  pp Euan Miles

7th a male gadwall at the Knock Hatchery outfall - our first on Mull.  visitor Meg Davies 
7th 2 Gt Northern Divers still in Summer plumage yesterday near to Little Colonsay Martin
6th - Sea to NW Mull. 200 Kittiwakes feeding in the NW entrance/exit to Sound of Mull; 55 Gannets feeding in hurries to north of Mull, with Common Guillemots, Razorbills, five Minke Whales and 10 - 15 Common Dolphins; five Manx Shearwaters remained in the area; four Meadow Pipits at sea, off Ardnamurchan lighthouse; a skein of 23 Pale-bellied Brent Geese tracked over Mull as they headed into a strengthening southerly wind; and a single Red-throated Diver (juv.) was at Loch Mingarry. All three White-tailed Eagles were seen on the Ardmore territory, including the juvenile successfully fishing, as well as an adult Golden Eagle attacking a Buzzard. Stuart Gibson
5th Croig. There were 3 pale-bellied Brent Geese at Croig this afternoon - Thursday 5th October. Richard Airey.

4th Oct Loch Beg 5 Common Crossbill.  Bryan Rains
3rd Oct Loch Beg 4 Whooper Swan. Loch Assapol 1 Swallow, 4 Hen Harrier. Loch Scridain 1 juvenile Gannet. Bryan Rains
3rd: Caliach Point, 1 Leach's Petrel, 88 Barnacle Geese, 6-11 Black-headed  Gulls, 3 Red-throated Divers, 1 Great Skua, 3 Arctic Skuas all flying 
south around the point Calgary, 1 Great Northern Diver cheers. prasad  
2nd13 Red-throated Divers (groups of 5 and 8) moving south past Caliach Point this afternoon and also 16 pale-bellied Brent Geese. Ewan Miles 
2nd  Caliach Point, 16 Pale-bellied Brent Geese, 2 Great Skuas and 1 Manx Shearwater and a Great Northern Diver  prasad
2nd  a single Pale bellied Brent Goose on the south shore of Loch Na Keal near the parking area for Ben More. Also some 24 Golden Plover at Killiechronan amongst the oystercatchers, the majority now in winter plumage.Pete Hall Mull Wildlife Tours
1st  A single Pale bellied Brent Goose at Calgary Bay.  Pam & Arthur Brown  

Latest sightings for October 2016

31st - Tobermory: A Green Woodpecker was in pasture on the immediate outskirts of Tobermory (near former Children's farm) this morning at around 11.15 am (naked eye view). Stuart Gibson
30th there are 2 snow bunting near the log pile at fidden campsite also flock of c50 barnacle geese and a ring tail hen harrier on the road back to fionnphort . A single pink foot with grey lags near turn of for the Ardachy Hotel. Stephen Howat
30th Dipper near bridge at Derryguaig on Loch na Keal Large flocks of fieldfare on way to IONA ferry Female hen harrier near Fidden beach WTSE on beach near Glen Forsa Airstrip Lynne and Chris Simons
30th 26 Barnacle Geese and 17 Whooper Swans over Caliach this morning. Ewan 
30th Killiechronan 50 golden plover, 1 knot, 5 bar-tailed godwits, 15 turnstone, 4 Goosander. 26 golden plover. Dave Pierce
29th Treshnish, 30 Whooper Swans flying south & 1 Blackcap in wood. prasad. 
It's been a fantastic week that's involved 89 species. Thanks for all your information. I'm already planning my return visit in spring. Richard Pitts
Tuesday 25th October: Long-tailed Duck; 1 female very close in by the pier at Aros Park, Tobermory;
Wednesday 26th October: Hen Harrier; 1 ringtail at Loch Beg and 1 male just east of Bunessan, Also Common Scoter; 2 females Loch Beg. On Iona a late Whinchat, a couple of flocks of Twite and a Sanderling.
Thursday 27th: Velvet Scoter: at least 1, possibly 4 still from the beach at Loch na Keal. Barn owl at 21:15 on the A848 by the entrance to the forestry just north of Aros. Friday 28th October: Barnacle Goose; 58 (in 5 groups) passing over heading south, White-fronted Goose; 163 (in 6 groups) passing over heading south, Goose sp; a total of 33 unidentified heading south in 3 groups, and Whooper Swan; 82 (in groups of 48, 25 and 9) heading south. All seen from Quinish point between about noon and 15:30. Hen Harrier; 1 ringtail on the moors between Dervaig and Torloisk at about 17:30. visitor Richard Pitts 
28th.Tiroran Woodcock, 8 Brent Geese pale bellied, Sound of Mull into Lochdon, then out again to Firth of Lorne. 2 Greenshank at Lochdon, 8 Golden Plover at Loch Beag. Loch  Beag, 5 ringtail Hen Harrier, at Lochdon  1 ringtail and a male at Craig through Glen More.  visitor Dave Pierce
28th Treshnish, 167  Greenland White-fronted Geese, 72 Barnacle Geese, 79 Whooper Swans flying south (some flying west) prasad 
27th 4 whooper swans at Glenforsa today, one adult and 3 juveniles. Felicity
27th 7 whooper swans sea bound down Loch na Keal consisting of 4 adults and 3 juveniles. visitor Jon middleton
27th - Tobermory at 21.15 hrs:  Greenland White-fronted Goose passage --> South over Tobermory heard (single bird calling, so no way of estimating flock size in the dark!). Stuart Gibson 
26th Single Barnacle goose and single white fronted goose with 183 greylag at the triangle crossroads near loch na keal. visitor Jon Middleton. Also a single Pink footed Goose amongst the flock. Alan
26th Opposite Loch Spelve on the grassland, 1 Superb smokey grey male Hen Harrier and also a ringtail Hen Harrier and a WTSE looking sad in the rain.26th Treshnish, 1 Blackcap, 1 Willow Warbler, 6 Reed Buntings at cowbarn, 1 Golden Plover at Haunn, prasad 
25th Kingfisher at head of Loch Na Keal where River Ba flows in (photo to follow on returning home). 2 Greenshank in Salem Ba, two Dipper at Garmony viewpoint  Terry Pawson (visiting).
25th Loch Scridain: two common scoter, five great northern diver, a red throated diver and slavonian grebe, plus three otters. Edwina & David Sharpe Alan Spellman
25th - North Mull: Around 400 Fieldfares and Redwings (80% former) between Mishnish Lochs and Dervaig; female Kingfisher at confluence of River Bellart and Loch Cuin; five Greenshank, three Redshank, five Common Snipe and 10 Ringed Plover at head of Loch Cuin, where a Sparrowhawk appeared briefly; three Lapwings at Lagganulva; two drake and two female Goosander on Loch na Keal, where four Bar-tailed Godwits at the high tide roost.Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles. 
24th Treshnish, at least 2 Willow Warblers, 1 Chiffchaff, 1 female Blackcap, 1 possible Common Redpoll, 200-320+ Fieldfares,  50+ Redwings, prasad 
24th Spent the day around Loch na Keal (and had a wonderful time - I can honestly say it was the best days birding I've had in a long time);
4 Velvet Scoter, 1 Common Scoter (female), 9 Bar tailed Godwit, 10+ Slavonian Grebe, 4 Goldeneye, 39 Golden Plover, 30 Ringed Plover, 2 Red-throated Diver, 3 Great Northern Diver, (2 of these were only just losing their summer plumage), 1 Gadwall (looked like a male coming out of eclipse, amongst the wildfowl at the outfall pipe at the southern end of the beach), 1 Jay (above the woods around the Eagle site) 1 Little Grebe (in the pools behind the beach near Kellan). 3 Red-throated Divers , 1 Greenshank (heard)  a Woodcock above the road just west of Kellan Mill on the evening of the 22nd.  visitor Richard Pitts
24th Loch Cuin: a female Kingfisher here today. David and Edwina Sharpe. (a male was seen on 22nd)
24th Loch na Keal this morning. 4 Velvet Scoter, confirmed by a fellow birder Richard who we both scoped the birds and had good views and  confirmed the id. 2 Slav Grebes, 25 Golden Plover, 35 Ringed Plover,1 Great Northern Diver. Martin Izzard
 24th Grasspoint Road: 6+ Brambling mixed with chaffinch on the road to grass point. visitor Jon Middleton
24th: Treshnish, 80+ Jackdaws over the wood. prasad.
23rd: Treshnish 1 Willow Warbler/Chiffchaff seen briefly in the wood
23rd - Dervaig: Six Greenshank, four Redshank, 17 Common Snipe, three Little Grebe and seven Red-breasted Merganser at the head of Loch Cuin this morning; no sign of yesterday's Kingfisher, but a female Peregrine chasing a Rock Dove/Feral Pigeon only 20 metres away!. Stuart Gibson and Ruth Fleming

23rd I’m pretty sure this is a female long tailed duck. I’ve never seen one on Mull before. It was at Lochbuie, about 1 mile along the Carsaig path, seen on our walk there on Thursday. An otter is fishing next to it, just out of camera shot, a real treat.   Mark Bamford, visitor.

Common Buzzard enjoying the sun, 23rd October 2016 Alan Spellman

22nd Kingfisher and Dipper and Dervaig Loch, by the bridge. Martin Izzars
22nd Grey Wagtail at Eorsa Water fall. Martin Izzard
22nd - Isle of Mull Bird Club outing to North Mull.    Stuart Gibson
Highlights of today's field trip included Scandinavian Blackbirds with Song Thrush and Redwing at Dervaig Village Hall; four Greenshank, four Redshank, 13 Common Snipe, two Little Grebes, a Sparrowhawk and a male Kingfisher at head of Loch Cuin; six Gannets feeding offshore, three Common Snipe and three Jack Snipe flushed, a single Grey Wagtail and eight Rock Doves at Caliach Point, where an otter was also seen; four Great Northern Divers at Calgary Bay and a further four in Laggan Bay; three Redshank, two Lapwings, a Grey Wagtail and several Stonechats at Laggan Bay; another Sparrowhawk (or same?) and a small flock of Long-tailed tits were seen with Goldcrests at Calgary farmhouse. 
22nd Juvenile Black-throated Diver on Loch Spelve today. Ewan 
21st  5 Greenshank at Dervaig on the Loch there at low tide. Martin Izzard
21st, Treshnish, 1 Jackdaw and 100+ Fieldfares over Treshnish wood 
19th 15 Barnacle Geese travelling south at Caliach. Female Hen Harrier flushing a single Red Grouse on the Torloisk hill road. Ewan 
Reply Reply to Al19th We had 13 Whooper swan day today, they flew over us at Bunessan at 1pm, then a further 3 at Grasspoint at 6pm. regular visitors. Mark, Jane and Alex, 
19th Treshnish, 11+ Greenland White-fronted Geese and 1 Merlin over the wood prasad 
19th From a visitor to Iona. Your website is great and very useful. Here's a small contribution from 17th October: Two pale-bellied Brent Geese feeding on shore of bay on west side of Iona. One at least a juvenile.Althea Mapplebeck
18th Caliach Point, 2 hrs seawatch: 1 Barnacle Goose, 1 Great Skua, 2 smaller skuas. prasad.
17th - Grasspoint/Loch Buie/Garmony: 60 Fieldfare and 60 Redwing; 3 migrating Swallows --> S along coastline at Grasspoint.  Loch Spelve: Single Red-throated Diver.  Kinlochspelve:100 Redwing. Loch Buie: 2 female Common Scoter, a single Great Northern Diver still in s/p; 3 Common Snipe and 2 Turnstone; and 17 feeding Gannets. Garmony: 3 Great Northern Divers and two separate pods of Bottlenose Dolphins heading  NW up the Sound of Mull. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles. 
17th Grasspoint road. The Great grey Shrike was seen again this morning at 09:30. Alan

This splendid image of the Great Grey Shrike was taken by Steve Hiscock (Lochdon) 
16th Grasspoint road: a Great grey Shrike on wire just below Ardnadrochet Farm. Andy Oldacre, Steve Hiscock, Bryan Rains and Alan Spellman                   photograph by Andy Oldacre (Lochdon)
This is the fourth record for Mull, a 'larder' was found in Dervaig in 2009 
15th Lochdon: likewise at Lochdon, plenty of Redwing flocks hunting for berried trees. Alan
14th - Loch na Keal: Forty (40) Teal near the Hatchery outfall; eight Grey Herons at high tide; and five Bar-tailed Godwits at Killiechronan.Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles 
4th Between Glen Forsa Beach and Salen. 100 approx golden plover. 25 turnstone. 13 ringed plover. 4 snipe. 3 redshank. I greenshank. 2 merganser.  100+ wigeon.  5 teal. Goldfinch.  Linnet. Juliet
13th Treshnish, 2 Common Scoters, prasad. 
13th Craignure: a Dipper on the burn near to the camp site. Ross Lawson.
11th September - 2 Swallows at Grasspoint. Ewan Miles 
12th - Isle of Mull: Lots of Redwings about today with 30 --> S at Aros Mains, 40 at Fishnish and 60 at Grasspoint being typical counts; four Goosanders (single drake) on south side of Loch na Keal. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
11th - Baliscate: Flock of 30 Redwings --> SE over Baliscate Standing Stones. Stuart Gibson

Ba Tailed Godwit by John Ogg
9th - Loch na Keal: Eleven (11) Slavonian Grebes (head of loch to Scarisdale Rocks), where three Red-throated Divers and a single Great Northern Diver; 10 Teal, eight Bar-tailed Godwits, eight Redshank, 37 Ringed Plover and 27 Golden Plover, 1 Grey Wagtail and a Sparrowhawk at Killiechronan. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles. 
Lagganulva: Ten (10) Black Guillemots, three Great Northern Divers and a single Black-throated Diver.
Ulva Ferry: An extremely pale morph Buzzard is in residence in this area. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles

Yellow browed Warbler at Ardura 8th October 2016 photo by visitor John Ogg
9th Ardura: a female Blackcap on a feeder and Goldcrests in the trees. also two Yellow browed warbler seen again this morning. visitor John Ogg
8th - Tobermory  The 1st S./2nd W. Iceland Gull was back at the outflow behind the Masonic Hall this afternoon. It seems to favour coming to bathe and preen in the late afternoon, no doubt having spent the earlier part of the day at the local landfill site.Stuart Gibson
8th Lochdon: a large flock of Redwing around Lochdon looking for berried trees. Alan

Yellow browed Warbler at Ardura 8th October 2016 photo by visitor John Ogg
8th Ardura Cottage: Yellow Browed Warbler. (3 warbler's in total), were located at Audura Cottage, Strathcoil approx at 14:30 today (& this morning). visitor John Ogg. a first record for Mull
6th - Tobermory A 1st S. moulting into 2nd W. immature Iceland Gull was within a large assemblage of Herring Gulls at the outflow into Tobermory Bay this afternoon. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
6th - Loch Torr  A Redwing overhead at around 22.00 hrs Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
6th - Loch Torr: Two Barn Owls hunting roadside vegetation alongside the Mishnish Lochs at 20.15 hrs this evening; another (or one of same) heard calling at Loch Torr, where there was a Tawny Owl, too. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
5th September: Also...received a description for a 1 year Bonaparte’s Gull at Grasspoint on 5th Sep from a Richard Payne. No photos unfortunately.... awaiting confirmation/acceptance
4th Iceland gull bathing with other gulls at river outflow, Tobermory bay today 1600. David Sexton
4th Lochdon: Lots of Wigeon on the loch now, a pair of Gooseander and single Greenshank. Alan
3rd Lochdon, two Greenshank on shore line. Alan 
2nd - Aros Park. Calling Crossbill (unseen in tree canopy) and shrieking Jay near park centre this pm.
1st - Craignure. Two Red-throated Divers in Sound of Mull (off Golf course) and a single Greenshank along Torosay shore; a Common Guillemot was very close inshore near the camp site. Stuart

Latest sightings for October 2015

twenty three Whoopers on Loch na Keal - Martin Izzard
13th Treshnish, 23 Jackdaws around the wood.
13th 30+ Redwing feeding on berries just over the bridge on the Grasspoint road today. Andrew Oldacre
12th about 22 whooper swans near Killiechronan camp site, and a huge flock of eider ducks -over 200 - on Loch Scridain, doing laps around the mussel farm.  Pete .
12th Cailaich, 8 Barnacle Geese, 47 Jackdaws..
11th Treshnish, 1 Wheatear at Haunn. prasad
11th/12th Lochdon: large flock of Redwing over Lochdon, yesterday and again this morning. Alan
8th A small group of Brent geese in mouth of burn at bridge in Bunessan. Chris, Craignure
8th - Tobermory. Three Redwings in the Mull Magic garden this am. .
7th Knock: 1 White Wagtail, 3 Slavonian Grebes at Killiechronan & 1 'Greenland' Wheatear at Knock outfalls ..
7th There was a little grebe in the Ulva channel today.Martin.
3rd - Tobermory. Five noisy Whooper Swans over Aros Park. Stuart 
6th Redwings calling overhead at 20:45, Tobermory. 11 Whooper Swans in Loch Tuath at 15:00..
5th - Loch na Keal (North shore: Killiechronan to Ulva Ferry) Single Bar-tailed Godwit, Killiechronan; 10 Wigeon and three Teal on loch; four Yellowhammers, Kellan; with five Crossbills over apparently inappropriate habitat and a single juvenile Swallow towards Oskamull. Ewan and Stuart
5th Loch Frisa: a Red Kite high over Loch Frisa at 11:10hrs today. Mike Shepherd
4th Fidden: My husband Stephen & I were with Arthur Brown at Fidden when we saw the Little Egret.  I attach  the best of my photos in case it is useful for your website. Stephen & Meg Davies.

little egret at Fidden  by Meg Daves (Mull's third record)
4th Fidden: a Little Egret here today, Mulls third record, Martin McDerby, Arthur Brown. 
The first Mull record was 12th Oct 1969 four birds were seen at Lochdonhead. A single bird was seen at Loch Beg on 9th November 2011).
3rd,  8 red breasted mergansers on the actual black beach . Great to see they went in the water and did that skimming across the water in a group. We left them at 3.15 pm in the water heading towards Treshnish. Cheryl. Callow Dervaig
2nd golf course : 3 red throated divers, 1 white tailed eagle, 3 black guillemots (winter plumage), 10+ ringed plover, 3 otters (1 female and 2 young) and one turnstone at Craignure golf course this morning. At Salen at lunchtime (estuary end) there was one male eider in full winter plumage. Anna Simpson
1st Treshnish: 2 Willow Warblers in Treshnish wood, prasad
1st  Dunlin at Lochdon this morning and one great northern diver at Loch Scridain (Pennyghael). Anna Simpson
1st White tailed eagle catching a rabbit on the airstrip at Glenforsa this morning. visitor William Arthur 

Latest reports for October 2014
29th Fidden: 18 Greenland white-fronted geese and 21 barnacle geese in the fields at Fidden. There were a lot of redwings & starlings there as well, Edwina & David Sharp
29th : 50 Greylags grazing on Mull Rugby pitch. 1 dead male Badger, in front of Fishnish hide (in water).
Craignure Golf Course beach: 5 Golden Plovers. 43 Ringed Plover.Craignure Bay: 4 Mergansers, 3 Great Northern Divers, 2 adults, 1 immature. 4 greenfinch behind MIC hospital, with house sparrows and chaffinches.
Andy Paton
28th:10 Turnstones: Fishnish. 1 male Merlin on deer fence behind MIC hospital. 50 or so Canada Geese at Lochdon.
28th Loch Spelve: drake goosander, Loch na Keal: juvenile long-tailed duck, black-throated diver, red-throated diver,  great northern diver, 6+ slavonian grebes,  pod of porpoises. Loch Scridan: cormorant, 
6 great northern diver, 180+ eider, 11 Lapwing at Kilfinichen Bay. otter. Edwina & David Sharp & Alan
27th Male hen harrier flying over the field and sparrowhawk molesting the birds on our feeders - Suidhe Farm, Bunessan. Tony Jefree
25th 15 whooper swans in family groups on Mishnish lochs (Loch Carnain an Amais) Male hen harrier, 2 greenshank, snipe & little grebe at Loch Cuin. White-fronted goose amongst greylags in field by Ulva School Dipper, 11 ringed plover & 21 turnstones at Garmony. Edwina & David Sharp
24th Lochdon: a large mixed flock of winter thrushes over, Redwings and Fieldfare. Alan
21st Juvenile/non-breeding slavonian grebe at the head of Loch Na Keal this evening along with five adult whooper swans. Ewan Ewans Blog
21st Caliach Point: 1 Pomarine Skua, 1 Long-tailed Skua, 10 unidentified (non-bonxie) skuas, : 6 Great Skuas
1 Arctic Tern, 1 Black-throated Diver, 17 Barnacle Geese. Calgary: at least 48 Jackdaws still present at Bennan farm. Prasads Blog
20th This morning at Lochdon, 1 female Hen Harrier as before on the west side of the estuary, hunting from Lochdon towards grasspoint. 9:00am 3 Greater Black Backed Gulls at Castle Duart bay 30 Redwing close to Castle Duart track.50 Redwing flying close to Craignure Golf Course. 1 otter fishing in front of new Fishnish hide @ 10:30 am. Andy Paton
19th At Port Na Ba today, three skeins of Barnacle Geese flew west along the coastline, around 100 in total, a couple of smart Wheatears have been around for a few days as has a Mistle Thrush, three Whimbrel busy feeding up and an immature Peregrine that flew along the coast and down Loch Cuin. Roger Craven
19th 1 Male Hen Harrier hunting over rough grazing, near to farm track at lochdon,  this morning.1 Female Hen Harrier in usual position towards grasspoint, again flying/hunting over rough grazing.Andy Paton
17th Female Hen Harrier in front of Scoor house today am, 6 Crossbill on forest track near Scoor house 
Bob Redmond& Laurence Potter
17th Sea Eagle walking around on Craignure Golf course. Female Sparrowhawk, sitting in conifers in Craignure golf course, watching finches. Female Hen Harrier, Loch Don 9:00am flying in same place as before, heading right to left (towards grasspoint).4 Greenshank.Andy Paton
16th I superimposed a grid on the largest flock of Jackdaws from the 13th. An accurate count of that flock was 370 Jackdaw Today  there were c60 near Frachadil. prasad 
16th - Loch Ba Single Grey Wagtail at Knock and another two at loch side; several small parties of Redwings, totalling around 30 birds; 40 Lapwings on Glen Cannel floodplain; and 11 Wigeon on loch; two Stonechats and small numbers of Meadow Pipits still in area.Magic Wildlife Walks
16th - Tobermory A single Jay overflew the main road on outskirts of town. Ruth Fleming
16th lochdon: flock of about 50 Redwings over Lochdon looking for berried trees. Alan
16th Craignure: Two White Tailed Eagles flying over hospital at 08:30 this morning, flying o towards Craignure Golf Course. Andy Paton
16th A short-eared owl east of Dervaig at 2am this morning and small group of whooper swans overhead at Croig. Ewan
15th a dozen Teal at Knock outfalls and a solitary golden plover in field between Knock and Killiechronan. Juliet
15th - Isle of Ulva Excellent views of juv. White-tailed Eagle, fem./imm. Hen Harrier, along with Buzzard and Kestrel. Single Greenshank, with three Snipe, one Dunlin and 22 Ringed Plovers at head of Loch Cuin (Dervaig). Ruth Fleming 
14th Lochdon: 3 Greenshank at Lochdon,  Eastern side, close to where farm track starts
15th Hen Harrier Lochdon, at 13:00 hrs hunting over rough pasture near to Loch to the left of Iona Road. 
42 Ringed Plovers,  1 Turnstone, 25 Greylag Geese, numerous wigeon, Craignure Golf Club beach. Kestrel just outside Tobermory plus 7 Ravens. Andy Paton
15th at about 15:30 hrs 3 Sea Eagles sitting on wee Islands/Rocks off Craignure beach (2 adults and 1 immature) in front of about 50 Greylags and 17 Herons..
14th Treshnish: c150 Jackdaws still present and 1 Teal on the lochan prasad 
14th Langamull: 13 Whooper Swans flying south over Langamull, 2 Great Northern Divers off Port Na Ba and 2 Common Snipe, 2 Mergansers and an immature Hen Harrier (also seen yesterday at the junction of the Calgary and Torloisk roads at Dervaig) at Port Na Ba. Roger Craven
13th Croggan: 1 Female hen harrier 1 golden eagle 20 eider croggan cracking views of otter loch Buie 25 dolphins performing wonderfully views Laurence Potter 
13th 7 sea eagles, 5 adults and two immature soaring in a group over Torosay towards Glen More, plus two Golden Eagles over Ben More , and also about 3pm this afternoon....
a pair of Golden Eagles near to the Mussel Farm on way back towards Lochdon, at about 4pm. Sparrowhawk over Craignure (near to hospital) 17:00 hrs today Superb day. Andy Paton.
13th: Treshnish, c200 Jackdaws flying from Treshnish Point towards Frachadil. Presumably the same birds which were seen earlier by another observer amongst the sheep at Treshnish Point (some of which were on the 
sheep's backs). prasad 
12th Fishnish:  Two Male Bramblings in a flock of 8 finches (6 chaffinches).
Today at 12:30 hrs just 3 miles North of Fishnish on the beach at a picnic area, also two snipe on that beach. Andy Paton
12th Scoor peregrine and merlin 1 twite Scoor house 
11th Whooper Swan  Scoor on shoreline/sea 3sea Eagles 2 adult 1 juv. Laurence Potter 
11th Craignure: Peter Hall reports this morning, not one, not two but three Magpies in his garden.
9th A small flock of brent geese over the Mishish lochs at midnight. Ewan 
9th Craignure:  ad winter Mediterranean Gull in Sound of Mull from ferry this afternoon roughly off Craignure -Oriole Birding
9th I was told stalkers saw Ptarmigan on Ben More and Beinn Fhada. Colin Moody
9th Salen: Lovely start to the day; greylags gliding gracefully across The Sound. Female yellowhammer in garden Debbie Thorne
A single redwing on the wires at Treshnish yesterday. Ewan 
8th - Torosay: 1 - 2 Crossbills feeding on ripening Sitka Spruce cones and 2 - 3 Red-throated Divers in Sound of Mull and Duart Bay.Ruth Fleming
8th: Treshnish, 2 Swallows & 1 Peregrine over the wood. Calgary, 1 Pale-bellied Brent Goose still on the beach.
7th: Treshnish, 1 Bottle-nosed Skate(?) washed up dead at the boathouse (this species Critically Endangered in the NE Atlantic so i'm doubtful of my identification) prasad  Prasads Blog
6th A small skein of white-fronted geese overhead Lochdon at 2am this morning, whooper swans calling over Loch Na Keal at 11pm. Ewan 
6th - Aros Park: 2 very noisy Jays drawing attention to themselves, but if the Kingfisher was still around, it didn't want to be found! Ruth Fleming 
5th - Tobermory. The Mull Magpie was in the Mull Magic garden this morning. Ruth Fleming
3rd Grey wagtail foraging by the lochan at Suidhe, Bunessan. Tony Jefree
2nd - Tobermory: Another group of Barnacle Geese overhead at around 01.30 hrs this morning. Ruth Fleming
2nd Aros Park: a Goshawk causing havoc amongst the wood pigeons and hoodies gave Selwyn excellent views of this magestic bird. Selwyn Pope. pp Arthur Brown
2nd Aros Park: a Kingfisher here this morning. Selwyn Pope
1st  Tobermory: A skein of Barnacle Geese calling overhead in rain as they headed SE over Tobermory at 03.20 hrs this morning.
1st  Torosay: Two Red-throated Divers in Sound of Mull this pm. Ruth Fleming

Latest reports for October 2013
2013. four Mull sightings of  'rare' birds  have been accepted by Argyll Birds Rareities Committee so far this year. Nuthatch Lochdon 14th May, Common Rosefinch Lochdon 29th May, Mealy Redpoll Calgary 24th May and Blue headed Wagtail Craignure 24th April.
29th a quiet day brightened by a ringtail at Sunipol and another at loch Cuin also here were three Greenshank. 24 Turnstone at Garmony.  David & Edwina Sharp. AS
28th - Aros Park 100 Fieldfares, Baliscate and two separate Jays, one of which flew across the main road in front of us at the entrance to Aros Park. Lots of Goldcrest and Long-tailed Tit activity in the park today.
Ruth Fleming.  Magic Wildlife Walk
26th Loch Cuin: 9 whooper swans (3 m, one family of 6,) 2 common snipe, 20+ fieldfares, 4 curlews, 3 greenshank, 2 redshank, 1 dipper (island first for us), ringtail hen harrier. visitors  , 
26th Lochdon: a family of 6 Whoopers, also 20+ Herons in the air together over Lochdon. Alan 
25th 3 Swallows on the Lochaline ferry on the 20th, 75 Whooper Swans at the head of Loch Na Keal on the 23rd along with 4 Whoopers on Loch Ba (2 Juveniles). 4 Jays at Gruline estate. John and Ewan Miles.  Ewans Blog
24th October: Craignure  a bird showing some characteristics of Scandinavian Rock Pipit: blue-grey head, pale supercilium, cleaner streaking on underside, thrush-like appearance and yellow-ish base to lower mandible. Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson. It’s very difficult to id and to be certain. Ruth Fleming Stuart Gibson.
23rd Treshnish, 1 Barnacle Goose flying west. Prasads Blog
19th  salon Hotel Tree creeper, male blackcap, Goldcrest 5 p.m.
21st   WTeagle sat on rocks at Loch na keal nr Killichronan and loch Spelve
22nd Loch Torr Flock of 50 fieldfare, 1 Golden Eagle, 2 sub adult WTeagle, 6 Crossbill
loch na keal 2 adult WYeagle displaying.
23rd  Loch na Keal at dusk flock of 70 Whooper Swans, very noisy sat on shore at east end of Loch then flew off west. Martin Izzard
24th Treshnish, c200 Redwings & 2 Whooper Swans heading west and 22 Greenland White-fronted Geese flying south. Ulva ferry, Treshnish guests reported an Osprey.  Prasads Blog
24th - Craignure Five Whooper Swans flew SE over campsite at 13.00 hrs; single Jack Snipe flushed from saltmarsh; two Great Northern Divers and five Razorbills offshore in the Sound of Mull; flock of 30 Redpoll sp. and calling Great Spotted Woodpecker in woodlands near Torosay. 
24th Oct Loch Beg the Golden Plover flock has increased to 176! Fidden 1 Barnacle Goose, 1 Pink-footed Goose, 1 juv Whooper Swan and a female Hen Harrier. Loch Pottie 1 Slavonian Grebe. Bryan Rains
23rd Oct Loch Beg 21 Whooper Swan including 4 youngsters, 50 Golden Plover. Bryans blog
24th a flock of 100+ Fieldfares here yesterday eating cotoneaster berries, and an otter crossing the road at the campsite.  Jan Fuller
23rd - Croig/Port na Ba Four Whooper Swans flying West up Loch Cuin (at Dervaig); two Barnacle Geese on Loch Cuin near Oyster farm; and female Merlin at Port na Ba.
22nd - Loch Mingarry Four Red-breasted Mergansers and two female Goosanders; a moulting adult Great Northern Diver; a flock of 11 Wood Pigeons and eight Rock Doves. Magic Wildlife Walk
23rd Lochdon: large flock (100+) of Blackbirds on berried trees, also male Blackcap, a pair of Gooseander under the bridge. Alan
22nd The yellowhammers are back - smashing wee birds. Debbie Thorne
21st great day birding in south east of isle...Golden Eagle aerial food pass (Hare/Rabbit) to a second year bird, first year bird and another adult also in the vicinity down near Loch Uisg. Sandpiper calling at Lochbuie, most likely Common but cant rule out Spotted, could be worth another look? 10 adult Whooper Swans, 3 Golden Plovers and 400 plus Fieldfare, Lochbuie. John and Ewan Miles 
21st Tobermory magpie seen from window of surgery, sitting on top of big  tree. Olive Brown
21st -Tobermory The local Magpie has been seen twice doing its rounds of the town today.
Friday  25 :  Lochdon  2 WT sea eagles perched in tree above Grasspoint walk Gorsten side. Jack Brodie
20th - Quinnish Two Greenshank, four Teal and 60 Fieldfares were among the birds seen on our walk today. Ruth Fleming  s
20th a solitary female long tailed duck on Loch Na Keal near the camp site at Killiechronan Pete Mull wildlife Tours
19th, we had the bird club field trip to the Ross of mull. notable sightings included male and female gadwall showing well in bunessan bay, single whooper swan at loch harrison, tufted duck on loch assapol and loch pottie, and at ardalanish merlin, peregrine,sparrowhawk,kestrel,buzzard, wtse and golden eagle,rt diver and gn diver  and a large flock of yellowhammer. total 51 species in about 5 hours Pete Hall.   Mull Bird Club  Mull wildlife Tours
18th  Loch Ba Hundreds of Fieldfares and Redwings in birch woods surrounding loch; 20 Curlews and similar number of Lapwings in Glen Cannel; with 14 migrant Wigeon and a single Little Grebe on the loch itself. Ruth Fleming.  Magic Wildlife Walks
17th Goldcrest at Salen from hotel window, Sparrowhawk today male soaring over Tobermory Harbour. Martin Izzard 
16th Owl City:  A Long-eared Owl flew right infront of my car last night while driving through Fishnish. Also a Short-eared Owl down at Pennyghael, 23:00hrs (my first since May!). Three barn owls perched road side at various places. Ewan 
15th - Loch na Keal Six Slavonian Grebes with a Great Northern Diver still in Summer plumage at the head of the loch, where 27 Ringed Plovers, 11 Golden Plovers, 2 Dunlin and a single Greenshank at high tide roost. Ruth Fleming.
14th  Killiechronan camp  site 38 Ring Plover Dave Pierce
from Dave Pierce week commencing 10th-17th October 2013
10th adult & possible juvenile Golden Eagle near Glen Mores Three Lochs car park. Young bird mobbed by brown Hen Harrier. Dave Pierce 
11th GN Diver 1, Slav Grebe 1 & 3 Little Grebes Pennyghael. Whooper Swan 2 adults & Slav Grebe L Pottie; 3 Golden Plover & 4 Twite nearby. At Fidden 4 Barnacle Geese, Snipe 3, Twite 10, Skylark 2, Rock Pipits 2, Kestrel & an adult pair of Golden Eagles just off to the east. Uisken Bay, GN Diver 1, Wheatear 1, & an adult WTE. Ardalanish 1 Lapwing, 49 Golden Plover, Yellowhammer c10, RT Diver 1, WTE 1 adult, & 1 Barnacle Goose. Grey Hen Harrier near Ardchrishnish. All on the Ross.
12th Torosay Crossbills heard & 30+ Redwings. Spent a good deal of time on & around the peaks of Dun da Ghaoithe & Mainnir nam Fiadh (just W of Craignure), didn’t see Ptarmigan though did see their probable droppings; perhaps the frequent sightings of a Golden Eagle kept their heads down! A Wheatear at 600 metres on the latter hill & a Snow Bunting close to the summit of the former peak. 50+ Meadow Pipits around the lower mast. Dave Pierce 
13th Tawny Owl Pennyghael. Pair of adult WTE Carsaig; observed trying to pirate a foraging Otter for 20 minutes before joining gulls trailing behind 2 fishing boats where they very soon caught discards & headed to the shore with them & began feeding. A 3rd distant WTE seen. Also seen there, a pair of Golden Eagles, a brown Hen Harrier, Sparrowhawk & Kestrel. At Loch Beag Greenshank 3, Golden Plover 11, Turnstone 1,Little Grebe 3, Teal c24, Hen Harrier 2 brown & 2 imm WTE. Kilfhinichin Bay, 2 Greenshank, Redwing 40, Crossbill heard, Bullfinch 3 & juvenile Golden eagle. Dave Pierce 
14thPennyghael, a different plumage GN Diver than on the 11th, Crossbill heard behind the hotel. Gribun/Inch Kenneth GN Diver 1, RT Diver 7, Black guillemot 1. Killiechronan, 10 Golden Plover, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit, Dunlin 1, GN Diver 2, Slav Grebe 3. Knoch Br 3 Dipper, 2 Crossbills, pair of adult Golden Eagles overhead. Lochdon 8 Greenshank, Bar-tailed godwit 2, Hen Harrier 1 brown , 1 grey.
15th Loch beag 23 Golden Plover, Turnstone 3, Greenshank 1, Hen Harrier 4 brown & 2 grey, 3 immature WTE, Sparrowhawk 1.  Lochbuie  Grey Wagtail 1, Rock Pipit 6, Kestrel 1, WTE 2 imm, G Eagle 1, GN Diver 1.
16thInch Kenneth an adult & 2 imm WTE. A single Whitefronted Goose with c280 Greylags & a Canada at Killiechronan, where 1 Dunlin, 1 Bar t Godwit, 1 Golden plover. Sparrowhawk 1 Gruline. Hen Harrier 1 grey, 1 brown L Beag.
17th  Imm WTE just in front of Pennyghael Hotel. Sparrowhawk 1 Craignure. Common Scoter 1 just off Fishnish slipway. Also a Porpoise there. ( Jay 2 Lochaline). Dave Pierce 
11th a flash caught our eye.  a Kingfisher sat on a stump (visible at low tide) We watched it catch a fish and flit around f before it flew off later another chap on the site saw it by the bridge Glyn Jones
14th Killiechronan: a Kingfisher here by the camp site yesterday and again today. Dave Skeets
14th Hen Harrier an Greenshank at Lochdon, Red throated Divers on Loch Scridain also Black throated and Great northern here. five Common Scoter on Loch na Keal by Inch Kenneth also Slavonian Grebe. Michael Hutson, Alan Spellman.
14th - Ardmore forest: Around 20 Crossbills feeding in the Sitka Spruce plantations this afternoon. Ruth Fleming
13th - Beinn a' Ghraig. Although no birds were seen, a single moulted feather and a pile of droppings suggests that Ptarmigan retain a foothold on this mountain despite the best efforts of the resident pair of Golden Eagles at Knock; 8-10 Twite and around a dozen Meadow Pipits were feeding at the summit plateau (1,800 ft). Ruth Fleming. 
13th Hundreds of fieldfares flying through back of house at the moment - berry fest Debbie Thorne
13th Lochdon: large flocks of marauding mixed winter thrushes. also 100+ mixed ringed plover and dunlin plus greenshank and little grebe. Alan Spellman 
12th  Ardmore Forest. Small numbers of Crossbills feeding on maturing Sitka Spruce cones. Ruth Fleming 
12th Treshnish, 1 Swallow. prasad. 
12th While I passing through Lochdon this morning there were about 100 Redwing flying across the road from tree to tree. Bryan Rains. 
12th This morning a lovely male gadwall in Bunessan Bay. Carol Marshal
11th The Tobermory Magpie was seen flying (behind Fire Station) between Glen Iosal and the cemetery at around 1030 am. Jack Harrison (Breadalbane Street)
11th -Ben Buie. After finding a few moulted feathers and several small piles of droppings, we were delighted to see a single Ptarmiganfly off in front of us on the mountain this afternoon. This is our first sighting of this rare local bird since we found three juveniles near the summit of the same location in Aug. 2011. 
11th Tobermory Fourteen Redwings overflew the Mull Magic garden this morning at around Ruth Fleming.
11th a flock of 50+ Fieldfare, flying from one berry tree to another, just beyond 'Ardnadrochet' farm.
Andrew Oldacre
winter thrush  visitors are here
Fieldfare                                                   Redwing
10th - Tobermory A female Blackcap was in the Mull Magic garden this afternoon. The Blue-headed Wagtail we saw at Craignure in April has been accepted by the Argyll Birds Rarities Committee.
Ruth Fleming. 
10th Oct Fidden 44 Barnacle Goose, 6 Whooper Swan flying south, 1 Northern Wheatear. Uisken 2 Northern Wheatear, 1 Brambling. Loch Scridain 5 Whooper Swan (2 adult, 3 juv).  Pottie 18 adult Whooper Swan, 20 Wigeon, 8 Tufted Duck. 
10th Caliach, 22 Barnacle Geese flying east.
10th Killiechronan: the flock of whooper swans on Loch Na Keal has now increased to 30. Also saw 4 Slavonian Grebes near the campsite. Pete 
10th More than 20 swans in the sea off Knock today. Colin Moody
10th 21 Whooper Swans Killiechronan inc 6 cygnets and a Common scoter at Cailaich. Arthur Brown 
10th Killiechronan: Whooper family arrived overnight 2 adults and six signets. Arthur Brown
10th Killiechronan: whooper adult and three young. Jenny and Chris Buckley
9th Oct Loch Scridain 1 BT Diver, 1 Dipper. 
9th Caliach Point: 1 Manx Shearwater, 1 Pomarine Skua, off the point and  1 Perigrine at Sunipol; Prasad 
6th Langamull, 19 Golden Plovers, 1 Wheatear, 1 Arctic Skua Prasad  . 
2nd Craignure golf course: a Common Scoter in the bay by the golf course. Pete Hall 
5th A single Manx Shearwater off Calliach point and 5 Great Northern Divers in flight heading south. 2 Arctic Skuas off Loch Cuin. Ewan 
3rd Oct Loeb 6 Swallow. Loch Beg 1 GN Diver. Loch Scridain 70 Eider. 
Quite a few Gannet from various locations on the day.2nd Oct Loch Beg 6 Dunlin. Fidden 1 PF Goose still present, 4 Lapwing, 10 Linnet. Plenty of Northern Wheatear around too. 
2nd single Wheatear Gribun today and single Swallow at Killiechronan. Dave Sexton
2nd An Arctic Skua seen from Cailaich Point this afternoon. 
1st Loch Buie: a Jay on the south side of the loch. Felicity Pollard
1st Female Greater Scaup at the Loch na Keal fishfarm, Knock in with teal, wigeon. Dave Sexton
1st Langamull Two Dunlin, a hunting Peregrine and three late Wheatears at Port Langamull; another Wheatear was at the Dervaig end of the Mishnish lochs. Ruth Fleming. 
24th & 30th Sept: Greenland wheatear, 2 birds at Langamull (i.e. from Greenland or Iceland), it was dark and large. I think these Greenland/Iceland birds might be regular here in the autumn and would explain our late birds. Latest date at Treshnish 11th Oct, latest date in north Mull 22nd oct at Langamull
29th Sept: I a saw 2 female Greenland wheatear at Lochdon on walk to point .Juliet Vines

Latest reports for October 2012
30 October: 1 f/im. Common Scoter Calgary Bay, 2 Goosander Loch Torr.
29 October: 32 Slavonian Grebe Loch Na Keal. 1 male Long-tailed Duck in winter plumage with tail, 20 Great Northern Diver, 6 Red-throated Diver Loch Scridain. 
28 October 37 Great Northern Diver, 3 Red-throated Diver Loch Tuath.
27 October: 6 Black-throated Diver, 17 Great Northern Diver Loch Buie 2 Red-throated Diver. 1 f/im. Long-tailed duck, 4 Whooper Swan Loch Ba. 1 Black-throated Diver, 3 Red-throated Diver Croggan.
26 October 1 Black-throated Diver Loch Scridain.  Dave Shackleton
30th Common Scoter in the Sound off Garmony, 15 Dunlin and 2 Greenshank on Lochdon and two Jays south of Lochdon. Single Greenshank on Loch Beg Ewan Ewans Blog
29th saw 6 slavonian grebes on Loch na Keale and today a whooper swan. About 50 wigeon on beach in front of Glen Forsa Hotel
29th Treshnish, flock of 25 Barnacle Geese flew east into Calgary bay. Prasad.   Prasads Blog
29th I had a female and 3 young Scoter in Loch Scridain yesterday across from Pennyghael and by the mussel farm there. David Woodhouse Isle of Mull Wildlife Expeditions
28th hundreds of Fieldfares & Blackbirds feasting on rowan berries at Lochdon this morning. Alan
27th In the garden at Ardrioch today a Brambling, a Treecreeper, a Yellowhammer, Fieldfares, Redwings, Blackbirds and lots of Coal Tits numbering into the teens at any one time. With all this activity of course we had a Sparrowhawk. Arthur  Discover Mull Tours
27th Approx 20 golden plover, similar number of ringed plover, 4 greenshank, 12 redshank, numerous turnstone and a dunlin  + a male hen harrier, opposite Kinloch Hotel. Fantastic close views of a golden eagle flying round the cliffs above our heads and over the sea at Carsaig. 2 great northern divers and four mergansers in bay.Several flocks of fieldfare on road from Salen to Carsaig. Felicity Pollard and Juliet Vines
27th Lochdon: a male Blackcap on my feeder this morning. Alan

26th very very close views of 3 golden eagles (2 ads/1 juv) on sheep carcase. Just above road at Gribun. 
and 1 jay flying nr Ronnie's garage, Salen David Sexton
26th 3 Whooper Swans at Loch Scridain near entry to Loch Beg, Long Tailed Tits in with mixed flock of other Tits and a Treecreeper at Croggan, Mixed flock of Thrushes at Portfield includin Redwings, Fieldfares and Foreign Blackbirds. No sign of the Chough.Arthur

25th The Pink Footed Goose is still in with the Greylag Geese at Killiechronan, a Goosander at Aros Castle, 2 Rooks ans 2 Lapwings at Ulva School.Arthur. 
25th watched  a sparrowhawk make a kill yesterday. It landed on the grass briefly with the blackbird then took off with it. Colin Moody 
25th A single Chough under Gribun cliffs this afternoon. Ewan Ewans Blog  (This is an excellent record, the first for many years, the last records (five years ago) were of a pair on the Ross of Mull)

Chough under Gribun cliffs 25th October 2013. photo by  Ewan Miles

25th 2 Jays at Kilichronan. Martin.Mull Charters
24th  we saw a large flock of Fieldfare taking off from trees besides Loch Ba. Juliet Vines, Felicity and David Pollard
24th  Jackdaw in fields above FCS office, Aros. David Sexton (Jackdaw is scarce on Mull, there is a colony on Iona by the Abbey which travel to Ardalanish and the Ross but very rarely seen elsewhere)
Two egg collecting news stories here:-
24th 10 Snipe and 2 Jack Snipe at Cailaich and 3 Lesser Redpoll at Sunipol today. Arthur. 
23rd 3 Great Northern Diver-- Loch Na Keal plus 1 on Ardanalish Beach  ( along with a big otter at the western end of beach), 2 Little grebe North shore Loch Scridain, 2 Tufted Duck  Loch Na Keal.
21st 4 Barnacle Geese Fidden
22nd-24th  a Hen Harrier Between Fioonphort and Fidden 
24th 8 Ringed plover Ardanalish  a Razorbill at Ardanalish 
23rd Stonechat-- seen quite frequently everywhere, 30 Long tail tits and a Mistle Trush  at entrance to Sea Eagle hide at Glen Seilisdeir. 
24th Greenfinch and 2 Redwing at Ardachy Hotel., 4 Lesser redpoll Ardanalish 
It is of concern just how many greylags there are now all over the Ross--- equally of concern is the dramatic reduction in the number of lapwings Bob Wagner Ardachy House Hotel By Uisken
23rd Treshnish, 8 Jackdaws (Carolyne Charrington) about 250 Fieldfares, 1 Crossbill , 2 Reed Buntings Anand Prasad
22nd Treshnish, c30 Jackdaws Keith and Caroline Harmer 21st Treshnish, 1 Crossbill Anand Prasad 
22nd Treshnish, 1 Jackdaw and 1 hybrid Carrion x Hooded crow in Treshnish wood. Prasad Prasads Blog
22nd 2 Barn Swallows at Laggan Bay and big movement of Fieldfare and Redwing near Lochdon. Ewan
21st A few waders at Loch Scridain, 90 Golden Plover, 2 Ringed Plover, few Turnstone, not a lot apart from the usual Eagles both G and W.  Martin Izzard
20th Pair adult whooper swans and 5 fully grown cygnets , west end of middle loch, Mishnish this morning at 10.30am.  Maureen & Sue Hilder
19th an Osprey on Loch na Keal going over the Killiechronan camp site yesterday morning and heading toward Salen or Loch Ba. David Woodhouse
18th A small flock of Brambling with a Goldcrest, just the other side of the humpback bridge in Lochdon this afternoon. Andrew Oldacre
18th Goldcrest Fishnish ferry, then after the rain at Dervaig, 5 WTSE in the air together, two full adults , with a buzzard for comparison,  also 3 Hen Harriers Glen Aros area two ringtails and a grey male. Awesome. Just need to photograph the Northern Lights now!  Martin Izzard 
15th Oct Fidden 2 WF Goose (albifrons). Uisken 1 Red Kite. Loch Beg 30 Golden Plover, 3 Dunlin, 6 Turnstone, 3 Greenshank. Loch Scridain 1 GN Diver, 1 BT Diver. Bryan Rains.  Bryans Blog
16th Oct Loch Scridain 3 GN Diver, 1 RT Diver, 1 BT Diver. Bryan Rains Bryans Blog
17th Oct Loch Beg 6 Reed Bunting. Glen Seilisdeir 8 Lesser Redpoll, 5Redwing, 2 Mistle Thrush

16th 3 Black Throated Divers on Loch Tuath seen from Lagganulva Bay. Arthur 
16th:Killioechronan, 1 Peregrine, at least 4 Goosanders, at least 6 Slavonian Grebes, 1 Black-tailed Godwit
Prasad Prasads Blog
15thTreshnish, 1 hybrid Carrion x Hooded Crow Prasad
14th A Reed Bunting at Ulva this morning and your 200 Redwings eating their way through the Rowan berries in Glen More this afternoon. Arthur. 
14th Sunday afternoon along the glen road from Aros to Dervaig. Group of twelve or more Mistle Thrush and one Fieldfare on the roadside. Redwing over the house this morning (15th).Andrew Oldacre
13th Lochdon: 200 Redwing flying over Lochdon this morning. Alan
13th Salen: The first Brambling (male) of the autumn in Felicity's garden this morning. Felicity Pollard

 images by Michael Jackson and Alan Spellman
10th Barn Swallow north of Laggan Bay, Jay at Killiechronan and a Red Grouse calling at Glengorm yesterday (9th). Ewan 
9th Craignure: 5 Swallows at golfcourse corner Prasad 
9th Glorious day here on the Ross. 5 whoopers on Loch Pottie, 22 Tufted Duck 2 Greenland White fronts were flying towards Fidden 2 Barnacle geese Fidden and several small groups flying south, wonderful!
Carol Marshall
9th Aros Bay: a Red Knot here this morning Arthur Brown 
6th Dipper at Aros Bridge, 8th 2 Whooper Swans in Aros Bay Arthur Brown 
3rd Sightings at Ardmore Point, from 1230 to 1600. 12 whoopers flying over from the NW.Numerous ravens and buzzards overhead.3 golden eagles over skyline to west.Stag and hinds on ridge.1 hen harrier.What a great place Mull is!   Molly and Steve Pickering
6th 8 Red Throats and 4 Great Northerns on Loch Tuath and a Black Throat on Loch Na Keal. Arthur Brown
5th 2 Redpolls on Cailiach Point road fence Calgary end near Bennan Farm, 10 redshank, 4 Greenshank, 12 Ringed Plover, 3 Curlews, 3 Goosanders at Loch Cuin seen from West Ardhu. 2 Great Northern Divers at Calgary and 7 Ringed Plovers and a Turnstone at Calgary. Arthur Brown
4th Oct - From ferry near the lighthouse we watched a peregrine chasing and stooping on small gulls (kittiwake & common gulls) Felicity Pollard
4th: Birds seen along the Grasspoint road Flock of forty Goldfinch. Female Hen Harrier. Four Greenshank. Single Jay. Plus a very vocal Red Deer stag with nine hinds. Andrew Oldacre
2nd Croig, 5 Swallows. Prasad 
1st, 4 jays in Glen Aros nr Crannich. David Sexton
1st October Bunessan 1 juvenile Surf Scoter, 1 Northern Wheatear. Bryan Rains. Bryans Blog 

Latest reports for October 2011
23rd Killiechronan - 1 Iceland Gull on the shoreline and 3 White-tailed Eagles over.Lochdon - 17 Ringed Plovers, 1 Greenshank
Grasspoint - 1 Great Northern Diver and 1 Otter
24th Loch Buie - 2 Great Northern Diver. Croggan - 1 male Hen Harrier and 1 ring-tail
25th Killiechronan - 20+ Fieldfare through, 3 Eider. Salen - 2 Bullfinch. Loch Scridain - 7 Great Northern Diver, 1 Greenshank, 4 Redshank, 1 Golden Plover, 7 Ringed Plover. Fidden - 3 Twite
26th Salen - 1 Goosander. Loch Frisa - 30+ Redwing through, 1 male and 1 female Hen Harrier, 1 White-tailed Eagle
Tobermory - 2 male and 2 female Eider, Sparrowhawk over
27th Calgary - 3 White-tailed Eagle, 2 Golden Eagle, 1 Peregrine, 2 Kestrel, 3 Buzzard, 5 Whooper Swan. Salen - 2 winter plumaged Black Guillemot, 1 Otter
29th Craignure - 14 Gannets flew up the Sound. Mike and Jake Hill.
29th Loch Buie:  a young Moorhen down here in Lochbuie, been around for just under a week. Sacha Christine
29th Killiechronan: An Iceland gull at Killiechronan this morning; and a lone whooper in the fields. Dave Sexton

27th red throated diver in winter plumage and a great northern diver at Grasspoint also two juvenile gannets and a large flock of kittiwakes.We also saw a very red breasted ring tailed hen harrier on the left as you approach the point, would be interested to know whether there were any other sightings of this? Mel Eltome & Alan Robertshaw
27th Snow Buntings still around at Reudle.Often on the south side of the summit, Also 7-9 Rooks at Tobermory today, Prasads Blog
27th A Lapwing at Cailaich, 3 Whooper Swans Loch Cuin, newly arrived and tired put their heads under their wings and went straight to sleep, a Swallow at Killninian Church and  2 Snow Buntings at Reudle.Arthur, Pam & Mike Shepard and all on Discover Mull
27th Croig: Richard Atkinson and his group report a Cattle Egret in field with sheep at Croig. Richard Atkinson
26th A single Barnacle Goose with Greylags at Cailaich. Snow Buntings still around. Arthur and Pam Discover Mull
26th Loch Frisa: approx 100 fieldfare close to the hide.  Also male and female hen harrier, juvenile golden eagle, juvenile white tailed eagle as well as Skye and Frisa.  2 little grebe on the Loch. Debby Thorne
26th Lochdon:  a male goldeneye in Loch, the white fronts are still at Fiddon and a black throated diver in Loch Scridain. Mel Eltome
26th Killiechronan: Solitary Whooper Swan still at Killichronan today. Several bar tailed Godwits at the head of the Loch. Many Great Northern Divers about now. Dippers  a regular feature on the shores of Loch Scridain (in salt water!) two short eared owls towards the Sea Eagle caravan on the opposite side of the road this week . Pete Hall wildlife tours
26th Lochdon: a male Blackcap in my garden this morning. Alan 
25th Oct Glen More 1 Short-eared Owl. Pennyghael 7 GN Diver. Kilfinichen 1 Brambling. Fidden 4 Greenland White-fronted Goose. Bryan Rains Wild about Mull Tours
25th Ulva: Just to let you know that we saw a Nuthatch today on Ulva in a tree with a flock of  6 gold crests  and a tree creeper, just as we started on the woodland walk grid reference NM443 392. Mel Eltome . Alan Robertshaw
25th:The 2 Snow Buntings are still around today (25th) but near the drive to Reudle Shoolhouse not Reudle.2 other unidentified birds flew off with them but only 2 Snow Buntings returned so still only 2 confirmed, Prasad 
25th 1 single Jay flew over my head and over Ardrioch Farm this morning. Pam Brown
24th 2 Snow Buntings today at Reudle a single Arctic Tern at Laggan Ulva, Whooper Swan at Killiechronan and a Merlin and Great Skua at Cailaich Point. Arthur and Pam 
19th Drive to Fionnphort 4pm we saw 3 sea eagles on the rocks by the shore about 2 miles west of Pennyghael. They kept moving along the shore westwards before doubling back inland over the Ross. Also a group of 4 Great northern Divers.  Barbara Kennedy
23rd Treshnish, 21+ Common Crossbills (another flock of about the same size may have been a different flock) Prasads Blog
21st Lochdon: 7 Whooper Swans on the loch all day. Alan
20th Tobermory 3 Jays feeding in tall Oaks, c.400 metres along path to Aros Park, near Ledaig Car Park. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
20th: Treshnish, 6 Whooper Swans flying south.Prasad 
19th Killiechronan: 17 Whooper swans, 1 in a field near Killichronan and 16 in the longest of the three lochs in the Glen. These 16  have just arrived. Pete Hall
18th - Loch Buie/Loch Spelve: a Sterna tern, thought Arctic, struggling to navigate in the hail squalls, Loch Buie; 40 Fieldfares on ground at Loch Spelve.
17th Loch Ba: Single late Wheatear, two groups of 3 & 5 Redwings and 8 Fieldfares. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
18th Loch Beg 1 Brent Goose, 12 Whooper Swan. Pennyghael 1 Pomarine Skua. Fidden 3 Brent Goose, 2 Greenland White-fronted Geese. Bryan Rains. 
18th Golf course: Solitary barnacle goose on bowman's field. Red throated diver in winter plumage in Fishnish Bay four Great Northern Divers still in summer plumage on Loch Scridain. Pete Hall
18th Calgary beach, 1 Arctic Tern (also present yesterday) Prasad
16th Fish farm Loch na Keal: 15 long tailed tits at the fish farm yesterday. Colin MoodyColin Wells Mark Williams
14th Fidden In addition to the the usual - 14 Pale bellied Brent on the merse, 2 White-front Geese in field with tups (and one yearling Red Deer), 1 Greenland Wheatear near log pile, single pair Wigeon, 5 Barnacle Geese flying east.  Mike Wagemakers 
13th Oct Killiechronan 1 Red Kite. Loch na Keal5 Slavonian Grebe (one in Summer plumage), 2 GN Diver, 1 Jay. Loch Scridain 2 GN Diver, 1 RT Diver, 1 BT Diver. Loch Beg 3 Whooper Swan. Bryan Rains
13th Calgary bay, 2 Arctic Terns. Treshnish, flocks of c100 + 30 Fieldfares passing through. Prasad  Prasads Blog
12th Loch Pottie 5 Whooper Swan. Fidden 30 Lapwing, 10 Golden Plover, 3 Greenland White-fronted Goose. Torrans 2 Swallow.
12th Glen Bellart: a Red Kite being harrassed by Hoodies about halfway through the glen. Colin Wells
11th: Treshnish, 6 flocks of Barnacle Geese totalling about 100 birds, a flock of 22 Pink-footed Geese and a flock of at least 5 Long-tailed Tits. Langamull, 10 Whooper Swans flew west. 
11th Fidden: 2 Pectoral Sandpipers here in fields with 'orange tups' Colin Wells visitor
10th Bunessan: five Scaup in the bay round by Ardtun, Arctic Tern at Fionnphort. Colin Wells Mark Williams
11th Fionnphort Many thousands of Barnacle Geese have passed through over the last 24+ hours, hearing their calls through the night and continuing this morning Mike Wagemakers
10th There were at least 4,500 Barnacles. Probably at least twice that as many went up inland over Beinne Reudle. 3 in the Barnacle flocks were Greylags and 4 Pink-footed. Apparently very few of the Icelandic Greylags are recorded in Argyll. 
10th 2Arctic Terns off Treshnish Point and 1 Great Skua off Caliach Point, at least 2 Orcas at Port Haunn yesterday heading towards Lunga. Prasad. 
10th small groups of Whooper Swan passing through, occasionally settling on Loch Pottie, the last few days and now many skeins of Barnacle Geese following the Sound of Iona today, heading towards Islay.  Wonderful.  Mike Wagemakers
6th Glen Aros: a single Snow Bunting on the forest track in Glen Aros  This was in the middle of a thunderstorm, so views not brilliant, and it was cold (7.5 degrees). Mark Williams
9th:Calgary beach, 2 juvenile Pale-bellied Brent GeeseTreshnish, 3 Swallows. Prasad
9th Lochdon: 19 Whooper Swans flying south over Lochdon, also 4 Swallows still here this morning 10.15 hrs. Alan
8th: Calgary bay, 7 Barnacle Geese  flying over Lainne Sgeir, coming from the beach direction Treshnish, 1 Swallow. Prasad. 
7th – Aros Estuary. Seven feeding Pale-bellied Brent Geese. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
6th: Again flocks of 10, 12, 11 and what I think is a single Pale-bellied Brent Geese flew south around Treshnish Point. Prasad. 
6th Oct:-Torloisk hills-1 Immature wt eagle chased off by a hen harrier,2 pairs of hen harriers,2 buzzards,1 Merlin,1 kestrel and 2 ravens, Dave Soons
5th: Flocks of 51 and 17 Pale-bellied Brent Geese flew south around Treshnish Point and out at sea 1 Great Skua. 2 Swallows went to roost in Treshnish farm buildings. Prasad. 
3rd -loch ba- 2 whooper swans,3 wt eagles,1 peregrine,1 male 2 female hen harriers,1 buzzard and 1 golden eagle, Dave soons
3rd: Calgary bay, 1 Great Northern Diver (photographed) Prasad
3rd Lochdon:  hen harrier 2 brown, kestrel1, WTE 1 adult, pinkfoot 1, wigeon 14, teal 12, greenshank 4, bar-tailed godwit c10, redshank 1, golden plover 6, ring plover 8, whimbrel 1 little stint 1, sparrowhawk, cormorant. David Pierce
Killiechronan 1 adult WTE yellow/black spot & 1 juvenile, an adult golden eagle a little to west, kestrel, ring plover 6, bar-tailed godwit 2, jay 1. Gribun, kestrel 1, WTE 1 immature, 2 goldcrest in gorse & other srub. Loch Beag 1 juv. WTE. Also 2 otters. Glen More road summit, 2 hen harriers ( 1 brown, 1 grey), 1 kestrel. , David Pierce
3rd Lochdon: 3 Greenshank, 2 Redshank, Wigeon and Goosander. Alan
2nd Lochdon: adult WTE, hen harrier 2 (1brown, 1 grey), turnstone 14, greenshank 3, whimbrel 1, ring plover 6, golden plover 1, bar-tailed godwit. Plus 2 otters.
Fidden hen harrier 1 brown, 2 wheatears. Plus 3 mountain hares.
Ardalanish Bay, 50 goldfinch. Plus 1 otter. Pennyghael, c30 redpoll, hen harrier 1 brown, sparrowhawk. Near by on the Ross, 2 kestrel together & flock of c17 ravens. Near Lochdon evening, at least 6 hen harriers, 5 (+) brown & a grey which was mobbing an adult golden eagle. A kestrel & a pinkfoot (with Canada’s) flying towards Lochdon itself. Java tawny owl heard.
2nd Craignure golf course: Peter had a flock of brent geese at the golf course in Craignure. Jan and Pete 
2nd Loch Ba:  in the sunshine today produced - juv golden eagle, buzzard, hen harrier, pair whooper swans, goldcrest, treecreepers, flock of redpoll, crossbills and siskins. Debby Thorne
2nd: 17 Fieldfares over Treshnish wood, Prasad. 
1st : Loch Ba: 2 Whooper Swans, 50 Lesser Redpolls, 12 ‘redhead’Goosanders and a single late Wheatear. 
1st : Tobermory. Peregrine on spire of Old Free Church, Main Street. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks

Latest reports for  October 2010 
29th Loch Spelve:- Little Grebe (single and a pair) on Loch Spelve. A Great Northern Diver on Loch Spelve and a single Golden Eye on Loch Spelve.
 28th Loch na Keal: Great Northern Diver and a Red Throated Diver.  Male and Female Stonechat on Salen to Dervaig. road   Rachel & Mike Jones 27th Single Red Throated Diver on Loch Scridain  Rachel & Mike Jones26th Single Arctic Skua on Loch na keal (at the killiechronan end). Rachel & Mike Jones from Chester
31st Killfinichen: 22 Waxwings today at Kilfinichen.   Bryan Rains 
31st Loch Spelve: 3 Goldeneye together on Loch Spelve. Jonathan Keefe and Moira McKelvie
31st Salen: Dave Sexton reports 2 Waxwing, 2 Brambling and a Yellowhammer in his garden. Dave Sexton
29th Killiechronan:  2 Whooper Swan and 5 Canada amongst Greylags. Peter Holmes28th Dervaig and Salen: Brambling (single birds) feeding in gardens here. Arthur 
25th - 12.00pm - Tobermory Golf Course:- 11+ Waxwing. Angus Slorach25th Salen: 2 Brambling in my garden. Dave Sexton
21st Killiechronan: 4 Tufted duck briefly on the lagoon by the shingle beach. Michael Jackson
25th Dervaig:  Waxwings and a Jay here this morning, also lots of Fieldfare going through. Arthur Brown
24th Fishnish: a small flock of Waxwing (15 approx) by the Fishnish Ferry. Juliet Vine24th:  about 30 Waxwings flying over Treshnish wood. Also 2 Common Scoters in calgary bay. Prasad 
23rd   saw 3 waxwings on a telegraph wire at the edge of Salen bay. an immature golden eagle being  harassed by 2 buzzards at Loch Tuath. also had 2 slavonian grebes on Loch Na Keal. Jonathan Keefe & Moira McKelvie
23rd Griburn: 50 Waxwings here on berried trees at 1650hrs. Dave Sexton 
23rd Dervaig: 11.00 am  – group of waxwings flew over 40 waxwings      Anne Thoms
23rd Lochdon: saw 3 Greenshank at Lochdon  and a big flock of Redwing by the FC office at Aros Mains. Juliet Vines
23rd Treshnish wood: 4 Waxwings in Treshnish wood at 3.30 and at least 3 seen later at about 6pm, Prasad
21st The Coot is still on Loch Pottie. Fidden 10 adult Greenland White-fronted Goose. Bryan Rains
20th Treshnish Point:  saw a flock of 12 Whooper Swans flying past Treshnish Point.  Juliet Vines .                                19th Killiechronan: 3 Pale bellied Brent mixed in with Greylags flock. Mike Shepherd et al
19th Loch Frisa: flock of Whooper swan flew over Loch Frisa this pm. Also teal & wigeon in Salen Bay.  Debby Thorne 
18th Loch Pottie: Single Coot in north west corner, close to reed bed, also 27 Tufted and 2 Wigeon Mike Wagemakers
17th Loch Scridain: 2 Common Scoter here and 3 Swallows at Grasspoint. Michael Jackson
17th Loch na Keal: single Pale bellied Brent at the gull roost by Dhiseig Farm, Ben More. Bill Jackson 
16th Fidden: The Bird club outing was a huge success with 21 members turning up, 63 species on the day.Of particular note was a Merlin near Loch Assapol, and Three Moorhens on Loch Harrison and a Grey Plover at Fidden. Pete Hall
15th Loch Scridain: Loch Scridain  Great Northern Diver in summer plumage, Red Throated Diver in summer plumage, a pair of Long Tailed ducks in autumn plumage and a flock of Brent Geese. Pete Hall
14th Fidden 2 Brent Goose. Killunaig 30 Golden Plover, 2 RT Diver, 2 GN Diver also 1 Minke Whale off Burg. Bryan Rains
12th Sound of Mull (Torosay) 3 Black-throated Divers, inc. one in same field of view as fishing Otter; ad.and juv. Red-throated Diver,Duart Bay. Stuart Gibson
12th Oct Pennyghael Stores 1 Fieldfare, 3 Common Crossbill. Beach 3 Mistle Thrush, 6 Redwing, 4 Song Thrush, 5 Blackbird. Fidden 3 Brent Goose.Bryan Rains
11th Oct Fidden 1 Wheatear, 70 Golden Plover also approx 7 Bottle-nosed Dolphin off Burg. Bryan Rains
4th/15th Fionnphort; Barnacle Geese on the move, heard through the night and parties flying over this morning – Mike Wagemakers
14th Loch Pottie: Single Moorhen (could it be the same one as seen on Harrison’s Loch recently?) at southern end of Loch Pottie which was great to see but the walk soured by discovering the body of a Whooper Swan.  Been a constant sighting on the Ross, particularly Loch Pottie since the spring, but not seen for a week or so and sadly found its body in bracken today.  Also on the loch 27 Tufted Duck and 3 Wigeon.   Mike Wagemaker & Carol Marshal
13th Lochdon: Lots of Goldcrest in the garden over the last few days. On the overhead power cable; one lonely Swallow plus 150 Starlings this evening. Andrew Oldacre
12th Salen forest: a Jay here Shaun Braid. Shaun also reports watching a Pergrine falcon hunting bats last evening
12th Garmony: a flock of 30 Ruddy Turnstone feeding on the shore. Alan
12th Ulva: 4 pale bellied Brent Geese at Ulva Ferry for the last 2 days. The first time I have seen them on Ulva. They do not appear to have been ringed. Jamie Howard.
11th: 1 Wheatear beside road on south side of Calgary bay,  Prasad
11th Lochdon: 3 Jays bounding along from tree to tree above the sea eagle caravan.   David Woodhouse, 
10th  Roadside fence beyond Fidden Farm Whinchat – – Carol Marshal
10th  Lochdon: a very large flock. 300+ Redwing scattered over Lochdon this morning. Alan
10th Treshnish: 12+ Redwings Treshnish wood,  Prasad 
9th Fidden: 50 Brent Geese here today. Carol Marshal and Mike Wagemakers
9th Lochdon: A lone House Martin over Wild Cottage this afternoon. Andrew Oldacre
8th Lochdon at high tide: a large flock of mixed waders included 63 Curlew, 4 Whimbrel, 26 Bar tailed Godwit, 53 Golden Plover, 20 Ringed Plover and one Snipe.  Alan Spellman
8th  Craignure golf course: a flock of 45 Canada geese feeding in Bowmans fields.
7th Glen Forsa shore line: two Common Sandpiper and a Wheatear here today. John & Alison Harden 
7th Haunn: 116 Golden Plovers,  Prasad.
6th Lochdon: Hen Harriers at Lochdon  roost, 3 males and 5 ringtails. Irene Boston
5th  a very late Wheatear near the standing stone at Cillchriosd, (Sunipol) 1 Bar-tailed Godwit at Langamull beach, Prasad 
4th Loch na Keal:  I have seen a beautiful Merlin for three days running on the south shore of Loch na Keal between the private mooring and the sheep fanks. Pete Hall 
4th Bunessan Bay:  three pale bellied Brent, one being colour ringed.  Alan 
3rd Calgary:  Grey Plover wason the rocks near the south end of Calgary beach. No doubt at low tide when it is dog free it can be found on the beach, Prasad 
2nd Quinish Point:  2 Wheatear Steve Chapman
2nd Loch Cuin:  Little Auk  at the mouth of the loch. it was only 40 yards from the shoreline. Roger & Ann Craven
2nd Lochdon: a female Hen Harrier hunting in the fields opposite the eaglewatch caravan site. Alan
1st Glen Bellart: 20+ Mistle Thrush   about 1m out of Dervaig on Salen Road. Steve Chapman
30th Lochdon: 20+ Dunlin, 13 Ringed Plover, 30 Wigeon, 6 Teal, 1 Greenshank, 2 Hen Harriers (m/f)   above Lochdon. mixed flock of 6 Linnet &Twite on scrub below Loch Duart Castle.  Steve Chapman

some more information 
This goose was ringed in SW Iceland in May 2007 and over winters in Ireland, it has made the journey several times but on this occasion it was blown east onto Mull. It will continue its journey after a few days of feeding and rest.
These hrota pale-bellied brent are from the East Canadian High Arctic flyway population. They breed up amongst the polar bears very far north in Canada, and over winter mainly in Ireland, although some birds also go to western GB, the Channel Islands and France (mainly Normandy). They stage for a considerable period in spring and autumn in Iceland, and have a hazardous trip over the Greenland Icecap in between. The current flyway population is of the order of 40,000 birds.
The current ringing programme commenced in 2001. Ringing mainly by canon-netting in Ireland, and on the spring migration in Iceland in May. One expedition has been mounted to catch birds in Canada, when about 200 birds were caught whilst flightless (herded by helicopter!!). Overall we have now caught over 3,500 geese, so it is well worthwhile checking out any flocks you might come across for leg-rings. Currently re-sightings are reaching about 10,000 records per year from the wintering grounds, and a further 5,000 from Iceland in spring and autumn.

Latest reports for October 2009
31st Loch na Keal by Inch Kenneth: 100 Barnacle Geese + on the north side of Inch Kenneth. An impressive sight. Pete Hall
31st Fionnphort:  Female Blackcap in the garden today – Mike Wagemakers & Carol Marshall
26th  Loch Pottie 4 Whooper Swans,  Fidden 5 White Fronts – Carol Marshall
26th Fidden: 16 Whimbrel in fields with 100 Greylags. Alan
25th Fidden: 6 Greenland White-fronted Goose. Loch Beg 5 Whooper Swan, 3 Little Grebe, 6 Wigeon. Uisken 1 Great northen Diver. Loch Scridain 7 Great northern Diver. Bryan Rains
23rd Ardvergnish:  1 female Siberian Stonechat with 3 Common Stonechat, 30 Goldfinch and a good gathering of winter thrushes - Fieldfare, Redwing, Mistle Thrush, Song Thrush and Blackbird alll present. Bryan Rains
22nd Lochdon: 4 Goosander above the bridge and 28 Whoooper on the loch overnight before flying off early next morning. Ken Tate
22nd Loch na Keal: 6 Great northern divers, 2 in s/p - 1 in w/p - and 3 in eclipse plumage 
21st Oct 2 Greenland White-fronted Goose at Fidden.  Bryan Rains
22nd Oct 1 Chiffchaff at Pennyghael   Bryan Rains
22nd Fidden 10 Whooper Swans in Sound between Fidden & Erraid – Carol Marshall
22nd October: Aros Estuary/Loch na Keal: 18 Wigeon and single Bar-tailed Godwit, Aros estuary; 3 Golden Eagles (two over Kellan, one at Knock), 4 Slavonian Grebes and single w/p Red-throated Diver at head of Loch na Keal
21st October: Tobermory:  Male Hen Harrier hunting in twilight East of Tobermory and adult WT Sea Eagle going to roost in Glenforsa plantation  Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
20th October : Sound of Mull: (During Bird Club outing to Morvern) 8 Whooper Swans East and low over the sea at Fishnish (at 09.50 hrs) were, undoubtedly, the same birds later observed at Lochdon on same day.   Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
21st Fidden 4 White-fronted Geese – Carol Marshall
21st Fidden: I had 2 Greenland White-fronted Goose at Fidden  Bryan Rains
21st Calgary: There is a male Long-tailed Duck very close in to Calgary beach, as of 3.30pm,  Anand Prasad

The Common Rosefinch (at Kellan Mill, by Loch na Keal) record on Mull, 16th June has been accepted by the Argyll Birds Rarity Committee. This is a first record for Mull. many thanks to Ben Dickenson and family for sending in this record.       Alan

20th Caliach Point:  a flock of at least 30 Whooper Swans flying south, far out, from Caliach Point, passed Treshnish Point. 
There was also a Sanderling at dusk on Calgary beach and a Black-throated Diver in Calgary Bay,  Anand Prasad#
19th Oct Loch Beg:  4 Whooper Swan, 2 Goosander, 4 Little Grebe, 1 Dunlin, 10 Turnstone, 1 Merlin. Fidden 1 Sparrowhawk, 
2 Hen Harrier. Inch Kenneth 100 Barnacle Goose. Bryan Rains
16th  Lochbuie: Single late swallow feeding on hatch of insects (hot sunny day).  Alastair Gossage
20th Lochdon: 8 Whoopers flying south over Lochdon,  all day  long some500+ Redwing & Fielfare stripping berries. along 
the Grasspoint road Alan Spellman
19th at dusk saw 1 Purple Sandpiper and 1 Ruddy Turnstone at Lainne Sgeir, Calgary Bay.
19th Tobermory (Dervaig Road): group of 8-10 redwing in a rowan tree.  Mishnish lochs: 15 greylags. Dervaig: wave after wave of fieldfare flying overhead, easily 300+ in total, in 'pulses' of 50-70.  Amazing sight!   Felicity Hansen 
18th Loch Ba - Huge numbers of Redwing and Fieldfare.  Trees along the loch side with uncountable numbers of Redwing, the noise of their calls was amazing.  One flock of Fieldfare (and some Redwing), at Clachaig,  500+, the sky was thick with them at one point.  Never seen so many in one area. Mike Wagemakers & Carol Marshall
18th - QUINNISH/DERVAIG 12 Siskins and mixed loose flock of ca 60 resident and migrant thrushes (five species : 12-15 Mistle Thrushes, 30 Redwings, Fieldfare, Song Thrush and Blackbird), Quinnish estate; 7 Little Grebes, Loch Cuin; male Hen Harrier, Tobermory campsite
15th  LOCH NA KEAL Single Whimbrel near Ben More car parking area  Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson 
18th Lochdon: only one Hen Harrier this evening, large flocks of winter thrushes Alan 
18th Lochdon-Craignure: Red Kite flying over the main road between Lochdon and Craignure. Ken Tate. staying at mullbirds sc
17th Aros estuary - I Greenshank, 6 prs widgeon;  Killechronan - 3 whooper swans (yippee!!! I'm happy now!).  Loch Na Keal - 17 RB Mergansers (M&F); Loch Scridan - 1 red throated diver (winter plumage).  Felicity Hansen
16th Loch Torr: Single Redwing over Breadalbane Street, Tobermory in morning, with flock of 40 Fieldfares in Loch Torr area during late afternoon  Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
16th Loch Pottie: 26+ Tufted Duck, 6 Teal, 2 Wigeon, 2 Little Grebe, 3 Female Goldeneye. 1 Moorhen (immature), 4 Heron, 1 Ringtail Harrier (being chased by a Tufted Duck), Buzzard, Kestrel & Raven and the usual Herring and GBB Gull’s. – Mike Wagemakers
16th Craignure-Lochdon: large flocks (200+) Field fare plus Redwing flying over, also 15 Mistle Thrush at Grasspoint. Andy Kirkham
15th October - Loch na Keal (Inch Kenneth) : 4 Red-throated Divers (2 s/p) and 2 s/p Great Northern Divers; 1 Red-throated Diver, Loch Scridain; 1 Greenshank, 16 Red-breasted Mergansers and 25 Teal, Loch Beg; 'Ring-tail' Hen Harrier, hunting in twilight (18.15 hrs), near Knock, Loch na Keal.   Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
14th Loch na Keal: s/p Great northern Diver plus two winter birds, 4 Slavonian Grebe, large flock of 250 Greylags, amongst them one Pinkfoot ( which I couldn't find) Teal, Wigeon and Red breasted Mergansers in good numbers. Alan
12th Beach: Another good one today. at Beach 1 Chiffchaff.  Bryan Rains 
11th Killiechronan: a single Pinkfoot goose amongst Greylag flock in fields. Arthur Brown
10th Beach:  6 Redwing, 5 Mistle Thrush, 1 juv Ring Ouzel. Carsaig:  18 Twite. Pennyghael:  8 Redwing, Crossbill heard but not seen
9th Fidden:  3 Barnacle Goose, 1 fem Hen Harrier. Uisken:  1 Sparrowhawk, 1 Merlin. Suidhe:  2 Whooper Swan. Kilfinichen:  1 RT Diver.
8th Loch Scridain 1 RT Diver, 1 sum pl GN Diver.
7th Loch Beg:  1 male Hen Harrier      Bryan Rains
7th  Fionnphort – 3 Redwings on wires by road between Aridhglas & Ardfenaig - Carol Marshall
6th Aros:  small family of 4 Whooper Swan in the estuary (am) and seven more birds in the afternoon. (all too briefly). Alan
4th Loch Scridain: A few sightings from today - Loch Scridain 33 Scaup (at least 7 drakes), 2GN Diver. Loch Beg 1 Slavonian Grebe, 15 Teal. Bryan Rains 
3rd Loch Pottie:  17 Tufted, 1 male Scaup, possible second, no sign of the two female/juvenile possibles seen a few days ago, I Little Grebe. Mike Wagemakers  2nd  Fidden - 5 Barnacle, 5 Pale Bellied Brent. Loch Pottie – 2 male Scaup amongst Tufted Carol Marshall.
1st Oct Loch Beg 40 Golden Plover, 1 Snipe, 5 Greenshank, 2 Little Grebe. Fidden 2 Hen Harrier (1 male, 1 female), 1 Yellowhammer, 1 Grey Wagtail. Loch Pottie 3 Scaup (2 adult male, 1 juv).  Bryan Rains
1st: Loch Pottie: Carol went out today and the Gadwall are still there.  The two odd tufted certainly look as if they have a lot of Scaup in them, not able to see them close enough to be sure. Mike Wagemakers-Carol Marshal
30th Sept Ardness 1 male Merlin. Fidden 2 Twite, lots of Barnacle Goose flying South, 2 female Hen Harrier. Loch Beg 20 Golden Plover, 10 Turnstone, 3 Greenshank, 8 Dunlin, 2 Knot.

Latest Reports for October 2007
26th Loch Pottie: Female long tailed duck on small loch just south of Loch Assapol on rough track. Dave Mitchell & Kathryn Lindsay.
29th Loch Frisa: a late Osprey on Loch Frisa the day before.  As the parties were on opposite sides of the Loch and were staying far apart on the island, this might not be fanciful.  Just seems a bit late, though!
Jenny Reddaway 
30th Loch Pottie:  Long tailed Duck found two days ago confirmed today with clear views juvenile, poss female - Carol Marshall.  Good numbers of Redwing and a few Fieldfare Fionnphort today - Mike Wagemakers
23rd Fidden: Managed to find a single Lapland Bunting (fem) down at Fidden today while on the tour. There was also a single Barnacle Goose down there. Bryan Rains
22nd Penmore: A pair of Hen Harriers (Male/Female) over Penmore daily. Sylvia Swft
20th Lochdon: 12 Whoooper Swans flew south over Lochdon John & Angela Preston
18th-19th Loch Pottie:   1 male and 4 female Tufted Duck with 1 Female Scaup, 3 White Fronted Geese, 3 Wigeon, 1 Little Grebe - Loch Pottie - Carol Marshall/Mike Wagemakers.
9th Ardalanish: 3 Pale bellied Brent Geese ,53 Rock Doves in organic farm fields. John & Sue Clare.
29th Sept, at 7am, we observed a white Thrush in our garden. It had chest spots, but the rest was white. It seemed to know it was white as it kept close to the trees and would not venture very far out onto the lawn.  Tom & Barbara Bettley.
5th Loch Cuin:   2 immature Goosander on Loch Cuin.  Shaun Mccullagh
7/thKilliechronan:  90 Common Gull,  120 Herring Gull,  7 Black Headed Gull,  2 greater Black Backs, 1 Black Tailed Godwit,  1 Redshank,  20 Oystercatcher,  35 Turnstone,  50 Mallard,  10 teal, 25 Rock Dove,  3 Starling,  2 Rock Pipit,  5 Linnet,  1 Buzzard,  10 Hooded Crow,  1 Robin. Shaun Mccullagh
9th Loch Cuin:  8 Whooper Swan & 1 Greenshank.  Loch Cuin. Shaun Mccullagh
9th Fionnphort - 1 Northen Wheatear.Fidden - 2 Northern Wheatear, 60 Twite, c 600 Barnacle Goose, 1 Great Northern Diver. Loch Scridain - 9 Whooper Swan now on Loch Beg. Beach - 2 Willow Warbler. Kilfinichen - 3 Hen Harrier. Bryan Rains  Wild About Mull Tours 
4th Loch Frisa: 8 crossbills at Frisa Dave Sexton
8th. Penmore : Golden Eagle mobbed by Buzzard. Female Hen Harrier and Sparrowhawk....not safe to go out!! Sylvia Swift
8th between Fionnphort and Fidden: Injured Long-eared Owl recovered from hill area between Fionnphort and Fidden.  Taken to Wings Over Mull.  Sue Dewar thinks a male bird, old injury (broken wing) and probably survived by grubbing around on the ground. - Mike Wagemakers/Carol Marshall
4th Uisken:  1 Northern Wheatear, Fidden 6 Pale-bellied Brent Goose, 60 Twite, 15 Linnet and 30 Skylark. Bryan Rains
2nd  Kilfinichen Bay, Loch Scridain. Juvenile Brent Goose, On a Discover Mull tour. The tide was out and it was grazing on the grass by the river bank then flew across to the sea shore edge. Pam Brown
2nd Lochdon: John Preston reports Yellowhammers in his garden this morning.
1st Loch Buie: - 40 Fieldfares in two small flocks of 20 flying in off the sea at Moy Castle, Lochbuie.  Flew straight into hawthorn bushes close to the shoreline to feed where there were also starlings, song thrushes and blackbirds.  Shaun Mccullagh
1st  Loch Beg:  6 Fieldfare, 6 RB Merg (5 fem 1 imm male) 2 Goosander fem, 1 RB Merg imm male. Bryan Rains

Latest reports for October 2006
29th Corra-bheinn :  a Ptarmigan on Corra-bheinn on Sunday the 29th.  Colin Moody
29th Loch Buie : all three divers off shore plus a female Merlin and single Pink footed Goose by Loch Spelve. Michael & Linda Haddow. (welcome to Mull)
25th Croig: a late Swallow was seen by Mrs Jill Mills, also a 'possible'  Spotted Sandpiper in the inlet at Croig ?
26th Fidden. 3 Whooper Swans, 5 Pink Fotted Geese and a single White Fronted Goose With the Greylags.
There are now at least 4 Slavonian Grebes on Loch Na Keal and Great Northern divers popping up anywhere.
2 Snipe at Aros bay and 7 Whoopers 5 juveniles turned up on Loch Cuin. Look out for Goosanders, 1 at Killiechronan camp site and 1 on Scridain recently. Last and by no means least we had a female Blackcap in our garden on 27th a first for our garden..     Arthur & Pam Brown Discover Mull Tours
22nd Knock Bridge. pair of Dippers and a Grey Wagtail and also a  Kingfisher flew past and downstream. WTSE (adult and 2 yellow tagged juveniles) on the sand bar by the Killiechronan camp site.     Alan Spellman
18th Calgary Bay: a dark phase Arctic Skua deep inside Cagary Bay at 4pm. Anand Prasad (Ttreshnish)
18th Aros Bay: a Great northern Diver Aros Bay, also pair Reed Buntings just across road from Loch don eagle watch caravan on both 18th and 19th (they have also been seen here at other times) Arthur Brown
18th Pam had group of Long Tailed Tits In the garden also Song Thrushes gorging on Rowan Berries.
17th Scarrisdale Rocks, Loch na Keal. Black Throated Diver, Slavonian Grebe Loch na Keal boathouse, Female Hen Harrier Ulva Ferry also several large winter thrush flocks on the move too distant to see which presume Redwing And a single Bar Tailed Godwit On Scarisdale Rocks with 9 Ringed Plover. Arthur Brown Discover Mull Tour
17th Loch na Keal : pair of Red throated divers, Golden Eagles and Sea Eagles. Alan
16th Loch Pottiee : a lone Whooper Swan on the loch today..not much else Alan
15th Lochdon : a 'pair' of Jays seen in the woods at the back of 'Twelve Oaks' today.    Phil McDermott
13th Lochdon/Craignure : large numbers of Redwing reported flying over last night and this morning. Jan Hall, Andy Oldacre & Stuart Gibson.........this morning along the Grasspoint road were at least 1000 birds, a bit flighty but frantically feeding in the fields and on berried trees. Alan
8th Sound of Mull & Grasspoint. Large numbers of Gannets by the golf course (am) and at Grasspoint (pm) Alan Spellman
8th on the hills above Loch Spelve, off the Loch Buie road. 20 + mixed Redwing and Fieldfare. Peter Stevick
6th Killiechronan : I had a flock of about a dozen  Long Tailed Tits ,also a lot of Goldfinches, plus two Grey Wagtails.  The Sparrowhawk had several unsuccessful attempts perhaps it was a juvenile. Jan Fuller.
3rd Loch Cuin by Dervaig : Female Goldeneye on loch Cuin  evening. Shaun Mccullagh
3rd Loch Pottie : Horned (Slavonian) Grebe on Loch, this a.m., fishing between the islands and the church. Mike Wagemakers
2nd Loch na Keal : 5 Brent Geese were resting after a long flight, in a small bay close inshore. Richard Atkinson
2nd Loch Frisa : a report of a Red Kite seen here by visitors. more infor required. (pp) R ichard Atkinson
1st Lochdon : 6 Whooper Swans and 5 Greenshank, 20 Dunlin, 2 Whinmbrel, 25 Ringed Plover. Alan Spellman
30th Sept Calgary :2 Golden Eagles, one immature Sea Eagle and a Peregrine at Calgary . Shaun Mccullagh