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     latest reports - november 


November reports for 2018

13th five great northern divers in Craignure Bay earlier today, juveniles and adults. Also I counted seven birds in the sound of Mull whilst traveling back on the bus. (Alan) Nancy Somerville
10th Calgary The Cattle Egret seen yesterday 10th on Calgary machair. prasad
10 th – Cattle Egret still at Calgary. In ditch by roadside and in reeds above the beach. Greenshank at Loch Cuin. Ron
6th - 7th - Tesco, Oban Five WAXWINGS on tree overlooking Black Lynn, at Tesco's bus/lorry park. Stuart Gibson
6th Two Short-eared Owls flushed from the heather in NW Mull today. Only saw one bird between June - August this summer. Cattle Egret still at Calgary. Ewan Miles
2nd, Java: three red-breasted mergansers; single greenshank
3rd, Java: three red-breasted mergansers
4th, Java: single greenshank
6th, Garmony: 2 dippers; single whimbrel; pair mallard; six (approx) golden plover.
8th, Garmony: 2 dippers; 10 wigeon; single redshank  Nancy
2nd A solitary Widgeon on the lochan, amongst our usual Mallards. Suidhe Farm, Bunessan. Tony Jefree
1st Nov  Treshnish, 2 Brambling at Treshnish House. prasad

Cattle egret at
                                                    Calgary, photo by
                                                    Ewan Miles

Cattle egret at Calgary, photo by Ewan Miles
Latest October reports for   2018
31st however I saw 2 again this morning . A jay in Glen More today, also 5 greenshank at Lochdon, 2 h harriers, 1 brown, 1 grey Loch Beag.. Dave
31st Cattle Egret. calvary. Just below car park. Mike Wagemakers
31st Cattle Egret at Calgary today. A single Jackdaw caching hazelnuts at Torloisk. Goldeneye back on the Mishnish lochs. Ewan Miles
30th  Amongst others 2 woodcocks at Tiroran yesterday at 0640 & 2 greenshanks at Fhinichin maybe of interest. Dave Pierce 30th Male Merlin at Salen bay this morning, Pink-footed Goose in with Greylags at Killiechronan, Black-throated Diver on Loch Tuath, Carrion Crow near Aros Mains. Sparrowhawks in numerous places around the moors, presumably migrants. Quick look for Cattle Egret at Calgary
 but no sign. Ewan Miles
 29th   7 Jackdaws at Mornish near Calgary.. Pam & Arthur Brown. 

27th  Treshnish, 120+ Jackdaws around Treshnish wood.  prasad.
25th 140 Barnacle Geese on the beach opposite Inch Kenneth, probably the usual flock  which overwinters on the island. Also 7 whooper swans over Loch Beg, heading west. Pete and Jan www.mullwildlifetours.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  25th A family of 7 Whooper Swans this afternoon on the edge of Loch Beg very close to the road near Pennygael. The room off along the loch as we watched

25th Treshnish, c460 Greenland White-fronted Geese (with at least 1 Barnacle Goose) flying south over Treshnish and 20 Whooper Swans on Treshnish lochan Calgary, Cattle Egret still present  prasad
24th Fidden - good sighting of a female Merlin, 9 Whooper Swans flying over, Ringtail Harrier. Loch Scridain - several GNDs, male Hen Harrier, immature White Tailed Eagle. Glen Seilisdeir road - male Hen Harrier. Loch Na Keal - , GNDs, single Slavonian Grebe & single Black Guillemot visitor Edwina.
 23rd Cattle Egret still on the machair at Calgary today. A movement of continental Wood Pigeon around the island. Ewan Miles
22nd  a Jay this afternoon in the woods just west of Pennyghael timber pier. . visitor Brian Moyes.

21st A Little Egret was on Loch Cuin around 4 pm as we watched it 5 Whooper Swans flew over.. Pam, Arthur, Moria & Cheryl. Cheryl Pam  Pam & Arthur Brown
21st  little Egret on Loch Cuin for most of the day and whooper swans about six . All confirmed by Pam and Arthur as I called them out to confirm the Egret . CherylCallow
21st We went down to Calagary and scoured the fields and the machair for a Cattle Egret but there was no sign of it. So we turned round and started to head back when it kindly flew into the grass verge about 30 feet in front of us!  Edwina and David Sharp

18th  was a good day for migrating Geese and Swans over the western area of Ross of Mull, Fionnphort/Kintra/Bunnessan/Fidden areas: At least 350+ Barnacle Geese south in lots of groups on and off throughout the day, also at least 58 Greenland White-fronted Geese south in 5 flocks and at least 150 Whooper Swan in several flocks. 28 Fieldfare in off the sea at Kintra, also a high flying Snipe in off the sea at Kintra. An imm male Sparrowhawk over Fionnphort, a female Merlin at Fidden in the evening also a juv White-tailed Eagle there and 8 Teal, 9 Golden Plover, 15 Curlew and 5 Wigeon. A resting flock of 25 Teal at Bunnessan also 1 Wigeon  Samanther Melling and Tony Disley

19th 3 Purple Sandpipers east of Croggan, a flock of 70 plus Jackdaws over Loch Spelve, Icelandic race (coburni) Redwing at Lochbuie, Barn Owl at the Mishnish lochs (22:00). Ewan Miles and Iolo Williams
19th Oct Java (in my back garden): single brambling. Nancy Somerville
18th  October. at Lochdon a single Brambling (must be more about) Steve Hiscock
Brambling Nancy
  Photographs by Steve Hiscock and Nancy Somerville
18th  25 whooper swans on Loch Pottie, also some 6 tufted ducks.At Fidden Farm and Knockvologan we had several groups of whooper swans probably 100+ and several skeins of Barnacle Geese,
probably in excess of 300. Also at Fidden Farm a pair of Golden Eagles talon- grappling.  Pete and Jan Mull Wildlife Tours
                                                        Browd Warbler
Yellow browed Warbler at Ardura 8th October 2016 photo by visitor John Ogg a first record for Mull
17th  Some sightings for your website, a Yellow Browed Warbler on Iona today by the Heritage Cafe with lots of Coal Tits, also 3 Chiffchaff, 2 Blackcap on the island. A flock of 28 Whooper Swan south over Fionnphort early am also 3 flocks of Barnacle Geese totalling 115 south. 2 Kittewake in Iona sound this afternoon. Samanther Melling and Tony Disley
17th  Wheatear near Gribun, 2 Bar-tailed Godwits, Salen Bay, 23 Whooper Swans (all adults) over Salen Bay, 16 Whooper Swans (1 juv), Loch na Keal, 5 Whooper Swans, Loch Ba. Ewan Miles and Iolo Williams
17th Oct, Lochbuie: large flock of at least 100 fieldfares. NancySomerville
17th  On my tour today, we had excellent views of the cattle egret at Dervaig, among the sheep! Also a pair of Jays at Kellan Wood. Pete and Jan Mull Wildlife Tours
16th Oct, Dervaig: Four redshank, 12 whooper swans . Nancy Somerville
15th  Loch na Keal  party of 19 Whooper Swans, female Otter and two well grown cubs. 2 Wt Eagle sat on Scarisdale Rocks again.. Martin Izzard

15th  1 Cattle Egret at Calgary, It has been seen there since at least the 12th according to my farmer neighbour. Before that, presumably the same, was reported from Dervaig. prasad
15th Oct, Java: flock of around 30 redwings; single red-breasted merganser; 12 greylag geese; two curlews. Nancy
14th Bunessan. Little Egret opposite the Argyll Arms
14th Wheatear near Balmeanach yesterday . Chris Austick
9th Oct, Java: single red-breasted merganser.
10th  Garmony: 2 dippers; 5 curlew; 4 male and three female eider; single twite, ; two greenshank; 4 mallards (3 drakes, 1 duck); single black guillemot in winter plumage; 6 turnstones; 3 wigeon (at least).
12th Oct, Java: single curlew
14th Oct, Java: single curlew, 13 greylag geese. Nancy Somerville
14th Two Whooper Swans flying west and calling over Tobermory Golf Course today .. Ron Corderio
13th I am up for a few days.. Dervaig, Loch Chumbain 1 Greenshank. . Calgary Bay 4 Great Northern Diver. . Loch na Keal at Killichronan 6 Great Northern Diver, 7 Slavonian Grebe. Ulva ferry                Juvenile WTEagle sat in a tree looking sad in the rain. Regular visitor Martin Izzars.
23th Seems to be that Jay time of year again. Saw one nr Carsaig road-end today & more surprisingly, one flying north over Fionnphort this afternoon. Chris Austick                                                                                     
12th The little egret is still around as my neighbour George has been seeing it too quite frequently over the last 2 weeks.. Emily Wilkins                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
11th Just read a report from Arran bird’s reporting a rare vagrant - a Little Egret. In case it’s of interest, a Little Egret was on the edge of Loch Na Lathaich, near Eorabus. Also, this evening, two Whooper Swans flying over the same loch towards Bunessan. A Great Skua off the beach by Calf Island on Iona this afternoon. David and Juli Lockstone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
 10th Pair of jays this morning - just west of Pennyghael, Ross of Mull. Tony Jeffree 
5th: Treshnish, 6 Jays (flying east) and c20 Long-tailed Tits at Treshnish House.   Guests reported an Osprey on 2nd and 3rd at Haunn.  prasad

                                                        with greylags
                                                        oct 2018

5th Quick visit to Mull this time. Pink footed goose with large flock of greylags at Killiechronan. Also around a dozen redwing landed on telephone wires in same area.
On Loch naKeal was 9 Slav grebes, pair red throated diver, and a striking plumaged black throated diver. regular visitor Lee Dutton. Somerset.
4th Achnacraig (Road from Dervaig to Salen) - Male hen harrier quartering in the muzzle and overflown by white-tailed eagle. Also flock of redwing/fieldfare. M Murphy
2nd Gruline - 4 x Golden eagles, grey wagtail, Calgary - Great Northern Diver, Dervaig - Snipe, Greenshank  Mike  Murphy



Latest sightings for November
28th November:  We watched an adult Golden Eagle make a successful hunt! A pair of Golden Eagles were working together over a Rabbit warren and the larger female made a kill and carried the mammal away! See photo. Ewan Miles

26th Ardalanish, amongst a flock of Greylags were a Pink foot and a Barnacle goose. visitor George Newall
19th Lochdon: Had a fine male Blackcap in the garden eating the rose hips (Rosa regossa)  Andy Oldacre
18th - Loch Ba (Isle of Mull Bird Club field trip) Seventeen Goldeneye (six drakes), 15 Wigeon and 20 Teal (in two groups of 14 and 6) on the loch; five late Meadow Pipits with a single (inland)Rock Pipit; ten Lapwings and a few Snipe; with 20-30 Redwings and a flock of 20 Lesser Redpolls in the birch woodland; a sub-singing Blackbird was heard at Knock. Stuart Gibson 16th Pair of Gadwall, north shore Loch na Keal, about 2km from head of Loch. Possibly pushed over from hatchery which was being hunted by the WTE's Mike Wagemakers
15th The long staying Little egret is still at fishnish today Chris Austick                                                                                                                                                                               12th Jay on road between Lochdon and Gorten11th 2 Slavonian Grebe on Loch Cuin (outside Cheryl Callow’s house) 5 Greenshank at same location11th male Hen Harrier and WTE on hill road between Dervaig and Ulva Ferry.A group of 5 Great Northern Diver on Loch na Keil, one having some difficulty trying to eat a crab!  Graham Henderson and Sandy McCuaig, visitors from Edinburgh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       11th Several reports of Brambling about, Salen, Fionnphort, Dervaig, Lochdon Alan
11th , Loch Cuin today still very windy but a family of whoopers, wigeon and golden eye blown in .. bet it’s warmer out there 
Cheryl Callow
10th Caliach Point, 1 Great Skua and 2 Gannets and 1000+ Kittiwakes  prasad
7th - Fishnish-Craignure. The Little Egret was feeding outside the hide this morning as I passed on the 9.50 Tobermory - Craignure service bus! Four Great Northern Divers and a single Red-throated Diver were in the Sound of Mull (Torosay), where a single Greenshank was seen along the shore. Stuart Gibson
6th Little egret at Fishnish today   Thanks Debby Thorne
5th excellent views of the Little Egret from the hide at Fishnish.  Also some 150 Barnacle geese back on Inch Kenneth for the Winter. Pete Hall  Mull Wildlife Tours                                4th Nov Great White Egret, Loch Cuin, then flying off down Glen Bellart. Pam & Arthur Brown
                              Great White Egret by Cheyl

4th Loch Cuin, A Great White Egret a very rare visitor indeed and the first confirmed Mull record. Cheryl Callow,  Arthur and Pam Brown                                                                        4th  I saw this Bird at about 10 am as it flew into the edge of the loch at Cuin nearest the church it then made its way across the loch and then fished out side Clachan Cottage and then flew off towards the Old Byre . Moira saw it later as she stood doing dog training on the river Bellart near the Old Byre it then flew off along to Bellart towards Salen . Our friend Karen video it on her camera at dog Training and will put it up tomorrow on fb for every one.                                                                                                                                                      3rd - Garmony/Fishnish.  The Little Egret was feeding at low tide with a single Greenshank, a Redshank and several Curlews and Oystercatchers at Ban Eileanan, closer Garmony than Fishnish; and five Lesser Redpolls were feeding in the birch/spruce along this track. Stuart Gibson                    
                                                              3rd This afternoon around 2pm travelling on the Dervaig to Salen road approx 500m south of the first cattle grid, two juvenile golden eagles came out low from a gully on the left hand side of the road, flew across in front of us and flew back in the direction of Dervaig. The flight of the second one was very laboured. As it flew north a juvenile white tail flew from its perch in the forestry on the left                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2nd We had a very close up view of a Goldcrest  the other day it was on a shrub just outside the kitchen window and flited about buzzing its wings like a humming bird. A pair  of Black Caps have been feeding on the Cotoneaster berries Rosie                                                                                                                                                                                                 2nd Caliach point: five Jack Snipe (new island high count) and six Common Snipe in marsh at Caliach farm, one Great northertn Diver off shore and another two at Langamull; and a single Woodcock on the side of the Caliach-Calgary road. Stuart Gibson' Ewan Miles and Rachel Annl French     
Latest sightings for November 2016
30th 3 female teal have joined our resident mallards on the lochan. Suidhe Farm, Bunessan.Tony Jefree26th Craignure:  beween 7-10 waxwings in playpark in Craignure around 9.30 Ross Lawford
19th - Loch na Keal (Bird Club outing) Highlights included 12 Slavonian Grebes at head of loch, where a sleeping imm. Velvet Scoter was found; two Black-throated Divers were in Laggan Bay. Stuart Gibson                                             16th A skein of 26 Pink-footed Geese over Caliach heading south at 2pm. Ewan
14th one Water rail at Croig (beside the road to Port na Ba), one Great northern Diver in Calgary Bay. Prasad
12th Loch Scridain: 1 Swallow and four Common Scoter. Bryan Rains.  
8th  John and I are sure that we scoped a small number of Little Auks from Caliach on Saturday. A huge feeding of Gulls (mainly Kittiwakes and Herring Gulls) continue around the shores of Mull. They were joined by a lunge feeding baleen whale in the Sound of Mull and a small number of Common Dolphins north of Mull. I had a Dunnock in full song at Caliach yesterday afternoon. Ewan and John Miles

Wouldl be a new ‘race’ for Argyll, not sure if any others before in West of Scotland, and one for BBRC 
7th Stephen Hiscock and I had at leastt two Northern Long-tailed Tits at Loch Beg today. It was a flock of 10 birds of which two were photographed. Bryan Rains 

5th Salen: Brambling in the garden this afternoon Debby Thorne (There was a large flock of birds on Thursday - not thrushes and my instinct was they were waxwings - about 30+but didn't have any binos to see close - flew right down the Sound from Tob direction towards Craignure.) 
3rd  A bird flew into the window just now so I went out to have a look. There was a song thrush on the ground, a sparrowhawk flew off. Perhaps the thrush was trying to avoid the sparrowhawk when it hit the window. Colin Moody 

19th Oban: 3 juv Iceland Gulls in Oban Bay this morning and all 3 juvs also there yesterday. John Bowler
18th Calgary, 1 (1st winter) Iceland Gull in front of cemetery. Caliach, 7-9 Gannets. Prasad 
17th Dervaig: a kingfisher flew out from behined our house on to Loch Cuin on Monday this week it's still about. Cheryl Callow
17th 2 whooper swans flying over Knock hatchery and a small flock of 7 golden plover in field just beyond. Juliet Vines

17th Lochdon: Yellowhammer heaven here with now seven Yellowhammers in my garden. 5 male & 2 female. Alan 

16th Lochdon five Yellowhammers n the garden thhis mornng, 3m and 2f. Alan
15th 5 jays in last two days.  Two out of Salen along Gruline road, two over road by Aros park and one near southern Lettermore road end.  They've clearly increased in numbers here in recent times, but has there been a sudden influx? They seem to be everywhere just now Chris Craignure 15th Lochdon: two sheins of Whooper flying South, about 25 birds in each, flew over Lochdon this morning Rosie Salzman
14th Croig, 2 Greenland White-fronted Geeseflying south. Treshnish, 7  Whooper Swans flying south at dusk and landing on the lochan. prasad
13th - Tobermory A male Blackcap outside my bedroom window this lunchtime brightened up my day. Stuart13th A small skein of White-fronted Geese have just landed in the field next next to Tobermory Campsite (22:30). Ewan 
13th Lochdon: 3 Yellowhammers visited my garden today, 2 males and 1 female, bright colours on this grey day. Alan

11th On a trip down to the Ross. 1 white-tailed eagle being mobbed by buzzards and a kestrel by the 3 lochans. 2 goldYellowen eagles near Craig.  A flock of golden plover at Pennyghael and at least 7 redshank and 5 greenshank. Large mixed flock of redwing and fieldfare in field beside Loch Scridain and a great northern diver on the loch.  At Fidden,  a flock of approximately 70 barnacle geese, 50 lapwing and golden plover.Juliet, Monica and the Pollards

 11th Nov. - North Mull Twenty Wigeon close inshore at Salen Bay; 30 Redwings feeding in pasture at Gruline; surprisingly, only single Great Northern Diver and Slavonian Grebe at head of Loch na Keal (from Knock); a count of 49 loafing Teal near Knock; three Great Northern Divers, two Black-throated Divers and two Winter-plumaged Black Guillemots at Lagganulva, where there was also 80 Great Black-backed Gulls and a single Lapwing. Ewan Miles and Stuart Gibson

10th Tobermory: House Sparrows bringing food into the nest at Taigh Solais, chicks could be heard. Ewan Miles. 
6th A female hen harrier hunting over field next to forestry bridge over the river Aros.
7th Along the path between Fishnish and Garmony. 2 small flocks of Crossbill, 2 pairs of bullfinch, quite a lot of goldcrest and a small flock of long-tailed tits. Juliet 7th We stayed on the Ben More Estate at the end of September and saw the following highlights, Sea Eagle x 2 adult female and juvenile on rocks near Glengorm Castle. Golden Eagle near Murchison Memorial. Female Merlin at the foot of Ben More and two minutes later, Female Hen Harrier overflew us. Lastly a Whinchat by the road between Salen and Knock. Mark Pollock
7th Nov. - North Mull. Four Greenshank, three Common Snipe and single Redshank, Loch Cuin (at Dervaig); 12 Fieldfares on hill road between Dervaig and Torloisk; three Great Northern Divers and a Black-throated Diver at Lagganulva, where 32 Ravens on hillside; a roost of 37 Great Northern Divers on Loch na Keal, East of Eorsa, where a further 10 Fieldfares on North side of loch; and a Woodcock at dusk near Aros Mains. Stuart, Ewan and Rachel
7th Glen Isol Tobermory. A male Blackcap. Michael Shepherd
3rd 2 Brent geese at killochronan and a Jay at a Knock, at least 2 killochronan & 1 by main road between G Forsa & Fishnish Bay. Dave Pierce
2nd November evening, 4 roadside Woodcock, A849 between Ardura & Loch Beag turnoff.
3rd Nov, 1 Woodcock Tiroran dawn, 3 Greenshank, 6 little grebe L Beag, c 2130hrs Barn Owl Killiemore.
4th Nov, 2 Whoopers flying S over L na Keal Dhiseig, c 20 turnstone Scarisdale, 3 bar-tailed godwits & 1 turnstone Killochronan,
80 barnacles inch Kenneth, Greenshank & Chiffchaff Salen toilets, 5 hen harriers, 1 male, 4 ringtails Lochdon, 2130hrs-2230hrs,
4 Barn Owl sightings Tiroran to junction with A849 near L Beag, believed to be 3 individuals & 1 tawny. Dave 
Pierce4th 2 Brent geese at Killiechronan today,   Felicity & Juliet
3rd Craignure-Oban ferry, 2 Long-tailed Ducks flying north-east to north off Eilean nan Gamhna, Kerrera.
3rd A chiffchaff on Ardmor Road, Salen. Juliet Vines
3rd Lochdon: a flock of 12 Longtailed tits and a drake Gooseander in the bidge pool, Alan  2nd I had 5 hen harriers today near Loch Beag, 3 males & 2 ringtails.Dave Pierce
1st David and I went for a walk from Knock along Loch Ba this afternoon and we were very excited to see a. It was flying in and out of the gorse bushes by the footpath just before you get to the loch. We stopped and watched him for quite a while and had super views. Further down we also had a goldcrest so were able to compare the two.
1st November:  David and I went for a walk from Knock along Loch Ba this afternoon and we were very excited to see a. It was flying in and out of the gorse bushes by the footpath just before you get to the loch. We stopped and watched him for quite a while and had super views. Further down we also had a goldcrest so were able to compare the two.
We are 100% positive it was a Firecrest, we were only a few feet away from it and we followed it down the path for a good 10 minutes with excellent views. We had good sightings of the markings, green back, the eye strip and the orange on the head strip. A very striking bird.  Sue and David McDowell. 
(this is only the second record for Mull, 1st being 13th November 2012 at Ledaig car parkby Ewan Miles et al)

Latest reports for November 2014
27th - Beadoun, Tobermory. A Woodcock flushed from side of wall, while a Jay screamed in the trees above. Ruth Fleming
24th Calgary: adult Golden eagle, juvenile White tailed Eagle, Loch Cuin, 2 Greenshank, Alan & Arthur B
22nd - Harrison Loch, Scoor. Five Tufted Duck and three Teal. Loch Pottie. Seven Goldeneye and six Tufted Duck. Fidden. A single Golden Plover with Lapwings.Stuart Gibson Loch Scridain. A pair of Goosander close-in. Bunessan. Six Woodcock flushed by car lights at side of road between Bunessan and Pennyghael.Stuart Gibson
23rd Craignure:  2 female and 1 male Blackcap on our feeders!  Some years we don't see any in the garden so three together is very unusual for us.  We wonder if anyone else has seen groups in their gardens lately- perhaps there's been an influx as a result of the recent easterly winds?  Sian and Chris Scott
23rd Lochdon: a female Blackcap in our garden, plus Goldfinch. Aros lots of Wigeon. Killeichronan White tailed Eagle (yellow/black spot tag) Alan
22nd Lochdon: up to ten Goldfinches feeding on niger seed in my garden this morning. Alan
21st A Jay flew across the road as I was driving through Pennycross, also  2 whooper swans on Loch Staonaig, Iona  Emily Wilkins 
20th Caliach Point: Great Northern Diver, 11 Guillemot, 1 Razorbill. 6 Kittewake, 4 Mistle Thrush and a Song Thrush. Calgary Bay: 4 Curlew, 10 Ringed Plover, Lapwing, 3 Great northern Diver and a Black throated Diver in partial summer plumage.Torloisk: Mistle Thrush and Song Thrush. Cuin: 14 Ringed Plover, 3 Green shank, 2 Redshank and Wigeon. Arthur Brown.
20th Loch Beg: a very late Sandpiper reported here on 10th, at Salen a Waterail and Yellowhammers  in a local garden. Debby Thortne.
19th Loch Cuin: a Kingfisher here (again) this morning by Arthur Brown, perhaps the same bird seen earlier in the year ?
17th Lochdon: Oh dear, a female Sparrowhawk has just taken a blue tit from my bird feeder. Several Goldfinch on the feeder yesterday. Lots of Wigeon on the loch now. Alan
17th Dervaig: First sighting we have had in 14 years of a Blackcap at Cuin, Dervaig. It is and has been enjoying the nuts since daylight. Ailsa Morgan
16th a male hen harrier hunting over moorland on the right, between grasspoint turn off and the mussel farm.
also a male sparrowhawk, on the " attack run " flying low and fast behind the Fishnish wildlife hide and hugging the coast, through the coniferous trees as it headed towards Galmory.....fantastic in the early morning sunshine today. Andy Paton.
9th Redwings on the field at Suidhe, Bunessan Tony Jefree
9th - Loch na Keal Four Slavonian Grebes while we were erecting the latest Mull Otter Group Information Board today. Ruth Fleming.  Magic Wildlife Walks
8th - Croggan 15 Long-tailed tits, 10 Redwings and six Fieldfares. Ruth Fleming
8th Ardrioch Farm Dervaig: a male Blackcap and Yellowhammer in the garden this morning. Arthur and Pam Brown. Discover Mull Tours
7th Tobermory, Glen Iosal: Michael Sheppherd reports seeing a Waterail from his kitchen window here.
5th Lochdon: Slavonian grebe, lochdon this morning, plus about 80 canada geese, 2 Mergansers, 1 snipe,
1 great Northern diver, Craignure golf course beach bay, a Female Blackcap on Monday 3rd November, Isle of Mull Hotel. Andy Paton.
4th: Golden Eagle high above Fishnish. Loch na Kaal on way to Ulva Ferry, 2 Slavonian grebes, 2 Great Northern Divers, 2 Goosanders, 6 Mergansers, 100 Greylags, 2 Redshank, 20 Teal,50 widgeon. behind MICH @ 14:30 hrs 1 female hen harrier hunting. Andy Paton
3rd Lochdon: a male Brambling in my garden at Lochdon. Alan (and again briefly on 4th)
3rd Garmony: 5 Brightly coloured and large male Nothern Bullfinch. Laura Percy
2nd Fishnish hide:1 Black throated diver off coast. a pod of 5 bottlenose dolphins. Andy Paton
1 Nov Craignure beach/Golf course: 6 Mergansers, 3 Golden Plovers, 40 or so ringed plovers
40 widgeon.  Andy Paton
31st October:Fishnish:1 Dog Otter @ 10:30 am swimming left to right in front of hide away round towards Galmory.

Latest reports for November 2013
28th Salen two Water Rail in a garden, managed a photo, also a Carrion Crow on the beach at GlenForsa. Debbie Thorne. 
27th Garmony: 1 female hen harrier hunting along the shoreline. Lochdon: 2 greenshank, 27 ringed plover, 23 bar-tailed godwit. Steve Chapman 
22th Salen: red-throated diver 1, greenshank 1, adult white-tailed sea eagle 1, wigeon 50+. Dervaig: snipe 10+, little grebe 6, goldeneye 1 male, siskin 20+, great spotted woodpecker 2, coal tit 2, sparrowhawk 1. Calgary: great northern diver 4, diver sp 2 (possible black-throat diver), slavonian grebe 2, ringed plover 4. Treshnish: juv white-tailed sea eagle 1, hen harrier 1 male, redwing 12, fieldfare 2, mistle thrush 1, stonechat 2, raven 3. 
23 Nov Pennyghael: ringed plover 8, slavonian grebe 1, turnstone 10, greenshank 3. Fidden: redwing 10+, white-fronted goose 20+, golden eagle 3 (2 ad + 1 juv), bar-tailed godwit 1. We also had a pod of c.20 bottlenose dolphins feeding in Ardalanish Bay - very exciting! 
24 Nov Loch na Keal: calm weather provided excellent viewing conditions. 20+ great northern divers  + 6 diver sp (possible black-throat diver), 20+ slavonian grebes, 30 + goldeneye. Knock:  siskin c.30, goldeneye 3, tawny owl 1. Juliet and Steve. 
25th Calgary, 2 Common Scoters off pier. prasad. Prasads Blog 
23rd  pair of goosander at Inverlussa.  Felicity Pollard 
22nd - Loch Ba The inland Great Northern Diver of last week is still present, along with three Goldeneye, 11 (six males) Wigeon and seven Teal; reduction in numbers of Lapwing Curlew and Snipe due to cold weather; single Grey Wagtail and a flock of 25 Lesser Redpoll feeding on birch catkins. 
Ruth Fleming.  Magic Wildlife Walks 
21st Lochbuie: 2 female hen harriers;6 great northern divers; 1 slavonian grebe; 15 redwing; 8 fieldfare; 2 sparrowhawk; 1 juv white-tailed sea eagle, i adult golden eagle, small flock of siskins, 7 long-tailed tits. 2 bullfinch, 1 goldcrest. Juliet and Steve 
20th Nov - whimbrel near the boats in Salen Bay also grey wagtail  near the seat at the corner. 
Felicity Pollard 
17th Mixed flock of redwing and fieldfare in meadow between Gruline and Killiechronan. Juliet 
17th - Loch Ba Ten Crossbills at Knock plantation; 20 Siskins with the odd Redpoll voice; single Grey Wagtail; six Long-tailed Tits in mixed tit and Treecreeper flock; 9 Wigeon (4, 5) on loch with three Goldeneye and single Great Northern Diver (this is our first 'inland' GND on Mull!); single late Meadow Pipit and one inland Rock Pipit at cattle trough near bridge over River Clachaig and solitary Redwing. 
Ruth Fleming  Magic Wildlife Walk 
14th November, 4 whooper swans flew into Loch Ba and landed in a strong wind. At Knock - 100+ mallard, 20 goldeneye and 6 teal, plus a white tail eagle overhead.  Juliet, Felicity and David. 
14th - Tobermory That Magpie sure seems to like it around here! Seen in the Glen Iosal gardens today. 
Ruth Fleming 
14th Calgary, 3 Common Scoters Caliach, 2 Gannets, prasad 
13th Calgary, 2 Common Scoters to east of Lainne Sgeir. Prasads Blog 
11th  Woodcock 1 seen dawn & dusk Tiroran Greenshank 1 Killiemore Loch Scridain Bar-tailed Godwit 5 Duart Bay Golden Eagle 2 pair of adults from A849 Glen More Hen Harrier 3 brown & 1 grey Loch Bea Kestrel  1 Loch Beag. Dave Pierce 
12th  Woodcock 1 Tiroran dawn, Grey Wagtail 1 Tiroran, Greenshank 1 Loch Bea  Golden Eagle  2 single adults by A849 Brolass, Hen Harrier 1 grey Ardalanish, Golden Plover  15  Pinkfeet  1 with Greylags Fidden, Greenland Whitefronts 24.  Dave Pierce 
13th  Woodcock 4 (four) Tiroran dawn, WTE 2 ,  WTE 1  Loch Spelve, WTE 2 adults from ferry Craignure. Dave Pierce 
12th - Aros Park Single Jay and a Woodcock at the 'Secret Garden' at the centre of the park; also six Long-tailed Tits.The local Magpie was in the Mull Magic garden again this morning. Ruth Fleming 
12th Caliach, 2 Gannets (latest records i have for N Mull)Calgary, 3 Purple Sandpipers at Lainne Sgeir (my first of the season)11th Craignure, 16 Golden Plovers, 1 Lapwing, 4 Turnstones, 1 Dipper at golfcourse (north end). Killiechronan, at least 2 Slavonian Grebes. 
10th - Tobermory The long-staying Magpie was attempting to punch above its weight with a Buzzard over the Mull Magic garden earlier.Ruth Fleming 
10th There was a flock of snow buntings on the beach on the north west of Iona yesterday. Colin 
9th Lochdon: three Greenshank on the loch at low tide this morning. Alan 
8th - Tobermory lushed our first Woodcock of the Autumn/Winter during our walk in the woods at Beadoun, near Aros Park. Ruth Fleming.  Magic Wildlife Walks 
1st Calgary, 1 Little Auk found dead in Calgary  Mishnish, 2 Goldeneye, Tony Gibson 
1st  Great northern Diver, winter plumage in Loch Scridain in the Brolass area; 21 white fronted geese at Fidden. David & Edwina Sharp. 


Latest reports for November 2012
26th Lochdon: a female Blackcap in a local garden today. John Preston
25th Today saw along the beach at Glen Forsa, teal, wigeon, red-breasted merganser, redshank, three reed bunting and pair of sea eagles sitting together on the rocks on the point. Juliet VInes
21st a Choughwas seen on the coast in the north of the island. This is an excellent report which requires further investigation. Alan 
19th Our best birds this week have been:- Saturday 10th - Salen 2 jays. Wednesday 14th - Quinish Point 1 merlin. Thursday 15th - Port Na Ba 1 juvenile gannet. Friday 16th - Tobermory (our garden on Breadalbane Street) 6 waxwing Richard & Liz Airey.
15th 4 Waxwing over Tobermory on the 15th and a Jay calling in Aros Park. Ewan Miles Ewans Blog
15th More waxwings- we were at Lochbuie at lunchtime today (around 12.45hrs), and there were approx. 37 waxwings in the vicinty of Lochbuie House, although quite flighty.  David Jordan
15th Loch Cuin : 4 snipe, 1 greenshank, 4 redshank, 2 widgeon & a little grebe. Juliet Vines & David Pollard
15th Lochdon: 3 Waxwings in the garden at 15.10hrs. Rosie & Rod Salzman, Alan Spellman


14th: 2 Stonechat at Scarisdale Point. Long-Tailed Tit at Calgary. 7 Ringed Plover at Croig. 4 Redshank and 1 Greenshank on Loch Cuin Dervaig. 1 Female Hen Harrier at Derviag. 1 Bar-Tailed Godwit Salen Bay. Ryan and Vickie Walsh
11th November, at around 13.00hrs we had a sighting of 65+ waxwings on telegraph wires just to the west of the pennyghael to carsaig road, (I counted 70 birds, and my girlfriend counted 67, later that afternoon, there was no sign of the flock). David Jordan
13th Ledaig Car Park: a Firecrest in ledaig car park, tobermory at 9am. (a first record for Mull)  Near benches facing western isles hotel, bird last seen heading towards trees above main street. Ashley Howe & Ewan Miles. Ewans Blog
13th Golden Eagle towards Loch Frisa, Sea Eagle take a rabbit North of Aros Castle. Male Hen Harrier at Aros Castle. Sea Eagle with yellow tag sat on shingle at the head of Loch Na Keal, Black Throated and Great Northern Divers on Loch Scridain. Merlin and Female Hen Harrier at Loch Beg.  Ryan & Vickie Walsh 
12th Gruline opposite the church.We had a flock of Waxwings yesterday eating the remander of the fruit on the Rowan trees,along with the Fieldfares and Redwings. Mark
13th "Having just spent the last hour in Salen surgery reading,the book of latest sightings.Ithought I better relay a sighting of a Red Kite on Friday 9th Nov. It flew over the trees infront of our house and then flew round the wood and garden it was quite close and I couldnt see any rings. We also had 5 Jays in the wood gathering acorns. I hope this helps and will report any other sightings. Mark
11th 4 Common Scoters and 2 Great Northern Divers in Calgary Bay. Greenshank and ring tailed Hen Harrier at Dervaig Arthur and Pam
10th Flock of Waxwings in station square Oban, Turnstones oby easplanade. Martin Mull Charters
8th - Loch Ba. Dippers, Aros estuary and Loch Ba; two Jays in flight over road, near Dunaros, Salen; 12 Waxwings, Loch Ba and two fem./imm. Common Scoters, Ruth Fleming
8th Arle and flying west, a Red Kite at 09.45 this morning. Richard Atkinson
7th Salen: 20 Waxwings in Salen this morning. Martin. Mull Charters
7th Two Jays at Knock, Riverside cottage this morning, possibly the same birds that Martin saw yesterday at Killiechronan.Les Garnett
6th Dervaig: at least 42 Waxwings in Dervaig at 14.00hrs today. Rod & Gill Little
6th Lochdon: 20-30 Waxwings flew over Lochdon towards Gorsten, not many berries here now, Fieldfares got them first. Alan
5th late am:10 Waxwings at Lillybank-Smiddy Cottage/Tigh Fraoich - Dervaig. R & G Little
5th - Dervaig: Flock of 14 Waxwings seen supping Hawthorn ale opposite the Bellachroy Inn this afternoon!
Ruth Fleming
5th a flock of approx 20 waxwings land in our rowan tree amongst flock of starlings. Debby Thorne
5th As well as the Waxwings we saw a Merlin and Sparrowhawk at Treshnish and a Bar-tailed Godwit at Killiechronan. Arthur, Pam Mike and Jacqui
5th Torloisk area. about 20-30 Waxwings with Fiedfare, moving slowly down towards Killiechronan at midday today. Arthur Brown,Discover Mull Tours
4th Treshnish, 1 and 2 Waxwings in the wood, Prasad. Prasads Blog
3rd  A Dipper at Lagganulva Bay and a Lapwing here as well. 2 Sparrowhawks male and female interacting over woods at West Ardhu. A Yellowhammer in the garden at Ardrioch again joining the now regular Treecreepers and Brambling. Arthur. 
3rd Female Long-tailed Duck by Calf Island heading south down the Sound of Mull yesterday afternoon. Ewan.  Ewans Blog
2nd November: About 1000 Fieldfare with some Redwing Loch Ba. 15 female/imm. Common Scoter with 275 Eider at Inner Loch Scridain Mussel farm.about 100 Barnacle Geese on Inch Kenneth
Dave Shackleton
2nd Lochdon large flocks of Fieldfare, fewer Redwing busy eating rowan berries. Alan
2nd 400 Fieldfares on Hill Road out of Dervaig near the waterfalls, 2 Bullfinches also there, at the Torloisk end a ring-tailed Hen Harrier hunting. Brambling, Treecreeper and Fieldfares in our garden at Ardrioch and the 6 Common Scoters still near Calgary Bay. 5 Goosander and a Goldeneye a Cormorant and Greenshank Loch cuin. Arthur
1st at Calgary Bay, by the old pier, 6 Common Scoter. Arthur Brown. 
1st a Red Kite at Salen reported by Debbie Thorne
1st the first Waxwing of the aurtumn at Treshnish, also a Brambling here. Prasad. Prasads Blog

Latest reports for November 2011 
12-00 Monday 27th - 13 Whoopers on Loch Cuin. Rod & Gill Little
27th Loch Scridain: a female long tailed duck on Scridain the other day just as you see the loch having come from Glen Seilesdair
a short weekend trip to Mull. Some sightings: Iceland Gull – 1W Killiechronan, 26/11; 1W Gribun 27/11 – possibly the same bird, Common Scoter – 9 Calgary Bay, Brambling – F, West Ardhu, Dervaig, Great Spotted Woodpecker - F, West Ardhu, Dervaig, Barnacle Goose – 9 Gribun, Greenland White-fronted Goose – 15 Fidden, Lapwing – 19 Fidden Tufted Duck – 6 Loch na Poit-I, Whooper Swan – 1 Loch an t-suide, Bunessan, Rock Pipit – 35 Uisken  Greenshank – 3 Lochdon , Canada Goose – 12 Scallaste  David Jardine
26th Dervaig: a female Brambling in the garden this morning. Arthur Brown
25th pair of Gadwall at Cailiach this morning. Arthur and Pam
25th the 9 scoters are still at Calgary today. I will let you know if they disappear rather than when they are present, Prasads Blog
23rd: 1 Purple Sandpiperat Lainne Sgeir, Calgary and at least 8 (probably 9) Common Scoters near Calgary pier,  Prasads Blog
22nd Lainne Sgeir, Calgary, 3 Purple Sandpipers (no sign of the Common Scoters), Prasad
21st Killiechronan: an Icelend Gull. lots of Common Gulls, a few Black-headed , 2 Bar-tailed Godwits and 31 Ringed Plover. On the drive from Salen  a flock of 6 Bullfinches and a lone Whooper with Greylags.  Angela Plumb
20th approx 70 Teal with 6 Widgeon by Scarisdale Rocks on Loch na Keal. Mixed flock of Widgeon, Teal and Golden Eye by Knock out-falls. Juliet Vines
20th Had a Jay in the woods at Killiechronan today at about 4pm. David Woodhouse
20th Lainne Sgeir, Calgary, 9 Common Scoters. Anand Prasad 
20th  Caliach Point: 10 Whooper Swan resting  in fields. Pam & Arthur Brown
18th 40 Goldeneye on Loch na Keel, Knock out-falls. I rather lost looking Lapwing in field with Greylags Killiechronan. Juliet Vines
18th Loch Pottie 3 Juvenile Common Scoter, also 1 pair Teal, 6 female Goldeneye, 6 (1 male) Tufted Duck – Mike Wagemakers
18th Dervaig: One male Blackcap on peanuts in garden at Tigh Fraoich this morning!. Rod & Gill Little
15th at Glenforsa: White-tailed eagle, fem hen harrier, 5 buzzards - 1 being mobbed by 2 kestrels, flock 30  oystercatchers, 20 ringed plover, 10  turnstones, 20 wigeon, 4 teal, 1 canada goose amongst large flock of grey lags, 4 red breasted merganser, pr goosander, great northern diver. Debby Thorne
15th Calgary: 6 Common Scoter in bay. Pam & Arthur Brown
14th Ulva: A Jay flying into Pine trees near Ulva Church, Ulva this morning. Jamie Howard.
13th Loch Buie: I saw a Brambling and Great Northern Diver. Juliet Vines.
11th Laganulva: Greenshank, 50+ Fieldfare 30+ Redwing in mixed flocks, Killiechronan, 70+ Fieldfare. Charlie & Pam Liggett
11th Loch Frisa: 2 Woodcock this evening at Loch Frisa – first time I’ve seen them there. Debby Thorne
11th Calgary pier, 5 Common Scoters. 9th Calgary bay, 2 Gannets. 8th Croig, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit  Prasad 
10th Salen: Brambling and a blackcap in the garden today. Debbie Thorne
9th a Little Egret was recorded and photographed at Loch Beg, Pennyghael. only the secons Mull record. Andy Howard 
8th Gribun: a Wheatear, David Sexton RSPB Officer
8th Treshnish, 5 Greenland White-fronted Geese flying over. Prasad. 


Little Egret at Pennyghael on 9th November, (only the second Mull record)  Andy Howard

7th Nov Fidden 4 Twite, 1 Swallow. Bryan Rains wild about mull 4th Nov Pottie 2 Sparrowhawk, 10 Long-tailed Tit, 1 Chiffchaff.
7th 7 Little Grebe in Ulva Sound this morning.Martin Mull Charters
6th Knock out-falls, 1 1st winter Iceland Gull and c100 Black-headed Gulls. Knock bridge, 1 Dipper. Killiechronan, 5 Slavonian Grebes. Laggan, c200 Fieldfares. Prasad. Prasads Blog
7th Dervaig: The first Brambling (male) of the year for Tigh Fraoich (Dervaig) this morning (7th), feeding at a bird table with Chaffinches (now arriving with a vengeance!). Rod & Gill Little
5th Salen pier: Common Tern fishing off pier (was also here yesterday fishing in bay. 2 redwing feeding on lawn. sparrowhawk flew through Rhuba nam Buth: 30 golden plover roosting at high tide.15 wigeon. 6 teal. 2 redshank. f hen harrier quartering over fields
River Forsa outlet: 3 Goosander just offshore (easily id'd as there were 3 mergansers near them).40 oystercatcher on beach
Glen Forsa: 6 crossbills feeding top of tall pines where main road crosses river. 2 goldcrests in woods
Sound of Mull: 5 rt divers winter plumage. 4 gt northern divers still summer plumage. 2 black guillemots winter plumage.  wt sea eagle flew onto Eileanan Glasa. Steve Chapman and Juliet Vines
5th Caliach: 24 Whoopers flying from north and landing at sea (Anand Prasad & Mike Shepherd), Prasad
4th: Treshnish, 23 Greenland White-fronted Geese flying south. Lainne Sgeir, Calgary, 1 Purple Sandpiper. Ensay c200 mixed Fieldfare/Redwings. Prasad
4th Salen:15 wigeon Loch na Keel:5 goldeneye off fish farm, Knock 1 male, rest f/juv 1 red-throated diver off fish farm
2 rt divers flew in from sea.Sparrowhawk in field behind fish farm. Glen Aros forest walk:12 siskin in 1 flock near car park
5 crossbill in 1 flock flew over. 2 goldcrest. 10 coal tits. 1 male Hen Harrier over hillside. 1 sparrowhawk. Steve Chapman and Juliet Vines
3rd Salen:15 wigeon. Loch na Keel: 5 goldeneye off fish farm, Knock 1 male, rest f/juv,1 red-throated diver off fish farm, 2 rt divers flew in from sea, Sparrowhawk in field behind fish farm. Steve Chapman and Juliet Vines
3rd Glen Aros forest walk: 12 siskin in 1 flock near car park, 5 crossbill in 1 flock flew over, 2 goldcrest, 10 coal tits, 1 male Hen Harrier over hillside, 1 sparrowhawk. Steve Chapman and Juliet Vines
2nd 1 pink foot amongst the large flock of grey lags at Killiechronan plus a single whooper amongst them too.  In the same field, redwings and fieldfares.  Walking along the track to the Burgh, 2 goldcrests in a Scots Pine. Debby Thorne
1st still 1 whooper swan near Killichronan and dippers seem to be a regular daily feature.  150 Barnacle Geese on Inch Kenneth . Also three female hen harriers around Ardvergnish and a  male in Glen More. Peter Hall. wildlife tours
1st Killiechronan, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit and 1 Whooper Swan. Knock outfalls, 40+ Black-headed Gulls. Lagganulva, 2 Rooks, 1 Gannet and 1 Hen Harrier hunting over the water. Craignure, c80 Canada Geese, 4 Turnstones, c50 Redwings. Reudle Schoolhouse, 8 Fieldfares. Prasad. Prasads Blog


Latest reports for  November 2010 
30th Salen: a small flock of 8 whooper swans in The Sound of Mull just behind the house slowly drifting in the direction of Salen Bay. Debby Thorne
27th Bunessan: A Brambling in the garden with Chaffinches Bob Lawson
20th-26th Calliach: there was a pair of Gadwall at Caliach today. Prasad/Arthur & Pam Brown/ Alan
23rd Loch Pottie: male Long-tailed duck - back again on Loch Pottie – Carol Marshall
23rd Lochdon: male Blackcap in my garden for most of the day. Alan
22nd Dervaig: female Blackcap in the garden this afternoon (feeding on apple still on tree). Rod & Gill Little
20th Fidden:  a record of Northern Wheatear  found at Fidden, at the picnic site on the right just before the farm.  Also a single pale-bellied Brent Goose near here the same day.  Richard and Mary Braithwaite 
20th Calliach: a Jack Snipe flushed with 8 Common Snipe, also Pink foor with Greylags. Bird Club trip
20th Calliach: a pair of Gadwall in the bay here. Arthur & Pam Brown/ Alan
19th-20th Calgary:  2 Purple Sandpipers & 2 Turnstones at Lainne Sgeir, & 9+ Long-tailed Tits at Treshnish wood. Prasad
18th Calgary: 1 Purple Sandpiper and 2 Turnstones on Lainne, Sgeir, Calgary and 3 Wigeon opposite the 'pink' pier Calgary. We have had a pair of first winter Whooper Swans at Treshnish lochan since the 6th. Prasad 
17th Croig: a male Blackcap in my garden for several days now. Belinda Hale
16th Quinnish: a Jay here today Mike Shepherd
15th Lochdon: Craignure to Lochdon we saw a Jay fly over the road ahead.  Andrew & Diana Oldacre
We have confirmed breeding Jays on Mull, adults with young seen this year in the north of the island. Alan
15th Lochdon: A female Blackcap in the garden this morning. Rosie Salzman
14th Lochdon:  in front of the Post Office. I was watching some Wigeon and Curlew through my binoculars when one of the Curlew suddenly shrieked and a Peregrine Falcon flew in and narrowly missed it!. Andrew Oldacre
9th Craignure : a Grey Phalarope  at Craignure. I am interested if anyone else saw this bird?   Dr Robert Irvine 
8th Salen: Sorry bit late abut I heard a single waxwing call over Salen garden 8 Nov. Didn’t see it. David Sexton
10th Salen: a Water rail in the garden this morning - heard 2 last night. yellowhammer in the garden. Debby 
9th Aros estuary: a pair of Gooseander here, Killiechronan 70+ Redwings feeding in fields.
5th: just had spectacular flock of 43 whoopers flying SSW above Seil Sound...totally amazing !!!!!!! - I have never seen a flock of that size before. John Warlow. Loch na Keal 15 Whoopers and Lochdon a family of 5 flew over this morning. Alan
4th Loch Beg:  4 Whooper Swan, 1 Goosander, 1 Merlin. Fidden 1 Hen Harrier, 35 Greenland White-fronted Goose, 80 Whooper Swan, 12 Lapwing. Bryan Rains 
4th Calgary Bay: 2 Common Scoters still here in Calgary bay, Prasad
4th Salen: 23 Whooper swans just flown over Salen heading toward Loch Na Keal Martin Keivers 
4th Lochdon: Waxwing along the Gorsten road outside my house. Rosie Salzman/Alan Spellman
26th October Pier road Salen: 3 Northern Long Tailed Tits (ssp, caudatus). Their heads were completely white. We followed them further down the road and got amazing views from just 3-4 feet away! Gorgeous birds. Gavin Hatt & William Clennell. a  description  has been submitted - unfortunately no photograph was obtained. Alan Spellman
3rd Loch Beg 1 Northern Wheatear, 1 Red-throated Diver. Bryan Rains. 
2nd  Ardfenaig 6 Greenland White-fronted Goose including two juveniles.
1st Just before the rain started at Loch na Keal 1 Peregrine, 3 Golden Eagle, 4 White-tailed Eagle, 1 Great Northern Diver, 2
Slavonian Grebe and a flock of 30 Common Teal. Bryan Rains 
2nd Calgary Bay: 2 Common Scoters in Calgary Bay, They have been here since the 24th and present on all 5 visits since then. This could be the same pair which were present (at least) from the 2nd to 20th of November last year. 
2nd Killpatrick: 2 Waxwings in Bill Ackroyds garden,  a number of Greylag Geese in the field opposite and with them one White-front. Bill Ackroyd Andrew Oldacre


Waxwings at Killpatrick by Andy Oldacre
1st Loch Frisa: Flock of about 20 waxwings at Loch Frisa yesterday and a siskin on the feeder. Debby 
1st iona: I have a report of a Snow Buntingon the bay at the back of the ocean on Iona from visitors Philip & Diana Lawson
1st Dervaig: a Brambling in Arthur Browns garden today
1st   Group of 5 Waxwings observed feeding on Hawthorn Berries and Later in the day another  plus 8 in Glen Seilisdeir.Birds full crops after feeding frenzy.
31st October 23 Waxwings observed in the Loch Scridain area of the island, plus 9 Waxwings observed taking berries from a Barrel grown Cherry. Stripped it completely of berries in a few minutes  Glen Seilisdier. Michael Leigh-Mallory


Latest reports for November 2009
30th female Merlin at Loch Beg also 5 Goosander, Loch na Keal Great northern and Red throated diver, juv Black Guillemot, Red breasted Mergansers 20+, and Slavonian Grebe. 2 male Hen Harriers today.  Pam-Arthur Felicity and Alan
29th Ardnacross: Barn Owl  perched on roadside fence-post at approx. 19.00 hrs. Ruth Fleming, Robbie Fleming and Stuart Gibson
28th Sound of Mull: four Great northern Diver west of Fishnish Ruth Flemming et al 
29th Quinnish 1 Black throated diver, 5 Great nothern Diver and a Jay in Quinnish woods. Pam & Athur Brown
Late reports: 
23rd Oct; female Siberian Stonechat at Ardvergnish  and on 5th Nov a Siberian Chiffchaff at Macdougalls Garage at Pottie  Reports have been sent to ABRC.    Bryan Rains 
18th  OBAN: Immature Swallow flying South over Station Square, Oban was a rather incongruous sight given that local mountain tops were clothed in the first real snow of Winter.   Stuart Gibson
19th Nov :  a single Little Auk between Mull and Coll.John Bowler
19th Glenforsa beach :  40 Greylags, 2 Pinkfoot amogst them, 12 Curlew, 20 Turnstones , 2 Rock Pipits. Buzzard, 3 R B Mrgs, Great northern Diver, 12 Wigeon, 30 Oystercatcher. Debbie Thorne
18th Aros: three Goosander, (2male & 1female) plus Whimbrel, Wigeon and Teal. Alan
16th Garmony: Single Great Northern Diver in Sound of Mull; Woodcock flushed from roadside ditch; 2 Crossbills calling over Sitka Spruce plantation; Two parties of Long-tailed Tits, totalling 14 birds, plus 3 Bullfinches seen along shore path to Fishnish; also drake Goosander at Aros Estuary.  Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
15th:  A Red Grouse on the walk from Loch Tor to Loch Frisa on the Dervaig side on the 14th, 3 more Red Grouse on the same side but nearer Loch Frisa today the 15th. Woodcock in the wood above Loch Frisa today seen doing more BTO tetrad squares. Arthur Brown
15th Lochdon: Our Greater Spotted Woodpecker back again this morning Alan
12th Lochdon: Greater Spotted Woodpecker at my bird feeder this morning. Alan 
11th Lock na Keal: Black throated Diver, Great northern Divers and Slavonian Grebe, R B Mergansers, Goldeneye. Alan 
9th Lochdon: a wintering male Blackcap in my garden this morning Alan
9th Loch Frisa:  a pair of whoopers on the Loch (Ledmore end) and female hen harrier 
Dozen wigeon, male and female at Glenforsa  Debby Thorne.
9th: 2 Common Scoters in usual place off 'pink' pier and 1 Purple Sandpiper in late afternoon on Calgary beach, Anand Prasad
8th a great day out on Mull today, seeing 65 species of birds and here are the highlights:
5 Goosander at Aros Bay, 4 Slavonian Grebes showing well by Scarisdale rocks, 6 Greenshank at Dervaig along with 3 Snipe, 8 Greenshank seen during the day, 20+ Greenland White-fronted Geese at Fidden, 3 Reed Bunting south of the Eagle caravan going towards Loch Spelve, a fantastic total of 30 Great-northern Divers all over the island and also 20 Common Buzzards were seen during the day.  Arthur & Pam Brown  Discover Mull
7th Killiechronan: There were 3 bar tailed godwits at Killiecronan today.  Cynthia Grindley
7th from the  Dervaig end of the Loch Frisa to  a quarter of the way along the Loch: The highlights were 3 Reed Buntings, 4 Crossbills, a single Dipper and a flock of over 30 Goldfinches, 12 wrens, 3 Goldcrests 8 Dunnocks, 10 Robins and 3 Cormorants with 22 birds seen in total  Arthur and Pam Brown 
6th Salen: we heard the distinct call of Water Rail in the swamp at the botton of our garden this morning. Richard & Debby Thorne
5th 5 Whooper Swans flew Over Calgary Bay this morning, 2 Great Northern Divers and a Black Throat there this afternoon along with the 2 Common Scoters still there. At Dervaig this morning were 8 Teal, 2 Greenshank, 4 Little Grebe and 2 Goldeneye a female and drake. Arthur & Pam Brown
4th on 1st winter Tetrad from Glenghorm Castle to Mingary 2 Great Northern Divers, a single Snipe and 2 White-tailed Eagles. we saw over 30 species in the square.   Arthur & Pam Brown
5th: those two Common Scoters still in Calgary bay today (5th) opposite 'pink' pier,  Anand Prasad
4th Loch na Meal (2 miles south of Tobermory, just left off the main road)   3 Crossbills.  Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
4th at Calgary bay:  near the 'pink' pier: 2 Common Scoters, 1 Great Northern Diver and 1 Red-throated Diver.  Anand Prasad
4th  In the last few days up to 25 White-fronted Geese at Fidden, quite a few Snipe and a Woodcock out on the moorland.  Today, after the bad weather, variety of birds around the house including 3 Yellowhammer and a single female Brambling (white rump, black-tipped yellow bill) amongst Chaffinches – Mike Wagemakers & Carol Marshall
2nd Calgary:   2 Common Scoters to west of the 'pink' pier Calgary bay. Also 24 Whooper swans flying west over the cliffs above Lainne Sgeir, Calgary bay and a Greenshank at Lainne Sgeir, Calgary bay. Anand Prasad 
2nd Nov Fidden;  25 Greenland White-fronted Goose, 1 ad fem Peregrine, 1 male Hen Harrier. Bunessan 1 male Hen Harrier being mobbed by a Sparrowhawk. Killunaig 1 juv Peregrine. Loch Beg 9 Whooper Swan. Loch Scridain a group of 6 GN Diver close to shore and a good number more further out!.      Bryan Rains. (enjoy a winter tour with Bryan) 
1st Aros Park: 200 Fieldfares and flock of 30+ Siskins,  Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson 
29th & 31st October  -  upper Tobermory: 50 Fieldfares   Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
29th. We watched a Merlin scatter a flock of 20+ goldfinches near Ardmore Point. It flew in fast and low to the ground, making an unsuccessful strike before disappearing behind trees. It was very small and agile. Also 2 Woodcock spotted on the Grasspoint Road Carolyn Whenman
28th loch na keal campsite:  Adult & juvenile Sea eagle in conifers above loch,  single Whimbrel  on shore line, single Barnacle in with group of Greylags  also single Magpie in bushes near ulva ferry     Albert Halfpenny 


Latest reports for November 2008
24th Killiechronan: 4 Sea Eagles (2 pairs)  on the sand bank by the camp site this morning. Alan
23rd Lochdon: Two Waxwings in the garden this morning, so they are still about. Andy Oldacre
22nd Loch na Keal/Knock end: 36 Goldeneye, 24 Teal and a Peregrine at Knock today. The Iceland Gull is very illusive, I have only seen it a couple of times in the last six weeks. Colin Moody
15th Killiechronan: A sightings report by Mary Heathcote, a regular visitor to the island. Loch na Keal, near the boat house.There were a flock of around 40 shag flying inland very close to the shore, she was driving along side in her car about the same speed as them when suddenly it was like an explosion as a White-tail Eagle came out of the sky above them and took a shag in flight, the eagle carried on and landed just out of sight on the shore. Mary was unable to stop as she had a ferry to catch. Regards Pam Brown
17th lochdon: 5 Goldeneye (3m/2f), pair Little Grebe, Widgeon and Teal, Mallards, RB Mergansers. Alan
12th Loch Cuin by Dervaig; 1  Female Tufted Duck on Loch Cuin today.Pam & Arthur Brown
12th Loch Pottie: There are still 2 Pintail on Loch Pottie, 1 Gadwall at Bunessan and also had a female Common Scoter on Loch Scridain.  Bryan Rains
12th Lochdon 6 Waxwings along the Gorsten road this morning. Alan
10th An amazing report from local shepherd Iain Thomson of 15 short eared owls on Eorsa. He was checking his sheep out there when they all erupted from the bracken/heather. Clearly a previously unknown winter roost - and an important one. Dave Sexton 
9th Loch Beg: There is a Swallow flying around outside the shop this morning. Bryan Rains 
On a visit to Oban on Thursday 6th Nov I saw approximately 40 waxwings feeding voraciously on rowan berries on the roundabout in the centre of the town.   There must be a huge influx of them this year judging from the numbers we are picking up locally. Cheers - Shaun McCullagh
6th Dervaig:  Flock of 10+ waxwings in cottage garden at head of Loch Cuin nr Dervaig. Malcolm Morrison 
6th Salen : Dave Sexton reports 28 waxwings over his  garden today.Dave Sexton
4th Loch Torr: 3 Whoopers on Loch   - All adult. I presume the same 3 that I saw several days ago. Shaun
Craignure Golf Course: Shiela Weir was playing Golf yesterday and struck a beautiful ball, only to watch a Raven drop down, pick up the ball and fly off.
4th John Claire had the red kite at Carsaig.   Salen a single waxwing over my garden. David Sexton
4th Lochdon 6 Greenshank above the bridge, plus 4 Redshank and Ringed Plover. Alan
3rd 3 Whoopers (2adult & 1 juvenile) on the Fish Pond on the footpath from Killiechronan to Salen together with 3 Wigeon.  This pond has been dry for about 2 years, but is now full of water again. Shaun MccCullagh
3rd Fionnphort  Single Waxwing, feeding in garden on fallen apples  - Mike Wagemakers
3rd Lochdon I my first ever Jackdaw on my bird feeder today,  Alan
3rd Dervaig by the Church, a flock of 20 Waxwings here this morning. Rod Little
3rd Loch na Keal: 12 Slavonian Grebe, 2 Goosander, 6 Great northern Diver, 1 Black throated Diver and lots of Red breasted Merganser. Alan
2nd Michael & I saw 6 waxwings today on the road to Tavool. We also have regular visits from a barn owl around the house which is good to see.  Michael & Lynda Hadow
2nd 15 waxwings this afternoon in the forest at the end of Kilmore Terrace, Dervaig - could have been part of a larger flock.  One's & Two's kept peeling off and flying towards the village.  Shaun McCullagh
1st Carsaig: Two Peregrine mobbing a Golden Eagle near Nun's Cave today. Colin Moody
1st Lochdon: 5 Goldeneye in loch (2 male/3 female) Alan
1st Craignure:  12 Waxwings (this morning at 7.30) down on the campsite at Craignure. They were feeding with the Fieldfares,  before flying  towards the village and  towards Duart.  Andy & Hazel Kirkham.
1st  Loch Pottie Flock of 24 Tufted Duck, 3 Wigeon, 3 Goldeneye (1M, 2F), 1 Little Grebe and 2 Long-tailed Duck.  Peregrine in hills to the west   Mike Wagemakers
31st Glen More: Red kite in Glen More today and on the Ross earlier this week Ronnie Campbell. Steve Bell said no wing tags, soaring over end of glen nr Pennyghael. also seen by Carolyn Whenman


Latest Reports for November 2007
Ad. RING-BILLED GULL at roost, OBAN foreshore on evening of 28th November Stuart Gibson
28th Knock Fish Farm: More than 90 Turnstones at Knock this morning. Colin Moody
24th Bunesan: a sikngle very late Swallow. Fidden: 33 White Fronts, 115 Barnies and 28 Greylags.
Isle of Mull Bird Club Field Visit
22nd :A few sightings from last night.... Garmony 1 Barn Owl, 1 Tawny Owl. Lochdon 2 Barn Owl, 
3 Woodcock. Glen More 2 Barn Owl, 10 Woodcock.  Bryan Rains
22nd Knock: Iceland Gull still arund the fish farm. Alan Spellman
22nd Bowmans field (opposite Craignure golf course). 14 Canada geese with 70 Greylags. Alan Spelllman
20th Kinloch: Male Goosander, 200+ Barnacle Geese Inch Kenneth - Mike Wagemakers
20th Fidden Approx 40 White Fronts, 1 Juvenile Whooper Swan, 69 Barnacle Geese (some flew and so possible went to Inch Kenneth), 30+ Ringed Plover, 20+ Golden Plover, 5 Twite;  Long-tailed Duck still on Pottie - Carol Marshall
20th Knock area:    Iceland Gull still at the Knock Fish Hatchery outlet.  Also saw in that general area a raft of about 50 Goldeneye.  At least 8 Slavonian Grebe between the boathouse and the hatchery, 2 Great Northern Divers and several Mergansers and about 50 turnstone at the outfall.  Just before we left for home we had chat to a visitor who had been up Ben More today, he said he had seen a sizeable flock of Snow Bunting on the ridge just below the Ben More summit, Shaun Mccullagh
18th Calgary:     Barn Owl flying across the road at Calgary at about 7.30pm Shaun Mccullagh
15th Knock:  Iceland Gull at Knock today.  Colin Moody
also a juvenile Whooper was found dead after coming into contact with a power cable at Knock
11th Killiechronan: Two swallows at Killiechronan still there on Sunday 11 Nov. Also a report of a swallow a week ago on the Ross (Uisken - R Campbell). David Sexton Mull Officer RSPB Scotland
14th Killiechronan: a single Pink Foot and Brent goos with Greylags in fields nearby. Arthur Brown
Thanks to Dave Shackleton for records too numerous to mention here.Dave Shackleton
11th OBAN: The Ring billed Gull is still present at the forseshore in Oban . Stuart Gibson
11th Fidden: 80+ Barbacle geese, 60+ White fronts and 60+ Greylags. Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, 3female Hen Harriers, Great Northern Diver. lots of Redwings. Alan Spellman, Andy Oldacre and John Preston.
10th Lochdon:  I saw 20 or so Long tailed Tits yesterday. Passing through the garden. .Jenny Smith
1 Nov-White Female Fallow Deer with this years young and a male follower
Fri 2 Nov-female Hen Harrier at Grasspoint         Steve Bell
6th .Fidden : 50 Barnacle Geese, 39 Greenland White-fronted Goose, 1 juv Whooper Swan, 4 Skylark. Bryan Rains
2nd Dervaig:  Large parties of Whooper Swans flying over the house and landing on Loch Cuin after dark - no idea how many
3rd Loch Cuin:  18 Whoopers flying high over Loch Cuin, did not land
4/11  Dipper in fast running burn close to south side of Loch Cuin near Oyster farm.  Haven't seen one around Dervaig before.    Shaun Mccullagh
6th Killiechronan: 2 swallows  and one brent goose with the greylags. David Sexton
3rd Nov :I took a guy out on a tour (Wild about Mull Tours) and we managed to get 74 species through the day - not a bad effort for this time of year. The highlights were as follows...
Loch Spelve - 1 Golden Eagle.
Grasspoint - 5 Greenshank, 2 Hen Harrier, 1 RT Diver, 1 Merlin.
Loch an Ellen (3 Lochs) 2 Whooper Swan.
Loch Scridain - 6 GN Diver, 2 RT Diver, 2 BT Diver, 2 Black Guillemot.
Bunessan - 1 Gadwall Ardness - 120 Redwing with about 5 Fieldfare. Lots of Fieldfare and Redwing all over but this was the largest single flock.
Loch Pottie - 33 Greenland  WF Goose.
Fidden - 1 juv Whooper Swan (darvic ring - awaiting details), 1 Pink-footed Goose, 3 Goldeneye, 1 Pied Wagtail (only one we saw on the day). 7 Otters were seen through the day too.     Bryan Rains
3rd - Long-tailed duck still on Pottie, southern end, 2 Female Hen Harrier hunting together just east of Fionnphort - Mike Wagemakers & Carol Marshall
Long-tailed suggests a Juvenile Female, not 'clean' markings on the head, uniform grey bill, no pink, and so different bird to one seen two years ago although occupying same fishing area, channel to west of island.)
3rd - Fidden, amongst all the usual 2 Sanderling, 1 Barnacle Goose and good view of Otter at Erraid Log Pile landing - Carol Marshall
2nd Loch Harrison (by Loch Assapol) a male Pochard  These are uncommon on Mull. Ron Cook
1st November - Loch Pottie - Long-tailed Duck still present , Grouse, presumed Red although showing some white underneath,white (not pure white) underneath but presumed to be a Red Grouse, no call to help identity. Also 2 Wigeon, Pair Tufted Duck, 3 Female Goldeneye- Mike Wagemakers
28th Oct-Sea Eagle White Tag ' E'  Grasspoint mobbed by a number of Hoodies
29th Oct-Sea Eagle in flight above Aros we were in the car unable to identify any tags. 
30th  Oct- Merlin at Ardmore.
31st Oct: possible  Goshawk at Croggan  Seen above and through trees on Croggan side of inlet not sure but brief glimpse showed silhouette with strong similarity to Cuckoo but larger also well fingered wings.


Latest reports for November 2006
30th: a late but very interesting report received of Nightjar heard at Arle in July of 2005. Robert Swift (Peebles)
There have been three  reports of Nightjar this year, at Balmeanach, Scoor and Quinnish areas. Alan
28th Glen Forsa: three Blackcaps have been visiting a local garden (2m &1f), also Bullfinches. Shaun & Sandra
26th A Goshawk around Loch Ba this morning and 6 Whooper Swans 4 adults 2 juveniles on loch Scridain this afternoon also a single adult Whooper Swan on Mishnish at dusk.   Arthur Brown
24th Loch na Keal: 5 Great northern Divers, Slavonian Grebe, Mergansers. Alan & Arthur.
22nd Ensay: A male Hen Harrier hunting the Treshnish side of the road. 4 Greenshank at Dervaig with 2 at Croig. A Brown
22nd Fishnish Bay. a Little Auk was brought in by Jimmy the vets cat, it was released into the sea. Alan
21st OBAN: 3rd W./Adult Ring billed Gull at George Street foreshore (opp. WH Smith), Wonderful views, down to 5 metres   This is becoming a terrific habit, so long may it continue, Stuart Gibson
19th Ardrioch Farm Dervaig:1 Brambling in my garden this morning.  Pam Brown
18th:  Peregrine  at the Lismore lighthouse  flew tried to snatch an isolated Guillemot.  The auk saw it coming at the last minute and dived in the nick of time, securing it's survival on this occasion. Stuart Gibson
14th Mishnish lochs: A family of Whooper Swans on the middle loch. 
13th Aros Park: a Kingfisher flew down the loch from the reed bed end. Duncan Hall
16th Salen Bay: 6 Whoopers spent soom time in the bay before flying off again.
8th Fidden beach:   Purple Sandpiper with Ringed Plover and Turnstone, Fidden Beach    Carol Marshall
9th Loch Pottie:   7 Whooper Swans Loch Pottie Mid Morning, gone by lunchtime Mike Wagemakers
9th Bunessan Bay: male Gadwall (could it be last years?) and Brent Goose Bunessan Bay  Carol Marshall,Mike Wagemakers
9th Loch na Keal: 3 Whoopers flew up the loch, also circa 200 Greylags by campsite, single Bar tailed Godwit. Alan
6th R Ba/Knock bridge. Kingfisher seen again today flying down river towards Killiechronan. Alan
6th Killiechronan fileds 300 Greylags feeding in the fields. Alan
2nd Mishnish Lochs : One solitary Whooper and a pair of Goosander on Mishnish Lochs. Shaun Mcccullagh
2nd Killiechronan. 2 drake Goosander, 7 Goldeneye on Loch na Keal. a pair of WTSE are now regularly seen from the camp site on the sand bars, also R B Merganser, and keep an eye out for Kingfisher. Alan Spellman
1st Glen Forsa : in fields by MacGillivery's farm 8 Whimbrel.   Alan
1st Tenga. a very large flock of Redwings.  Shiela Barnard 

29th October Rock Ptarmigan on on Corra-bheinn.  Colin Moody
 21st -28th  October 
Great Northern Diver    1 off Fishnish (still summer plumage), 26/10/06
Whooper Swan                 1 Mishnish Lochs, 27th and 3 Calgary Bay, 27th
Greylag Goose                 50 on beach at Langamull, 22nd
Pink-footed Goose        5 on Iona, 24th
Barnacle Goose               1 on Iona, 24th
Greenshank                     7 at head of Loch a' Chumhainn, 22nd
Rock Pipit                      15 at Port na Ba, 22nd
Wheatear                      1 on rocks at Langamull, 22nd
Jay                                1 across road just S of Aros, 28th
Twite                           40 on Iona, 24th                 Dr Barry Prater and Ms Barbara Rodgers


Summary for October to November 2005
Early October and at Calliach a single Common Whitethroat was still about plus 46 Twite. Scarce and not often reported were a  pair of Reed Buntings at Pennygown on 6th. At Dun da ghaoithe (masts hill at Craignure) there was a late Wheatear and a Peregrine (16th).
Oban Harbour still had its Ring billed Gull which remained (on & off) until the end of November plus a peak of 33 Ruddy Turnstone in this, a favourite place. 16th Oct Loch Scridain another late departing single Wheatear. Throughout the months Loch Beg held good numbers of Golden Plover, Ringed Plover, Redshank & Greenshank and a flock of 30+ Black headed Gulls. Also a  high count of 47 Black Headed Gulls at Garmony.
By 7th, flocks of winter Thrushes were scattered across the island, feeding on rowan berries. Large flocks of Redwing up to 600 at Lochdon & Loch Buie. At  Killiechronan. were flocks of Redwings flying in from the west, of several hundred birds at a time. 18th at Lochdon  an influx of Blackbirds (80+ birds) with Redwing and Fieldfare were moving through the island.
Family groups of Whooper Swans were reported at Garmony, Lochdon, Mishnish, Fidden, Loch Cuin and Loch Pottie, between 16th  Oct- 26th Nov, with a peak of 34 birds at Loch Cuin on 26th Nov.
9th Oct, and  most sea lochs held Great Northern Diver; at Calgary a summer plumaged bird plus 2 Red Throated Divers in winter plumage & on Loch na Keal (16th) a pair of Black throated Diver and a peak count of 20 Great northern Diver. Also a  count of 16 wintering Slavonian   Grebe, plus 2 Little Grebe.
Migrating Geese were on the move, flying over Mull from early Oct to mid Nov with 250 Greylags, also 300 Barnacles on Inch Kenneth and a few more at Fidden, also here were 30+ White Fronted Geese. A single Pink footed Goose was with Greylags at Killiecronan.
Teal and Wigeon numbers increased on Lochdon as birds arrived for the winter. At least 40 Red breasted Mergansers were counted around the north coastal area. On 9th on the river Aros were 2 female Goosander and others were seen at regular sites, being the Aros estuary, Lochdon and Loch Scridain.  25th Nov, Loch Pottie. Held an Immature Long tailed Duck, also Goldeneye and Tufted Duck. 1st Nov on Loch Spelve, a juvenile Common Scoter was seen by Richard Atkinson & his tour group.
Dippers have been reported from Dervaig, Glen Bellart, Lochdon & Inverlussa, a good sign of healthy rivers.
The cold weather from mid Oct brought down a few Bramblings (singles and pairs) into local gardens at Salen, Lochdon, Fionnphort & Dervaig, all had moved on by mid Nov.
Oct & Nov produced a few ‘more unusual birds’ for Mull being a Moorhen on Aros Park loch on 23rd Nov and is only the 3rd record for Mull. A Jay flew across the road at Torosay on 13th Nov and Carrion Crow at Fionnphort (29thOct) Susan & Duncan Hall spied a Waterail in their garden and a walk round Aros Park Loch rewarded them with a Kingfisher.
Only a very few Waxwing reports at Craignure, a single bird 0n 7th Nov and Killiechronan 2 birds in the garden of Jan Fuller. A single Snow Bunting at Fidden on 5th Nov
A Hawfinch (a Winter female) was in an OBAN garden, feeding on lard encrusted with Niger seeds,
between 29th - 31st Oct, a rare treat for the householder.
On 10th Nov,  Ross of Mull. Mike Wagemakers found a Leaches Storm Petrel in his garden (dead).and another at Lochdon, both had not made it through the storms of that week.
Raptors showed well throughout Oct & Nov with a male Hen Harrier regularly being seen in Glen More. Also a Short eared Owl in the Glen by the Crannog loch. Golden Eagles and White tailed Sea Eagles at regular sites and a male Merlin at Grasspoint.





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