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Latest reports for May 2019

Latest reports for May 2018

26th May  a singing male Lesser Whitethroat at Ulva Ferry in May 2018. Tim Dixon, Helen Stace and Jamie Dixon.

31st - Tobermory A 1st Summer immature Iceland Gull was preening among the local Herring Gulls at 10.15 am. Stuart Gibson
30th Iceland Gull, Bloody bay. Very few diurnal Short-eared Owl records in north Mull recently with a couple seen near Loch Frisa at midnight this week along with a Barn Owl. Ewan Miles
Juvenile dipper
                                              Tobermory May 2018
30th - Tobermory Local brood of Dippers have fledged to the sound of a male Chiffchaff in woods behind the Distillery.  Stuart Gibson
29th - Salen Bay Two adult Greylags with what looked like day-old goslings (4) in tow. How many will survive the local Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls? Stuart Gibson
29th - Craignure Single White Wagtail. Stuart Gibson
27th - Aros Park. Two singing Wood Warblers and a single Chiffchaff in song this am. Loch Torr. Pair of Dippers feeding young out of nest, while young still in nest in Tobermory; a healthy number of song-flighting male Whitethroats between Loch Torr and Glengorm. Stuart Gibson
27th May Loch Assapol 2 Swift. Ardura 1 Spotted Flycatcher.
28th May Loch Scridain 1 Black-throated Diver still present.
Bryan Rains
28th Garden Warbler in song at Loch Frisa and Wood Warbler, Scarisdale. Ewan Miles
27th Craignure Bay. An Osprey flying over the bay photographed by Nancy Somerville, also two Red throated Diver
23rd: Treshnish, 1 Corncrake at Haunn at 11pm (Trevor Evans)
24th: 1 Mealy Redpoll at Treshnish House.     Prasad
24th - Sea to North of Caliach Point  An adult Little Gull with Kittiwakes and Manx Shearwaters at rest on sea; also two Storm Petrels near Cairns of Coll.
23rd - Lunga, Treshnish Isles. No Corncrakes calling where two males were heard rasping in Spring 2017; two Twite on 'Puffin Plateau'; and a single Great Skua with a Puffin kill. Stuart Gibson
24th there were 28 male eider on Loch Spelve today. Felicity & David Pollard
23rd Loch Assapol (Ross of Mull) a Red throated diver here this morning. Rick21st Lochdon Short eared owl and male Hen Harrier at Lochdon.
visitor Clare Smith
18th Dervaig. This morning have seen 2 Jays  one of which was juvenile. scarce on Mull. The cottage we are staying in overlooks Loch Cuin so plenty to see. Saturday mornig gave us an adult female Hen Harrier which was food passing to 2 juvenile female birds . Lots of common Sand around. Also saw White Tailed Sea Eagle  and Golden Eagle over hills to NE of village. Hope to see Otters but none yet. Kevin Taylor  
18th a very late staying male Slavonian Grebe in full breeding plumage on Loch Na Keal, visitor Dean Reeves, Somerset 
18th May. Dean Reeves, Somerset.18th an Iceland gull taken from Mull Charters trip today. David Mercer
18th An Iceland Gull was in Tobermory Harbour at 1700 tonight. Appeared to be an adult bird. Seen by Ted Roberts, Tom Keeper, Steve Pomeroy, Colin Smeeton, Pete Dwyer, and Eric Marshall.
18th Male Peregrine over Loch Tor and non-breeding Black-throated Diver on Loch Cuin. Ewan
16th 2 Tree Sparrows and 2 Mealy Redpolls at Treshnish House, prasad --
16th  watching two white tailed eagles on Scarisdale Rocks, when an Osprey flew above us for several minutes. Pete and Jan Hall.                             
16th an Osprey flying over Aros Bay towards Loch Na Keal at 13:15 today. Cian Burke- Brown. Seasonal Sea Eagle Hide Ranger
15th Treshnish, 2 Tree Sparrows at Treshnish house, prasad
15th Lochdon: sightings over lochdon this eve. From Grass point road. Female Hen Harrier , white tailed Eagle and osprey fishing. visitor Jon Goddard. Alan Spellman, Rosie Saltzman
15th Knock Bridge were 3 dippers (nesting elsewhere), A grey wagtail, and my first spotted flycatcher. Pete and Jan.      
 14th Loch Scridain:  4 Common Tern on Loch Scridain yesterday. Simon and Tracey Taylor                           
13th Glen Aros – 1 Treecreeper and 2+ Crossbill, Aros Park 1 singing Wood Warbler, 1 Treecreeper and a Dipper carrying f
13th Lochdon – 75+ Dunlin,
41 Ringed Plover and 2 Bar-tailed Godwit at high tide. Also Grasshopper Warbler reeling
12th Golden Eagle on show for an hour in Glenmore, Tawny Owl calling at Pennyghael at 2pm, Hen Harrier and SEO at Ardachoil Fm near dusk. Simon and Tracey Taylor (Cornwall)                                                                                                                                                                          
 11th  2 brent geese at Fidden this morning.Also on Monday 7th grasshopper warbler, sedge warbler and whitethroat singing from scrub along the old road just east of Bunessan.
Emily Wilkins Ranger - South Mull, Iona, Burg and Staffa NNR 

11th Male Hen Harrier over the loch and across the Gorton Fm track tonight. Simon and Tracey Taylor (Cornwall)                                                     11th  I saw this Oystercatcher which may be of interest to someone. Note the green ring above the knee above the T9 ring.
Would be good to know where he was rung. Lee Dutton.  ( I willl find out and let you know)
11th Lochdon.
a pair of shoveler here Tracey and Simon
11th Lochdon, Tawny Owl calling from the Gorton Rd during the early hours. Simon and Tracey Taylor (Cornwall)                                                        10th This evening Osprey fishing, at least 3 Bar-tailed Godwit, 17 Pink-footed Geese.
. Peter and Sue Morrison (visitors)                                                  10th Lochdon – 125 Dunlin, 1 Ringed Plover, 1 Whinchat, 1 Grasshopper Warbler reeling, and 5 godwit sp thought to be Bar-tailed but difficult to see clearly at distance in the heavy rain. visitors Simon and Tracey (Cornwall)                                                                                                                    9th 1 female Hen Harrier hunting at 8.15pm Lochdon viewed from the Grasspoint road. Simon and Tracey Taylor (Cornwall)                                           7th sighting of a singing Whitethroat behind the bird hide at Loch an Torr. visitors Terry and Chris Pawson                                                                    8th  White tailed eagle,  a pair taking fish from the surface at Ardmore Bay. Also Sedge Warbler calling Loch na Culcie today in the rain! Martin Izzard.
7th Loch Cumbain 14 Dunlin, also Cuckoo, female bubbling calling at Loch Ba far end and 3 males flew overhead. 
6th Whimbrel flock of 9 flying over Dervaig. Martin Izzard.

8th 5 Purple sandpiper at mouth of Loch Spelve. Tim Stenton Shetland Wildlife                                                                                                         8th Many thanks for our new book report which came in time for our annual trip to Mull. Greenfinch seen this morning at the feeder in our garden which is Sithean at Croig. Lesser Black backed gull on the rocks in front of Sithean Monday evening. Reed Bunting in Dervaig on Monday morning.  a small pod of 4 dolphins yesterday evening putting on a wonderful show just beyond the point at Croig. David and Jane Alesbrook                                                        8th Today's birds of note were a Peregrine at NM 456 356. 11 Crossbills driving through Forest towards loch Scridain.  Red throated and Black throated divers not quite in sum plum on the sound of Mull, along with an awfull lot of Arctic Terns. Well over 20. Little gull also in the Sound. Goldcrest, Edier, greenshank redshank as well.  Lee Dutton, Somerset.                                                                                                                                             8th May: Calgary beach - 1 sanderling. Langamull beach – 8 white wagtail; 2 arctic tern. Croig – 1 adult WTSE (soaring over) David Hatfiel                   8th 2 calling Corncrake in vicinity of fire station on Iona with another a few hundred metres down the road adjacent to Ardbeg Holiday Home and another calling in iris at NM2723. Tawny Owl calling from behind sub station at Pennyghael, Whooper Swan on Loch sguabain and pair of Hen Harrier nearby. Simon and Tracey Taylor, visitors from Cornwall                                                                                                                                 
 8th Osprey fishing over Lochdon at 7am mobbed by a Kestrel, Oystercatcher and Gulls. 40 Dunlin at Lochdon, WTE over at 6.45am.  visitors Simon and Tracey Taylor                                                                                                                                                                                                          7th Sedge Warbler returned to Dervaig Reedbeds also a Linnet here and there were at least 12 Pied Wagtails coming into Roost. At Reudle this evening  least 6 Short Eared Owls, a male Hen Harrier and  Cuckoos. Pam & Arthur Brown.   7th Birds of note today were 2 twite jumping from fence to field on r/h/s driving away from loch na keal located at NM 452 346, by Iona sign. Single Whooper swan on loch sguabain. 4 Whimbrel flew over head of Loch naKeal. Lee Dutton, Somerset                                                                                                                                                   
7th 1 Whinchat Lochdon, 4 Bonxie from Staffa Tours trip to Lunga. Simon and Tracey Taylor
                                                                                      7th May: Loch Cuin 34 dunlin; 1 greenshank. Quinish (forestry): 13 common crossbill; 3 (drumming) great spotted woodpecker; 1 jay; 2 whitethroat Quinish Point: 4 whimbrel; 1 (adult) white-tailed sea eagle; 12 Manx shearwater; 1 great skua; 2 whitethroat; 8 northern wheatear Quinish Estate woodland: 2 (drumming) great spotted woodpecker; 2 wood warbler (singing); 1 tree pipit David Hatfield (visitor).                                                    
7th - Loch Ba. Three+ Crossbills (inc. one male and a female) feeding on Larch at Knock (near car parking area); and a female Redstart in Birch woodland along the track that runs along the south side of the loch. Stuart Gibson

male Yellow Hammer looking very smart. Alan 7th May 2018
7th Lochdon an Osprey fishing in the loch and also a pair of Shoveler. Alan Spellman
7th a first Arctic Tern over the islands by Craignure golf club.Pete and Jan

6th A Common Whitethroat off Loch Frisa track Dervaig end and Linnet at Cailaich.Pam & Arthur Brown.
6th - Torosay A Wood Warbler delivering its ecstatic trill here this late afternoon. Stuart Gibson                                                                         
5th May   A Wood Warbler in Aros Wood this morning just up from the wrecked boatPam & Arthur Brown.
5th Common Tern at Langamull along with 16 Dunlin and 3 Whimbrel. Ewan Miles                                                         
 4th May – Lochdon 1 fem Hen Harrier                                                                                                                                                                
 5th May – 2 reeling Grasshopper Warbler and a singing Whitethroat at Craignure, 4 Golden Eagle in Glen More with a male being mobbed by a pair of Hen Harrier, pair of Hen Harrier nr Ardachoil Farm in Glen More and also 1 Black-throated Diver and 3 Otter at Pennyghael. visitors Simon and Tracey Taylor,Cornwall
  5th - Torosay. Singing Sedge Warbler and reeling Grasshopper Warbler near Craignure Camp site; two Great Northern Divers, two Black Guillemots and a pair of Red-breasted Mergansers offshore; and three Whimbrel on the rocks. Stuart Gibson
Whimbrel by Nancy Somerville shows diagnostic features of bill shape and eye stripe, (although most whimbrel have two legs)

4th Treshnish, 11 Black-tailed Godwits ssp. islandica near Treshnish House. prasad
3rd - Loch Ba. Four Goosanders (one pair and two ff); a pair of Red-breasted Mergansers; and four Golden Plover were the highlights of a rain-lashed trip. Stuart Gibson
3rd - Tobermory. Chiffchaff still singing in woodland on Prison Brae.
2nd - Iona. Only one Corncrake heard (and seen) in reeds at Fire Station and reports of two others; a single White Wagtail and one Whimbrel; with a lone Whooper Swan on Loch Pottie. Stuart Gibson
1st Corncrakes. Heard Male calling then  viewed  Male on  bank by water course at left hand edge of fence at Fire Station for about 15 mins foraging , he then called....and female appeared . We then viewed both Male and female Corncrakes for approx 30 mins , foraging along water course and drain next to Fire station . Weather appalling rain and strong winds !  visitor Val Vile
1st - Loch na Keal. A first Sedge Warbler singing in reed bed near former WTE pull-in; a Woodcock roding over Kellan Woods; and a Grasshopper Warbler was reeling at Killiechronan, where two Blackcaps were also in song. Stuart Gibson
1st Further Whimbrel sightings at Caliach, Kellan and Laggan Bay. Carrion Crow at Killiechronan. Red-throated Divers at Caliach and Loch Tuath. Barn Owl, Short-eared Owl and Tawny Owl on last nights evening tour. Ewan
5th May: Craignure Golf Course: Sea Eagle. 3 x Golden Plover.
4th May. Lochdon: pair Shoveler from Swan point at 7.30 pm. (?)  5 Bar-tailed Godwit. Up to 3 Greenshank over the past 3 days, along with 3 Goosander. Pair Teal. Woodcock. Hen Harrier and Short-eared Owl. Whimbrel. 
Iona: 2 Corncrake. Twite.  Sedge Warbler. West Beach Iona: pair Whooper Swan on pools before onward migration North, Whimbrel, White  Wagtail, 3+ Great northern Diver. Great Skua in Iona Sound along with 1 Pale-bellied Brent Goose and 15 Common Tern.
Dart Castle: Sea Eagle and Cuckoo. Loch Beg: Greenshank. Pennyghael: 15+ Great northern Diver,  1 Black throated Diver  (winter plumage).
Gorton : Whinchat, Woodcock. Loch Pottie: Whooper Swan 3rd May: Loch Buie: Sea Eagle, 5+ Great northern Diver, 2 Red throated Diver.
Carsaig: 3+ Great northern Diver,  2 Red throated Diver. Loch Beg: Greenshank.  2 Golden Plover
Knock: Hen Harrier, drumming Snipe Killiechronan : several House Martin  Garmony: Hen Harrier Gen More: Stonechat
2nd May: Glen More 3 Lochs.  Golden Eagle, Hen Harrier Lochdon/Loch Spelve area: 2 Jay, 3 Goosander, Hen Harrier, Short-eared Owl, Whinchat, 3+ Cuckoo, drumming Snipe. Numerous Wheatears,  Willow Warblers, Swallow,  Sand Martins, Tree Pipits and Black Guillemots. 
Visitors Ross and Ray Facer
30th - Tobermory. A Chiffchaff was singing outside my living room window in Tobermory this morning. Stuart Gibson

Black Redstarrt Killiechronan
                                  april 2018                                                          male Black Redstart at Killiechronan in April 2018                                                                 
Red throated Diver 2018Black throated Diver 2018
summer plumage Red throated Diver in Sound of Mull 31st March 2018 photo by visitor Agnes Thompson
summer plumaged Black throated Diver in Calgary Bay 3rd April 2018 photio by visitor Dianne Russell
Latest reports for May 2017
31st, at Mull Eagle Watch and today, about 15:15, I saw an Osprey mobbing the female White-tailed eagle we watch at the West Ardhu site near 
Dervaig. Meryl Varty
31st Whinchat and at least 3 pairs of Stonechat on Aros to Dervaig road. Andy Bayes
31st - Sea West of Mull A Great Skua harassing Gannets and Manx Shearwaters; and five Storm Petrels, including one off the stern of the boat.
Stuart Gibson
1st Loch Spelve, a female Hen Harrier with prey. visitor Martin Kaye
30th Loch Buie: adult Great Northern Diver and imature Red throated Diver. Loch Spelve: a ring tailed Hen Harrier. A849 south of Grasspoint turn, a Short eared Owl. visitor Martin Kaye.
28th - Sea to West of Mull. Single Storm Petrel and one Great Skua, associating with thousands of Manx Shearwaters Stuart  Gibson
28th NW of Loch Frisa,  a pair of Hen Harriers.  Also pair of Golden Eagles on north side of road.  On the road south of Calgary, two Golden Eagles east of the road above Calgary Bay.  visitor Martin Kaye
28th A Swift to the north of Glengorm, adult female Peregrine heading east between Craignure and Lismore, Solitary Whimbrel south of Muck. 
Ewan Miles 
28th Ardura, Redstart, Wood Warbler, Tree Pipit and Spotted flycatcher. Glen More, Short-eared Owl and male Hen Harrier. Andy Bayes
28th Three golden eagle / loch frisa(north), glengorm, glen more, nine WTEagle / loch frisa, ardmore,loch na keal, glen more, craignure. three hen harrier /loch frisa(north), glen short eared owl/ road to glengorm, a GNDiver / Calgary bay. 7 goosander / sound of mull. 2 RBMerganser (m&f) sound of mull. 2  cuckoo / loch frisa, road to glengorm. Wood warbler, spotted flycatcher, tree pipit, dipper, grey wagtail / aros /tobermory. Whinchat / road from craignure to glen more . stonechat / glengorm. 1  great skua / Staffa. 6 Manx shearwater / off glengorm . 1 corncrake (heard) by fire station iona .also dolphin / off glengorm, visitor Andrew Matthews
27th - At sea off North Mull: A Great Northern Diver is still present off Glengorm; 5 - 6 Storm Petrels; 1,000+ Manx Shearwaters; a single Great Skua harassing Manx Shearwaters; and two Arctic Skuas (one dark phase and one pale phase) chasing Kittiwakes; plus all four species of auk, with Common Guillemot being particularly numerous. Stuart Gibson
27th quite a few Sand Martin and juvenile Grey Wagtail at Aros  visitor Andrew Matthews
24th  by the fish farm at the Knock End of Loch Na Keal, we watched a Little Egret for around 20 minutes We didn't think too much of it but
after reading your latest bird report, it would appear that this is a fairly rare sighting (yes indeed)  Paul Worrall and Tommy Davies.  regular visitors.
Little Egret                     Egretta garzetta
latest bird report.  Birds now colonising much of south-west Scotland.
1969: October four birds at Lochdon. 2011 November one at Loch Beg,  2015: October one at Fidden. 
2017 April one at Scoor  & Ardtun 1st May, also 24th May at Knock. (probably the same bird) visitors Paul Worrall and Tommy Davies
26th  I purchased your Mull report. I really wish I had purchased it at the beginning of the week. Thank you for your work on that and also on your website. Staffa and the Treshnish Isles.  heard a Corncrake calling for about 15 mins  from very close to the village. It was probably no more than 10-15ft away from us, moving through the bracken and bluebells. No views of it, but very special nonetheless.  visitor Christine George
26th Glen more ,3lochs, 1,adult Golden Eagle,3 WTEagle (1imm), & female hen harrier, 1,whinchat on road to craignure, / Andrew Mathews
25th Light phase Arctic Skua off Caliach, 1 Corncrake and 6 Twite on Lunga. Ewan 
24th - Sea off Ardnamurchan Lighthouse Ten Storm Petrels and a Great Skua. Stuart Gibson
24th at least 3 Great Northern Divers on Loch Scridain, between Fionnphort and Fidden A couple of Whimbrel and a Whinchat also saw White-tailed eagle, Hen Harrier and Short-eared Owl.  Christine George
24th Alan woke up to nine Goosesanders on the loch sitting in a large group on small island having a rest and clean up. The most we have seen in the last five years on the loch. Cheryl Callow 
23rd Short eared owls displaying & wing clapping at 3 lochs, male hen harrier at Pennyghael, juvenile white tailed eagle on rocks at loch scridain, pair of golden eagles at glen more & another male hen harrier there.  Finished off by an otter at craignure. Not a bad day!!! Rick
23rd Around 15 Storm Petrels, dark phase Arctic Skua and a solitary Basking Shark in waters to the north of Mull today. Ewan 
23rd We've been at Grasspoint today and had fantastic views of a summer plumaged Great Northern Diver from the point. It may not be unusual for Mull but iit was certainly interesting for us!. Christine George
23rd  sightings from our recent holiday 10-20th MAY: 2 x Short-eared Owl 3 lochs Glen More, 3 x Hen Harrier Glen More, 3 x WTSE Killiechronan inc 1 juv, 1 su adult, 2 x Golden Eagle Knock, 1 x calling Corncrake Iona, 5 x Bottlenose Dolphin Iona. 3 x Otter Loch Scridain, 1 x Otter Loch Na Keal, 2 x Otter Ulva Ferry, 1 x Whinchat road from Ulva-Dervaig, 4 x Redpoll Knockvologan Fm and on the beach, 36 apparently occupied Sand Martin holes, all holes with fresh sand deposited at the bottom with birds witnessed flying into/out of 5 of them.. 2 Redshank Loch Beg + 1 drumming Snipe, 11 Dunlin + 3 Redshank Dervaig. Mull Eagle Watch West Ardhu - 3 WTSE, 1 Hen Harrier, 3 Buzzard, 1 Raven. 3 x Buzzard, 2 Raven Loch Uisg Simon Taylor
23rd Iona: Corn crake. On Iona. Seen by Pete Hall Oxford
22nd We have been watching a woodcock at Scallastle at 10pm.   2 wteagles at Craignure golf course and arctic tern Dipper, grey wagtail at Aros bridge Wood warbler in Arose park and ravens.  Barry York RSPB.
22nd  a great day with short eared owls today. Glen more grass point areas,  gorgeous. Jacqui  and Mike Murphy 
22nd A single male tufted duck on the lochan at Suidhe Farm, Bunessan Tony Jefree
22nd One of my guests today reported to me a green woodpecker at Lochbuie yesterday. Pete Hall 
22nd three short eared owls above the three lochs, and three separate male hen harriers, one opposite the derelict farm on Loch Spelve, and two 
at Pennyghael. Pete Hall
22nd Great northern diver in Loch Beg and Loch na keal, Ravens at Gribun cliffs. Go!den and wte just past road junction A849 and B8035. Barry 
21st Wte by craignure golf course. Black guillemot off Craignure pier. Two Short eared Owls  just past turning to duart castle. Male hen harrier in Glenmore. Barry Bishop York RSPB 
20th we had superb views of a beautiful male merlin in Glen More  not too far from the masts. Pete Hall
20th Iona: Corncrake singing in field past forestation on Iona. Cuckoo,twite,raven,wheatear,shelduck,ringed plover. Lochbeg. 2greenshank, red breasted merganser, ringed plover. White tailed eagle  and otter between Bunessan and Pennyghael York RSPB 
19th Thank you for the information about Knock Bridge. a walk up Scallastle gave us cuckoo, tree pipit, siskin, crossbill,  at Torosay  Castle spotted flycatcher, bullfinch. Otter in front of Isle of Mull hotel and common sandpiper woodcock roding at 10pm. Barry Bishop RSPB York Local Group.
19th - Aros Park Female Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding young in nest; and male Wood Warbler singing in woods near Sput Dubh.
18th - NW of Sound of Mull Two Great Skuas harassing feeding Gannets. Stuart Gibson
19th Loch Frisa: a male Hen Harrier at the North end (Dervaig) also four Red thrioated Divers calling and flying round, (what a noise) a Short Eared Owl at Grasspoint. visitor Rick
17th Three Red-throated Divers on the Mishnish Lochs and six Twite at Caliach. Ewan 
18th - Loch Ba Single Crossbill, Benmore Lodge pines; a pair of Red-breasted Mergansers on loch, male already in head moult; two Golden Plover; and a single Dunlin along loch shore. Ruth Fleming Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
17th - Craignure A roding Woodcock at 22.00 hrs over wooded crag behind Cal Mac ticket office/Visit Scotland. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
17th Iona  Wheatear close to Bailer mor, artic terns fishing close to ferry route. John Mather
17th Ospreyseen today between Craignure and Garmony. Have they been around for a while? Know they've been frequent visitors to the 
Lochdon area and wondered if there have been sightings there this year. Carolyn Whenman (28th-30th April last sighting)
15th  Spotted Flycatchers, One at knock bridge and saw 5 at far end of Croggan . Visitor Rex Earnshaw
14th Dervaig: Cuckoo calling, mid day and evening. Grasshopper Warbler near river. John Mather
14th Lochdon: a pair of Gooseander by the bridge poole. Alan
13th - At Sea off North Mull: A Great Skua was seen NW of Sound of Mull; and five Great Northern Divers (one immature) were off the coast at Glengorm
12th - Loch Ba: In addition: three calling Cuckoos between Knock and Gortenbuie, where very remote Willow Warbler in song at ruined farmhouse. Stuart Gibson
12th - Loch Ba: Six Crossbills (two adult males) feeding on Scots Pine, near Benmore Lodge; two singing Tree Pipits; two singing Redstarts in birch woods; and six (four drakes) Goosanders. Stuart Gibson
13th May Ardura First Common Redstart. Bryan Rains 
12th  Nice to meet you this afternoon.  2 red throated diver at loch na keal knook camp end. Male and female whinchat at head of loch scridain. 4 greywagtails. Female Merlin from loch scidian half way around headed to loch na keal. Also a ringed dead ringed guillemot Lee Dutton (info passed on AS)
12th May Beach  First Spotted Flycatcher. Bryan Rains. 
12th  we had Snipe in the large field on the left after the Grasspoint Turn, also excellent view of a Jay in the wooded area at the start of Glen More. a male hen harrier at the far end of Glen More just after Craig. Pete Hall 
11th May Loch Pottie 1 Whooper Swan. Bunessan 1  drake Gadwall. Bryan Rains
12th Crossbills overhead at Gruline and Aros Mains, Solitary LBB Gull at Caliach and also 9 Whimbrels. Ewan Miles and Dave Shackleton 
11th Lochdon: Whimbrel and Redshank at lochdon. Ringed plover on golf course. 4 Short Eared Owls  at 3 lochs carpark. Also a nice close view of an overhead flight from a young WTE. visitor Lee Dutton.
Turtle Dove at Kintra 11th May 2017  , Jeremy and Margaret Roberts 
11th Kintra: a scarce summer visitor, A Turtle Dove  at Kintra at midday today. At Deargphort, the large house on the sharp right-bend before Kintra, the bird was visible from the road, feeding in the open courtyard of the house. No sign of it when we returned at 5 pm. Jeremy and Margaret Roberts from Carlisle.
Previous records: 2006 at Treshnish 11th May. 2007 at Tobermory camp site in June .2008 25th May at Glas Eilean and Lochdon. also at Ardtun in August.
2009 a single bird in Glen Bellart  in June & at Bunessan in August. 2011 in a local garden at Gruline on 22nd June and September 8th in the Salen-Aros area. (Ewan Miles). 2015 8th July Treshnish: (Anand Prasad). 2017 11th May at Kintra, Jeremy and Margaret Roberts 
11th Fidden: 7:19 AM  9 Black-tailed Godwit (6 in breeding plumage) 40+ Whimbrel, 8 Ringed Plover, 9 Dunlin, 2 Redshank. visitor Martin Overy
9th  A Greenshank at Dervaig this morning, not seen one here for a couple of weeks, Dunlin still feeding up here as well and I had a Wood Warbler in 
Ardura wood Arthur Brown. 
8th There was a Black-headed Gull in the bay at Tobermory (close in) - we don't see them here much (I can't remember seeing one here before).
Richard Airey - 
9th Ardmore: 1 Grasshopper Warbler (singing) 2 Tree Pipits, 1 White-tailed Eagle Martin Overy
9th Scoor: Grasshopper warbler and Sedge Warbler on the Scoor road. Rebecca Burton
Black Swan on Lochdon this evening 8th May 2017 - Alan
8th Calliach Point:  a large group of Terns, probably Arctic ??. They were quite distant even with the scope. Pete Hall 
8th We bought a copy of your Bird Report while waiting to board the ferry at Craignure and wished we'd bought it while planning our trip. 
28/4 to 5/4 Ardura: Goosander - every evening during our stay, a pair of Goosander on the river lussa, also two other pairs of which the males were not fully into breeding plumage. 3rd early morning: first Garden Warbler - singing at the junction of the A849 and the road to Duart Castle, also asinging  Blackcap singing and two Whitethroats beside the road to Duart Castle. 4th early morning  a flock of 30+ Whimbrel feeding on the grass near the farm at Fidden.  2nd Loch Scridain. two Greenshank in breeding plumage at Traigh Mhor. visitors Peter and Sue Morrison
7th Duart Castle Millennium woodland 10:00 1 Long-tailed Tit. Lochdon 11:30 a  Black Swan (escaped)  1 Greenshank1, 4 Whimbrel. Martin Overy
7th Garmony: 4 common terns between  Garmony and Fishnish on Friday 5th and 2 again today plus 2 WTSE on the shore between Salen pier and Glenforsa. Peter and Jan Daisy
6th Lochdon: 30+ Dunlin busy feeding at Gorten end, singing Whitethroat. Nuthatch made another appearance this morning. Alan

Nuthatch photo by June Saul 4th May 2017
4th Craignure: a Nuthatch feeding in a Craignure garden. June Saul.  Mull records in 2015 - 16 and now 2017
4th a sighting of a Nuthartch at Lochbuie (Mable Cottage) visitor Sally Jennings
4th a Short-eared Owl near the Dervaig viewpoint (back towards Tobermory a little), a Whinchat singing near the road at the north end of Loch Frisa and a calling Reed Bunting at the Mishnish Lochs. Richard Airey.. .
4th Lochdon: two Grasshopper Warblers singing this morning outside 'Maridon' Alan Spellman
4th Wheatears, Stonechats, Whinchat and finally a Grasshopper Warbler just before Dervaig. visitor Doug Holden
3rd Treshnish, at least 1 Mealy Redpoll amongst the Lesser Redpolls (all  soon to become Common Redpolls again apparently)
1st - Lagganulva Flock of 22 Whimbrel feeding on pasture this evening. Stuart Gibson/Ewan Miles
3rd May Loch Beg 1 first Common Whitethroat, 2 Whinchat. Bryan Rains.
3rd Ardura Woods (Croggan Road) - Wood Warbler trilling beautifully. 10.15 a.m. Doug and Tina Holden (visitors)
1st Pennyghael 1 first Wood Warbler, 1 Blackcap. Ardness 1 Iceland Gull.
2nd Loch Scridain 4 Red-throated Diver displaying. Bryan Rains.
2nd a very late Brambling in the garden at Ardrioch Farm this morning. Pam Brown 
1st Treshnish, 1 Mealy Redpoll at Treshnish, prasad 
1st Sedge Warbler and Reed Bunting Dervaig reed beds, Reed Bunting Reudle School, 2 Linnets, 4 Great Northern Divers, 3 Black Guillemots, 14 Whimbrel Lagganulva Bay, Manx Shearwater, Gannets, Guillemots, Kittiwakes and 2 Snipe Cailaich Point, Redpoll, Tree Pipit, Siskins in our garden and wood at Ardrioch on todays tour. Bullfinch and Blackcap West Ardhu this evening. Cheers Arthur 
1st : North Mull: Two White-tailed Eagles (adult and imm.), two immature Golden Eagles and a Buzzard all interacting in the air above Killiechronan this evening; male Sedge Warbler in song, Killiechronan; roding Woodcock at West Ardhu and Loch Frisa track (Dervaig end); and calling Cuckoo at Loch Frisa (Dervaig end) at 21.30 hrs. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles. 

Little Egret at Ardtun today 1st May 2017. photo by David Holden
1st at Ardtun a Little Egret here, (probably the same bird that was at Scoor earlier) David Holden
1st Fidden: Jay & 2 pairs of Golden Eagles in Glen More. Female Common Scoter, 2 Black Guillemots, 5 Great Northern Divers & an Otter on Loch Scridain at Pennyghael Whooper Swan on Loch Pottie. 3 Great Northern Divers, immature Sea Eagle & at least 37 Whimbrel at Fidden. David Sharp
1st West Ardhu: Whinchat this morning at 09.55 West Ardhu , on the fence posts to the right of the Barn Owl box.. Arthur Discover Mull
30th  first Grasshopper Warbler at West Ardu yesterday. Rachel French, Mull Eagle Watch
 Latest reports for May 2016
31st - Loch Ba  A single Dunlin was again seen along the shore, in the vicinity of where a pair bred in 2014. Stuart Gibson
30th - Croig/Langamull. Six drake and 3 female Goosanders at Croig Oyster Farm; two pairs of Ringed Plover, inc. one pair with b/3 recently hatched chicks, at Port na Ba; and a pair of Arctic Terns on a nest at Langamull that were seriously harassed by Bank Holidaymakers and their pets. Stuart Gibson
30th, two pairs of Hen Harrier in Glen More, territories quite close together. Spotted Flycatcher in Salen Hotel garden.
29th, Redstart and Treecreeper at Ardura. At Loch Buie, Great Northern Diver and a Tawny Owl calling at Midday. At Croggan, two pairs of Spotted Flycatcher and Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming. Andy Bayes
30th Inverlussa: a Swift at Inverlussa today, my firt of the year.Alam (mullbirds)
28th. Common Crossbill (3)  Isle of Mull Hotel from car park.
29th Lochdon the Lochdon Swans have signets, I counted five today, lets see how they get on this year ? Alan
29th Grasspoint (early morning ) Spotted Flycatcher Black Guillemot (2)     Craignure Ferry Terminal Great Northern Diver (2) Cuckoo (2)  in flight. Whinchat 
Iona & Fionnphort Corncrake (Fire station)  Sedge Warbler Arctic Tern (12) Gannet (1) Sanderling (4) 
Pennyghael to Loch Na Keal Sand Martin (7) NM455332 Peregrine male  Belnahard Linnet  ( 11)  Gribun
Fishnish Hide and Woods Arctic Tern ( 9 ) Red Throated Diver (1) in flight close in, Common Crossbill (3)
Razorbill (13) in one line   Ken W Reeves  Burbage Birders
29th Treshnish, 1+ Swifts over wood  prasad
29th Lochdon and Grasspoint: a Hen Harrier by the pool bridge and an Osprey was seen harrassing a white tailed eagle from Grasspoint by the cottage. visitor  Eddie Mchugh

female Redstart at Ardura Oak Woods 28th May 2016 Alan (mullbirds)

27th Croig: some 20 Common Scoter off Croig today. Jeremy Wailsh.
27th Love your website and I've been on holiday on Mull since Saturday. A few things that might be of interest,
4 wood warblers singing in woods at Pennyghael by Carsaig road. Twite singing by road at north entrance to Calgary beach. Redstart and Tree pipits on the Loch Ba track. 3 families of Stonechats by the road near the Grasspoint viewpoint car park. Lots of cuckoos, 4 male hen harriers (wow - I've been stunned, excited and at the same time shamed as I'm from Yorkshire - the raptor crime centre of the country,  both Eagles, Shorties performing at end of loch Scridain, and plenty of otters, stunning GN Divers around. They've gradually been getting scarcer each day we've been here.
Paul Wheatley. (see Pauls GNG pic in visitors page. click here
26th a trip out with Arthur and Pam, Lochdon and Croggan: Redstart, Tree Pipit, Redpoll, Cuckoo, Meadow Pipit.

Cuckoo at Lochdon 26th May 2016  Alan (mullbirds)
26th - Loch Ba: Six House Martins were at Knock; a brood of Grey Wagtails were seen near the Old Hunting Lodge; several calling Cuckoo's may have been one or two mobile birds; two singing Tree Pipits; and, interestingly, a single Dunlin was seen in the area where this species successfully bred in 2014. Watch this space!.  Stuart Gibson
22nd Sound of Mull at Garmoney: Black Terns, I am used to seeing them at Leighton moss, and it was good visibility. I did verify with another birder close by. I was delighted to see them, they are such lovely birds 
We were at Garmony looking towards the small islands to the left of the fish farm, on a level with it. The group of birds feeding drew my attention as they were in a tight group and darker in colour. although the birds were a little distance off shore through the scope it was clear that they had darker heads and lighter grey backs. one of them was slightly paler than the others.It was quite a contrast to the larger pale grey common terns above the islands behind. They were diving amongst three great northern divers.It was a group of 15-20 black terns. Their behaviour was quite frantic while feeding . We watched the group for around 10 minutes as they moved slowly further away as they fed. 
Jacqui Fereday.
20th - Craignure. A Summer-plumaged Great Northern Diver was close inshore as a Cuckoo was seen and heard in a tree near the camp site; two House Martins were at the Village Hall. Stuart Gibson
21st  Treshnish, 1 Swift over the wood and 1 Peregrine over the Point  prasad.  Prasads Blog
20th  A wet night in Dervaig yesterday, Tawny Owls around Glenview very vocal. As well as the usual hoots and ki-wiks one bird was making the less common (so called) 'sewing machine' call, a rhythmic, soft trill. In the last 40 years I've only heard this twice before. David Hatfield
20th Killiechronan   1 imm White tailed Eagle drifting over Loch Na Keal. Adult Sea  Eagle in tree watching, made no attempt to see off the young bird. 2 ringed Plover. Loch Ba 2 White tailed Eagles, 1 whimbrel over, calling. Simon and Tracey  Cornwall. 
19th 1 Dabchick Loch Harrissons small loch next to Assapoll seen by B Harrington
20th Strathcoil (Loch Buie Crossroads) 1 Jay flew across road at Strathcoil seen by C Place L Potter
White tailed Eagle Frank Burns taken from Lady Jayne May 2016
18th Killiechronan:  Sea Eagle carrying fish, being mobbed by a Buzzardt. 2nd Sea Eagle  from Loch Ba, circled over Loch na Keal before heading back to Loch Ba. Simon and Tracey  Cornwall 
18th A pair of Whinchat were next to the road at the north end of Loch Frisa yesterday.Richard & Liz Airey
18th 1 adult male Tree Sparrow Scoor stunning brown/chestnut cap white collar B Harrington, L Potter
18th Loch Scridain:  (from the sub station) 2 GN Diver's. 2 RT Diver's. 1 Slave Grebe. 1 Black Gillimot. Glen More , 1 male Hen Harrier. A pair of Golden Eagles and a pair of Perrigrine with 1 Perrigrine mobbing one of the eagles.Loch Na Keal, 8 GN Diver's, 1 Black Gillimot , 2 Bar-tailed Godwit, Plus drumming snipe Simon and Tracey Taylor 
18th  Torosay: Three singing Blackcaps, two singing Wood Warblers and single singing Sedge Warbler and Whitethroat; a Summer plumaged Great Northern Diver was in Duart Bay. Stuart Gibson
18th Glengorm:  a single Jay in Glengorm Forest this afternoon. I'm not sure about the status of this species for Mull so I thought I'd let you know. David Hatfield, regular visitor.
18th Numbers dropping as expected in the Great-northern Diver roost at Loch na Keal. 12 in the main raft and two splinter groups nearby of 8 and 5 birds at dusk. Ewan Ewan Nature Scotland
17th Loch Scridain: Viewed from the sub station today were 4 GN Diver's, 3 RT Diver's, 1 Black Throated  Diver.
Simon and Tracey Taylor visitors from Ccornwall 
17th Ardtun: 1 Tree Sparrow on feeders and in tree in my front garden at Ardtun.  Managed to get this photo before it flew off.  Spotted about 5pm as the rain eased off. Rebecca
16th the Iceland Gull still in the area above Kellan Farm sitting with other gulls on the skerries.. Arthur out on tour.
16th Black-Tailed Godwits, seen at Ardalanish bay this evening.  photo by Rebecca Burton 
16th Dervaig: Ring billed gull, (also reported in April by Arthur Brown) Loch Ba 2 goldeneye. visitor Andy Hitchcock 
16th - Oban. A 1st Summer immature Iceland Gull was among the flock of Herring Gulls competing for fish supper scraps opposite WH Smith earlier today. Stuart
15th Iona  Eight calling Corncrakes (with five either walking across the road or giving fabulous views); five or six pairs of Linnets; two broods of newly hatched Shelduck totalling 19 ducklings (two ads with four and two ads with 15); seven drake Eider and five females; 30+ Dunlin, 30 Sanderling and 12 Ringed Plover.  Stuart Gibson
15th  an Iceland Gull whilst I was on a boat trip ( May 10th ) from Ulva. It was with a group of Herring Gulls.  During the same week I was delighted to watch a Great Northern Diver in summer plumage fishing outside the Pennyghael Hotel. Rod Sheppard
15th Killiechronan: a Green Woodpecker flew into woodland at crossroads to Killiechronan. Arhur Brown 
Hello Alan,
15tg  the highlights of our week from a total of 96 species seen.
On the bird feeders and below at our cottage in Dervaig we had the following:
Siskin, Redpoll, Blue tit, Great Tit, Robin, Blackbird, Dunnock and Collared Dove, Green Finch and Chaffinch.
In and around the village: Song Thrush, Sedge Warbler, Common Whitethroat, GS Woodpecker,
GN DIver, Common Sandpiper, Dunlin, Redshank, Greenshank, RB Merganser, Heron, Cuckoo, Curlew, Common Gull, Hooded Crows and a pair (daily) of Golden Eagles and WTS Eagles.
Special Highlights:
Lochdon: Female Merlin and Osprey ( 9th May) Calgary Bay: 400 plus Shags which came into the bay following a shoal of fish (10th) Staffa: A pair of Great Skuas (11th) Iona: 8 calling Corncrakes - one seen (12th) Ulva: 1 calling Corncrake and 1 Wood Warbler (13th).   Dave and Helen Tanner.
13th Unsure of status of Lesser Whitethroat on mull?    (please see below)
To inform you of Lesser Whitethroat sighting at Loch Buie on 13th May 2016, the bird was observed at close quarters by myself and my partner 3 times, also heard singing from hawthorn.  The bird ranged from the Old Post Office to The Chapel on the path to Castle Moy, in the hawthorn and gorse. Ian Burgess
14th 1 male merlin, 1 female hen harrier, pair golden eagle, 5 golden plover, spotted flycatcher. Shiaba grey wagtail at waterfall, 12 dolphins offshore. L Potter, C Plaice ,B Harrington and K Smith all for today
13th We had an unusual flypast of a female Hen Harrier yesterday. We see them quite often but this one was  flying very low over the water straight up the middle of Loch Na Keal  from the sea. Martin
13th Uisken Bay: 20 Dunlin in full summer plummage along with 12 Ringed Plovers feeding at Uisken Bay, this afternoon. Beck and Wayne
13th  We heard a Grasshopper Warbler is backed  by the Old Byre. A  cuckoo was in the tree behind our house I could see it today and it was just so loud . I am looking out for the sedge warblers in the reed on the Belart .. 
Cheryl Callow.
12th Loch Cuin, Dervaig:  , great norther diver Loch Cuin this morning. Female WTE flew over again most mornings about 9.30 am . The cuckoo is out the back of us in Penmorebeg sitting in a tree making a lot of noise . 
The female hen Harriet most afternoons . The barn owl is sitting on the traffic pole by the bridge near to the gorse  bush on the loch most nights . Linnet on our patio two days ago that's a first . Cheryl Callow 
11th Knock:  osprey flying over Knock, towards Loch Ba about 9.15 am. visitor Jackie Stanley 
11th Loch Frisa: Grasshopper Warbler in song near Loch Frisa. Ewan 
11th Iona. 7 Corncrake In various areas, one showing at the Hostel. Great Northern diver off beach northern end Iona.
Greenshank at Loch Ba. Great Northern Diver sum plum Off Grass point + Black Guillemot  Brian Bolton (Visiting)
11th Killiechronan: Osprey seen fishing over Loch Na  Keal . Mobbed by hoodies, flew over from direction of campsite.  visitor .Jon Goddard
10th - Iona: Five calling Corncrakes (three in vicinity of the Bishop's House); several pairs of Linnet and two pairs of Twite feeding on grass seeds on machair; two singing Sedge Warblers and a calling Cuckoo; seven pairs of Eider at the Bay at the Back of the Ocean, alongside a pair of Shelduck and two Great Northern Divers; and a large flock of migrant waders, comprising 60+ Dunlin, 40+ Ringed Plover, four Sanderling, four Turnstone and a single Knot.
Stuart Gibson
9th  Craignure: 2 Spotted Flycatchers in Craignure. visitor Ross Lawford
9th Treshnish, 1 Spotted Flycatcher & 1 Common (Mealy) Redpoll in Treshnish wood, prasad
9th - Tobermory: A Peregrine (probable male) was over Upper Tobermory this mid-afternoon. Stuart Gibson
8th - Loch Ba: Singing Mistle Thrush, single House Martin, a pair Grey Wagtails feeding young in nest, singing male Whinchat, two displaying Tree Pipits, two calling Cuckoos, seven Golden Plover and a hunting Short-eared Owl.
Stuart Gibson  (and a Partridge in a pear tree)
7th Killiechronan: a pair of Gooseander here. Mike Coupe
7th Treshnish: 1 Common Redpoll at Old Schoolhose, Last years submission 31st May was accepted as a Mealy by Argyll Birds Rarities Committee. Prasad. 
5th we had some 30 Arctic Terns at Garmony, (first)  my first of the year. Pete. Mull Wildlife Tours
6th Calgary Bay  2 Common Terns , 2 Sedge Warblers (first) Dervaig Reed Beds, a Reed bunting here as well. A firstWhitethroat on Loch Frisa track Dervaig end and a self-catering guest saw a Lesser Whitethroat at similar spot.  Grasshopper warbler heard but not seen by Loch Frisa car park. Arthur Brown
6th Salen: Grasshopper Warbler Pier Road Salen. Juliet
5th May: Long eared Owl just south of Lochdon  at dusk. Ross Lawford
5th Croig, 3 Whimbrel, at least 2 White Wagtails Langamull, 10 Whimbrel, at least 3 White Wagtails, 30+ Dunlin
5th Just to let you know there was the first Grasshopper Warbler reeling at the back of our house in Salen tonight.
Martin Keivers. 
5th Jay at Torness this morning. Osprey flying over Moy castle, Loch Buie this afternoon. Beck and Wayne
3rd Barn owl hunting opposite the Rugby ground near garmony tonight at 21.30  Ross Lawford
3rd Peregrine at Ulva ferry, 30 or so Gannet dive bombing off of Langamull beach, 20 plus Golden Plover at killiechronan  Martin Clay
3rd Lochdon: saw an Osprey fly over close to the nest pursued by gulls. Obviously back in the Lochdon area again.   Carolyn Whenman
3rd Loch Beg First Wood Warbler singing behind the shop. 
1st - Tobermory  Three species of Phylloscopus warbler singing in Aros Park today (Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and newly arrived Wood Warbler overlooking Harbour building)
2nd  Loch Beg 1 Sanderling, 10 Dunlin, 1 Greenshank. Bryan Rains. 
2nd: Black tailed godwit - 2 on the road to Lochbuie at end of Loch spelve,  Gannet - half a dozen at Lochbuie 
Hen Harrier - ringtails at Loch spelve and on top Road from Glen sheildeir. Males either side of killiechronan
Golden Plover - circa 40-45 In flight behind Fidden Farm. Also Lapwing with chick Ringed Plover - 2 at Garmony 
visitor Martin Clay
1st:  an Iceland Gull on the N shore of Loch na Keal. from c11:00 am until at least 2:00 pm. Richard and Lynda Popplewell South visiting from Yorkshire
1st: Checked a nest today and found three dead Song Thrush chicks, possibly deserted because of the thick snow last week, parent was sitting on Tuesday. Colin Moody
29th April - Torosay Five White Wagtails, five migrant Wheatears and three Whimbrel along this stretch of coastline today. Stuart Gibson
1st: 1st year Iceland Gull at Kellan. 4 Whimbrel near Ulva. A diurnal hunting Barn Owl on the Glen road this afternoon. Ewan 
1st: Few from today Glen More. Golden Eagle being harassed by 2 Buzzard. Loch Na Keal. Osprey over north. Salen 2 displaying Drake Goldeneye. Martin

Latest reports for May 2015
30th Treshnish, at least 3 Tree Sparrows.
29th 'Squeaky Gate!' - Young Long-eared Owls calling on the Glen road last night at 23:00. 
30th A first for me on the island. Jay on the road up to Glenmore in the deforested area.Also woodcock roding over Torlochan, Greenshank at Loch Beg  Marcus
29thTobermory along Dervaig Road, in the first field on my right (before the well)   a spotted flycatcher.
Before I went out I read the latest edition of Mull birds, and enjoyed reading it, well done. Barry Bishop
29th - Isle of Ulva: Four singing male Blackcaps, two pairs of Spotted Flycatchers, two singing Whitethroats, a single singing Sedge Warbler, plus Goldcrest and Goldfinch were among the songbird highlights on our walk today. 
29th 3 Gannet feeding in the Sound of Mull, yesterday.Today on Iona, Corncrakes still showing well, but undergrowth starting to grow now. Chiffchaff singing near The Nunnery. Linnet near The Abbey. Greenshank today, south shore of Loch ScridainAndy Bayes
29th Treshnish, 1 Tree Sparrow and 1 Common Redpoll at Treshnish House, 

Spotted Flycatcher. Alan Spellman

28th  excellent views of spotted flycatcher feeding young at Knock bridge, adjacent to the nesting dippers.
Pete Hall. 
Mull Wildlife Tours28th Lagganulva, 1 juvenile Glaucous Gull. 
28th - Torosay/Garmony: A Garden Warbler was singing in young birch trees along a coastal section of the Torosay woodlands; 10 Turnstones, a pair of Goosander and a female Eider with four young (one duckling having been lost in the past week). 
28th Lochdon: not many people can claim to watch Hen Harriers from their lounge window. I did just that; a male Hen Harrier flying high and struggling in the wind right in front of 'Maridon' gave me splendid views of this beautiful bird. Alan
27th North Loch Frisa: We headed out at dusk to cover the open moorland and ended up getting two Long-eared Owls calling from their Willow roost site!  Roding Woodcock also putting on a great display overhead. Ewan Miles and Rachel French. 
26th Tobermory: 2 Wood Warblers singing in coastal woodland just N of Tobermory.Martin Kaye
26th - Salen to Killiechronan. Two drakes and a female Red-breasted Merganser in Salen Bay, along with three drakes and a female Eider; one possibly two part-singing Wood Warblers in Salen woods, where a two Redstarts was also in song; a Wood Warbler was singing in woods near Killiechronan House, where eight Sand Martins, 4 Swallows and a single House Martin were feeding low over the pond in the woods.
26th Iona today. Corncrakes in several places. Between shore and Abbey, 3 calling birds.
In garden off main road 1 pair, 1 calling bird behind the fire station and 1 calling bird in most gardens after shore cottage. 2 calling cuckoos, rooks, jackdaws, wheatears, pied wagtails, snipe drumming, 2 gannets in the sound. This evening 2 little grebes on Mishnish, with whitethroat and willow warbler in bushes near "fishing shed". Barry Bishop
26th Ardura:2 possibly 3 singing Wood Warblers , 2Cuckoos near the turn to Grasspoint. Andy Bayes

Corncrake (Iona) Geoff  Pain                                 Corncrake (Iona)  Andy Bayes
25th Loch Spelve: Ringtail harrier & golden eagle this morning. Edwina Sharp
25th Lochdon: Osprey carrying fish, Grasspoint road, just up from the bridge. Andy Bayes
25th - Iona Corncrakes: calling birds in meadow outside Heritage Centre, in Abbey gardens, Martyr's Bay and Fire Station (2); birds seen reasonably well despite vegetation providing better cover than of late; Rooks with fledged juvs away from Heritage Centre Rookery; several pairs of Linnet and Goldfinches and a solitary Twite near Fire Station; two Whimbrel, 15 Sanderling, six Dunlin and a few Ringed Plovers at the Bay at the Back of the Ocean, where also 16 Eiders; very bleached 1st S imm Iceland Gull; and another pair of Linnets at Fionnphort. 
25th Lochdon: fishing Osprey again this morning. Alan
24th Iona: A first summer iceland gull on beach on west side of iona. Chris Northwood, visitor.
24th Tobermory: In the garden, siskin, collared dove, wren, chaffinch, greenfinch, house sparrow, great tit, blue tit, blackbird, starling, great spotted woodpecker ,swallow. Road to Glengorm; cuckoo on wire, kept returning to same spot. Golden eagle just past Kilninian. Tobermory lighthouse walk. song thrush, willow warbler, chiffchaff, raven, shag, 2 gannets, 4 oystercatchers. Barry Bishop regular visitor.
24th Tobermory: Male Chiffchaff in song at Aros Park and the local Magpie was in the Mull Magic garden this afternoon.
23rd -Fanmore/Knock: Male Yellowhammer, calling Cuckoo & 2 Wood Pigeons near Fanmore, a small, but noisy group of Crossbills were heard whilst photographing the Bluebells at Knock. 
24th Grasspoint Road: Wood Warbler near the cattle grid before the uphill bends. Andy Bayes
24th 2 Pomarine Skuas and 2 Arctic Skuas north of Mull. Whimbrel at entrance to Loch Sunart 
24th Lochdon: a fishing Osprey, a single Whooper Swan and an Otter in front of 'Maridon' Edwina & David  Sharp. 
 17th - Ardmore.  Woodcock with 2 young and 10+ Crossbill Simon Taylor
18th - Loch Buie. 1 GN Diver, 1 Yellowhammer singing. Croggan - 1 WTSE and Dipper darting down the foreshore, Common Sandpiper nest with 4 eggs. Loch Ba 2 Redstart, 1 Spotted Flycatcher. Simon Taylor
20th Lochan Tor - 2 Whinchat, 1 Treecreeper and a Raven tumble diving. Simon Taylor
22nd 49 Eider on Loch Spelve (35 male),male Hen Harrier and 2 x SEO on the left  between Strathcoil and Lochdon.  The HH and one of the SEO interacted. 1  male Reed Bunting in gorse in the ditch while we were watching the SEO and HH. Love your website - it makes up for not being there! Liz Shrewsbury 
22nd - Lochdon - Morning session brought 2 x SE Owl, 1 Osprey, 1 Hen Harrier, 1 Kestrel, 1 Buzzard, 2 WTSE. 
22nd evening - 8 GN Diver at Killiechronan. Simon Taylor5th-23rd - Killiechronan - 1 Wood Warbler singing, 2 Ringed Plover + GN Divers on the loch Simon Taylor 
20th. Loch Beg. Fantastic view of Short Eared Owl sitting and hunting on the edge of the loch. Gary Dyson
22nd. Short eared owl again just above Drervaig. Hunting. Gary Dyson
23rd Haun: a Magpie here.    (this  bird seems to be moving round the north of the island) AS
23rd Ardrioch, Dervaig: a Garden Warbler seen by Arthur Brown. (very few records of this warbler) AS
21st Loch Cuin (Dervaig)  twp summer plumaged Black tailed Godwits here. Arthur Brown
21st Gribun: excellent view of Snipe by the roadside. Hanah Strange
20th Lochdon: a Osprey with a very large fish flew overhead, Short eared Owls interacting and a female Hen Harrier. Liz Shrewsbury. 
20th North Mull waters: Pomarine Skua and four Long tailed Skua. Ewan Miles. 
20th Tostary: a Magpie in the garden of the last house as you go up the hill. Pam Brown. 
20th Torosay: 2 migrant Whimbrel along shore with 3 calling Crossbills overhead. 
19th Grasspoint road just after cattle grid on R/h side osprey sat on fence posts being attacked by short eared owl which then turned its attack onto a white tailed eagle that flew over, stunning entertainment for 15 mins. Also seen from same viewpoint male hen harrier hunting towards lochdon. Di Earnshaw
19th - Garmony: Female Eider with five recently hatched ducklings.
19th - Tobermory: The local Magpie was inside the bird table this evening helping itself to food put out for sparrows and thrushes. 
19th Lochdon: a Long eared Owl on a post  near Lochdon at 10.00pm. Marcus Conway 
19th Tobermory: 2cy Glaucous Gull Ewan 
19th Tobermory Harbour: a Glaucous gull here today at 14:30hrs. Norman Greatholder
19th Lochdon: The Osprey was fishing successfully again this afternoon. Alan
18th Knock: a Spotted Flycatcher Norman Greatholder visitor
18th  a Great Northern Diver at the Ulva ferry crossing. Ormaig  a Short Eared Owl on the open moorland, also a cuckoo flying overhead and male and female Stonechat. Liz Shrewsbury 
18th Pomarine Skua and 2 Arctic Skuas (all light phase) on passage, north of Mull. Tiercel Peregrine on the north-east coast. Ewan 
18th - Garmony 20 Turnstones at High Tide roost; several migrant Ringed Plover with six Dunlin (two groups of three), at least one of which belonged to the short-billed, grey-backed 'arctica' subspecies which breeds in Greenland; two creches of Canada Geese each with three goslings, although one was taken by a Herring Gull as we watched; a pair of Goosander; song-flighting Whitethroat; and single Crossbill were among the bird highlights of our walk today. 
16th - Tobermory Immature (prob. 1st S) Iceland Gull flying SW over Eas Brae at 09.45 hrs; unusually several Sand Martins hawking insects with Swallows over Tobermory River at foot of Eas Brae this morning.
18th Lochdon: Our local White tailed Eagles  arrived here in 1984 are now 35-36 years old, are still together and have produced one chick this year, quite a feat for this old couple. Alan
15th May Little Gull  photographed from 'Lady Jayne' on Loch na Keal. Jim Almond/Martin Keivers 
18th Treshnish, 1 juvenile (2CY) Glaucous Gull over Treshnish wood. prasad. 

male Hen Harrier by Garry Hird
17th Just come back from Mull and thought you might be interested in some of our sightings last week.
2 Little Gulls fishing on Loch  Ba, 2 pr of Redstarts in the same area, Great Skua flew over  near Glengorm Castle,  a male Hen Harrier hunting over the fields, Buzzard flying over Glen More and a Short Eared Owl chased it off, Corncrakes everywhere on Iona, as well as the usual Eagles and other fantastic birds.
Garry Hird & Brian. 
17th Dervaig to Acileck: golden eagle, white tailed sea eagle, buzzard , several wheatear. Kevin & Patricia Taylor from Chatteris Cambridgeshire 
17th Lochdon: Osprey fishing over Lochdon at 0930hrs today. Edwina & David Sharp & Alan Spellman
17th - Iona: Seven Corncrakes, including two pairs and single male giving prolonged views out in the open; two small groups of migratory waders, totalling 12 Ringed Plovers, 6 Dunlin and one Sanderling; nine Whimbrel; four pairs of Eider and one pair of Shelduck; and several pairs of Linnets. 
16th - Langamull: A small group of migratory Ringed Plover and Dunlin; a breeding pair of injury feigning Ringed Plover with c/3; several Gannets feeding offshore; two Arctic Terns and two Bonxies patrolling the coastline.
16th Loch Scridain:  a single male Northern Diver.  We were able to see it swallow a crab, surprisingly easily! 
Also saw the male Loch Na Keal WTE near the Knock fish farm, being mobbed by assorted gulls.  It returned to the nest area "empty taloned", Liz Shrewsbury 
16th Ardura Oak Woodland: a male Redstart singing. Willow Warbler. Arthur Brown & Alan Spellman
15th The Grasshopper Warbler is still reeling this evening, 10pm, best heard from the recycling bins at Baliscate. Not in a very viewable area unfortunately, an Osprey at Lochdon this afternoon, also female Merlin there. Ian Ellis

taken this evening along the Grasspoint road 14th May 2015 Alan
14th Lochdon: two Ospreys over the loch this morning Rosie and Rod Salzman (my neighbours)

Taken by Andy Oldacre today 14th May 2015
13th - Isle of Ulva: One singing Wood Warbler, two singing Blackcaps, male Whitethroat, singing Goldcrest and displaying Tree Pipit; two singing Goldfinches and three Linnets (inc. resplendent male); a male Cuckoo with a triple note call; a pair of Shelduck, plus two Whimbrel on shore. 
13th Loch na Keal: a adult male surf scoter  on back road to Ben Moore Estate.  John Dowson
13th Loch na Keal: a male Surf Scoter on the loch, west of Eorsa. reported by Martin Keivers on 'Lady Jayne'

male Surf Scoter by Marcus Conway (copywrite)  from 'Lady Jayne'
12th Duart Castle: 3 White Wagtail at Duart Castle.  Ian Ellis
11th Fidden: 64 Golden Plover and 19+ Barnacle Geese at Fidden. Female Goshawk at Glen More (I will submit a full description after I get home if required; I'm familiar with this species from Wyre Forest, Breckland, and foreign birding trips). Ian Ellis
10th May - Solitary light phase pomarine skua in waters north of Mull. Ewan 
10th Male short-eared owl in song, north side of Ben More. 2 Arctic skuas (1 light, 1 dark phase) harassing shearwaters north of loch Cuin. Ewan 
11th Killiechronan: Colin Moody reports a pair of Canada Geese and goslings here. Colin
12th - Loch Ba: Two Redstarts singing despite heavy rain; a Carrion Crow among several Hooded Crows near Hunting Lodge; a pair of Goosanders and three (two drakes) Red-breasted Mergansers; a pair of Ringed Plover with chicks; and 10 Golden Plover were among the highlights of our walk in challenging conditions today. 
9th - Loch Ba: Several song-flighting Lesser Redpoll, 3 - 4 singing Tree Pipits and one calling bird on the ground, two singing male Redstarts (one in Scots Pines near old Hunting Lodge and another in birchwood further along track), three (one male) Golden Plover, pair of breeding Ringed Plover, pair of Red-breasted Merganser, four immature White-tailed Eagles over Beinn Talaidh, two calling Cuckoos and two birds seen together, as well as three Red-throated Divers on loch in late afternoon during today's walk. 
12th Lochdon: two Whimbrel on shore this morning Alan
9th A walk to Loch Ba on Friday evening produced drumming snipe, golden plover, lots of lapwing, and tree pipit.There was a male redstart in the cottage garden next to the car park at Knock. Mick Smith

Sedge Warbler by Michael Booth                            Cuckoo at Lochdon by Lee Dutton 
A brief résumé of my sightings for the week: David Hatfield
1/5: Langamull – 2 WTSE; 14 whimbrel; 6 dunlin; 20 rock pipit; 2 ringed plover; 2 white wagtail; hunting sparrowhawk (seen twice during the day); 1 arctic tern; 3 twite. Calgary – female merlin; 2 or 3 calling cuckoo.
3/5: Loch Cuin – 1 goosander; 15 dunlin; 6 or 7 pairs of redshank and common sandpiper; 1 whimbrel. Quinish woods: 1 male hen harrier hunting close to 'Pond Cottage'; 4 crossbill in Cuin pines. 
4/5: Quinish Estate - 3 singing wood warblers (on main track from Cuin gates to Pond Cottage bridge); also a small troop of mixed passerines bathing in the sunshine:- 2 long-tailed tit, 2 blackcap, wood warbler, willow warbler, chiffchaff, tree creeper, and a 'trumpeting' bullfinch (?); 1 WTSE on headland; tree pipit parachuting from beeches past Quinish House; on headland pasture large flocks of pipits and some white wagtails passing through; at sea:- lots of manxies; kittiwake; auks; and 1 bonxie, plus 2 distant skuas (Arctic?). Dervaig:- house martins have returned.
6/5: Glengorm Estate – 3 pairs of winchat; 4 pairs of stonechat along the track to Ballimeanoch; small numbers of breeding lapwing and curlew.
7/5: Langamull – 21 whimbrel; 1 golden plover; 1 WTSE; 1 bonxie and 2 possible arctic skua (distant). Dervaig – 2 whitethroat; 6 drumming snipe and 2 calling water rail at 10pm (the reed bed). Loch Cuin – 21 dunlin.
Best wishes for the summer, David Hatfield.
9th Lochdon: an Osprey at 8.00pm at Lochdon Bridge. Alan
13th The osprey photographed at Loch Don recently with the blue leg ring TF was ringed at Loch Lomond in 2012. David Sexton  Mull Officer
9th Salen: Just to let you out sedge warbler returned 4th May along with Grasshopper warbler.  We are also now seeing 2 reed buntings.   Debby Thorne
8th Lochdon: 3 Whimbrel here all day.  (no sign of any Osprey) Alan
8th Comon Terns with a couple of the Arctic variety busy with sand eel courtship at Langamull. Upwards of a dozen Whimbrel and six golden plover between Port Na Ba and Langamull, also a similar number of Golden Plover seen yesterday by the river Clachaig at Loch Ba. Roger Craven
8th - Sound of Mull: A Great Skua at entrance/exit of Sound of Mull, flying towards Ardnamurchan Lighthouse this pm.Stuart Gibson
7th Loch Ba  Redstart singing. Garmony picnic site -at least 4 Great Northern Divers, 8 Arctic Skuas harassing the terns (7 dark phase and 1 pale phase). Loch na Keal 1 WTE and 1 Golden Eagle from s side.
Richard and Lynda Popplewell
7th Fidden: 25 Barnacle Geese at Fidden this morning with one Brent Goose amongst the flock. Emily Wilkins Ranger - South Mull, Iona, Burg and Staffa NNR
7th Croig, 1 Knot, 1 Whimbrel and 1 White Wagtail at Port na Bà and at least 11 Comtic Terns around Croig (both species present). prasad 
7th Male Reed bunting and a pair of sandpipers foraging on the edges of our lochan. Suidhe, Bunessan. Tony Jefree. male Reed Bunting at Pennyghaels, Alan
6th Lochdon 2 Osprey at Lochdon this morning, so they are still around. Felicity Pollard
6th Osprey flying along the ridge above Scarisdale Woods, Pam Brown 
6th Loch Ba: An osprey fishing over Loch Ba. Juliet Vines
6th Ardura Woods - two Wood warbler   plus Tree Pipit (photo attached). Loch na Keal-  WTE sitting in tree from pull in at N side of loch and Golden Eagle on S side. Loch Scridain nr turnoff to Tiroran -  mixed flock of c40 linets and twite. Richard and Lynda Popplewell
6th Craignure: Just had the biggest Magpie on our Trellis trying to get some nuts but he is obviously too big to go on the feeders. First one I have seen up here. Jan Hall
6th - Isle of Mull Bird Club 'Dawn Chorus', Tobermory,
A terrific couple of hours in Aros Park from 4.30 this morning, wakening up to the sounds of resident and migrant birds. A Robin started the chorus, followed by Blackbird and Song Thrush. Highlights included a Woodcock roding at 4.20 am; a male Tawny Owl; a drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker; several Blackcaps singing, a male Chiffchaff, two Goldcrests in song, several male Treecreepers singing and the throaty coo-ing of a Wood Pigeon. Well worth the early morning alarm call. Stuart Gibson 
5th Osprey flying high above Lochdon at. 17:05hrs Lee Dutton
Also had Woodcock at Grasspoint
5th  Osprey hovering over Lochdon just outside our cottage window at 5:00 pm in the pouring rain ?
a pair of stonechats , tree pipit and summer plumage Great Northern Diver at Grasspoint. Later we had c8 Dunlin and 2 ringed plover at Garmony picnic site and a grey wagtail at Craignure harbour.Richard and Lynda Popplewell, South Yorkshire 
5th Grasshopper Warbler heard reeling from the cottage in Salen at 09.00. Loch na Keal i, six RB Mergansers and three GN Divers  and a pair of Twite on the camping area which has made my day!
Mick Smith
4th Wood Warbler singing Tobermory end of Aros Park  Mike Wagemakers
4th Lochdon  Cuckoo at Lochdon also one along the Grasspoint Road Lee Dutton visitor, Alan
4th Glengorm to Dun Ara produced 35 species inc stonechats and cuckoo. From Dun Ara we had views of gannets diving, guillemots, black guillemots, a great northern diver and a single common tern.Mick Smith
4th - Loch Ba Male Redstart singing and prospecting in 'new' area of birch wood, but unknown if one or two pairs present; 3 - 4 displaying Tree Pipits; drake Goosander; five immature White-tailed Eagles in air together over Gruline; and a male Hen Harrier high above summit of Beinn Talaidh at estimated height of 2,800 ft +.
4th Iona: 10 Corncrakes on Iona today and summer plumage Great Northern Diver off the ferry ramp. In Glenmore we had a pair of Golden Eagles and at the North end of Loch Spelve a pair of Short Eared Owls were harassing a male and female Hen Harrier. Richard and Lynda Popplewell, South Yorkshire
3rd lots of wheatears,rock and meadow pipits and 12+ whimbrel on the N shore of Loch na Keal j Also 1 adult WTE being mobbed by corvids. Richard and Lynda Popplewell, South Yorkshire
3rd  a female hen harrier from the cottage at Salen.  seven eider duck and two red- breasted merganser in Aros Bay.  Glen Bellart produced the male Hen Harrier and two sightings of a white tailed sea eagle and a pair of stonechats. Mick Smith
3rd Grasspoint: at least two Grasshopper Warblers reeling along the Grasspoint Road. LeeDutton.
2nd Lochdon:  an Osprey fishing in Lochdon  at 1:45pm noted in our wildlife diary. Carol,  Craignure VIC V
2nd Redstart by track to Loch Ba and pair of Goosander on loch. Sedge warbler singing at campsite north end of Loch na Keal. Whinchat, Hen Harrier and 16 Golden Plover along Glen Bellart Mick Smith
2nd - Treshnish Three Whimbrel and a solitary Twite at Port Haunn. 
1st Increasing numbers of gannets west of Inch Kenneth, 2 separate groups of 4 each white tailed eagles, golden eagle being mobbed by ravens, hen harrier over Ulva and a redstart on the way home yesterday.
1st Light Bellied Brent Goose at Fidden this evening. Mick Smith
1st - Loch na Keal Male Sedge Warbler in song at same time as a male Linnet singing near WTE pull-in on North shore.
1st - Bloody Bay, Tobermory Two immaculate Summer plumage Great Northern Divers were in the vicinity of the Fish Farm am. Stuart Gibson and Ruth Fleming
1st was pleased to see a Tree Sparrow today on the feeder, and then I looked at your list to see it was quite rare, so thought I’d let you know. I live near Tiroran, PA69 6ET.  Marie Fox
1st W T Eagle loch na Keal sat in conifer, also one at Craignure golf course sat in tree,short eared owl at Ben more Simon Smith
1st Lochdon: Lochdon Osprey fishing 11.15am Steve Hiscock
Latest reports for May 2014
30th - Torosay Two Red-throated Divers, Duart Bay; female Crossbill with two juveniles drinking from woodland puddle; and noisy chicks calling from inside Great Spotted Woodpecker nest hole.
30th - GarmonyMale Blackcap in song; three broods Greylag Goose (b/4, b/2, b/1); Mute Swan on nest, with breeding Common Gull, Great Black-backed Gull and Herring Gull; both Arctic and Common Terns. 
30th Female Goosander at Aros Bridge. Pair of Spotted Flycatchers at Aros Castle. Dippers at Aros, Knock and Tobermory burn, by the roundabout at the top of the hill. Wood Warbler on road out of Salen by Killiecronan turn.
Andy Bayes and Family
30th  Grasspoint: At least 4 cuckoos showing near car park at Grasspoint on low shrubs and overhead wires. White tailed eagle sat on dead tree on skyline. Ted Humphreys
29th - Craignure. 2 song flighting male Whitethroats near campsite; and 2 immaculate Red-throated Divers just offshore in the Sound of Mull, a pair of Linnets and several Lesser Redpolls. Ruth Fleming.
25th May male Hen Harrier hunting on the hillside above Grasspoint. Dipper at Aros bridge.
26th pair of Whinchats at the head of Loch Beg. Andy Bayes
27th pair of Dippers at Knock bridge, pair Red Throated divers at Loch Buie, female Redstart in Ardura woodland
28th Sand Martins at Calgary
29th Pair of Bullfinch at Aros Mains, Andy Bayes
28th Lochdon: Osprey, circling over Lochdon in afternoon. Craig Round
28th Some good eagle sightings today at Loch BA. In addition to the resident birds up to 4 other eagles were squabbling over a sheep carcass below the east ridge including 2 immature Golden Eagles and a wing tagged WT Eagle Philip And Carol Harvey 
At the SE end of the Locha pair of Goosander were seen almond with the Mergs. On Loch na Keal. East of Borsa a GN Diver in FTP and 2 RT Divers. Philip And Carol Harvey 
28th - Aros Park Single male Wood Warbler in song; two singing male Chiffchaffs; and three singing Blackcaps.
Ruth Fleming 
27th - Torosay 4 Black Guillemots in Sound of Mull; single Arctic Tern in Craignure Bay; two displaying Whitethroats, Torosay; three Red-throated Divers in Duart Bay; four Oystercatcher nests, two of which were close to hatching (c/3, c/3); and two Common Gull nests (c/3, c/3). 
27th - Loch Spelve Female Mallard with brood of six ducklings (ca. 2 weeks old); and two broods of Greylag Geese totalling 15 goslings (b/9, b/6).
26th - Loch na Keal Two Canada Geese with brood of four goslings was our first of the season. Ruth Fleming
27th Found a Bee Eateryesterday afternoon 3.30pm , in Glen Aros just after the turn for Crannich Farm, catching bees from wires above the log piles/quarry. Craig Round
27th Iona: Mega Rare on Iona today a Rustic Bunting. a first record for Mull. Geoff Pain – the rusty-reddish streaking on the flanks and supercilium stopping on the rusty collar (rather than enclosing the ear coverts) look good and help rule out Lapland Bunting. This bird is not a full male – I suspect it’s probably a female or poorly marked immature male. 

Mega Rare Rustic Bunting photo by Geoff Pain
26th May we saw 3 Puffins, an Arctic Skua, Black Guilliemot, Guilliemots and Gannets and on the tour a total of 5 Cuckoos were seen. Arthur Discover Mull Tours
26th - Loch Ba A singing male Whinchat was an addition to our recent sightings; two male Cuckoo's calling and further two seen in flight; Red-throated Divers heard but not seen; three Tree Pipits displaying; singing male Blackcap; and the Oystercatcher nest with three eggs that we have been watching has successfully hatched.
26th - Loch na Keal Two ad. Canada Geese with four young goslings and two Red-throated Divers at Knock end of loch. Ruth Fleming
25th - TobermoryThe only Magpie in town is still hanging around the Mull Magic garden; two Crossbills overflew our garden at 09.45 hrs.
25th - Loch Buie A singing Spotted Flycatcher near the Standing Stones; two Red-throated Divers and a single Great Northern Diver on the loch. Ruth Fleming 
19th May woods behind Killiechronan holiday cottages - 1 Spotted Fly, 1 Wood Warbler (heard only), 1 Jay (heard only). Dipper by hump back road bridge adjacent to Bridge Cottage over River Ba Loch Scridain - 2 GN Divers Ffionphort - 33 Dunlin, 1 R Plover, 1 Common Sand on beach by ferry
20th May - Sea Life surveys - off Coll - 3000+ Manx Shearwater feeding, 2 Bonxie Loch Ba - 2+ Siskin, 1 GS Wood drumming, 10+ Lapwing, 4+ Snipe drumming, 
21st May - Lochdon - male Hen Harrier, pair of Cuckoo male calling, female bubbling. Coast path from Garmony-Fishnish held 2 pair of Canada Geese with 12 young between them and the small island held a pair of Mute Swan with the female on the nest incubating. Fishnish Woods - 2 Redpoll, 2 Crossbill feeding.
22nd Great views of GN Divers paired up and heading north this week. Continued heavy feeding in waters north of Mull consisting of terns, shearwater, gannets and kittiwakes. Ewan 
22nd May - Loch Na Keal - 9 Ringed Plover, 1 Dunlin. Ardmore - 1 GS Woodpecker, 3 Rock Dove assumed pure breed, 1 male Stonechat with 2 recently fledged young, 2+ Mistle Thrush fledglings. Loch Na Kiel area - 3 G Eagles (1 on nest, 2 in air), 1 Sea Eagle. Loch Ba 20+ House Martin, 3 Sand Martin, 2 Redshank, 20+ Lapwing, Snipe 1.
22nd  three Golden Plover on the south shore of Loch na Keal this afternoon, just west of the Ben More car park. 
Brian Moyes
25th May - Loch na Kiel - pair of Shelduck still with 10 young in tow, 1 ad Sea Eagle, 1 juv Sea Eagle drifting over, 3 Golden Eagle (2 in sky, one dropped down to mob another on the ground. Pair seen later displaying (assuming breeding pair for that site) Simon
10th – 23rd May Thanks to Sara and Paul Cotterell for their weeks sightings report
21st A Short Eared Owl this morning at Reudle and Peregrines at Killiechronan and Aros Bridge. Arthur on tour
21st - Gualachaolish (overlooking Loch Spelve) Three singing male Whitethroats; three singing male Reed Buntings; single singing male Whinchat and Tree Pipit; two Cuckoos; two Black Guillemots on loch; two Hen Harriers, a female Kestrel mobbing a Buzzard and a stunning Short-eared Owl, which we almost stood on! 
21st Lochdon: A Common Whitethroat on the garden fence of our Lochdon cottage this afternoon. .Brian Moyes
20th Iona: NM 287244Spotted Crake was heard calling, unfortunately not seen.  also saw an Osprey at Croggan on Monday this week .visitors Paul & Sue Murfitt.
20th - Loch Ba Three singing male Spotted Flycatchers, Knock; family groups totalling 10 Crossbills feeding on Larch cones; female Grey Wagtail feeding three juveniles by old Hunting Lodge; as well as three species of pipit and three species of hirundine recorded on walk. Ruth Fleming
19th Pennyghael: reports of a Hawfinch here this morning. more information required please. Alan
19th May Pennyghael 1 Spotted Flycatcher. Bryan Rains 
19th - Loch Ba Male Goldcrest and Treecreeper in song at Knock; pair of Grey Wagtails feeding young; male Redstart in song; several singing Tree Pipits; five Wood Pigeons were unusual; two pairs of Red-breasted Mergansers on loch; a Greenshank feeding along shore of loch was a first at this location, the timing of which is very interesting. Could there be a mate sitting on eggs on a nearby hill?; further seven species of breeding wader recorded; and an adult male White-tailed Eagle drinking from the side of the loch was a new aspect of eagle behaviour for us. We live and learn.  Ruth Fleming
18th Torlochan: Garden warbler singing here. Woodcock roding. Marcus Conway
18th Lochdon: on a wet Sunday morning, 3 Whimbrel feeding on the shore and 6 Mergansers. Alan
17th Grasspoint:  on holiday at Grasspoint cottage till Friday. just seen an adult Whooper Swan on sea close in from the cottage.  Gary Lee
10th Croig: Ken Coleman from Croig asked me to let you know there was a G S Woodpecker on his bird feeder 
12th-13th 3 arctic skuas and a light phase pomarine on 12th and a single light phase pomarine on 13th. 
13th Lochdon 2 Whimbrel on the loch shore. Alan
13th Apr Loch Beg 5 Golden Plover. Uisken 70 Pink-footed Goose flying North and a Sparrowhawk quartering the fields (odd behaviour). Fidden 18 Whimbrel. Bryan Rains.
12th lochdon: along the Gorten road, singing Grasshopper and Sedge Warblers this morning.
9th - Loch Ba 2 singing Goldcrests at Knock; four displaying Tree Pipits; a single male Redstart in song;a single male Cuckoo; proof of breeding obtained for Crossbill, with two females and two juveniles seen feeding on ripening Larch cones; further six Crossbills seen flying over; two Mistle Thrushes; single Grey Wagtail; a pair of Red-breasted Mergansers and a pair of Goosanders; two pairs of Redshank and a pair of Golden Plovers were highlights on our walk today. 
Beinn Talaidh Five White-tailed Eagles in air together above the mountain. Ruth Fleming
8th On Benmore half way up. Solitary Ptarmigan calling away. Apparently fearless.  Elain Wilkinson
8th Iona:  I took this last week while visiting the island, the corncrake on the 29th one behind the fire station and the pair on a lawn of cottages below the abbey.  Richard Bailey. Cumbria.
7th Iona: a Chough was seen and heard  by visiting birders today (pp) Pete Hall 
7th Fidden: 2 newly hatched lapwing chicks seen today at Fidden. Sian Scott & Chris Austick. Craignure
7th - Torosay 2 Black Guillemots, 3 Great Northern Divers, single Common Tern and Gannet in the Sound of Mull; singing male Blackcap and Sedge Warbler, with single White Wagtail; 10 migrating Whimbrel and Swallow, House Martin and Sand Martin feeding along Craignure coast. Ruth Fleming 
6th-7th Killiechronan:  a female Hawfinch feeding with the birds on the ground underneath the bird feeder.  Jan Fuller.  (last record was 25th April 2010)
6th Langamull, seven Arctic Terns and a pair of Mergansers. Roger Craven
6th 40 plus Arctic Terns surface feeding on a tidal front in waters north of the isle. Some good early season feeding consisting of kittiwakes, shearwaters and head lunging minke whales. Ewan
5th May Fidden 1 Black-tailed Godwit, 30 Whimbrel, 6 Dunlin. Uisken 2 Common Tern. Glen More 1 Peregrine. Beach 1 Common Tern. Bunessan 1 RT Diver.Bryan Rains. 
5th - Langamull Wood Warbler and Tree Pipit singing, Penmore; two Common Terns fishing Port na Ba, another two or same at Langamull; two moulting Sanderling and a single Dunlin at Port na Ba, where single summer Great Northern Diver; and  three summer Turnstones (two males) and two Dunlin at Langamull.
5th - Tobermory Magpie in the garden as I write! Ruth Fleming. 
5th 9 Dunlin and 3 Ringed Plover on Loch Cuin this morning. Pam. 
4th - Torosay Six migrant Whimbrel, three (immature?) Great Northern Divers and a singing Sedge Warbler were the bird highlights of our wildlife walk in the rain today. Oystercatchers have just settled to nest around the coast (we came across a c/2 and c/3), so walkers, birdwatchers and dog owners should be aware not to cause unnecessary distress to these nesting birds. Ruth Fleming 
3rd May - Langamull Singing male Wood Warbler,Tree Pipit and Goldcrest, Penmore; Great Spotted Woodpecker calling at Langamull car park; brightly coloured male Wheatear, Croig was probably of Greenland race; single White Wagtails at Port na Ba and Langamull; three migrant Dunlin, Port na Ba, where Ringed Plover c/4 and two immaculate summer plumaged Great Northern Divers. Ruth Fleming. 
3rd Salen:  we were watching a Wood Warbler at the wood by the three boats  Arthur and Pam
3rd Three terns, I guess Arctic but difficult to be sure, flying up and down Loch Cuin and towards Langamull
Roger Craven
3rd A gentlemen has come in to log the Osprey at Lochdon..The sighting was recorded on Saturday morning 3rd May 2014.  Carol. Craignure VIC
3rd Tobermory. well here it is, if proof were needed. The Tobermory Magpie which has been hanging around now for several months, it has even started building a nest. kindly supplied by Stuart Gibson.
2nd May Treshnish: a single Chough was seen here early this morning. Liz Summers, 
2nd Loch na Keal: 3 Commmon Scoter by the boathouse at the head of the loch. Arthur. 
2nd Female Red Grouse flew off from just below the trig point on Cruachan Treshnish Roger Craven
2nd May  Tobermory. Male Chiffchaff in song at Prison Brae, at rear of Council Offices, the local Magpie is still with us. It has taken to visiting the Mull Magic bird table recently. Ruth Fleming.
2nd Lochdon The Osprey is still present this morning at the pool bridge over Grasspoint road. Alan Spellman

1st Lochdon: an  Osprey off the sea and roosted in trees by bridge over river to Grasspoint. John Goskirk. Alan  Spellman Sightings for May 2014 by David Hatfield: 12 sanderling: Calgary Beach 9pm 21st; 2 red-throated diver: Calgary Bay 22nd; 9 great northern diver: off Langamull, 1 yellowhammer: Dervaig, 1 dunlin and 5 pairs of redshank (at least 3 attending chicks): head of Loch Cuin 26th; small flocks of crossbill (6-8) feeding in pines: Glengorm Forest and Cuin 27th; 2 male goosander: head of Loch Cuin, 2 singing wood warbler Tobermory 28th; 1 wood warbler, 1 male bullfinch, 2 spotted flycatcher: Quinish 29th. Basking shark: Calgary Bay 30th. David Hatfield
Latest reports for May 2013
25th May Male Hen Harrier daily (morning and evening) at Loch Don Short Eared Owl  - off Grasspoint road 
26th May White tailed Eagle - Grasspoint Ray Parsons
27th May Sanderling - Calgary Bay Great Northern Diver in summer plumage Loch Na Keal 2 Red throated Diver  Loch Na Keal Ray Parsons
28th May Twite - Iona ,Red Kite - Uisken Bay Whimbrel - Ardalanish Bay Great Northern Diver - Loch Scridain 
29th May Twite - start of track up Ben More Golden Eagle - half way up Ben More 
30th May Great Northern Diver in summer plumage Loch Na Keal Golden Eagle - Loch Na Keal (from road on north side) 
31st May Spotted flycatcher - Road to Grasspoint Spotted Flycatcher - Aros Bridge Grasshopper Warbler - Grasspoint (heard not seen at 21.50)  Redpoll - garden at Loch Don Ray Parsons
sightings from David Hatfield.of birds seen on Mull between Wed 22 and Fri 31 May 2013:
Wed 22: pomarine skua seen from the Cal-Mac ferry about half a mile out from Duart Castle, flying north. Leth-fhonn: whooper swan, 3 greenshank, 1 male hen harrier hunting the marsh.
Thurs 23: Port nam Partan: 5 arctic skua passing Caliach Point - north in late afternoon; spotted flycatcher in woods close to Calgary Farmhouse; twite on track by Clagary Beach (see photo)
Fri 24: On feeders by B8073 roadside junction with Caliach road: 15-20 mealy redpoll (see photos) with siskin, greenfinch, chaffinch, goldfinch, etc. A hunting male hen harrier came over the feeders at about 6pm.
Sat 25: Langamull Beach: 1 whimbrel
Sun 26: Quinish woods: male bullfinch calling
Mon 27: Dervaig reedbed: a pair of hen harrier came hunting over the reeds at 21.20
Tue 28: crossbill in garden of Glenview, Dervaig
Wed 29: Glengorm Estate: abundant whinchat, stonechat, whitethroat, twite, siskin; small numbers of nesting lapwing and curlew
Thurs 30: Calgary feeders: only a couple of mealy redpoll but quite a few lesser redpoll, two of these were showing different coloured forehead patches: one was a rich, deep yellow and the other was orange.
Fri 31: Langamull: a nice summer plumage great northern diver in the bay. In the evening at Dervaig reedbed a few calling water rail from about 21.30 onwards, one came to within 20 feet of me and then briefly emerged from the reeds to fly across open water to the opposite bank where it continued calling and creeping in and out of the reeds. Excellent close-range views!
Generally: lots of breeding arctic tern; several sightings of WTSE; a nesting kestrel at Calgary (becoming quite rare these days); lots of singing blackcap, whitethroat, chats and finches.
31st Wood warbler by old school house Gruline last night. Martin Mull Charters
31st Male Brambling singing from top of spruce east of electrical substation Pennyghael - reported by Philip Hill (guest staying with us) - Mike Wagemakers
31st F Hen Harrier in Glen Aros. Grasshopper Warbler by the car park at Grasspoint at 5pm heard but not seen.   stunning male Sparrowhawk 200 yards north of the car park on a dry stone wall allowing us to approach to within 10 feet!  WTE on the hills between Grasspoint and Loch Spelve.  A single Black Guillemot on Loch Spelve half a mile before the Croggan junction. Phil & Jenny Collier
31st Just received report of a Ring Ouzel seen carrying food.high in the hills around Creach Beinn, this is excellent news and helps to confirm probable breeding birds. although very few of us ever seen them. Alan
25th 2 Sanderlings on Calgary beach  Also a great northern diver looking good on Loch Buie (26th). Nick Hodgetts
28th a Great Northern diver on Loch Scridain,  Pehnyghael, we had the Red Kite fly over Loch Scridain mobbed by two hoodies. Malc Alderton
30th Iona t- at least 5 different Corncrakes calling in the fields to the south of the ferry slipway.  Good views of 3 different birds within half an hour. 3 Golden Plover feeding on grassy area by the bridge that is just to the west of the Ben More ascent on Loch na Keal. 1 Chiffchaff here, too. Golden Eagle giving good views at the head of Loch na Keal. just 12 Wheatear since arriving on the island - 5 days!  Where are they all?  Phil & Jenny Collier 
30th Redstart and Wood Warbler in Ardura woods. Common Tern at Glenforsa airstrip, Grasshopper Warbler on the Grasspoint road near the parking area. Andy Bayes
30th Aros Castle: 2 Brent Geese opposite Aros Castle this evening. Geoff Pain
28th May Fidden 1 Brent Goose. Loch Scridain 1 Red Kite, 1 RT Diver.
29th Fidden 12 Whimbrel, 1 Tree Sparrow found by Ben Moyes (one of the guests on the tour). Bryan Rains
29th Lochdon: a male Common  Rosefinch (Carpodacus erythrinus) at a local 'private' garden feeder. 
an extremely rare visitor with only a few records for Argyll.  Common Rosefinch Mull records
1989 One recorded for Iona on 14th June.   2009 first Mull record at Kellan Mill by Loch na Keal 16th June.
2011 A  male was at Ardrioch Farm by Dervaig on 22nd May and in 2013 Lochdon: a male at a garden feeder

male Common Rosefinch also known as Scarlet Rosefinch in a Lochdon garden 29th May 2013
28th Woodcock in middle of road at 11pm south of Tobermory. Had to stop to avoid it! Flew off ahead of the car for 100 yds before veering left into the trees.Tawny Owl just north of Salen and another at the Gruline junction.
Phil & Jenny Collier
18th One summer plumaged Curlew Sandpiper in a mixed flock of Dunlin and Ringed Plover on the shore at Uisken today, photographed by Mike Boyes (as promised, thank you Mike)
28th 3 Common Terns feeding at Croig, small colony of Sand Martins at Calgary, Bullfinch and Sand Martins at Aros Castle. Andy Bayes 
28th A Red Kite flew over the Grasspoint road heading towards Grasspoint itself at about 6pm tonight.
Dave Sexton RSPB Officer
28th 17.45 Red Kite circling between Ardnadrochet and Auchnacraig Steve Hiscock
28th 2 red throated diver at Craignure first thing this morning, just to north of the ferry terminal, Two female eider with seven chicks at Dervaig  Two cuckoo calling one either side of the bay Peter Hogan
27th 2 White Wagtail at distillery outflow at Tobermory.  2 Red-throated Diver at head of Lock na Keal off Kellen.1 Tree Pipit on road to Grasspoint.1 Short-eared Owl hunting to south of road; 1 male Hen Harrier hunting south of road; drumming Snipe, Common Whitethroat, male and female Whinchat - all at Ardnachoil, between turn offs to Grasspoint and Loch Buie.  Also Cuckoo on wires continually dropping to catch caterpillars and back up to wires to feed.  Meadow Pipit in close proximity at all times!
Interestingly, arrived Saturday evening and no WTE in first two days.  Also noticed a real dearth of Wheatear (only 4 birds seen so far!). Phil & Jenny Collier (up from Cumbria).
27th Grasspoint 20+ Manx Shearwater offshore, family of Stonechat with 3 fully grown juveniles. Short-eared Owl in Glen More. Cuckoo on Dervaig to Aros road. Andy Bayes regular visitor
26th Pair of Golden Eagles giving stunning views in flight and at rest on crags at western end of Glen More opposite cottage, Craig. 1 Black-throated Diver and 3 Great Northern Divers in Loch Scridain off Pennyghael.  1 Black-throated Diver at head of Loch na Keal really close in to shore at high tide in the bay just west of Knock. 1 Golden Eagle on Beinn Bheag - looking south from from Knock Bridge.  Landing on lower slopes 4 times in a half hour period giving fantastic views through 'scope.Phil & Jenny Collier 
27th I’ve just received a report via  VisitScotland, of a Black Stork on 26th at Fanmore, being mobbed by crows. I have since spoken to the finder (Paul Toner) who gave an excellent description.
26th Just had report of Glossy Ibis at Dervaig reed beds, seen and photographed by a visitor today, further confirmation urgently  required please.  07789677177 or 01680 812448
26th Just back home from a week with no Internet access  from Deryck and Anne-Marie Irving
25th Woodcock - 1 at Loeb Croft evening  Deryck and Anne-Marie Irving
24th Manx Shearwater - c70 in mouth of Loch Scridain from Loeb Croft 8am  after two nights and a day of strong northerlies. Also c200 Kittiwakes feeding and small numbers of Auks including 2 Puffins flying into the Loch. Similar numbers of Kittiwakes in Sound of Iona from the 10.30 ferry that morning plus 30-40 Gannets and over 100 Common Terns
24th White Wagtail - 3 (possibly 4) on Iona (Bay at the Back of the Ocean) Chiffchaff - 1 singing by Iona Primary School. also had our best views ever of Corncrakes thanks to the cover being much lower than usual on Iona.  Deryck and Anne-Marie Irving
23rd 1 Black throated diver in full breeding plumage on Loch na Keal (near Kellan Woods) Golden Plover - 4 at Loch na Keal (near Dhiseig) Deryck and Anne-Marie Irving
21st Wigeon - pair on Iona, Bay at the Back of the Ocean
20th Golden Eagle - 3 birds displaying over the cliffs at Gribun (including stooping and talon grappling) . Single bird(s) at Loeb Croft (just East of Bunessan) in morning and evening . 23rd Pair being mobbed by a pair of Hen Harriers(!) seen from road between Treshnish and Torloisk 
20th Hen Harrier - female near Knockvologan . Male and female c 1/4 mile apart either side of Pennygael 
19th, Aros, Garden Warbler heard and seen at Aros Mains, Mike Porter
19th  Black-throated Diver - 1 in winter plumage on Loch Beg  with GND 
18th Sanderling - 7 at Ardalanish. 2 with 4 Turnstones and 12 Dunlin at Uisken 19th. 1 with 7 Dunlin and 16 Ringed Plovers at Ardalanish 21st 7 on Iona (Bay at the Back of the Ocean) 24th
18th Whimbrel - 18 at Ardalanish 20th. 15 at Fidden Deryck and Anne-Marie Irving
26th This morning at Aros Bridge, pair of Spotted Flycatchers, Tree Pipit, Grey Wagtail, 3 Common Sandpipers and Blackcap.Andy Bayes regular visitor
23rd May-3 sum plum GN Divers Lochbuie. 34+ Whimbrels, 12+ Dunlins Fidden.
24th May- 6 Purple Sandpipers Fingal`s Cave, Staffa. 2 Turnstones and 1 White Wagtail Lunga.
Ian Ford, Heatherlea Birdwatching
25th Jay this afternoon at Torlochan House between Salen and Knock, first sighting of a Jay for us on the island. Andy Bayes regular visitor
24th Treshnish, skua passage continues but all far out. Between 6.15-18.00pm but most in first hour: 84 migrating skuas estimated by flock type and flight style as 72 Long-tailed (large tight flocks close to sea) and 12 Pomarine (small groups 1-3 and in calm wind flight higher than previous) as well as 6 heading skuas heading south towards Treshnish Isles presumed to be Arctic and about 8 Great Skuas north of Treshnish Isles. prasad  Prasad Blog
24th - Torosay  Single Great Northern Diver and pair of Red-throated Divers in Sound of Mull, with a single Whimbrel along the shore.  Ruth Fleming Mull Magic wildlife walk
23rd: About 100 skuas flying north at Treshnish Point, including at least 10 Pomarines (including adults) and at least 10 Long-tailed Skuas (incl adults). Flocks every few minutes of 10-15 birds for at least an hour after which it calmed down. Also singles of Arctic and only about 1 Great Skua. Also over a thousand Fulmars and Manx Shearwaters all heading north. prasad 
23rd Craignure 3 windblown Fulmars  struggled into the strong NW winds, off Java Point, 6 passage Dunlin  at the golf course, Craignure and a single Whimbrel was at Java.
22nd  Craignure 2 singing Sedge Warblers, 2 territorial Whitethroats and single male Blackcap and Wood Warbler in song between Isle of Mull hotel and camp site.
18th - Killiechronan 6 Sedge Warblers singing and 4 male Whitethroats were star turns during our 'Birds Without Binoculars' early morning walk for the Isle of Mull Bird Club. A total of £85.70 was raised for MacMillan Nurses Cancer Support. Thanks to all our early birds, both avian and human!
Ruth Fleming 
23rd Light morph Pom Skua sound of mull (11.55am) heading towards loch sunart. Ewan  Blog
21st Osprey fishing successfully at Lochdon 21st May approx 8pm.  Steve Hiscock (I missed It)
22nd Tobermory: a Magpie an my garden in Tobermory, the first one I’ve seen here. 
I notice that the Dipper is not on your on-line list- Phil Siddall Curator, Mull Museum (Oh yes it is,  see  White throated Dipper)
Skua passage. last few days has shown a good movement of Skuas around the coast
22nd 8 Long-tailed Skuas and 2 Arctic Skuas north west of Mull travelling north. Ewan  Blog
22nd Craignure: Pomarine Skua close to ferry, really good view David Hatfield

Long tailed Skuas photo by Bryan Rains
21st: Treshnish, 4 Arctic Skuas and 33 Common Terns off west coast prasad 
20th Loch Assapol about 40 Long-tailed Skua. Bryan Rains Bryans Blog. 
20th over 2,000 Manx Shearwaters flying north at Caliach Point, prasad 
20th Lochdon: 2 Cuckoos flying over, Goldfinch, lots of Siskins on the feeders, no sign of Nuthatch. Alan
17th Storm-Petrel off Mingery . Ewan
19th - Loch na Keal Male Blackcap in song at Knock; two Red-throated Divers at head of loch, alongside feeding flock of 20 Razorbills; a pair of Goosanders on Loch Ba, where, unusually, a Dunlin was heard in song; still no sight or sound of local Redstart population at this location, which is disappointing. Ruth Fleming 
18th Caliach Point, 1 Little Gull feeding with Kittiwakes. Also about 15 Arctic Terns and hundreds of Manx 
18th Caliach Point, 1 Little Gull feeding with Kittiwakes. Also about 15 Arctic Terns and hundreds of Manx Shearwaters  Prasad 
18th One Curlew Sandpiper in a mixed flock of Dunlin and Ringed Plover on the shore at Uisken today, photograph to followw. Mike Boyes
16th - Killiechronan Adult Great Northern Diver displaying and calling to immature bird at head of Loch na Keal, where three calling Red-throated Divers also; one loud and incessant Whimbrel; three singing Sedge Warblers, three singing Whitethroats, a singing Tree Pipit and two Blackcaps; several Goldfinches and Lesser Redpolls; three immature Black-headed Gulls, and two ad. Canada Geese with three very young goslings.
15th - Treshnish Feeding flock of 70 Kittiwakes offshore and two Fulmars close inshore; two singing Whitethroats, a single Whimbrel and a cock Stonechat. Ruth Fleming. 
9th May Glen More 1 Cuckoo. Assapol 3 Lesser Redpoll, 2 Yellowhammer,4 Whooper Swan.
10th May Iona 2 Sandwich Tern, 1 Peregrine.
11th May Uisken 24 Whimbrel, 10 Sanderling, 20 Dunlin, 20 Turnstone.
14th May Pennyghael 1 Spotted Flycatcher, 2 Wood Warbler. Fidden 6 Golden Plover, Lapwing eggs hatched. Bryan Rains. 
16th  Male Hen Harrier this morning over Quinish. Roger Craven
15th Quinish, 1 Wood Warbler(first record of the year) Prasad
15th Lochdon: a Nuthatch was on a feeder in a local garden yesterday (14th) Sheila & Charlie Weir
(Nuthatch  is a 'rare bird' for Mull, being only the second or third record)

Nuthatch photograph by Shelia Weir
15th 6 summer plumage purple sandpiper. Croggan Marcus Conway 
14th Croig, 4 Turnstones in breeding plumage. prasad
14th - Langamull. Pair of Goosanders, a single Turnstone, Black Guillemot, Great Northern Diver and two Common Terns, Loch Cuin (at Oyster farm); 3 Common Terns and 4 Turnstones, Port na Ba; single Kittiwake, five Guillemots, a male Cuckoo and a single Black-tailed Godwit at Langamull. Four (inc. male) on fairway at Tobermory golf course this evening. Ruth Fleming 
14th 6 Common Terns flying west from the mouth of loch Cuin, 10 Turnstones in s/p travelling west along the coastline. Two Dunlin on Langamull yesterday. Roger Craven
13th Mishnish, Treshnish guests saw a 1 Swift. prasad
11th Treshnish, 1 Spotted Flycatcher. (the first of the year) prasad
11th Tobermory: just got a call from Tom Bettley, seen a Magpie near his house.  Andrew Oldacre
10th - Loch Ba 2 Red-throated Divers, a single Tufted Duck (unusual in parts of Mull), a male Cuckoo, 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers (one drumming) and a pair of Grey Wagtails. A mixed flock of around 12 hirundines feeding at the Hunting Lodge end of the loch contained at least six House Martins. Ruth Fleming. 
10th At least 2 poss 4 Common Scoter Loch Tuath, Gannet Loch Na Keal, male and female white tailed eagles various locations. Loads of summer plumage Great northern divers. Redpolls on feeders at Fascadail, Salen. Martin 
9th - Torosay two Gannets  in the Sound of Mull today; several Whimbrel along shore and one male Greenland race Wheatear; brilliant Summer-plumaged Great Northern Diver close-in at Craignure Bay. Ruth Fleming 
9th Croig, 1 Tufted Duck opp oyster beds, 10-16 Dunlin, 4-6 Whimbrel, 2 White Wagtails, 3 Common Terns, 1 Great Northern Diver. prasad 
7th North Loch Frisa Tuesday 7th. Grasshopper Warbler - my first for the year. Cuckoo calling -my  first for the yaer Whitethroat - my first again  Lots of Willow Warblers And just in case your interested, a small pool brim full of Palmate newts, both male and female. Rachel French
8th Ardrioch Farm Dervaig: A beautiful pair of Lesser Redpoll feeding on the feeders in the garden  plus Yellowhammer, Treecreeper, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Siskin's. Pam. 
8th watched a pair of Goldcrest busy making a nest on the end of spruce branch,just coming into leaf. Male very busy enticing the female in, didnt notice me watching., also a reeling Grasshopper Warbler in field opposite at Gruline near the church. Mark Kinsley
8th Treshnish 2 Twite and small party of Lesser Redpolls; 2 (one male, one female) Whimbrel and a single female Bar-tailed Godwit at Haunn. A singing male Blackcap, Tobermory, is first that we've heard here this Spring, normally expect to hear first around mid April. Ruth Fleming
8th Grasshopper Warbler singing (first of the year) in Salen last night.  Martin 
8th  a Sedge Warbler at Dervaig Reedbed this morning. Arthur 
7th Croig, at least 3 of the 6 terns at Croig were Common Terns, at least 3 White Wagtails, at least 2 Whimbrels, at least 14 Turnstones, 25 Dunlin, 1 Great Northern Diver at Croig. prasad 
7th 1 curlew sandpiper(first of the year) seen at fidden with Dunlin and ringed Plover by small stream flowing into bay next to farm. 25 whimbrel half mile beyond farm feeding in grass fields to right of the road. One flock of 18 & one of 7. Peter Hodgson Jim Coyle Lynda Pritchard Visiting from Glasgow
7th Lesser Redpoll on feeders in the garden at Ardrioch today and on the tour a Whitethroat at Kellan Farm drive end. Whimbrel at Salen and at least 3 more at Lagganulva Bay. 18 dunlin at Dervaig, 4 Red Throated Divers Loch Na Keal. Arthur 
7th t two White Wagtails at Calgary Bay, with pied wagtails and a male Wheatear right next to car park,  There were also 15 summer plumage unlin on the south side of the bay. Cameron Hathorn.
7th Torosay Great views of a Red-throated Diver in flight just offshore and 3 (2 males) Greenland race leocorhoa Wheatears along the shore, with good nos Whimbrel and White Wagtail. Ruth Fleming
6th Two Pomarine Skuas off Treshnish today. Ewan
6th Torosay 50+ Brent Geese, disoriented by mist and drizzle, migrating low over the sea, NW up the Sound of Mull; five Great Northern Divers; 14 s/p Turnstones, 10 Whimbrel, two Dunlin; four Wheatears and a single White Wagtail were all recorded on today's walk. Also, Whitethroat and Cuckoo heard, Craignure. Ruth Fleming
6th May  Iona north shore 1 Brunnichs Guillemot, (extremley rare) 1 Lapland Bunting. Dr Colin Bradshaw (hopefully we can get more information on this sighting ?)
6th Treshnish, c250 Golden Plovers and 10 Dunlin at Haunn, c98 Dunlin migrating north at Treshnish Point, 4 Whimbrel and 1 Great Northern Diver at Port Haunn, 
6th Bunessan and saw 15 Black tailed Godwits in the field this morning. Natasha Astill 
5th Iona today, poor weather but there were a pair of Dotterel on the grassland above the beaches to the north of the island. An excellent day despite the rain.  Richard & Liz Airey.
5th Lochdon: 11 summer plumaged Black tailed Giodwit, frantically feeding. Pat Stone visitor & Alan
3rd I had great views of Short eared Owls at Glen More and Just south of Lochdon, a male Hen Harrier and splendid Summer plumaged Black tailed Godwits at Lochdon, 2 Whinchats on roadside to Grasspoint and a Black Guillemot at Loch Buie. David Johnston
3rd 3 Tufted Ducks 2 males and a female in Aros Bay today, 3 Red Throated Divers at Knock and a Dipper at Lagganulva where burn enters the bay. Dolphins in Aros Bay Arthur
3rd I heard a cuckoo on our trees at the back of our house for the first time this year Jan Fuller
3rd Superb views of a Great Skua round the boat today as well as Several WTE Martin 
3rd We had a Redpoll in the garden this morning Martin  Mull Charters
3rd Glengorm : a summer plumaged male Snow Bunting this bird was first seen on April 18th for one day only. But now... it's back! has been hanging around Standing stones area. Steph Cope (photo)
3rd A Common Whitethroat singing about a mile west of Bunessann by the roadside this morning, couldn't see any reports of these on your website yet so thought you might be interested. I'm visiting for a few days, saw my first ever Corncrake yesterday on Iona which was fantastic.
David Johnston (conratulations David, a lifer ia always a moment to treasure)
2nd 07-00 this am (Thursday) Sedge Warblers are in Bellart/Cuin Reed beds. Rod & Gill Little
1st - Apper Mor Eight Tree Pipits, including two or three song-flighting males, in the remnants of a former forestry plantation. Ruth Fleming 
2nd Salen Old Pier: It was so nice to see Eider Ducks here, 11 males and 4 females. Alan Spellman
2nd I would like to report the sighting of a Barn Owl at dusk on May 1st. Otter House, north of Salen. Paul Darby (we have about thirty pairs of Barn Owls on Mull)
1st Glen Forsa today and the best birds were 3 Tree Pipits and 2 Cuckoos. Richard & Liz Airey.
1st Flight of 12 Whimbrel through Fionnphort this am, surprised to see pair of Shoveller, hiding in the reeds on Loch Pottie,  (very scarce on Mull) also 15 Teal and pair of Tufted Duck out in open water.  Sandpipers now taking up territories around the loch and good numbers of Willow Warbler singing, as was male Reed Bunting.  Our pair of Whoopers still resting up.  Mike Wagemakers
Latest reports for May 2012
7th We just back from 2 glorious weeks on Mull and we saw the Marsh Harrier at Fidden on 22nd May.Rex Earnshaw
31st Calgary:Two Red-throated Divers Calgary Bay this Lunch time. Geoff Pain
30th Fidden. an immature Marsh Harrier around Fidden farm area for most of the day, a full report with photos to follow. An immature was seen at Treshnish Point by Prasad, this is probably the same bird. David Warden
30th :1 Short eared OwlL at Loch Beg. 4  Black Guillemot and 84 Shag in 2 rafts Off Iona ferry, Corncrake  Three good sightings in  Abbey field from St Columba Hotel garden. Glaucous Gull Still around ferry terminal.
3 Twite at Grlbunand 1 Black Throated Diver in Craignure Bay this evening. Ken W Reeves
29th Caliach Point/Langamull; A pair of Great Skuas on nest, two late Whimbrel and a single Great Northern Diver were the highlights of today's walk. Ruth Fleming. 
27th Ben More summit: a Dotterel near the summit of Ben More. It was very busy feeding. No suggestion yet that it is breeding but interesting timing. pix to follow. Dave Sexton (pp) RSPB Senior Ecologist Dr Neil Cowie. Status/historic records are:  very scarce spring passage migrant, only a few records.
1992 14th May a single bird was at Quinnish
2010: 2 birds seen on hills at the back of Scoor in May. (Robert Johnson)
2011: 4th May 3 birds were displaying on the top of Ben More. (Julian Bray)
29th 2 Sandwich Terns in Calgary Bay & manx shearwaters at Cailaich Point. Arthur 
29th Treshnish Haunn: a  juvenile Marsh Harrier  Prasad 
29th  5 Crossbill  1 Male 2 first year and 2 Female’s . In pines behind Isle Of Mull Hotel. 2 Red throated Divers   Loch Na Keel  Rubha Mor, 1 Yellow Wagtail Mull Rugby pitch.  Ken Reeves 
28th Bar-tailed Godwit,1 Killiechronan this morning. Geoff Pain
28th I was told too late that guests here reckon they saw the shrike at Haunn today in the afternoon but they were not certain. whatever it was it was seen behind Haunn cottages (only about 30m from cottages)
28th Short-eared owl at east end of Loch Scridain at 9.30am,  Male and female merganser at Carsaig bay 
Bob Wagner
27th Iona. A 5hr visit produced only a single calling Corncrake, the activity of these skulking migrants being obviously curtailed by the exceptionally warm weather. The immature Glaucous Gull was in its usual locality either side of the Iona ferry jetty and a dull-plumaged, short-billed arctica race Dunlin was with a very long-billed bird, probably alpina, at the Bay at the Back of the Ocean. Ruth Fleming
27th Treshnish, Osprey at 7.45pm. Long-tailed Duck is still at Calgary Bay.  Prasad 
27th Linnet singing forceably on telegraph wires on path down to pier past the old quarry just north of Fionnphort.--11.00am.  Bob Wagner
26th  2 Shelduck on Ardanalish beach-- then a Merlin flying fast over the hills at the west end of the beach at 5.30pm Bob Wagner
26th a tagged Red Kite over Treshnish at 2.25pm.  It is a Chilterns bird from 2011 (right wing white left wing yellow) and it is a number 7. 1 hour later a Red-backed shrike at Treshnish. on farm-road past Treshnish House, continuing on farm road about 200m past cowbarn on right. On wire fence bordering small wood patch, Prasad 
25th Loch na Keal: Arctic Skua in Loch Na Keal yesterday Martin. 
25th: Discover Mull Tours found a Long tailed duck in Calgary Bay & the summer plumaged Black throated Diver in Loch na Keal. Pam & Arthur 
24th 20 Crossbill over Torlochan at 5 am. Woodcock roding most evenings here. 2 red poll grass point. Glacous gull on iona. Marcus Conway 
24th May -Female bar-tailed godwit sighted feeding on shore North Iona beach.  Corncrake seen and heard in iris bed beside Youth Hostel.
25th May-- Manx shearwater, fulmars, gannets, terns, razorbills, guillemots. ringed plover, pied wagtail, rock pipits, swallows, eiders, on Soa Island -- 3 miles South of Iona.  Bob Wagner. 
24th Loch na Keal: We had a  stunning full summer plumaged Black Throated Diver today off Gometra.
Martin Keivers. 
Mull Charters24th Torosay: 3 Red-throated Divers in Duart Bay  2 singing Garden Warblers in Torosay woodland Ruth Fleming.
23rd -Salen - Killiechronan: An immature Golden Eagle being buzzed by a Buzzard also saw and heard Lesser Redpoll at Salen woods, Wood Warblers at Salen woods and Killiechronan woods (two), as well as a singing male Garden Warbler and a singing male Redstart at Glen Aros.
22nd -Croig - Langamull:Highlights of today's walk included two Greenland race Wheatears, four Whimbrels and two Great Northern Divers. Ruth Fleming. 
23rd John Bannon (who found our Roller last May) has reported seeing a Green Woodpecker in the woods north of LagganAt Langanulva today and also hearing Nuthatch in the beech woodlands at Torloisk where the road runs over the hill to Dervaig. Both these species are very scarce for Mull. please report any sightings. 
21st a Yellow Wagtail on Iona in fields with cattle near golf course, Steve Hack 
further confirmation and a photo from another visitor would be nice.  Please ? 
22nd at Langamull Prasad reports a Scandinavian Rock Pipit on the salt marsh, (see pic)
22nd Had excellent views of corncrake today (a first for me) on a trip to Iona, in the field by the Abbey. Wouldn't have thought to look there if it hadn't been for your comment in Issue 9 Mull Bird Report. Thank you!  John Goddard
22nd Wood Warbler seen in woods opposite wrecks at Salen Spotted Flycatcher at Glen Forsa, 2 Common Terns at Forsa Estuary.Arthur with Nick Evans on a wetland survey for BTO
22nd May--- 2 Great Northern Divers swimming on this little lochan (Loch Mor-Ardanalish) early this morning along with 2 Greylag geese and 2 Mallards-- 2 sedge warblers 2  whitethroat on western shore-- cuckoos abundant everywhere.  On Ardanalish beach were 4 Shelduck and 2 Great Northern divers off shore in afternoon;  Kestrel over field. Bob Wagner. staying Ardachy House Hotel
22nd Arthur Brown went hunting for a Common Scoter and found one at Lagganulva. 
22nd Fionnphort: Adult Glaucouse stillaround area Mike Wagemakers
21st.  Fidden by Erraid-- Wheatears ++  male Common Redstart. 6 Ravens 4 Curlew, (very few lapwing this year compared with previous years).  Uisken beach and scrub. whinchat, whitethroat, sedge warblers, dunlin, common sandpiper.  Hen Harrier m flying over field in front of Ardachy 8.00pm. Bob Wagner

21st -Torosay:  A singing Garden Warbler in young birch scrub is only the second indvl of this species that we have ever heard on Mull Ruth Fleming 
21st Treshnish, 1 Osprey flying east over Old Schoolhouse. Prasad 
There is a Whopper swan at end of loch assapol (near Bunessan) also an adult Glaucous gull on Iona close to the ferry arrival pier.
20th Pom Skua off Grasspoint also 3 Great northern diver, Black Guillemot. Steve Hack (staying at mullbirds)
20th  a couple of Mealy Redpoll in the garden at Torlochan. We have had a number of flyover redpoll sp. over the last 2 days so it was good to get some touch down. James Spencer & Marcus Conway 
20th Tobermory A singing male Sedge Warbler was a new species for the Mull Magic garden, where it was joined by singing Blackcap, Whitethroat and Willow Warbler. Ruth Fleming 
Short Eared Owl: Seen every day at Lochdon, grasslands at end of Loch Spelve, Glenmore, & Kinloch along with Reudle area on 17th. Chris Moore
Hen Harrier: at least 3 males around Lochdon & Loch Spelve area, with single females sighted there throughout week as well. Both m&f seen in Glenmore on several days from both carpark at 3 Loch’s and further down towards Kinloch on lowlands under Ben More.
Long Eared Owl: Possible seen on 15th in evening at Lochdon Chris Moore
Corncrake (Iona): On 16th at least 3 in field behind firestation (all seen) plus various others seen and heard including one very showy near to road leading to Bay/Beach at the back of island. 3 Sanderling also here.
Great Northern Diver: Numerous birds (mostly summer plumage) seen very well daily on Loch Scridian  and Loch Na Keal.Chris Moore
Red Throated Divers: Singles seen at Scridain, lochbuie and Loch Na keel, some summer plumage some still winter. Gannets: 2 Feeding in Loch Na Keel on both 15th and 16th. Chris Moore
Rock Doves: Various sights all week at Griburn, loch na Keel particularly.
Arctic Terns: Sound of Mull and Loch Na keel most days.
Otters: Tricky this year but Mum + 2 Young on Loch Na Keel on 18th, Singles on Scridian on 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th.  1 Dog Otter near Lochdon bridge on 12th.
Garmony 14th: 15+ Turnstone, 10 Dunlin and 3 Ringed Plover + 1 Otter Chris Moore
19th Glen More: spent an hour 8.00pm watching up to six Short eared Owls, displaying and feeding young close to the car park by the three lochans. Also three Cuckoos.  Alan

19th Myself and Marcus Conway went to have a look for the Curlew Sandpiper today at Duart Bay which was absent (and there were far less waders). Amongst a dozen Dunlin and six Tundrae Ringed Plovers was a
winter plumage Knot. There were 25 or so Whimbrel in the area although mobile. Additionally the Garden Warbler continues to sing from Torlochan. James Spencer
19th Black Throated Diver in w plumage at the head of Loch Na Keal this evening. Ewan 
18th Duart Bay this pm, a Curlew Sandpiper. Marcus Conway has some shots. It was in transitional plumage, just turning pink. Also 21 Whimbrel, 40 Tundrae Ringed Plovers, 46 Dunlin of a couple of races and 5 Curlew. At Grasspoint, 2  Great Northern Divers, 2 Turnstone and Whimbrel. James Spencer

Curlew Sandpiper at Duart Bay 18th May 2012  by Marcus Conway
Scottish nature photographer of the year 2011. ebirder

6th Treshnish, 1 Iceland Gull at north shore. 
15th 2 Short Eared Owls hunting at Kinloch Junction, 12 Dunlin and 3 Sanderling on Ardalanish Beach 
SE Owl hunting  adjacent to the roadside just on the Dervaig side of the watershed on the Torloisk - Dervaig road.Distant Golden Eagle behind Calgary House today at 1.30pm. Alison & John Harden
15th - Glen More Short-eared Owl hunting around 10.00am near the Three Lochs. Ruth. 
15th Mull Charters: slightly different to normal & we had Whimbrel, 2 Cuckoo, hunting male Hen Harrier, 6 Dunlin, Ringed Plover, Gt Northern and Red Throated Diver, Sea Eagle (of course)& a very close Bonxie  which harried and chased the gulls following the boat. Also 3 Otters  in a family group. 
14th Glenforsa shore (near mouth  of River Forsa:- 2m +1f Goosander, 1 Pale bellied Brent Goose, Arctic 
Tern, White Wagtail – at least 4 on airfield & have been here for several days
Fishnish picnic area overlooking ferry terminal:-1 WTSE, 2 Whimbrel Gannet - at least 30 seen in 2 hours 
flying NW up the sound. Alison & John Harden
14th Lochdon: an Osprey flying north over lochdon towards Duart, this morning at 08.30hrs. Alan
13thCalgary beach, 1 Greenland Wheatear on rocks beside road (photographed and verified) Prasad
11th Fionnphort-Staffa  many Gannets, 1 Kittiwake, Fulmars, Guillemots, Puffins, 30+ Manx Shearwaters 
Bonxie around Staffa; Corncrake on Staffa. Iona: Ferrypoint - golfcourse: Rock Doves Rooks, Linnets; 2 Twite; 3 more Corncrakes heard including one seen well crossing the road, 12+ Gannets; Bonxie
Leob area:  16 Common Seals, 3 Rock Doves, 1 Sedge Warbler
12th Lochdon:  4 Bar-tailed Godwits. Craignure:  Otter fishing 100m offshore, 4 Great Northern Divers Peter and Marjolein Lewis
A few highlights from our trip to the island last week :-  Tony & Jan Jenkins
11th - Stayed at Isle of Mull Hotel, last night on the island and following morning we hear chiffchaff & GSW. 
10th - GN divers noted all along loch scridain into double figures, also guillemots, SE owl hunting at head of loch near bridge over river. Drive to auchnacraig bridge 2 greenshank.
10th Pennyghael, Loch Scridain:  Mistle Thrush, Great Northern Diver,Glen More:  pair Golden Eagles
Loch Airde Glais:  pair Red-throated Divers. Peter and Marjolein Lewis
Head of Loch Buie: 2 Great northern Divers; Sand Martins9th - 2 male yellowhammers under bird table at farmhouse Knockvologgan, single whooper and 5 tufted males on loch pottie, also hunting Ringtail Harrier hunting, 2 red throated divers on loch assapol, another whooper in shallows on loch assapol.
9th Valley at head of Carsaig bay  2 singing Whinchat. Also Mountain Hare in roadside conifer forest.
Carsaig Bay: 3 White Wagtails, 4 Great Northern Divers; 4 Common Seals, 1 Whimbrel, 2 Black Guilllemots, 2 House Martins. Carsaig-Carsaig Arches: 2 Great Northern Divers; 5 Guillemots, 2 Black Guillemots; 6 Gannets, 6 feral Goats, 1 Otter fishing ; 4-9 Porpoises feeding off-shore; 6 Kestrels. c 10 Herring Gull nests around arches but no sign of any nesting Fulmars; 6 Yellowhammers (2 pairs and 2 males)8th -  Iona, 12 common terns on the crossing, corncrake near fire station and at least 3 in abbey fields, sand martin colony in dunes on the beach at the back of the ocean, 7 common sands at st colombus bay.
7 May f Hen Harrier, Short-eared Owl defending territory from Hoodies and the Harrier. a Cuckoo and saw a Buzzard and  White-tailed Eagle  NW of Burg. Lynne and Eve Hallam visiting from Wiltshire. 
7th - Lochdon, 7 blk t godwits, 9 mergansers, small numbers whimbel, dunlin & ringed plover. Drive along to Pennyghael, 8 GN divers and a Common scoter noted opposite the hotel.
6th - Killiechronan, 40 greylags & 50 canada geese, Loch ba  2 f mergansers on loch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, nesting curlew, 2 greenshank at shallow end of loch, one pair of tufted duck, also small sand martin colony, 5 Golden Plover in field near bridge, 2 redshank and snipe.
6th Fidden: 30+ Whimbrel and 2 Black-tailed Godwits all put up by Peregrine. Snipe in Iris beds. 3+ Turnstones, 3+Dunlins, pair White Wagtails, Great northern Diver, territorial Lapwings, 60 Golden Plover ('northern type'), Linnets, Twites, Rock Dove. Peter and Marjolein Lewis
Iona: 4 calling Corncrakes between ferry point and Abbey; Linnets, Twites, Goldfinches, Greenfinches, 22 Whimbrel in 3 groups, 3 White Wagtails, 2 Redshanks, chipping and drumming Snipe, Rock Doves
Fionnphort: 18.40hrs Merlin, White Wagtail. Peter and Marjolein Lewis
Uisken:  Peregrine over road nearby, 4 White Wagtails, 2 Whimbrel5th - 2 WTSEs over Calgary, male goosander at Dervaig, male hen harrier sighted twice on walk from loch frisa to dun ara, woodcock roding at Killiechronan
4th - pair Bullfinches at Aros park, woodcock & tawny owl & small sand martin colony at Calgary bay
13th Calgary, 5 Sanderlings, 1 White Wagtail, 1 Whimbrel Prasad. 
12th - Treshnish Headland 2 male Cuckoo's, 2 singing Whitethroats, a pair of Lesser Redpolls, 5 Twite, Willow Warbler nest building, Oystercatcher incubating clutch of three eggs, pair of Golden Eagles and adult White-tailed Eagle were among the highlights of our walk today.
12th - Loch Frisa (Dervaig end) Male Hen Harrier and single hunting Short-eared Owl. Ruth Fleming
11th May Iona 3 Corncrake seen, 1 first winter Glaucous Gull. Fidden, 40 Whimbrel, 1 Black-tailed Godwit. Bryan Rains. 
11th Treshnish, 2 Whimbrels and 5 White Wagtails along north shore.  Prasad 
11th Red Grouse feeding at Reudle today 11th also peregrine at Killiechron and Merlin on Torloisk Dervaig 
road. cheers Arthur 
11th Iceland Gull off Ardmore point, Drake Long-Tailed Duck at the head of Loch Na Keal, 20 plus Whimbrel at Fidden. Ewan 
10th - Tobermory Newly arrived Spotted Flycatcher 1st singing less than 2 metres from me at the foot of Prison Brae was as unexpected as it was unbelievable. Ruth Fleming.
8th first Arctic Terns on the skerries near Craignure golf course. Also chiff chaff and goldcrest at the entrance to the Loch Ba walk. Pete Hall 
9th Aros Park A cock Redstart in song along the path from Ledaig Car Park. Ruth Fleming. 
8th Lochdon: 5 Whimbrel, lots of Common Sandpipers and three Cuckoos. Alan
9th Our first Wood Warbler(singing male). Along the Grasspoint road where the trees form a  “tunnel”. Just before the landscape opens out, approx. a quarter of a mile before the cattle grid. Andrew Oldacre
8th Lochdon: 2 Whimbrel along Gorten road & at least 2 Grasshopper Warbler along shore. Alan
8th A Bar-tailed Godwit today at Killiechronan.This evening on a drive with Pam, Jaquie Ferriday and Mike Murphy we saw a total of 10 Short Eared Owls. a Ring Tailed Hen Harrier and a Barn Owl, from Ardrioch over the hill road to Torloisk through Tostary, Reudle and home via Calgary. Arthur. 
7th Lochdon: Andy Oldacre had an unusual visitor to his bird table being a lesser black backed Gull. Andy
7th 3 Short Eared Owls and a Cuckoo at Reudle today Arthur 
7th Glengorm 3 singing Blackcaps in Rhododendron scrub around castle, 2 male Whitethroats and a gloriously pink-rumped male Crossbill which otherwise had the grey-green feathering of a female!
6th Loch Spelve 2 immature White-tailed Eagles (male and female) actively calling and pursuing each other, 6Great Northern Divers and 3 Red-throated Divers; 2 cock Yellowhammers and4 displaying Tree Pipits; and a Ringed Plover found incubating an incomplete clutch of three eggs. Ruth Fleming
5th Pomarine Skua off Glengorm on Saturday.
6th Merlin at both Torloisk and Cailaich Point today. Arthur. 
6th We are staying at Port na Ba and have roughly 12 Whimbrel visiting daily. Richard Burdon
5th A Sedge Warbler on Loch Na Keal opposite Kellan Farm entrance and a Black Throated Diver On
Loch Na Keal, Goosander at Laggan Ulva. Arthur 
5th Treshnish, first Sedge Warbler at Haunn. Prasad
5th Not the first, I know, but now we have Whitethroat in Lochdon. Over the bridge and just after the cattle-grid. Andy Oldacre. also one singing at Lochdon (Maridon) Alan
4th Loch na keal 1 fe Bar-t godwit, 10 white wagtail: Gruline, + 8 golden plover by L Ba... David Hatfield  4thTreshnish, 6 White Wagtails, 1 Grey Wag,1 Whimbrel & 1 Dunlin along north shore. Prasad. 
4th Two female Ring Ouzel's at Mishnish Lochs 
3rd We had an Osprey in Glen Seilisdeir on todays tour. Bryan Rains 
3rd David Sexton saw an Osprey at Glen Seilisdeir this morning - flew towards Loch Scridain. Debby
3rd From the path from Langamull car park to Kilninian, half a mile from the forestry, a pair of hen harriers separately hunting on the east side of the valley. Roger Craven
3rd Salen: Grasshopper Warbler (1st) singing away in the garden this morning. Debby Thorne
3rd Lochdon Wood Sandpiper still there at 17.00 hrs Alan
3rd Lochdon: a Wood Sandpiper above the bridge, 200 Pinkfoot over Duart 13.00hrs flying north. regular visitor David Hatfield
2nd Port Na Ba: Now 18 Whimbrel here. Roger Craven
2nd Treshnish, 3-6 Whimbrel and 3 White Wagtails, Prasad 
1st May – Pale bellied Brent Goose, Grasspoint in the evening. (Interestingly, we saw a single bird in Ardmucknish Bay from Connel earlier in the afternoon heading West which was presumably the same bird. This is the first pale bellied Brent Goose I have seen). Lochdon Greenshank and female Goosander;
2nd May – Martyr’s Bay, Iona. Faded 1st Winter Glaucous Gull showing brilliantly. 5-6 Corncrakes calling, with a single showing brilliantly in the Organic Garden. Cuckoo in Heritage Centre garden. Great Skua, 100s of Manx Shearwaters, several Great Northern Divers, 5 Sanderling and 20+ Whimbrel West Beach. Fidden – 2 s p Black tailed Godwit. Loch Pottie – Whooper Swan and 5 Tufted Ducks.
3rd May – Lochdon/Loch Spelve, 2 male Whinchat. Loch Ba – winter plumaged Black throated Diver, pair Tufted Duck.Ross Facer Area Manager - London and East. RSPB Fundraising Direct  (posted 10th May)
1st Lochdon: 20 Black tailed Godwit here briefly this morning, most in summer plumage. pp Alan
1st Dervaig: two Black tailed Godwit (1st) at Guin, one in full summer plumage Arthur
1st Long tailed duck landed next to boat this afternoon.  Martin Kievers 
1st A Whitethroat (1st) at Killiechronan, a Barn Owl at Dervaig this pm. Arthur 
1st Uisken 1 Whinchat. (1st) & a Common Tern (1st) on Loch Scridain Bryan Rains