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Latest reports for May 2020

Latest reports for May 2019
Spring migrants arrivals on Mull 2019
25th May Spotteed Flycatcher at Croggan rtoday Lee Dutton
10th May Salen 2 Arctic Terns in the Sound yesterday from Garmony Peter and Jan Daisey
1st May. Iona First Corncrake and first Common Tern. Arthur and Pam Brown
25th roadside by Loch Frisa turn, a pair of Whinchats visitor Tim Dixon
25th Dervaig. first Sedge Warbler singing, visitor Tim Dixon
23rd April first Common Whitethroat south of Dervaig. Ewan Miles
21st April: first  Wood Warbler singing at Quinish, prasad   
18th April a first Grasshopper Warbler at the Dervaig reed bed around 5.45 today.  Andrew Scott
14th April first Redstart at at Torloisk  visitor Tim Dixon
17th April. Just heard first Cuckoo at killiechronan this evening. reglar visitor  Pam Bennett
11th April - Tree Pipit in song at Croggan,  Ewan Miles
10th April Our first House Martin recorded at Pennyghael. Bryan Rains
10th April Willow Warbler at Croig. Ewan 
9th April  a first Blackcap singing at the back of the Harour Guest House Tobermory this morning. Richard Airey 
6th March  a first Swallow north at Salen this afternoon.  Richard Dale
25th March first Chiff Chaff - near the boats at the Java end of the coastal path. Nancy Somerville
24th March  first Sand Martin recorded at Kellan. Ewan Miles 
23rd March  first Common Sandpiper at Dervaig. John Miles
21st March Our first Wheatear along the shoreline at Loch Spelve this morning. Alan Spellman
31st Spotted Flycatcher from Aros Bridge and eider with young in the bay.  Whinchat on road from Lochdon to Gorten and also from Lochdon
to the south just past Grasspoint road end.  30th May.  Mick and Sylvia Brennan
31st Male Peregrine in NW Mull. Greenshank on territory in an undisclosed peatland site. Ewan Miles
31st At Port Na Ba. - 3 resident Rock Doves, very entertaining - Daily White Tailed Eagles. Fascinating to see how far out to sea they fly, and how long they are prepared to sit out on the skerries at the mouth of Loch Cuin. On one occasion the adult sat there for 2 hours in the teeth of a full gale. Also heard the adults vocalising, something I've only ever seen on TV - 8 Bottlenose Dolphins close inshore  and an otter in the mouth of the bay on 29th 
29th a Peregrine and a Greenshank on 27th - unfortunately for the common gull colony, and the dozens of ringed plovers and common
sandpipers (including one nesting in the garden wall of our cottage) a mink on May 30th
Also of note - 4 singing sedge warblers, and a singing Chiffchaff on Iona on  28th, but only 3 calling Corncrakes?- spotted flycatchers at Carsaig (28th) and Croig (29th)- a quite wonderful Great Northern Diver a few metres from the shore of Loch Scridain on 28th. Quite the most wonderfully exact plumage I think I've ever seen - pair of red throated divers at mishnish lochs (29th) and Calgary (30th) - short eared owl at Reudle on 28th,
 aloof, not showing particularly well.  Also an equally coy Whinchat at the same location.  Matt from Cheshire
30th  our local pair of Bullfinches have young.  They are constantly getting food from the feeder and competing with
 the goldfinches for dandelion seeds and our early grass seeds. Jenny Jackson
30th Calgary Bay 3 Great northern Diver, Loch Tuath, 19 Black Guillemot visitor Michael Kaye. ,
30th Loch na Keal: 2 Red-throated Divers, 1 Gt Northern Diver all in full breeding plumage, 3 Black Guillemots. visitor Martin Kaye
29th: Fishnish - eider drake, Canada geese with single gosling. Scallastle  - peregrine, cuckoo, 3 willow warblers Nancy Somerville
28th: Craignure/Java - 2 common sandpipers, 3 red-breasted mergansers (males). Scallastle Bay - pair greylag geese with 2 goslings, approx 6 common and arctic terns, ringed plover, common sandpiper, pair red-breasted mergansers (male eclipse), curlew. Garmony - eider drake, approx 15 Canada geese, common sandpiper, 6 ringed plover.29th at least 1 Tree Sparrow at Treshnish, near Calgary. It was calling so there could have been more than one.prasad                                                                    
6th May: 5 Dotterels (4 male & 1 female) seen on the Craignure to Scallastle circuit while climbing Dun da Ghaoithe at Maol nan Uan - Chris Mitchley

28th I have just returned from another fantastic trip to Mull. Saw all the birds I wanted to see. However, I thought I would
drop you a line as I’m positive I saw a female Goshawk above the Spruce just North of Loch Torr on 26/5 just after 11am.
 I have experience with these birds in Berlin as well as spending the spring of this year  monitoring pairs across Upper
Forth and West Fife. I’m not sure of the status of Gos on Mull so thought best to email you .Andrew
Douglas .                                 28th  Lots of Dunlin feeding on Lochdon from turning area at entrance to Gorten Farm.
27th May.2 Jays flying over Knock Farm towards bridge at 7.30 this morning.
26th: Craignure/Java - red-breasted merganser (male), 2 common sandpipers,mallard. 
May.Mick & Sylvia Brennan                               
27th: Scallastle forest path - willow warbler, chiff chaff, woodpecker, woodpigeon, meadow pipit, cuckoo calling. Craignure/Java - 2 common sandpipers
. red-throated diver. Tobermory Bay - black guillemot.Nancy Somerville
27th Loch na Keal. a distant pair of Black throated divers from the head of the loch. Lee Dutton

26th No SEO at all. Yet. Appreciate the weather past few days hasn't been great. Also,  a sand martin bank with 2 birds coming and going on the
Derviag road from Salen end,. Lee Dutton.
26th one  (or two) Wood Warblers heard from path 300 -500 m north of Tobermory. visitor Martin Kaye

26th an Otter, 2 common sandpipers a Hen Harrier  North of island and directly in front of the hide. Michael Brennan

26th Java by Craignure. a pair of Bullfinch in a local garden here today. Carole Percy
25th Two Great Northern Divers in full breeding plumage, Loch an Keal, 13:00 seen from ‘Golden Eagle car park’. Martin Kaye
25th Male hen harrier, North side of Loch Beg, about 2.15pm today. Andrea Mackenzie 25th Pink footed goose with grelags on 24th at opposite golf course. First reported Spotted flycatcher at croggan on 25th.Lee Dutton.
Hawfinch on
                          Iona 21st May 2019
21st  a male Hawfinch on IONA in Garden in front of Victoria Cottage one of cottages facing the sea on Iona feeder laying
 on grass hawfinch even went inside feeder then had to reverse out!Feeding on ground hoping onto a concrete seat.Met a
 couple by fire station said they had seen a Hawfinch in garden so we went to look.Stunning views wasn’t bothered by us
standing at garden gate, will send some more photos when home
.    L Potter,C Place,K Smith,B Harrington today
21st There was a male Hawfinch in Iona today (Tuesday 21st May) at around 1pm. It was in the garden of Victoria cottage
 showing well on the ground. Don’t know how unusual this is - if at all. Neil Verlander

20th May Fidden 4 Whimbrel, 1 Black-tailed Godwit. Loch Beg 10 Dunlin, 5 Golden Plover, 1 Greenshank, 1 Whimbrel. I have seen at least 6 pairs of Stonechat with their first broods fledged. Bryan Rains
18th: Craignure/Java - single whimbrel, 2 common sandpipers.
16th: Craignure campsite - redpoll. On sea off Craignure-Torosay coast - 2 great northern divers. Nancy Somerville

17th Female Peregrine, central Mull. Crossbills in numerous places around the island as the cone crops increase. Female Sparrowhawk with prey getting constantly mobbed by a Mistle Thrush, maybe Sp-hawk had a nestling/fledgling?. Red Grouse calling at dusk in a few moorland sites in north Mull. Barn Owls seen at dusk and darkness in numerous sites in north and central Mull as well. Ewan Miles
16th Recent sequence of uncommon events: Scallastle Forest. In the heat of a brilliant cloudless sunny afternoon watching
a cuckoo but listening to a tawny owl hooting. Steve Littlewood

Song Thrush
15th: Craignure golf course - approx 25 Common Terns, pair ringed plover, pair white-tailed eagles and chick
13th: Scallastle forest path - whitethroat Nancy Somerville
Osprey ay Loch Beg May 2019 Bryan
14th Loch Beg. an Osprey here today, the first report of the year. Bryan Raines.                                                                                         6th Merlin (female) - fidden Ringtail harrier - fidden, grasspoint area, Male harrier - Pennyghael, grasspoint area,
 Loch Frisa North end Whooper swan - flying towards uisken,Red throated diver - loch assapol ,Tree pipit - Carsaig
Bottle nose dolphins (2) - Loch Scridain Both eagles at the usual places. Rick Thornton                           
12th a Merlin apparently hunting bats in deep dusk, south Loch Na Keal.  Steve Littlewood
12th Loch na Keal. Great northern diver rooste continues  goodish numbers, 38 birds rafting together yesterday. Steve Littlewood.
12th In over 50 years of frequent visits have seen very few barn owls on Mull -- and wonder why -- or maybe we should we be
booking in to Specsavers  -- but on Friday evening had a great sight of one hunting near the head of Loch na Keal on the south side.Malcolm & Cathe Hartley.                               
10th: Craignure/Java - (male) red-breasted merganser, great northern diver, 3
common sandpipers, single whimbrel.                                                                                 
11th: Garmony - common sandpiper, eider drake, three groups of Canada geese with goslings (13 adults, 8 goslings in total)
cuckoo calling, black guillemot on the Sound between Garmony and Morvern. 3 terns flying between Mull and Lady's
 Rock (spotted from ferry) Nancy Somerville                                                              
12th Killiechronan, I returned today, to get a better photograph of a singing Sedge Warbler. ASpellman

11th Killiechronan Singing Sedge Warblers and Common Whitethroat at the campsite. Alan Spellman
10th Iona great skua (menacing the oystercatchers) a merlin at Camus Cuil an t-Saimh on Iona..Kevin Tubby
10th Salen 2 arctic terns in the sound yesterday from Garmony.Peter and Jan Daisy
9th   3rd May we watched a pair of Treecreepers that were nesting in a crack in a wall of the ruined homestead at Balnahard,
 we watched the male bringing in food and passing to the bird that was on the nest in the crack,. On the 28th April at
Killiechronan we counted 21 Great Northern Divers, 5 Red-throated Divers and a summer plumaged Slavonian Grebe.  2nd May
from the same spot we counted 22 Great Northern Divers, Dick and Mandy Walden
7th Fidden.we saw 40+ Whimbrel and a
White Wagtail. visitors David and Edwina Sharp

6th: Craignure/Java - 3 common sandpipers, great northern diver, 2 whimbrel, mallard drake, heron flying over.  Scallastle forest path - cuckoo calling.
Nancy Somerville
5th  2 days into a 2 week stay on Mull Spotted this at Porth na Ba this morning  would I be right in thinking it's a Twite? (Yes)
photo by Frank Burns
5th: Craignure/Java - 3 common sandpipers, great northern diver, 3 red-breasted mergansers (2 males), heron.
Nancy Somervill
5th a small flock of 12 Whinbrel came in to roost for the night. Alan Spellman
5th Caliach. An 1st year Iceland gull here today. Arthur Brown. (white winged gulls have been very scarce to find this year)
4th A single wigeon drake on the lochan this afternoon at Suidhe Farm, Bunessan Tony Jeffree
4th: Scallastle forest path - chiff chaff,  willow warbler, 2 cuckoos, 2 woodpeckers (one heard drumming, one seen in flight), treecreeper. Craignure/Java - curlew, 8 swallows,  3 common sandpipers.Nancy Somerville3rd: Craignure/Java - adult white-tailed eagle flying over, 3 common sandpipers.Nancy Somerville 3rd Bay at the back of the Ocean, Iona: a Merlin and Sanderling plus 4 Dunlin, 29 Whimbrel,30 Ringed plover 30,Three Great Northern Diver,
7 Eider, 3 Shelduck and 2 Fulmar.
Amy Robjohns
2nd Iona - 3+ Corncrake, 2 Sedge Warblers, 3 Chiffs, 8 Willow Warblers, 2 Mallard, 5 Whimbrel. Amy Robjohns 

2nd: Craignure/Java - 3 common sandpipers, pair herring gulls copulating on the beach, 2 male red-breasted mergansers, at least 2 willow warblers Nancy
1st May Loch Beg 6 Black-headed Gull, 4 Dunlin., 4 Ringed Plover. Loch Assapol 3 Red-throated Diver. Fidden 6 Whimbrel,  

1st Iona - 2 Corncrakes calling from garden of Langandorain next to Iona Hostel. Mike Wilkinson and Wendy Ambler
1st Some reports from Iona today: 2 Corncrake near the hostel. 1 White Wagtail on beach - Port Chlacha Geal. 2 Great Northern Diver in the Sound of Iona & 1 off Port Chlacha Geal. 1+ Lapwing. 5+ Sand Martin. 5+ Swallows. Amy Robjohns
1st: Craignure/Java - 3 common sandpipers, great northern diver, male red-breasted merganser, 3 swallows.  Scallastle forest path - cuckoo 
calling, peregrine, 4 ravens, lots of willow warblers seen and heard.Nancy Somerville
Gargany paor at Craignure Golf course
                            May 2019
1st Cgraignure Golf course> a pair of Gargany here mid afternoon, Lizzy Grieve Mull Ranger  (Photograph by Lizzy Grieve)
Garganey. Anas querquedula. Very rare passage migrant. The first record  for the Isle of Mull was is 18th April 2011: when a pair were
 observed and photographed at Kintra (South Mull). This pair at Craignure Golf course today is only the second record for the island.
1st . Iona First Corncrake and first Common Tern. plus a Merlin. Arthur and Pam Brown 
30 April Mull, Kilpatrick - 1 male Hen Harrier 3pm flew NW-SE . Mike Wilkinson and Wendy Ambler
30th April Loch Scridain 2 Common Tern, 2 Red-throated Diver. Loch Beg 6 Dunlin, 4 Ringed Plover.
29th April Loch Scridain 4 Common Tern. Glen More 2 Cuckoo, 3 Whinchat.Bryan Rains
Latest reports for May 2018
26th May  a singing male Lesser Whitethroat at Ulva Ferry in May 2018. Tim Dixon, Helen Stace and Jamie Dixon.
31st - Tobermory A 1st Summer immature Iceland Gull was preening among the local Herring Gulls. Stuart Gibson
30th Iceland Gull, Bloody bay. Very few diurnal Short-eared Owl records in north Mull recently with a couple seen
near Loch Frisa at midnight this week along with a Barn Owl. Ewan Miles
                          dipper Tobermory May 2018
30th - Tobermory Local brood of Dippers have fledged to the sound of a male Chiffchaff in woods behind
the Distillery.  Stuart Gibson
29th - Salen Bay Two adult Greylags with what looked like day-old goslings (4) in tow. How many will
survive the local Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls?
Stuart Gibson
29th - Craignure Single White Wagtail. Stuart Gibson
27th - Aros Park. Two singing Wood Warblers and a single Chiffchaff in song this am. Loch Torr. Pair of
Dippers feeding young out of nest, while young still in nest in Tobermory; a healthy number of song-flighting
male Whitethroats between Loch Torr and Glengorm. Stuart Gibson
27th May Loch Assapol 2 Swift. Ardura 1 Spotted Flycatcher.
28th May Loch Scridain 1 Black-throated Diver still present.
Bryan Rains
28th Garden Warbler in song at Loch Frisa and Wood Warbler, Scarisdale. Ewan Miles
27th Craignure Bay. An Osprey over the Bay Nancy Somerville, also two Red throated Divers
23rd: Treshnish, 1 Corncrake at Haunn at 11pm (Trevor Evans)
24th: 1 Mealy Redpoll at Treshnish House.     Prasad   
24th - Sea to North of Caliach Point  An adult Little Gull with Kittiwakes and Manx Shearwaters at rest on sea;
 also two Storm Petrels near Cairns of Coll.

14th Loch Scridain:  4 Common Tern on Loch Scridain yesterday. Simon and Tracey Taylor                           
13th Glen Aros – 1 Treecreeper and 2+ Crossbill, Aros Park 1 singing Wood Warbler, 1 Treecreeper and a Dipper carrying food
3th Lochdon – 75+ Dunlin,
41 Ringed Plover and 2 Bar-tailed Godwit at high tide. Also Grasshopper Warbler reeling 
12th Golden Eagle on show for an hour in Glenmore, Tawny Owl calling at Pennyghael at 2pm, Hen Harrier and SEO at Ardachoil
Fam near dusk. Simon and Tracey Taylor                                                                                                                                                                           
11th  2 brent geese at Fidden this morning.Also on Monday 7th grasshopper warbler, sedge warbler and whitethroat singing from
 scrub along the old road just east of Bunessan.Emily Wilkins Ranger - South Mull, Iona, Burg and Staffa NNR 
11th Male Hen Harrier over the loch and across the Gorton Fm track tonight. Simon and Tracey Taylor                                                     
11th Lochdon. a pair of shoveler here Tracey and Simon
11th Lochdon, Tawny Owl calling from the Gorton Rd during the early hours. Simon and Tracey Taylor                                                     
10th This evening Osprey fishing, at least 3 Bar-tailed Godwit, 17 Pink-footed Geese.
. Peter and Sue Morrison (visitors)                  10th Lochdon – 125 Dunlin, 1 Ringed Plover, 1 Whinchat, 1 Grasshopper Warbler reeling, and 5 godwit sp thought to be Bar-tailed
 but difficult to see clearly at distance in the heavy rain. visitors Simon and Tracey (Cornwall)                                                
 9th 1 female Hen Harrier hunting at 8.15pm Lochdon viewed from the Grasspoint road. Simon and Tracey Taylor (Cornwall)           7th sighting of a singing Whitethroat behind the bird hide at Loch an Torr. visitors Terry and Chris Pawson                             
8th  White tailed eagle,  a pair taking fish from the surface at Ardmore Bay. Also Sedge Warbler calling Loch na Culcie today in
the rain! Martin Izzard.
7th Loch Cumbain 14 Dunlin, also Cuckoo, female bubbling calling at Loch Ba far end and 3 males flew overhead. 
6th Whimbrel flock of 9 flying over Dervaig. Martin Izzard.
23rd - Lunga, Treshnish Isles. No Corncrakes calling where two males were heard rasping in Spring 2017;
 two Twite on 'Puffin Plateau'; and a single Great Skua with a Puffin kill. Stuart Gibson
24th there were 28 male eider on Loch Spelve today. Felicity & David Pollard
23rd Loch Assapol (Ross of Mull) a Red throated diver here this morning. Rick21st Lochdon Short eared owl and male Hen
Harrier at Lochdon.visitor Clare Smith
18th Dervaig. This morning have seen 2 Jays  one of which was juvenile. scarce on Mull. The cottage we are staying in overlooks
Loch Cuin so plenty to see. Saturday mornig gave us an adult female Hen Harrier which was food passing to 2 juvenile female birds Lots of common Sand around. Also saw White Tailed Sea Eagle  and Golden Eagle over hills to NE of village. Hope to see Otters but none yet. Kevin Taylor  
18th a very late staying male Slavonian Grebe in full breeding plumage on Loch Na Keal, visitor Dean Reeves, Somerset 
18th May. Dean Reeves, Somerset.18th an Iceland gull taken from Mull Charters trip today. David Mercer
18th An Iceland Gull was in Tobermory Harbour at 1700 tonight. Appeared to be an adult bird. Seen by Ted Roberts, Tom Keeper,
 Steve Pomeroy, Colin Smeeton, Pete Dwyer, and Eric Marshall.
18th Male Peregrine over Loch Tor and non-breeding Black-throated Diver on Loch Cuin. Ewan
16th 2 Tree Sparrows and 2 Mealy Redpolls at Treshnish House, prasad
16th white tailed eagles on Scarisdale Rocks, when an Osprey flew above us for several minutes. Pete and Jan Hall                      16th an Osprey flying over Aros Bay towards Loch Na Keal at 13:15 today. Cian Burke- Brown. Seasonal Sea Eagle Hide Ranger
15th Treshnish, 2 Tree Sparrows at Treshnish house, prasad 
15th Lochdon: sightings over lochdon this eve. From Grass point road. Female Hen Harrier , white tailed Eagle and osprey fishing.
 visitor Jon Goddard. Alan Spellman, Rosie Saltzman
15th Knock Bridge were 3 dippers (nesting elsewhere), A grey wagtail, and my first spotted flycatcher. Pete and Jan.

8th 5 Purple sandpiper at mouth of Loch Spelve. Tim Stenton Shetland Wildlife
8th Many thanks for our new bookreport which came in time for our annual trip to Mull. Greenfinch seen this morning
at the feeder in our garden which is Sithean at Croig. Lesser Black backed gull on the rocks in front of Sithean Monday
evening. Reed Bunting in Dervaig on Monday morning.  a small pod of 4 dolphins yesterday evening putting on a
wonderful show just beyond the point at Croig. David and Jane Alesbrook
 8th Today's birds of note were a Peregrine at NM 456 356. 11 Crossbills driving through Forest towards loch
 Scridain.  Red throated and Black throated divers not quite in sum plum on the sound of Mull, along with an
 awfull lot of Arctic Terns. Well over 20. Little gull also in the Sound. Goldcrest, Edier, greenshank redshank
 as well.  Lee Dutton, Somerset.
 8th May: Calgary beach - 1 sanderling. Langamull beach – 8 white wagtail; 2 arctic tern. Croig – 1 adult WTSE
 (soaring over)
David Hatfield                 
8th 2 calling Corncrake in vicinity of fire station on Iona with another a few hundred metres down the road adjacent
 to Ardbeg Holiday Home and another calling in iris at NM2723. Tawny Owl calling from behind sub station at
Pennyghael, Whooper Swan on Loch sguabain and pair of Hen Harrier nearby. Simon and Tracey Taylor   
8th Osprey fishing over Lochdon at 7am mobbed by a Kestrel, Oystercatcher and Gulls. 40 Dunlin at Lochdon,
 WTE over at 6.45am.  visitors Simon and Tracey Taylor     
7th Sedge Warbler returned to Dervaig Reedbeds also a Linnet here and there were at least 12 Pied Wagtails
coming into Roost. At Reudle this evening  least 6 Short Eared Owls, a male Hen Harrier and  Cuckoos. Pam
& Arthur Brown. 
7th Birds of note today were 2 twite loch na keal located at NM 452 346, by Iona sign. Single Whooper swan
on loch sguabain. 4 Whimbrel flew over head of Loch naKeal. Lee Dutton, Somerset
7th 1 Whinchat Lochdon, 4 Bonxie from Staffa Tours trip to Lunga. Simon and Tracey Taylor
7th May: Loch Cuin 34 dunlin; 1 greenshank. Quinish (forestry): 13 common crossbill; 3 (drumming) great
spotted woodpecker; 1 jay; 2 whitethroat Quinish Point: 4 whimbrel; 1 (adult) white-tailed sea eagle; 12 Manx
shearwater; 1 great skua; 2 whitethroat; 8 northern wheatear Quinish Estate woodland: 2 (drumming) great s
potted woodpecker; 2 wood warbler (singing); 1 tree pipit David Hatfield (visitor).                                                    
7th - Loch Ba. Three+ Crossbills (inc. one male and a female) feeding on Larch at Knock (near car parking area);
 and a female Redstart in Birch woodland along the track that runs along the south side of the loch. Stuart Gibson

male Yellow Hammer looking very smart. Alan 7th May 2018
7th Lochdon an Osprey fishing in the loch and also a pair of Shoveler. Alan Spellman
7th a first Arctic Tern over the islands by Craignure golf club.Pete and Jan

6th A Common Whitethroat off Loch Frisa track Dervaig end and Linnet at Cailaich.Pam & Arthur Brown
6th - Torosay A Wood Warbler delivering its ecstatic trill here this late afternoon. Stuart GibsonGibson                                                                         
5th May   A Wood Warbler in Aros Wood this morning just up from the wrecked boatPam & Arthur Brown                        
 5th Common Tern at Langamull along with 16 Dunlin and 3 Whimbrel. Ewan Miles                                                        
 4th May – Lochdon 1 fem Hen Harrier                                                                                                                                           
5th May – 2 reeling Grasshopper Warbler and a singing Whitethroat at Craignure, 4 Golden Eagle in Glen
More with a male being mobbed by a pair of Hen Harrier, pair of Hen Harrier nr Ardachoil Farm in Glen More
and also 1 Black-throated Diver and 3 Otter at Pennyghael. visitors Simon and Tracey Taylor,Cornwall                                                                                                                                                                                              
5th - Torosay. Singing Sedge Warbler and reeling Grasshopper Warbler near Craignure Camp site; two Great
Northern Divers, two Black Guillemots and a pair of Red-breasted Mergansers offshore; and three Whimbrel on
 the rocks. Stuart Gibson
4th Treshnish, 11 Black-tailed Godwits ssp. islandica near Treshnish House. prasad 
3rd - Loch Ba. Four Goosanders (one pair and two ff); a pair of Red-breasted Mergansers; and four
Golden Plover were the highlights of a rain-lashed trip. Stuart Gibson
3rd - Tobermory. Chiffchaff still singing in woodland on Prison Brae.
2nd - Iona. Only one Corncrake heard (and seen) in reeds at Fire Station and reports of two others;
a single White Wagtail and one Whimbrel; with a lone Whooper Swan on Loch Pottie. Stuart Gibson
1st Corncrakes. Heard Male calling then  viewed  Male on  bank by water course at left hand edge of
 fence at Fire Station for about 15 mins foraging , he then called....and female appeared . We then
viewed both Male and female Corncrakes for approx 30 mins , foraging along water course and drain
next to Fire station . Weather appalling rain and strong winds !  visitor Val Vile
1st - Loch na Keal. A first Sedge Warbler singing in reed bed near former WTE pull-in; a Woodcock
roding over Kellan Woods; and a Grasshopper Warbler was reeling at Killiechronan, where two Blackcaps
 were also in song.
Stuart Gibson
1st Further Whimbrel sightings at Caliach, Kellan and Laggan Bay. Carrion Crow at Killiechronan. Red-throated Divers at Caliach
and Loch Tuath. Barn Owl, Short-eared Owl and Tawny Owl on last nights evening tour. Ewan
5th May: Craignure Golf Course: Sea Eagle. 3 x Golden Plover.
4th May. Lochdon: pair Shoveler from Swan point.  5 Bar-tailed Godwit. Up to 3 Greenshank over the past 3 days,
 along with 3 Goosander. Pair Teal.
Woodcock. Hen Harrier and Short-eared Owl. Whimbrel. 
Iona: 2 Corncrake. Twite.  Sedge Warbler. West Beach Iona: pair Whooper Swan on pools before onward migration North, Whimbrel, White Wagtail, 3+ Great northern Diver. Great Skua in Iona Sound along with 1 Pale-bellied Brent Goose and 15 Common Tern.
Dart Castle: Sea Eagle and Cuckoo. Loch Beg: Greenshank. Pennyghael: 15+ Great northern Diver,  1 Black throated Diver  (winter plumage).Gorton : Whinchat, Woodcock. Loch Pottie: Whooper Swan 3rd May: Loch Buie: Sea Eagle, 5+ Great northern Diver, 2 Red throated Diver.Carsaig: 3+ Great northern Diver,  2 Red throated Diver. Loch Beg: Greenshank.  2 Golden Plover
Knock: Hen Harrier, drumming Snipe Killiechronan : several House Martin  Garmony: Hen Harrier Gen More: Stonechat
2nd May: Glen More 3 Lochs.  Golden Eagle, Hen Harrier Lochdon/Loch Spelve area: 2 Jay, 3 Goosander, Hen Harrier, Short-eared Owl, Whinchat, 3+ Cuckoo, drumming Snipe. Numerous Wheatears,  Willow Warblers, Swallow,  Sand Martins, Tree Pipits and Black Guillemots. Ross and Ray Facer
30th - Tobermory. A Chiffchaff was singing outside my living room window in Tobermory this morning. Stuart Gibson

Black Redstarrt Killiechronan april
                                                          male Black Redstart at Killiechronan in April 2018                                                                 
Red throated Diver 2018Black throated Diver 2018
summer plumage Red throated Diver in Sound of Mull 31st March 2018 photo by visitor Agnes Thompson
summer plumaged Black throated Diver in Calgary Bay 3rd April 2018 photio by visitor Dianne Russell