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Latest sightings for June 2019

Latest sightings for June 2018
30th Little Gull - a mull first for me, first-summer feeding in the tidal race off Grasspoint with Common & BHGulls and Kittiwakes. Bird has a partial hood. Likes resting on the rocks off there with the other gulls.  Also there fledged juv Tree Pipit and Redstart and family of Whinchats with at least one young.
30th Jay - one flew across road into conifers just west of Lochbuie turn off. Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding Tours
30th Slav Grebe - one in full plumage in Loch na Keal, close to the sea eagle lay-by on north side beyond Killiechronan campsite
27th Swift - single over Caliach Point , one over Pennyghael 29th  Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding Tours
30th Redstart - pair feeding young in nest box in oak woods at croggan
30th Black-throated Diver - a second calendar year bird (non breeding plumage) is in Loch Scridain off Pennyghael hotel, present same spot every day
26th June:  Java/Craignure Bay - Single Eider Duck, Fishnish - Whitethroat (I think), Spot on Nancy
29th: Craignure Bay - single black guillemot
30th: Craignure/Torosay coast - Male Hen Harrier carrying prey (photos on Facebook); 15 Canada geese.  Garmony: 2 Mallards. juveniles, I think.
Nancy Somerville28th Great Northern Diver - one in full plumage in bay on west coast of Iona.  Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding Tours
30th: Treshnish, Corncrake still calling at Haunn (first heard on 23rd May). Several reports of 2 being heard, prasad --
27th - Aros Park. A male Wood Warbler was still singing here this afternoon.. Stuart Gibson
28th Ardura oak woodland. a pair of Redstart busy feeding young. Alan
25th - Croig. Two Great Northern Divers (one immature) in outer Loch Cuin.
25th - Tobermory. The 1st Summer immature Iceland Gull is still frequenting the loafing area viewed from car park). Stuart Gibson
meadow pipit feeding young cuckoo
23rd Saw a bird land on the back of a cuckoo to feed it. Might have been a meadow pipit, it was not near enough to tell. Colin Moody21st Quite a few Long-Tailed Tits along the Java - Craignure path. Grey wagtail at Java beach. Pair of Canada Geese with about three goslings at Garmony. Two pairs of Greylag geese with around seven goslings at Aros.
afternoon, Tobermory: Greenfinch just beside the car park, where the rivers comes out. with House Sparrows and Goldfinch.  
evening, Garmony: Flock of seven Redpolls. Five immature Eider drakes, Four Eider ducks with about ten ducklings, Juvenile Dipper. Nancy Somerville

19th - Tobermory. The 1st S imm. Iceland Gull was seen a 12.30pm and again at 8.15pm (the evening sighting was at the new sandy beach, on which this gull was completely camouflaged!) Stuart Gibson
18th Loch na Keal.  a Slavonian grebe in partial summer plumage at the head of the loch. Also had a white fronted goose in Salen bay. Wasn’t sure if that had been reported before. visitor Sally Nowell
18th - Tobermory. A 1st Summer immature Iceland Gull  in Tobermory harbour (near car park) this early afternoon. Stuart Gibson
18th - Fishnish. Six Crossbills over forest this afternoon. Stuart Gibson
18th Craignure. For the first time ever we have just had a beautiful Jay on our feeders in the garden. Pete and Jan.
17th Salen Bay 4 great northern divers together at Salen Bay. Andrew Blagden on holiday.
White tailed Eagles from a trip on 'Lady Jayne' with Martin & Alex today 17th June 2018. pix by Alan Spellman

White tailed Eagles from a trip on 'Lady Jayne' with Martin & Alex (Mull Charters)  today 17th June 2018
common sandpiper chcik 2018
Common Sandpiper chick at Craignure by Nancy Somerville
14th Loch na Keal. I have a report of a Black Tern flying down Loch na Keal any more information would be appreciated. A full detailed description is required for this 'rare' bird. Alan  (pp) Pam Brown and visitors
8th - Tobermory. The Glaucous Gull is still in the harbour and looking very much at home. Stuart Gibson

Rose coloured starlingRose colured starling
7th Ross of Mull (undisclosed site) an adult Rose coloured starling briefly here. Alan (sorry but I cant be more specific)
Slavonian grebe lock na
                                            Keal June 2018
Slavonian Grebe in full summer plumage at the head of Lock na Keal June 2018
6th - Tobermory. 1st S immature Glaucous Gull still around today. Stuart Gibson
6th Dark phase Arctic Skua and 60 plus Storm Petrels in waters between Mull and Coll. Corncrake on Lunga. Otter hunting Greylag goslings on the river Aros outflow. Latest seabird census counts from NM Mull discovered occupied Fulmar sites and at least 6  incubating Razorbills. Still seabird coverage needed for some sites on Mull, get in touch if of interest. Ewan 
5th - Tobermory. The 1st S imm. Iceland Gull was in the harbour at 10.00 am this morning, while the 1st S Glaucous Gull was there at 6.00 pm.      Stuart Gibson
5th We went down to Croggan today, and on the way four young Woodcock crossed over the road in front of our car. We were about half way down the hill, going towards Loch Spelve, in Ardura Woods. Too quick to get a photo unfortunately!  Andrew Oldacre
4th We saw a male whinchat on a walk through Knockvologan nature reserve, singing and flitting about on Monday 4th June, and another male whinchat at Grass Point on Tuesday 5th June afternoon. Helen Lumley, visitor to Mull
6th Loch na Keal: a trip round the loch produced three Golden Eagles and four white tailed Eagles plus a real prize being a Slavonian Grebe in full summer plumage at the head of the Loch. Alan, Anna Carey, Ewan Mile and his group.

                                            gull Stuart GibsonGlaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull at Tobermory in June 2018 by Stuart Gibson
4th - Tobermory. Somewhat ironical that in our current heatwave Tobermory should play host to two Winter visitors : Glaucous Gull and Iceland Gull. Like the immature Iceland previously, this Glaucous Gull appears to be a 1st Summer immature (it was an egg this time last year!)
juvenilke dipper at Tobermory Stuaet
Juvenile dipper at Tobermory distillery burn  June 2018 Stuart Gibson
1st Summer immature Glaucous Gull present in Tobermory harbour this afternoon (4th) Stuart Gibson
3rd  we saw a male hen harrier fly overhead this morning carrying food, at a beach (Traig na Margaidh)  a female and later a male hen harrier  plus a spotted flycatcher at Camas Tuath. Helen Lumley, visitor to Mull.
1st Loch na Keal.  Summer plumaged Slavonian Grebe on Loch Na Keal at Kellan viewpoint. Andy Beevers (Visitor)
Iceland Gull Tobermory bay Stuart
1st - Tobermory. 1st Summer immature Iceland Gull again at confluence of Tobermory river and bay. Striking and unmissable bird!. Stuart Gibson
1st we had a pair of Red Throated Divers from Craignure Golf Course. Pete and Jan.
Latest sightings for June 2017
30th - Sound of Mull/Staffa. A Great Skua attacked and drowned an unfortunate Herring Gull, near Ardmore in the Sound of Mull; another two Great Skuas ganged up on a more fortunate Herring Gull (it got away with its life), off Staffa. Stuart Gibson
Short eared Owl showing its remarkable agility when hunting photo by Martin Basson 30-6-2017 30th I am a regular visitor to the island. I enjoy and refer to your website very often, the information on ‘Latest Reports’ is always helpful.
You may be interested in my sighting of two Short Eared Owls together in Glen More this morning, one hunting close to the road. I attach a photograph of this bird in action. Martin Basson
30th Lagganulvaq. a Long tailed duck here but far out, difficult to see. Arthur Brown
29th - Sea to West of Mull . First Razorbill and chick on sea today, along with (yesterday's) Guillemot and chick; good nos of both Gannet and Kittiwake feeding along East side of Coll, where two Arctic Skuas and three Great Skuas seen; two Red-throated Divers flying off sea towards Isle of Coll.
Stuart Gibson 28th June. A male Marsh Harrier photographed at Ardtun in the south of the island 27th-28th June  David Holden
28th - Sea to the West of Mull. A dark-phase Arctic Skua harassing a Kittiwake; a Great Skua annoying a flock of Manx Shearwaters; another Great Skua menacing a Gannet; a dozen Gannets feeding off Glengorm; first father and son Guillemot and chick on the sea; several Puffins and a single Storm Petrel. A dozen Manx Shearwaters were in the Sound of Mull, off Kilchoan. Stuart Gibson
28th Golden Eagle over Ben More, Adult Great Northern Diver opposite car park at Dhiseig, Male and Female Hen Harriers hunting near Beinnaird, White Tailed Eagle opposite holiday cottage near Cnoc Moine. 4 calling Corncrake on Iona   Graham Sigworth
28th Thought we'd let you know we have had two sightings of a single Jay between, Kilsyth & Corry Meadows, Fishnish.. Jean & Neil Wilkinson
27th - Tobermory A single Crossbill over Baliscate Standing Stones a.m; and, two Crossbills flew out of trees at Baliscate House, Tobermory p.m.
Stuart Gibson
27th Was delighted this morning to see a male (more russet-pink than the llustration in my bird book so maybe immature male?) crossbill on the 
drive this morning, feeding with a siskin (half the size!) and a sparrow.  Not sure what it was digging out of the stones but we have 
European Larch and spruce so maybe fallen seeds.  It had a small red band on its right leg and a large white band (or two small ones??) on 
the left.  That's the first one I've seen but maybe you can explain the leg bands?  Sheila Barnard, Viewmount, Tobermory
23rd We had good views of an Arctic Skua (Dark Phased) from the Craignure to Oban ferry today. Pete Hall and Stuart Gibson.
23rd I have received a report of a leucistic House martin flying around Tobermory caravan park  via facebook David Crane
23rd Red necked Phalarope one at sea from boat between Iona and Staffa this morning, then flew towards Loch Scridain. pp Jim Dickson
22nd - Sea from Sound of Mull to Treshnish Isles Three Great Skuas at sea between Ardmore, Mull and Lunga, Treshnish Isles; single dark morph Arctic Skua North of Treshnish Isles; 12 Gannets in Sound of Mull, near Ardmore; and two calling Corncrakes and several Twite on Lunga,
21st - at sea NW of Mull 9+ Storm Petrels in a feeding frenzy that also included Gannets and Manx Shearwaters and a Minke Whale. Stuart Gibson
20th - Sea to NW of Mull. 720 Manx Shearwaters in one raft, two Great Skuas and a single Red-throated Diver this afternoon. Stuart Gibson
20th Great-northern Diver in breeding plumage on Loch na Keal yesterday. Ewan 
18th A cock Crossbill in the middle of the road feeding from Larch cones half way up Eas Brae, Tobermory, this morning at 8am! Ewan 
On holiday our Mull we saw a long eared owl,  travelling past Lochdon we saw it on the right hand side of the road. visitors Jacky & John Reynolds 
12th Whilst carrying out my bat survey on Sunday evening, (47 Pipistrelles), I had a woodcock roding over the cottage. Yesterday we had 4 short eared owls. 2 in the large field after the Grasspoint turn, and 2 separate owls above the three lochs. Pete Hall
12th Loch na Keal: a summer plumaged Slavonian Grebe close to the camp site. Arthur Brown
11th Carrion x Hooded Crow Hybrid at the Mishnish Lochs. Ewan 
8th - At sea N of Mull (towards Isle of Muck) Six Storm Petrels, a single Great Skua and several hundred Manx Shearwaters. Stuart Gibson
8th Splendid few hours in Glen More today; several Short Eared Owl and Hen Harrier, male and female. One female Hen Harrier was particularly obliging; image attached; taken about half a mile West of three lochs car park. Dave Derrick (Visitor)
7th - At sea off NW Mull: It's beginning to sound like a stuck record, but there were three Storm Petrels and a Great Skua harassing feeding Gannets today. Stuart Gibson
male Bullfinch  by Andy Fellows Dervaig
 5th Loch Spelve today. two Black throated divers  across from the fish farm, just up from the first old cottage.    Jacqui Murphy 
5th - At sea NW of Mull Three Storm Petrels.
4th - At sea NW of Mull Up to five Storm Petrels and three Great Skuas; a late Great Northern Diver was off Glengorm. Stuart Gibson
3rd  Hen Harrier - 2 fem type Blar Mor, Ardtun. Short Eared Owl - Three Lochs. White Tailed Eagle - 2 Craignure Golf Course. Brian Howe, Norwich, 
2nd a Short Eared Owl on hillside Glen More from the A849 2nd June. Ron Cordeiro
1st Female Peregrine over Laggan Bay. Ewan 
1st Treshnish, 1 Mealy Redpoll in Treshnish wood showing signs of breeding. prasad.  
1st  Hen Harrier - female Blar Mor.Brian Howe, Norwich, Norfolk
 Latest sightings for June 2016
29th spent last week at tiny cottage at Croggan.It was our 8th visit to Mull and first time at Croggan mainly to hope to see Otters but only one sighting late on Sunday night! But had good views of both eagles from cottage garden.On a walk round to the mouth of loch shelve noticed what looked like a golden eagle sitting on the hill opposite side of the loch.It took off and was joined by 2 white tailed eagles, in the end there were 4 together. Dave Parsons
29th: We saw the Ring Ouzel on the 26th in a field that led up to a large White House, opposite the scallastle bay I am told. We also saw 4 female hen Harriers today, and a male hen harrier in the fields near loch beg. Another mention is the two black gullimots we saw in the waters between mull and ulva,  visitor Joshua Toogood
26th a single female Ring Ouzel in fields opposite Salen Bay. visitor Joshua Toogood
28th four Swifts crossing the Sound of Mull heading South. Ewan Miles.  
27th Balmeanach by Fishnish: a report of a Yellow Wagtail from here, more information required please. Alex McFadyen.
22nd Treshnish: one Swift over Treshnish wood. Prasad   
18th left Craignure and we were escourted all the way by a femail Hen Harrier which kept pace with the boat and made landfall to disappear beyond a hill to the south west of Oban. Stunning views all the way. Tina Stafford and Tony Nayager.
14th Staffa: three Great Skuas over Staffa. Mark W.                                                                                                                                                          12th Treshnish, 1 Common (Mealy) Redpoll at boathouse showing signs of breeding behaviour. 

Northern Marsh Orchid Alan Spellman
 14th - NW Iona Two Great Skuas harassing gull colonies off NW Iona today; 47 Kittiwakes (mainly immatures) and five Arctic Terns. Stuart Gibson
14th Treshnish, 2 Swifts over the wood.  prasad  
13th Cock Chiffchaff in song at Scallastle and a non-breeding Great-northern Diver at the head of Loch Na Keal. Ewan Miles
9th Last night whilst looking for bats , the bird club members had excellent views of 2 separate woodcocks over our cottage. Today on my tour we had excellent views of a white wagtail on the north shore of Loch Scridain.
6th Interested to read of the male Hen Harrier sighted 4th June. We saw the same yesterday heading out of the Sound of Mull just before the lighthouse. We were returning from Whalewatch boat trip with Sea Life Surveys around 5pm having seen 8 or 9 Minke, including young. Fab day!.  Wonderful website by the way? visitor Marion Criswell.
6th - Torosay Three Black Guillemots in the Sound of Mull; male Whitethroat in song; 'singing' Cuckoo; seven Oystercatcher and three Common Gull territories now with chicks or eggs on verge of hatching due to their resilience in the face of everyday disturbance from (dog)walkers; and three Marsh Fritillary, two Painted Lady and single Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary and Small Heath butterflies noted in what was a rather subdued day for wildlife due to the continuing warm weather. Are we truly ever happy?. Stuart Gibson
!2nd June - Highlights for us viewed from Lochdon, w/t sea eagle 29th May - short eared owls (2) 28th May - hen harrier, cuckoo, tawny owl.  Elsewhere on the island we saw Gt. Northern Diver (29th May, off Calgary / Caliach), redstart (Loch Ba), golden eagle (Glen More), peregrine (Iona) and eider (Iona) plus many of the other species you associate with region. Many thanks and I will continue to enjoy reading your blog :) visitor Tim Preece
5th Marsh Fritillary, Pearl Bordered Fritillary and Green Hairstreak about now. Alan (mullbirds)
5th - Aros Park. Very few birds singing in the heat, but what were included a single Wood Warbler, several Willow Warblers and two Chiffchaffs. Stuart Gibson
4th - At sea, off NW Mull: An incredible sight of a male Hen Harrier far out at sea, heading towards Ardnamurchan from the Isle of Coll. Seen from the port side of boat, while a Minke Whale was showing on the starboard side. Now, that's not something that is seen everyday, is it?!!  Also, two Bonxies and raft of ca.200 Manx Shearwaters in same area.
Stuart Gibson
4th Just spent a glorious week here on mull,of all my sightings just thought you may be interested in was a calling Quail at the back of dobhran cottage at 4.55 this morning at Lochbuie. Great  blog by the way Thanks Brian Jones
3rd - Tobermory harbour. A 1st S. immature Glaucous Gull was an unseasonal find this evening. Stuart Gibson
2nd - Iona Calling Corncrakes at a premium until mid-afternoon, possibly due to cold wind; three calling, with two seen, including bird at the Fire Station; first brood of Eider (two ducks with eight ducklings) at the Bay at the Back of the Ocean. Stuart Gibson
2nd - Inverlussa Hunting female Hen Harrier, with a male over the main road near the Guline Dubh, on outskirts of Tobermory. Stuart Gibson
3rd two Dippers at Knock and a Golden Eagle from the Torloisk road lookinh East, found by Summer aged twelve.
2nd Spotted Flycatcher, Stonechat family and Whinchat on Grasspoint road. Dipper at Knock and two male Hen Harriers again in Glen More. Andy Bayes
1st Lochdon Marsh Fritillaries and Small Heath out at Lochdon yesterday near parking area at gate at Gorsten Farm.  Arctic Skua harassing Gulls from Duart Castle. Mick and Sylvia Brennan
Latest reports for June 2015
30thTreshnish: 1 Swift flying west at boathouse. prasad.  
30th: Arthur Brown had a good day out today picking up a Jay by the 'old Byre' and a pair of Red Grouse and eight  large chicks on the hill road. In Calgary Bay was a fully summer plumaged Black throated Diver.
28th - Torosay: Two Crossbills high over the castle grounds; a nice find was a Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk moth in same area.
28th - Tobermory: The local Magpie is still doing the rounds. s
29th Mull Orchids are now in bloom accross the island, check hereto know your orchids.  
29th Sightings over the last couple of days have included Common Crossbill,Red-throated Diver, 5 Greenshank at Loch Beg, Small Pearl Bordered,Marsh and Dark Green Fritillaries at various locations. Bryan 
28th Salen: We have a pair of House Martins nestbuilding Debby Thorne
26th a Jay from the road across from Salen to loch na keal. Adrian & Glenis Bury. North Yorkshire
26th Grasspoint: Saw a party of up to 20 plus Swifts in the lochdon area from grass point this afternoon.
23rd 15 Common Scoters in flight heading north and 2 Storm-Petrels in waters between Mull and Coll this morning. Ewan 

young Whinchat
23rd Great view of Male and female whinchat down the Grasspoint Road.  Also family of willow warbler and a cuckoo calling in the same spot.  Our male redpoll is still visiting the garden at home. Debby
23rd - Tobermory: A bird showing characteristics of Common (Mealy) Redpoll was taking nyger seed in the Mull Magic garden this evening. Interesting that Prasad has had several doing likewise at Treshnish recently. We found a Mealy Redpoll on Ulva two years ago during the breeding season and had it confirmed that this species, as well as Lesser Redpoll, were likely to be nesting locally. 
23rd - Aros Park: Singing Wood Warbler and Chiffchaff (Willow Warblers too busy with young to be singing) and four male Blackcaps in song. 
22nd Tobermory: The Aros Park male Wood Warbler is still in song; a Spotted Flycatcher was nearby.Stuart
17th Female Peregrine carrying large prey on the north shore. A non-breeding Great-northern Diver at Croig and a one in breeding plumage at Lochbuie. Ewan 
16th  Lady Jayne, Loch na Keal: We had great views of a group of 6 Red Throated divers  with 2 displaying and calling. Location, near Scarisdale Rocks Loch Na Keal. Martin 
21st Glengorm A Solstice stunner! Nine male and three female Beautiful Demoiselles defying the showers
14th Croggan: A Bordered Straw moth. A migrant from the Mediterranean and North Africa. Previously unknown on the Isle of Mull or on mainland Argyll, this migrant moth is a Scottish rarity. Stuart Gibson

photos by Stuart Gibson
14th I saw what I am sure was a Ruff yesterday on the pools on the left entering dervaig from Calgary direction. I thought nothing of it, as they are common around us. It was a wader about the size of a redshank, but with spangled back, plain palish grey head, orange based beak with dark tip, shorter than a bar tailed godwit, which is the other wader with similar patterning on the back and I see is common.  visitor Janet Roberts
13th a whale watching tour gave us Red throated Diver in flight, Black Guillemot, Bonxies. visitor Rick
12th Loch Ba: an Osprey here, also White tailed Eagles,Hen Harrier (f),  visitor Rick
14th I've just returned from Holidaying on Mull. Unfortunately due to having no internet whatsoever while on Mull i couldn't find whom to report this sighting to. The Mink came past me on the river bank at Knock Bridge on Thursday 11th June. It was coming from Lock Na Keal & heading up stream towards Loch Bar. Paul Biggs
13th Treshnish: at leaste one common redpoll still present. Prasad
12th Burgh: a Magpie here. Carolyne Charrington.
12th June - single whooper swan on Loch Assapol  also one osprey still around .Felicity Pollard
12th Lochdon: Our Osprey is still hanging around (since early May now) and can often be seen fishing on the loch, usually around high tide or receding tide. Alan 
11th six common Crossbills high up in the spruce trees next to the Guthrie Memorial at Duart Bay, Craignure today. Angi Harrell
10th  a Red Grouse on the hill abouve Gribun tonight. Colin Moody
10th Fishnish Bay: a full summer plumaged red throated diver in Fishnish Bay. Pete 
10th Huge rafts of Manx Shearwaters from Ardmore lighthouse  out into tghe open sea beyween Isle of Mull and Coll, most rafts numbererd several hundred birds and there were at leats 5,000 birds in the area, also a Bonxie and three Puffins. Stuart Gibson
9th Treshnish: at least one Common Redpoll present. Prasad
8th - Loch Ba Four singing Tree Pipits and a single male Redstart still in song; three calling male Cuckoos; family party of Goldcrests calling in Spruce and Lesser Redpolls, including what was probably a family party of six birds; a pair of Grey Wagtails food carrying for young; Swallow, Sand Martin and House Martin over loch; several Snipe, including a 'drumming' bird and a pair of Redshank with young out of the nest; a Red-throated Diver in flight and a female Goosander 
7th - Craignure Male Blackcap and Whitethroat singing; 200 Kittiwakes feeding and resting in Sound of Mull, off Craignure, where 50 feeding Common Terns (in three separate groups) heading NW up the Sound; also several Gannets and single adult s/p Great Northern Diver and Red-throated Diver. 
6th - Croig/Langamull Three (two male) Goosanders were at Croig, while the breeding Arctic Tern pair at Langamull are nesting on the sand in what looks a particularly vulnerable location. 
5th - Tobermory  A Chiffchaff was in song on Prison Brae today. Stuart Gibson
5th excellent views of a male Merlin in Glen More, near to Craig. Also watched a short eared owl quartering over the field opposite the derelict farm near Loch Spelve, at  the Grasspoint turn 3 cuckoos together, and the Osprey made an appearance.Pete
4th - Tobermory: A calling Crossbill flew SE high over the bay towards Aros Park this morning. Stuart Gibson
5th: 1 Swift on Cruachan Treshnish (Graeme Hutchinson & Angie Craft) and at least 1 Tree Sparrow still present
3rd: 1 pipit showing Scandinavian Rock Pipit features &  pair of breeding Arctic Terns, Langamull 
5th A Jay flew across the road in front of us this morning at Torlochan. Martin Mull Charters

a family of Stonechat along the Grasspoint road. 4th June 2015.   Alan Spellman
4th A Jay was calling loudly from woodland between Quinnish and Loch Torr. Phil & Carol Sharp
4th Salen: Just looked out office window to see fantastic male Hawfinch on lawn, flew into trees and not relocated. Bright breeding colours. Real surprise.  David Sexton Mull Officer 
Hawfinch  (Coccothraustes  coccothraustes)  extremely scarce, only a few records  for Mull
2009 a female in garden at Calgary June. 2010 a female at Treshnish on a garden feeder April.2014 on 6th-7th May at Killiechronan. Jan Fuller 2015 a male in Dave Sextons garden at Salen 4th June 
3rd - Aros Park, Tobermory: All three Phylloscopus warblers singing (one Wood Warbler near Sput Dubh waterfall and a Chiffchaff near the main entrance); singing Spotted Flycatcher and several Blackcaps in song; male Grey Wagtail, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Bullfinch on today's Nature Ramble with guests from the Balmoral cruise ship.

Common Gull chick,  Colin Moody, Knock                      Barn Swallow, Lochdon, Alan Spellman
2nd - Craignure: An adult Summer-plumaged and an immature Great Northern Diver in the Sound of Mull, off Craignure.  
2nd Treshnish, at least 2 Tree Sparrows and several Common (Mealy) Redpolls, prasad. 
1st Pennyghael: Male Hen Harrier over fields, just west of post office. Two Golden Plover along shore of Loch na Keal near footpath to Ben More. Phil and Carol Sharp1st Martin reports a Little Gull seen from 'Lady Jayne' in Loch na Keal. 

Corncrake Iona by Andy Bayes May 2015 

Latest reports for June 2014
30th Female peregrine at Glengorm and 4 swifts heading north. Ewan 
30th - Loch Ba: Breeding confirmed: a pair of Dunlin with minimum two chicks on sphagnum and Bog Myrtle hummocks.  a once regular breeder, this is the first known record of confirmed breeding in ‘recent times’  Ruth Fleming, Stuart Gibson.  
28th - Craignure 3 Arctic Skuas (one pale and two dark morphs) flying ---> NW up Sound of Mull past Craignure at 17.00 hrs  today; also, an adult White-tailed Eagle over camp site. Ruth Fleming. 
26th 6 Common Swift over Iona , Great Spotted Woodpecker in trees just down from the WTE watch point this morning also female Cuckoo,  a pair of Hen Harrier  bringing in prey to the same area of heather, 
Rob Hoare
26th June Eas Fors - Garden Warbler, Spotted Fly, pair Grey Wagtails and a Dipper in the waterfall burn
Dervaig - 5 Goosander, 3 Beautiful Demoiselle, Four-spotted Chaser Killiechronan - 1 Common Swift
Glen Seilisdeir - 3 Common Crossbills, Tree Pipit, 10+ Golden-ringed Dragonfly Caliach Point - ringtail Hen Harrier Ashley Saunders.  Oriole Birding.
26th - Torosay Single Red-throated Diver in Duart Bay; singing male Blackcap and Sedge Warbler; male Hen Harrier along coast near camp site; and a Narrow-bordered Bee Hawkmoth and an Elephant Hawkmoth on our walk today. Ruth Fleming  
26th Treshnish, 20 Swifts over Treshnish wood
26th A Humpback Whale was washed up dead at Fishnish
25th June A single Storm-Petrel seen on Treshnish Isles trip, close to Lunga. One Great Skua also. 3 Greenshanks and 3 Golden Plovers on Loch Beg in evening on high tide. Ashley Saunders.  Oriole Birding
24th June: 3 summer plumaged Great Northern Divers on Loch Buie Marsh, Dark Green & Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary at the turning to Loch Buie off the main road. This site was fabulous for odonata too and we had Common Hawker and Highland Darter here. More importantly, we also had a  Northern Emerald.  Large Heath was also on the wing at Grasspoint. Whinchats at Three Lochs and Inverlussa. Male Hen Harrier and Tree Pipit Glen Forsa, Tawny Owl in Pennyghael. Ashley Saunders.  Oriole Birding.
24th Short-eared owl north of Loch Frisa and 7-8 common scoter in waters north of Mull. Ewan 
24th - Loch Ba: A pair of Dunlin on suitable breeding habitat, including singing male; a chick was briefly observed; displaying Snipe and six other species of breeding waders; seven ad. Greylag Goose with seven goslings; fem. Mallard with brood of four ducklings (< 1 week); single Grey Wagtail; one singing Tree Pipit; two fledgling Wheatears; and two Crossbills at Knock. 
23rd - Sgurr Dearg: Male Golden Eagle; male Hen Harrier hunting ridge near summit; single Snipe at 1,500 feet; and Sparrowhawk on our mountain walk. Ruth Fleming s
22nd Summer plumage Great Northern Diver on loch na keal from eagle watch point this pm Rob Hoare
22nd Osprey over Mishnish lochs at 4pm today, bit of a tussle with a buzzard then gained height, heading NW.  Rachel French Ranger Service
19th The Australian black swan was at Glenforsa this morning - got a poor photo on my iPhone. Debby
17th - Up to ten separate frenzies of gannets feeding hard which included one with up to two hundred birds. Ewan 
16th - 8-10 common Scoters in flight north of Mull, 2 GN Divers flying north and the largest number of storm petrels I have seen in five seasons covering these waters, which included hurries 20-30 strong. g
16th - Tobermory A Garden Warbler in song about 1 km SE of entrance to Aros Park, where a Chiffchaff was heard singing. Over 400 Northern Marsh Orchids counted along road verge immediately SE of entrance to Aros Park; the local Magpie was in the Mull Magic garden this afternoon. Ruth Fleming. 
16th: Treshnish, 1 Osprey flying north-east over Calgary bay.   
11th-14th Bunessan:  a Rose Coloured Starling visiting a garden feeder.  (pp) Emily Wilkins  (this is the seventh mull record of the species since 2002)
14th - Loch Ba. Six species of raptor on our walk today, including an Osprey being escorted off the premises by three Oystercatchers, a male Hen Harrier hunting the hillside and a Sparrowhawk; lots of Lesser Redpoll activity, displaying Siskin, and singing Spotted Flycatcher, Tree Pipit and Whinchat; and a Snipe nest with c/4 near hatching. Ruth Fleming. 
13th Loch Ba: a pair of Redstart here nesting in a naturual site on the point of fledging. Andrew Mortley

Redstart image Andrew Mortley.                        Rose Coloured Starling 
7th May  late report just in: the Spotted Crake on Iona - behind the Fire Station was first heard (and seen) on 7th May. Anne Mansfield, Pam Tregunna and Brian Burton, also heard on 12th June 
12th - Torosay 3 Red-throated Divers in Duart Bay; 8 ad. Greylag Geese attending 8 goslings  Oystercatchers  nest with single recently hatched chick (< 24 hrs) and two yet to hatch eggs; Common Gull with b/2 in nest and single unhatched egg; displaying Rock Pipit and Meadow Pipit; singing Blackcap, Spotted Flycatcher and Whitethroat in woods. Ruth Fleming. 
9th  male Teal in Laggan Bay Pam Brown Discover Mull
12th Just had an Osprey at the north of Loch Frisa, near the car park. 12 of us on my ranger service event there saw it, great sighting!  Rachel French
11th 2 Swifts crossing the open sea north Calliach point on the 10th, good numbers of European Storm Petrels seen in the last 7 days in waters north of Mull. Two light phase Arctic Skuas off Loch Cuin on the 9th. Ewan  
10th Treshnish, 2 Swifts at 11.30 at schoolhouse. Prasad.  
9th: 3 Swifts at Treshnish at about 5pm and guests saw 4 at about 11am Anand Prasad
9th a Swift underneath where the Golden Eagles normally are on the south side of Loch Na Keal. Had lovely views of the White Tailed Sea Eagles on the north side today along with a pair of Sedge Warblers,  a couple of Whitethroat and Willow Warbler at Fishnish. Bekki Pierce
8th - Loch Ba 5 Crossbills in plantation at Knock; single  Grey Wagtail hawking insects by loch shore; the Redstarts in the birch wood appear to have fledged young; and a male Chiffchaff was singing at Gruline. Ruth Fleming. 
8th  Walk to Loch Spelve and the ruined village. Short eared owl on post between the path and Grasspoint lane, 2 female hen harriers and male hen harrier hunting in same general area.    Female cuckoo at gate on way out.    White tailed eagle hunting shallows at lochdon and landed on rock.  Probably after the cygnets as previous mentioned.  Ted Humphreys
8th Lochdon: adult White tailed eagle circling our newley hatched signets, doesn't bold well for them. 
7th Iona: just heard the Spotted Crake on Iona (00:20) in same location, grid ref NM 287244.
James Hudson.  PS Found your guide very useful during our week here. Thank you. (first heard on 7th May).
This photo kindly supplied by Dave Barnes see his web site
This photo kindly supplied by Dave Barnes see his web site
The size of a Starling, Spotted Crake tend to skulk in thick cover and walk with their body close to the ground and tail flicking.  When disturbed they run for cover or jump up and flutter away with legs dangling.
Breeding adults have a brown back with dark streaks, a blue-grey face and an olive-brown breast - all covered with white flecks and spots. The under tail is a warm buff colour
6th Female Hen Harrier sighted between Bunessan & Fionnphort. Mike & Kath on holidays
6th Iona. waders on the golf course beach today. 11 Sanderling, 1 Dunlin, 1 Turnstone & several Ringed Plover, also a pair of Shelduck with 6 ducklings.
James Hudson

4th Iona: Spotted Crake herad calling from the irises on shore side of the path between Bishop's House and the Abbey (same area as recorderd earlier, grid ref NM 287244).  Only heard not seen, while doing a corncrake count. Emily Wilkins. Ranger - South Mull, Iona, Burg and Staffa NNR
4th a run round some of my favourite places gave me a stunning male Redstart singing in Ardura oak woodland, a beautiful male Whinchat a close quarters at Inverlussa. Common Whitethroat at Gorten and a singing Wood Warbler and a pair of Stonechat along the Grasspoint road, good numbers of Eider on Loch Spelve, and then a Woodpecker on my feeder. Who needs eagles ? Alan 
4th  2 redpoll drinking from roadside pool at finnan. 4 eider at beach. Ted Humphreys. 

3rd - Langamull  Single Red-throated Diver and a late Great Northern Diver; two Guillemots and several Gannets offshore; 60+ mixed gulls (predominantly Herring and Lesser Black-backed) feeding on abundance of Garden Chafer beetles on machair; Oystercatcher and Ringed Plover with chicks; Common Gull, Arctic Tern and Common Tern on eggs on beach. Ruth Fleming.  

2nd  Tobermory Magpie This bird is now permanent here, it will should be paying Council tax Alan

3rd loch ba.  2 whimbrel 2 curlew 8 lapwing m and f red breasted merganser   Ted Humphreys

2nd Glengorm.  Whinchat,  cuckoo,  stonechat 3 mistlet thrush 2, A handful of common tern on small outcrop off craignure golf course. Ted Humphreys

2nd 5 red throated divers on Loch Assapol this morning. Felicity Pollard & Juliet Vines

1st  2 Swift over Bunessan 6pm 31st May, 14 Sanderling including a ringed individual (details will be sent to BTO) Ardalanish Beach 8pm 1st June. visitors James Hudson & Tim Plowden

17th-31st May list Ernest  Escott pp Peter Keeley Staffa Cottage Griburn 

28th May - Evening, from 'Knockan' we observed at least 100 Manxies, in rafts on the water and flying in and out of the mouth of Loch Scridain.

28th May - Evening, from 'Eorabus' there was a s'pl Great Northern Diver close inshore.Wood Warblers heard on 27th & 29th by road south of Craignure near the Duart Castle turn.
Cuckoos seemingly everywhere  Including 4 together at Loch Asapol. Good numbers of Common Whitethroats too. Sand Martins at Uisken beach and pair of Yellowhammers there. Darren Robson

to be continued updateing see below for previous years




Latest reports for June 2013
29th 4 Arctic Skuas together (3 dark 1 light) heading west at entrance to Loch Sunart. Ewan Blog
28th 2 Red-throated Divers Loch na Kea,l Great Skua Caliach Point and a few Manx Shearwaters offshore Cuckoo Treshnish Wood Ashley Saunders
28th 6 Common Scoters in Calgary Bay but Prasad got them before me. A Peregrine Falcon also at Calgary.
2 White-tailed Eagles, 2 Golden Eagles, 2 Buzzards, 4 Kestrels, 5 Ravens and a male Hen Harrier Laggan Ulva.
Yellowhammer Fanmore Arthur 
27th Tobermory, 1 Dipper in Distillery burn and Spotted Fly catcher, Dervaig, 15+ Goosander in bay
Aros Bridge, Grey Wagtail and Spotted Flycatcher, Salen Bay, 1 Whimbrel on rocks at low tide, seems an unusual time of year, Lochdon, male Hen Harrier flew towards Inverlussa, Loch Beg, 2 Dunlin, 1 Golden Plover and male Hen Harrier. Ashley Saunders
27th Calgary, 6 Common Scoters, prasad  
Redpoll                   photos by Phil Boardman         Yellowhammer

25th Glen Forsa: Tree Pipit in full song. Loch Buie turn off: Greater Butterfly Orchid, 8 Common Crossbills flying over calling. Loch Uisk: male Golden Eagle perched on crags up behind the cottage. 2 Yellowhammer also in garden there Loch Buie: Two pairs of Golden Eagle from here including said pair above. Female Whinchat, Red-throated Diver. Inverlussa: 4+ Whinchat including 2 singing male. Two Lesser Redpolls
Grasspoint: Family of Whinchat, Tree Pipit, imm male Hen Harrier, Grasshopper Warbler [reeling by parking area and seen]. One Transparent Burnet, several Lesser Butterfly Orchids and a Small Ashley Saunders
26th Tobermory: Magpie this afternoon at Tobermory old cemetry. Celia McIntyre & Danny Lamont
24th: Buzzard with snake or Sloworm at Treshnish wood. Last week I heard of 2 other reports of Buzzards with snakes or Sloworm at Treshnish and also a *Kestrel* take a snake or Slowworm to the Kestrel nest south of Port Haunn. Presumably there is either an abundance of Adders or Sloworms or low numbers of small rodents,
23rd Whinchat quinish near mingary cottage in field on left before cottage, Female hen harrier 4miles south of dervaig on road towards crannich Nigel Dawber 
22nd  Non-breeding Great Northern Diver off Ardmore point, Arctic Skua north of Glengorm and over 25 Storm Petrels seen in a seven hour spell at sea today. Ewan 
21st  two beautiful full summer plumaged red throated divers in Fishnish Bay, close to the shore.Pete 
21st: Treshnish, 1 Swift prasad 
19th Four excellent sightings of a golden eagle, including one overhead along with a male hen harrier and innumerable meadow pipits and larks during BTO bird survey near Shiba, Ross of Mull. Felicity, Juliet and David

19th: Langamull, 1 White Wagtail, 3 Dunlin. Prasad
19th Staffa. Corncrake heard and seen, also 3 Swifts seen over Inch Kenneth. large groups of Manx Shearwater on sea, plus Bonxies on Staffa, a Wheatear family group on Lunga and Puffins of course. Chris and Tony Johnson regular visitors to Mull 
31st May  Kestrel, Cuckoo, Red-throated Diver NM 6418.2945 Ring Ouzel feeding young and flying along river   Lynn Farrell
16/6 Crossbill 2 conifers by Glenforsa airstrip. 18/6 Great Skua 2 Caliach Point. Dave Pierce
17th Loch na Keal: Good views of both golden and white tailed eagles today and vast numbers of manx shearwaters about out at sea probably several thousand in all as well as large rafts of mixed auks. Martin  Mull Charters
Marie Gibson took these pix of bottle nosed dolphins in Loch Buie on 8th June 2013

11th A pair of Twite at Lagganulva and a small flock of Linnets, Black Guillemot in the Bay, a male Hen Harrier hunting and Common Terns about half a dozen. Fledged Snipe, Lapwing, Oystercatcher and Redshank in same field  at LagganUlva hungrily being watched by Hooded Crows, Ravens and Great Black Backed Gulls. Zillions of Greylag Goslings everywhere. Arthur  
11th 3 Swifts heading east off Glengorm. 4 Storm Petrels feeding in a small hurry off Mingery. Ewan 
10th - Loch Ba 3 Common Swifts heading East up Glen Cannel at 13.30 hrs. Ruth Fleming
10th Arle: Richard Atkinson phoned to say he had 20+ Swifts over his house and area last evening
2th 2 immature White-tailed Eagles in Glen Aros;  5+ Wheatear in the valley, good numbers elsewhere during the week, e.g. c15 between Calgary and Kilninian, and c20 along the south shore of Loch an Keal. 1 Ringed Plover and 4 Black Guillemot at Garmony. 
3th 3 (2 s/p, 1 w) Great Northern Divers and 4 Common Terns off Ballygowan, Loch Tuath, 3 Cuckoos in the same area. 1 drumming Snipe at Burg. 2 s/p Great Northern Divers at Killiemor, Loch an Keal. Rob and Lucy Hill
4th 1 Little Tern (now confirmed) and 1 Great Skua off Iona. 1m Hen Harrier and 1 sub-adult Golden Eagle at Lochbeg (the latter being mobbed by a pair of Merlin).  Rob and Lucy Hill
5th 1m Hen Harrier in Glen Aros. 1 sum plum Great Northern Diver at Dererach, Loch na Keal. 1m Hen Harrier and 6 Dunlin at Lochbeg. 1pr + 2juv Stonechats, 1 Cuckoo and 1 Tree Pipit at Grasspoint.
6th 1 Whimbrel and 1 Greenshank at the Aros mouth,  a Wood Warbler singing opposite the ruined boats in Salen Bay. On Iona, 16 Ringed Plover  15 Dunlin), 14 Sanderling , 2 singing Sedge Warbler.
7th 1m Hen Harrier in Glen Aros. 1 Snipe drumming near Lochdon.
8th 2 s/p Red-throated Divers off Craignure pier, 1ad White-tailed Eagle at Grasspoint. Rob and Lucy Hill
8th June feeding Spotted Flycatcher, Goldcrest, Great Spotted Woodpecker and 4 pairs of Common Sandpiper River Forsa. Feeding pair of Common Redstart  Loch Ba. Pair of G S woodpecker on our feeders every day and Tree Pipis nesting in our woodland. Arthur, Pam, Jaquie Ferriday and Mike Murphy 
8th Aros Park, Tobermory A trio of Phylloscopus warblers on our cruise ship ramble today : two singing male Wood Warblers, a solitary singing Chiffchaff and lots of Willow Warblers. Good nos of Blackcap in song also, a Great Spotted Woodpecker and a flyover Crossbill added  to our enjoyment. A Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk Moth was at the Standing Stones at Baliscate. Ruth Fleming Stuart Gibson. 
7th 4 Red Throated Divers displaying on Loch na Keal yesterday. Martin 
7th Torosay Three Red-throated Divers close inshore and calling in Sound of Mull, along with a late adult Great Northern Diver.Ruth Fleming.  Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
6th Sand martins at Ardalanish Tony Jefree
4th Treshnish A Great Skua harassing a Herring Gull at Port Haunn. Stuart Gibson & Ruth Fleming
3rd Loch na Keal Calling adult Great Northern Diver at head of loch. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
2nd Dervaig - Calgary A Jay flew across the road near Am Birlinn restaurant. Ruth Fleming
4th A Swift in open sea north of Mingery heading south. Ewan 
3rd Little gull Killiechronan 3rd June in morning. Geoff Pain
3rd A Great Skua at Scarisdale Rocks today  Arthur Brown
3rd Four dark morph Arctic Skuas heading north up the sound of Mull. Ewan 
2nd Lochdon – peregrine falcon circled for 5mins+ over the loch. Male hen harrier hunting over road to Gorten. 
white tailed eagles circling overhead. Felicity & David Pollard
2nd Dervaig. Goosander female with 4 duckings prasad 
26th May a report supported with photo's of a Black Stork over Dervaig is a first record forArgyll & Mull.  many thanks Dave & Lynda Parsons, visitors from Bedfordshire
27th May I’ve just received a report via  VisitScotland, of a Black Stork on 26th at Fanmore, being mobbed by crows. Paul Toner 

Black Stork over Dervaig 26th May 2013 a first record for Argyll and  Mull. pix by Lynda Parsons

Latest reports for June 2012
29th 2 swifts flying low over the coastline at the mouth of Loch Cuin.Roger Craven
29th Treshnish, 1 Swift over Treshnish wood. Prasad
27th: "There has been some views aired recently on Mull that the Puffin numbers on the Treshnish Isles are declining due to White-tailed Eagle predation. I am sure White-tailed Eagles take some Puffins and so will many other raptors including gulls and skuas but so far there is no evidence that the overall numbers are being reduced by White-tailed Eagles. Predator-prey relationships is one of the most studied areas of ecology and many studies have shown that in the wild predators and prey will reach a natural balance"  ................  find out more and read 
28th  2 cuckoos  by glengorm  on telegraph wires.  also a lesser redpoll at fishnish along with an otter fishing. Also a White tailed eagle fishing on the sound of mull. a male hen harrier fly south across Salen bay and  a barn owl close to Salen bay.So far this holiday we have seen74 different species of birds and lots of beautiful wild flowers and orchids. The pierce family 
27th A Swift and a Storm Petrel off the north coast of Mull. Ewan 
26th Last night was a good night for short eared owls had 5 different birds between pennyghael and lochdon 7.30-9pm,today twite x 2 on road along loch na keal just after a bridge and before parking area for Ben more,had great views of a female hen harrier on salen-dervaig road  Monday ,Red throated divers x2 at Calgary today and Sunday in Fishnish bay.  Simon Duckworth
27th 2 red throated divers mouth of Loch Cuin Roger Craven
10/6 Pomarine Skua 1 west of Bloody Bay in the Sound of Mull attacking a Kittiwake along with an Arctic Skua and a Great Skua, somehow the Kittewake survived.
11-14/6 Twite 2, a pair at Loch Na Keal under the Griburn Cliffs
14/6 W T Eagle 2, sat on rocks off of Ardnalanish Beach
17/6 Redstart 3 piars along Loch Ba, whith fledged young
18/6 Reed Bunting 1 singing male at Loch Beg
21/6 Swift 3 under Griburn Cliffs
23/6 Whinchat Along the Carsaig road, nest containing 5 chicks., Martin Gillingham
5th Staffa: Corncrake calling (heard but not seen) Sea Eagle seen to dive into the sea about 300 yds off Grass Point. After a brief struggle with something in the water (unseen) it lay still for about 30 seconds, wings outstretched, and then swam ashore on the North bank.  It tuned out to be a very strong swimmer but luckliy it was flat calm. Pomarine Skua with 2 x Arctic going north up Loch Linne, from the ferry to Oban just as it left the Sound of Mull (near small lighthouse) - June 9th 9.00am.  Rob Hammond
23rd Roger Harding (a visitor) came accross a rare Mull orchid, it being a Small white Orchid, many thaniks indeed for your report and photograph (below)

lapland marsh orchid

small white orchid

22nd Short-eared Owl - one Loch na Keal, one Dervaig, Hen Harrier - two ringtails Glen Forsa, ringtail and male Loch Frisa, male Glen More, male Dervaig, Golden Eagle - one Glen Forsa, Swift - one Killiechronan
Whinchat - three Loch Frisa, Tree Pipit - one Glen Aros, one Glen Forsa, Beautiful Demoiselle - two Glen Aros. Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding
21st June. Glaucous Gull - first summer still at Iona Pier on rocks, Wood Warbler - pair in Pennyghael 100 yards up Carsaig Road, Common Redstart - male same site as above. Common Swift - one west in Pennyghael
Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding
20th June Bottle-nosed Dolphins - pod in Iona Sound, Great and Arctic Skuas 3 each at Lunga
Glaucous Gull - first summer Iona pier on rocks, Golden Eagle - pair Glen More, Merlin - one Glen More
Short-eared Owl - two Glen More, Hen Harrier - ringtail Glen More
Butterflies: Marsh Fritillary, Large Heath, Green Hairstreak, Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary and Dark Green Fritillary all on wing in Glen More near cottage below Golden Eagle site. 
Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding
Tuesday 19 June._  1900hrs.  approx 1 mile east of Bunessan, Marsh harrier (f) crossed the road in front of us and flew towards the shore.
Wednesday 20 June._  0930-1100hrs.  Laggan Bay Hen harrier (f) flew across the beach scattering every gull in the vicinity. Cuckoo (m) on treetop on hill behind the bay calling for 20mins. Anne Wilkinson
19th June Short-eared Owls - one Kinloch, two Glen More by Goldies site, one just past three lochs
Redstart - female going in nest box in woods on road down to Loch Buie, Tree Pipit - singing male at above site
Golden Eagle - pair Loch Buie, one Glen Seilisdeir, Lesser Redpolls - in rhodedendron valley on way down to Loch Buie at least ten, Whinchats - pair Inverlussa, Hen Harrier - male Inverlussa
20th Treshnish, 11 or 12 Swifts flying south over Treshnish Old Schoolhouse. Prasad. 
12th Treshnish, Quail heard in afternoon and evening at Haunn (per Carolyne Charrington) Last year heard on 18th June and in 2009 from 31st May until 21st June Prasad. 
17th - Iona. A Short-eared Owl by side of the main road at Pennyghael at 10.00 am; a Great Skua flying North through the Sound of Iona; eight Corncrakes, including one (probably female) seen in flight in meadow near Abbey; fledged broods of Goldfinches and Linnet; eclipse Red-breasted Merganser and Eider drakes at The Bay At The Back Of The Ocean, where three broods totalling 11 Eider ducklings and brood of four Shelduck were among the highlights of our walk today. No sign of immature Glaucous Gull, however. Ruth Fleming 
16th a large number of Ravens 42 in total at the Tobermory tip was an unusual site for me, also a superb male Hen Harrier near the Fishnish Ferry area too. Martin Izzard 
15th - Garmony: Four Dunlin and a late Turnstone were found along the shore and a female Hen Harrier was seen hunting the meadow near the car park. Ruth Fleming. 
13th Lochdon: pleased to confirm that our Spotted Flycatcher has returned again for the fourth year and is now feeding young in a nest platform I put up five years ago. Alan

14th Two screaming Swifts over Riverside court, Tobermory. Ewan 
12th driving to Salen I came across a Common Snipe in middle of road, it didn't move as I drove past, I turned round and went back to have a closer look, thinking it was injured, it wasn't, but was standing next to its young chick which had been 'hedgehog' squashed by an earlier vehicle. What a shame    Alan
11th A pair of swifts flying around An Tobar, Tobermory Matt Atkin
10th - Iona. Ist S immature Glaucous Gull still present near ferry jetty; only three calling Corncrakes, but one male showing near Abbey; single Whimbrel calling overhead was very late; several pairs of Linnet feeding on grass and Sea Pink seeds; three broods of Eider and a single Shelduck brood at the Bay at the Back of the Ocean. 
10th  Inverlussa/Torness. Hunting Short-eared Owl in late afternoon. Ruth Fleming 
10th 3 SE owls at Reudle (8 pm), 1 male hen harrier at ensay and another at the summit of the torloisk to dervaig road. Black guillimot in Calgary bay. Matt Atkin
9th Iona a s/p Black Godwit here today and Glaucouse still around the ferry terminal. Sue Peterken
We just back from 2  weeks on Mull and we saw the Marsh Harrier at Fidden on 22 May. Rex Earnshaw 
(The bird Prasad had on 29th May was different from David Warden’s on 30th May.....
Prasad’s had less of a creamy head and did not show a creamy chin like David’s bird. So could be 2 or even 3 about. There were 2 seen on Tiree in May as well (or same?))
8th Dark Morph Arctic Skua off Caliach point today Ewan Miles. 
8th 7 Manx shearwaters flying past Lismore lighthouse, Stonechat family, WTSE and 2 RT Divers at Calgary beach, Spotted Flycatcher in Calgary woods, Dunlin at Langamull beach
SE owl at Reudle, Golden Eagle at Glengorm. And unfortunately, road kill of both adder and slow worm adjacent to Calgary beach. Matt Atkin. Visitor
Just returned from a fabulous birding trip. Highlights include
02/06/12 - Iona: Two, possibly three Corncrakes seen in the fire station field. Birds seen twice in flight and once running between the iris beds. Also Glaucous Gull in the harbour area at Iona.
02/06/12 - Glen More: Short Eared owl.
03/06/12: Dervaig: Two White Tailed Sea Eagles. One with a white tag H5. One of the WT Eagles mobbed by a Common Buzzard and then an Osprey.  Glen More: Merlin. Ben More: Hen Harrier (f).
04/06/12: Ben More: Hen Harrier (f) and Short Eared Owl. Glen More: Three Golden Eagles.
05/06/12: Glen More; Single Golden Eagle. Ardmore; Five cuckoos, 3m 2f. Females giving their bubbling call. Another cuckoo at Loch Frisa.
05/06/12: Dervaig: Cuckoo heard, White Tailed Sea Eagle seen on the outskirts of Dervaig on the road from Loch Frisa. Hen Harrier (m) hunting the reed beds at Dervaig. David Phillips
7th Tobermory.  2 Swifts flying around the council buildings in Tobermory this evening
7th 2 swifts past Salen Hotel, seen from the window whilst having cheeseburger and chips. Geoff Pain
6th Langamull, Scandinavian Rock Pipit still present, Prasad. 
6th - Langamull. Two late Great Northern Divers remain off Langamull Ruth Fleming. 
7th We just back from 2 glorious weeks on Mull and we saw the Marsh Harrier at Fidden on 22nd May.
Rex Earnshaw
4th Torosay/Duart. 2 pairs of Red-throated Divers were calling and displaying in Duart Bay today and, interestingly, a Spotted Flycatcher was catching insects on the high tide seaweed at Torosay. 
3rd - Beinn a Ghraig. A breeding pair of Golden Plovers at 450 m and a pair of Cuckoos working the hillside and gorge of the Scarisdale River were the highlights of our walk today. 
3rd - Loch na Keal Four broods totalling 15 Greylag goslings (with eight adults) near Scarisdale Point
1st - Salen A Barn Owl was seen at 23.35 hrs at Salen Bay Ruth Fleming. 
3rd Reudle: Arthur Brown was lucky enough to pick up two Common Swifts today, the first reported this year.

Latest reports for  June 2011
30th Uisken Bay: Male Whinchat and fledged youngster Uisken Bay, twelve Common Crossbills Pennyghael in conifers behind hotel. We've had roding Woodcock each of the last two evenings there, with up to three birds present around 2230. Ashley Saunders30th 1 male Hen Harrier and a Short Eared Owl at Grasspoint this morning. Also a Grasshopper Warbler reeling near the bridge. 4 Cuckoo - all males off the Glengorm Estate road this afternoon. Nick Isherwood
29th various: 21 Red-breasted Mergansers [moulting flock] Loch na Keal. immature Golden Eagle Torloisk. 2 Twite on road between Torloisk and Dervaig. pair Hen Harriers Loch Frisa at north end. Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary here also
Greater Butterfly Orchids on verge at Aros Bridge. Male Hen Harrier Kinloch and male Whinchat. Ashley Saunders
29th Grasspoint Road: 2 Hen Harrier (1m, 1f) and also a family of Whinchat by the car park. Nick Isherwood.
28th Common Swift - 2 between Inverlussa and Craignure, Whinchat - female Inverlussa. Merlin - male in Glen More, mobbing the female Golden Eagle. Red-throated Diver - one Loch Buie
Redpolls - large numbers in Rhodedendron along road to Loch Buie all appear to be larger paler 'flammea' or Common Redpoll.  Twite - two along shore of Loch Spelve.  Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding
27th Loch Torr: a drake Tufted duck on Loch Torr near Tobermoray today. Nick Isherwood. from Warrington
25th Salen Old Pier: 6 Sandwich Tern over the shoreline. also 26th 2 Goldfinch  Nick Isherwood
25th  4 Swifts (a scarce passage migrant) along the side of Loch na Keal some  Pete Hall 
22nd Loch Harrison (at the end of Loch Assapol) 6 Tufted ducks ,Great northern diver on the sea in Loch Buie. Vic Kolodziejczyk
22nd Gruline: a Turtle Dove here today. Richard Atkinson.  Bob and Valerie Gill from Stockport
22nd Lochdon: an Osprey flew over (7:30pm) towards Duart, probably to fish in Duart Bay. Rosie Salzman
21st Killiechronan: 3 drake Tuifted Duck tonight opposite campsite Killecronan. Geoff Pain
20th Loch na Keal: 2 drake Tufted Duck Loch Na Keal opposite Killechronan this evening. Geoff Pain
20th: There have been no further sightings of the Roller reported since it was first found on 16th. Alan
19th June: 1 Tufted Duck and 1 Grasshopper Warbler at Mishnish and  there was 1 Jay at Penmore, 2 Grasshopper warblers one at either end of Loch Peallach, Mishnish.. Prasad
18th Mishnish Lochs: a Tufted Duck here. Arthur Brown Discover Mull Tours
18th Lochdon: Greater Butterfly Orchids, Fragrant, Common and Heath Spotted all in flower now. Alan
17th:  a Quail was heard off an on all morning at Haunn. (Please do not approach the bird and keep dogs on a short lead. They are a very rare breeding bird in Argyll, in fact there has never been positive proof of breeding, but a male calling from 31 May to 21 June at Haunn in 2009 may have bred.)  Prasad
17th Lochdon: an Osprey over Lochdon at high tide this evening. Alan
17th Fidden: a single Brent Goose with Greylags at Fidden. visitor
16th Loch Beg: a male Scoter in Loch Beg two days running. David Woodhouse. Isle of Mull Wildlife Expeditions
Roller Pix Turtle Dove pix   Osprey pix      Orchid pix
16th:The European Roller located again this pm, not close enough to photograph but through the scop a spectacular bird. Alan Spellman, Dave Sexton, Debbie Thorn & family, Arthur Brown, Michael Shepherd. and others
16th Glen Aros: The bird was found again and photographed  mid morning by Pam Brown, David Yates and Nick Evans

16th Glen Aros; a mega mega find : a European Roller was seen & photographed here at 05.30hrs this morning. on power lines by the  log piles on the Glen Aros road, approx 3.5 miles NW of Salen. John Bannon

This is the second record for Mull with the first ‘modern record’ being a shot bird at Achaforse High Wood on 10th Sept 1927 (though there were some old reports from the 1800’s)
16th Tobermory: Female Peregrine at Old Free Church, Main Street. Single Marsh Fritillary at Baliscate Standing Stones; Crossbill heard in Aros Park , where pair of Spotted Flycatchers at park entrance
15th  Tiroran – Tavool: Male Peregrine at usual location on Main Street , Tobermory
About 20 Slender Scotch Burnet moths now on the wing and colony of Argent and Sable moths located (six individual insects seen); other butterflies included Speckled Wood, Small Heath, Common Blue, Dark Green Fritillary and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
14th Duart Castle: a Bee Eater was 'heard' flying over Duart Castle area, it was not seen. Su and Luke Delve (bto)
14th Calgary Bay – Caliach Point:  Red-throated Diver, Calgary Bay; 2 Great Skuas on land at Caliach Point, where a single pale morph Arctic Skua past flying North
13th Tireragan Rasping male Corncrake in Iris beds between Fidden and Knockvologan; male Hen Harrier actively hunting near Tireragan. 
15th Lochdon: Spotted Flycatcher busy feeding young at 'Maridon', almost ready to fledge.Alan
14th Big hurries of gulls and Gannets on Loch na Keal,  rafts of Guillemot and Razorbill. 7 Common Dolphins off Inch Kenneth 13th June. Male Hen Harrier flying between Gribun and Eorsa yesterday. Martin Keivers 
14th Single Common Scoter – Entrance to Loch Beg,  Mike Wagemakers Isle of Mull Experience
13th Ardmore: Long Eared Owl seen tonight at Ardmore just off the forestry track. Ewan Miles 
13th Glen Gorm: a male Hen Harrier flew over. Rick Thornton
12th June. Single Swift hawking in the late evening, Laggan Lodge, Lochbuie. Alastair Gossage
12th Lochdonhead: an Osprey fishing here at 19.20hrs Rick Thornton
12th Glen Selisdair: close to the 'last years' eagle hide, a male Pied Flycatcher, kindly reported by visitor Nora Morris 
(correction) John Craig
10th Gruline:  Garden Cottage on the Gruline Estate. a male Blackcap in the gardens. Keith Hawker, 
5th  a Great northern Diver at Loch Buie and on Tuesday 7th June we saw a Short eared Owl at the Torloisk end of the Dervaig-Torloisk road (417460). David and Felicity Pollard
5th: 1 Whooper Swan at Loch Frisa fish-farm building and a Grasshopper Warbler reeling there.
The Peregrine is still being seen at Tobermory, today it was on the Church of Scotland church-tower above the main street. 1 Black-headed Gull on Calgary beach. Prasad 
1st Calve island:  2 Long  tailed Skua heading up the sound past Calve island. Dark Morph Arctic Skua off Ardmore point yesterday.  Ewan Miles
25 May Fishnish pier: 1 or 2 adult summer Sabine's Gull. One north at 7pm in Kittiwakes, second around buoy 7.40pm. 
1 Pomarine Skua north 8.15 pm. Spoons clearly seen.  Pale phase Arctic Skua 8.16pm.  Rob Pimlett

Latest reports for  June 2010
29th Loch Pottie: a male Hen Harrier helped to make my trip to the dentist at Fionnphort a liitle less painful. Alan
Ashley Saunders from Oriole bird tours reports: Loch Buie - Common Redpolls  breeding in rhodedendron along road down to loch, seen with fledged young 22nd june  Common Redstarts female with three fledged young Loch Ba 26th June
Short-eared Owl - Inverlussa, 27th June (scarce this year, very few reports of sightings AS) Common Swift - 4 Grasspoint 26th
Hen Harriers - pair food passing carsaig road 25th June, female Glen More 26th, male with prey fidden 22nd, male three lochs viewpoint 23rd  Common Crossbills - Carsaig 25th, loch ba 26th, glen seilisdeir 23rd
22nd whooper swan - loch pottie.  Ashley Saunders (this birds has been around all year AS)
28th June 1 Swift seen at Lagganulva during our tour today, also Red-throated Diver at Calgary.Arthur Brown Discover Mull
26th Haunn:  Today at noon about 12 Swifts over Haunn. Anand Prasad
23rd Lochdon: 2 Spoonbill were seen by visitor Stephen Smith on the south side of Lochdon, all but too briefly as they have not stayed around, however a  photo was taken. Stephen Smith,  (pp) Phil McDermott, (This is the first record of Spoonbill on Mull since 1994 when one was at Dervaig  AS)23rd Loch Buie: an Osprey here today. Clifford Moisey
22nd Lochdon area: A 'positive' sighyting of Goshawk here. visitor
17th Loch Torr: an Osprey here this morning, , probabaly the same bird seen at Mishnish on13th. Alan
14th Loch Scridain:  3 Basking Shark, 2 RB Merg.
15th Uisken:  2 Cuckoo (male & female together), 1 Peregrine. Loch  Scridain 11 Basking Shark, 1 Great Skua, 40 Manx Shearwater. Bryan Rains 
16th Pennyghael : 3 female Eider with 11 young, 3 Snipe. Loch  Scridain 6 Basking Shark, 1 RT Diver, 1 BT Diver and 2 Whinchat with 2 youngsters along the shore. Bryan Rains 
10th Calliach Point: Great Skua confirmed breeding. (this is now the second year that birds have bred here on Mull. AS)
13th Mishnish lochs: Osprey over Mishnish Lochs ,2.45pm. Flew off in direction of Loch Frisa. Celia McIntyre & Danny Lamont
10th Garmony - Fishnish: Grasshopper Warbler singing, several Lesser Redpolls singing and displaying, two Crossbills, four male Orange Tip butterflies, single Marsh Fritillary, single Small Copper, an Elephant Hawk Moth, Buff Tip and Silver Y moth
9th Iona: Four different Corncrakes, three of which singing and seen, migrant flock of 20 Dunlins at the Bay at the Back of the Ocean, where two pairs Shelduck, one pair with b/1 and two broods of Eiders
8th  Langamull: Good numbers of Slender Scotch Burnet Moths at known location, plus two on wing between Langamull and Croig; late migrant Whimbrel, near Croig.  Ruth and Stuart
9th Calliach:  a Swift flying over Calliach today. Pam Brown
7th  Loch Frisa track: Tobermory end. A pair of Whinchat, Stonechat and Grey Wagtail, Tree Pipits, a small flock of Lesser Redpoll, and at least 4 calling Cuckoo. Pam Brown 
6th Loch na Keal;  a pair of White Wagtails. opposite Inch Kenneth, also in the same spot but out towards the fish farm a very nice summer plumaged black throated diver.  Pete Hall
6th 2 Red Throated Divers in Loch Tuath seen off Tostary 6th Arthur. 
5th Tobermory: Singing Chiffchaff, Aros Park; colony of Northern Marsh Orchids coming in to flower along grass verge between entrance to park and Tobermory, where (amazingly!) there was a beautiful Marsh Fritillary butterfly feeding on a buttercup. We had the most wonderful, prolonged views down to inches! This is the most northerly record for the island of this rare butterfly in recent times.  Ruth and Stuart
5th Lochdon: An Osprey flew over this morning at 10.00hrs Rosie & Rod Salzman and AS
4th June Male Whinchat on fence near the Eagle watch caravan, 2 Peregrines Gribun cliffs, Male Hen Harrier, Glen More near the three lochs. Andy, Natalie & Hannah Bayes
3rd June At least 4 Spotted Flycatchers on Ulva, Pair Shelduck on beach by the airstrip at Glenforsa. 2nd June Redstart & Wood Warbler Grasspoint Road.  Andy, Natalie & Hannah Bayes
3rd lochbuie: 1 otter showing well, 2 golden eagle, 2 White tailed eagle, 2 harbour porpoise, 1 seal, 1 great northern diver s.p., 1 peregrine & 2 cuckoo. Bought latest mull bird report -excellent Website very good also. Carl Winkley  (praise indeed ! AS)
4th:  heard a chiffchaff singing close to Gruline cross roads yesterday. A pair of cuckoo flew from the car oark over to Ulva ferry 1 calling the other sounded as if it was being strangled.     Martin 
3rd: Bonxie (Bay-at-the-back-of-the-Ocean, Iona) Matt Atkin 
3rd Calgary: a Jay was seen here today by guests with Arthur Browns Discover Mull tours 
2nd Glengorm: A male Pied Flycatcher here today. Discover Mull guests 
2nd : 8 Manx Shearwater off the Oban-Craignure ferry, Cuckoo calling constantly behind the St Columba hotel on Iona
Turnstone, pair of Shelduck and 3 chicks, and regrettably a hunting Mink swimming between the islands (Bay-at-the-back-of-the-Ocean, Iona), Fulmar (Iona Abbey) Matt Atkin
2nd  Langamull Forest: Flock of 40-50 Crossbills, feeding on larch seeds, in trees near car park area. One group, watched at close range, included ten streaky juveniles. Ruth and Stuart 
2nd Scarisdale rocks, Loch na Keal: had good views of a drumming snipe and perched cuckoo at Scarisdale Rocks  Jonathan and Moira McKelvie
1st; Loch na Keal:Good views of an Arctic Skua harrying gulls off the back of the boat. Red Throated Divers on the wing and Peregrines. Martin Kievers 
1st Calgary: a Jackdaw was an unusual find here for Arthur Brown (normally only seen on Ross & Iona area)
1st Caliach Point: Dark phase Arctic Skua and Great Skua at Cailaich Point this afternoon, also Cormorant, Gannets and Kittiwakes there. We have nesting Bullfinches at Ardrioch and Tawny Owls in our Kestrel Box.  Arthur. 
31st May - Langamull: Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk Moth nectaring on Lousewort  Ruth and Stuart 
28th: 6 golden plover in field above Scoor house, single golden eagle here also, single whooper on Harrison loch plus little grebe and male tufted duck, 30 rock dove near Glebe cottage close to the Bunessan road. Tony & Jan Jenkins
Late Reports:
15th May - female Goldeneye on the eastern most of the Mishnish Lochs.
16th May - Twite, Black Guillemot, and two Red Throated Divers along with a pair of Shelduck with 5 ducklings at Calliach point.
17th May - West shore Iona, a flock of 6 Turnstones, and two mixed wader flocks each with breeding plumage Dunlin and Sandering and others in various stages of moult numbering in total about 12 Sanderling and 20 Dunlin.
This was our first visit to Iona for a couple of years and from our purely subjective view point there appeared to be far fewer Corncrake than on previous occasions.  We heard none on our walk out to the West Shore - usually a very good area, and only managed to hear around 5 birds during the course of the day.  We did finally manage to see one bird in the iris bed behind the new fire station.  We also saw a Greenshank in the shallow water off Pennyghael on the way back.    Nick & Stella Laughton

Latest reports for June 2009
30th JUNE  :  CALGARY BAY (North shore)
Colony of Grayling butterflies now on the wing on coastal lava cliffs at North end of Calgary Bay (6 - 7 butterflies seen); also colony of Transparent Burnet moths observed feeding on Wild Thyme in same area. Birds included ad. Golden Eagle, 3 Kestrels, Common Gull nest with one chick and another 'chipping' egg, 5 singing m m Whitethroats and singing Tree Pipit - Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson 
29th JUNE : LOCHDON (Gorsten Area)
1 Marsh Fritillary seen nr High Oatfield; small colony of Large Heath now on wing on coastal moorland North of Gorsten (4 - 5 butterflies seen); pair of Hen Harriers in same area; 3 prs Linnet in gorse scrub; ad. WTSE being mobbed by Raven and Common Gulls along North shore of Lochdon; also 3 Common Porpoise in nearby Firth of Lorne. Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
30th Loch Pottie 1 Whooper Swan still present. Uisken 1 Swift. Loch Beg 1 Mute Swan, 7 Golden Plover, 2 Greenshank. Crossbills are showing in reasonable numbers in various locations.  Bryan Rains
20th Male Hen Harrier flying down glen Forsa  early evening (this was about 2 miles down the glen)
21st Brief sighting of a Male Ring Ouzel (this was about 2 to 3 miles down the glen Forsa)
21st Lesser whitethroat at the car park on B8073 at the north end of Loch Frisa
25th on the shore near Aros Castle  2 Storm Petrels fly south also a Whooper Swan at this site  Geoff Trigg
28th LANGAMULL; 3 Crossbills over plantation; Red-throated Diver calling and seen on sea; 50 Greylag Geese on sea; 14 Sand Martins over colony where 5 out of 22 nest holes active; family party Linnets in coastal scrub; pr Oystercatchers with b/2 harassed by Mink.
Orchids;  5 species seen, Greater Butterfly, Fragrant, Northern Marsh, Common Spotted and Heath Spotted.
Butterflies/Moths:  Common Blue, Meadow Brown, Painted Lady, Small Heath, Pearl-bordered sp , Six-spot Burnet and Slender Scotch Burnet all seen despite overcast conditions.
24th SALEN FORT 1 Swift --> S at 22.20 hrs; family party of Whinchats.
25th TIRORAN - TAVOOL  18 Crossbills in plantation.  Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
28th: 2 gannets flying south & about 6 porpoises,  near the lighthouse . Felicity Hansen & Mary Sparrow
25th 1 Swift near Treshnish cow-barn and about an hour later 1 (possibly same) at Haunn.
The Quail has not been heard since the 21st and i have reliable report that it was first heard on 31st May a week before i first heard it, Anand Prasad 
25th Tiroran-Tavool: Butterflies; 30 common blue, 40 small heath, 20 pearl bordered fritillary, 12 meadow brown, 10 speckled wood, 8 painted lady plus both burnet moths, Ruth Flemming & Stuart Gibson.
24th, 2 black guillemot by the pier in Craignure, easily seen from shore.  Felicity Hansen
24th Uisken: Common Swift at Uisken Bay along with a Sedge Warbler and male Hen Harrier. Ashley Saunders
23rd Tobermory: at least 12 Swift over the town. jenny & Chris Buckley
16th Kellan Lodge Mill (Loch na Keal) a 1st year MALE COMMON ROSEFINCH, a very 'rare bird' indeed and a first for Mull, previously one was on Iona in 1989.  kindly reported by Ben Dickinson
23rd Loch Buie: a LESSER WHITETHROAT  Loch Buie. The previous record was one on Iona in 1965,  Ashley Saunders Oriole Adventures
21st Glen Bellart:  heard Quail calling from grid reference NM455485, about 200 yards north of the coniferous forest where the road crosses the cattle grid and disappears into the wood on the road south of Dervaig towards Salen. It appeared to be coming from an area between the fence line and the river. Between 17.00 and 17.25 it called about a dozen times in short bursts - the "wet-your-lips" call being unmistakable. We scanned the area were it appeared to be located but were unable to see it. also saw a Whooper Swan this morning on Loch Pottie.   Thanks to Peter Hodgson, Jim and Lynda Coyle
20th,  Good day out,  60 species, including Bullfinch in Glen Aros and singing Wood Warbler in trees alongside Salen Bay.  Fragrant Orchids, amongst others, and Chimney Sweep Moths also in Glen Aros.  Mike Wagemakers
20th Whooper Swan on Loch Frisa, Crossbills  at the hide fragrant orchids, common spotted orchids, small pearl bordered fritillaries, painted ladies just in front of the loch frisa sea eagle hide hide. Debby Thorne
17th Garmony:  a whooper swan at Garmony and on 22nd 2 Turnstone. Dave Pieirce
15th Langamull: 600 Manx Shearwater, 10 sand martin, 60 painted lady, 44 small heath,24 chimney sweeps, 2 six spot burnet moth, pearl and small bordered fritillary, Ruth Flemming and Stuart Gibson
15th Calgary: FEMALE HAWFINCH seen 1.15 pm Frachadil House garden  by Andy and Helen Mortley 
14th Caliach Point: 500+ Manx Shearwaters on the water, 10 Goosander at Dervaig.  Arthur Brown
13th Over 40 species seen on the Cailaich road BTO sqare including lots of Meadow Pipits and over 30 Skylarks
12th Staffa: 7 Twite and 2 Wren on Staffa, 8 Manx Shearwater and a Corys Shearwater at very close range together between Staffa and Lunga. I have seen Corys many times in the uk and abroad and I am 100% certain of this sighting. Robert Hoare
7th Iona -on sea on west coast nr. Stac Liath: Slavonian Grebe in summer pl. Bonxie past Port na Curaich -south coast of Iona 
10th Corncrake showed well on Iona -in recently mowed field next to hotel. Whimbrel -Ardalanish beach, Mull
12th Uisken beachHen Harrier -female, Greenshank -Loch Beg.  Neil Osborne + reports from Hayley Tomlinson 
10th male Hen Harrier and Turtle Dove near the river aros just past the first cattle grid  from salen, summer plumaged Great Northern Diver in the sound of mull near the pier at Craingure.  Juv Great Northern Diver and 2 Summer plumaged Black Throated Diver and Black Guillimot loch Buie also female Whinchat on fence posts on the approch road. Robert Hoare 
10th Calgary bay near beach: 5 female Eider ducks with 17 newly fledged chicks! One red-throated Diver in bay.
At Langamull 92 Slender Scotch Burnets and  Frog Orchids. Anand Prasad 
9th : summer plumaged Great Norther Diver this evening on the sea near the fish farm from Garmony. Robert Hoare
8th Treshnish headland: Quail calling on Treshnish headland walk track . Anand Prasad
8th Craignure:  5 black guillemots today just off Craignure (from ferry).Felicity Hansen and Peter Verity
A few highlights from our week on Mull.
Pair of Shelduck plus one chick at Croig, with WTSE ominously overhead (6th), Wood Warbler on the Tobermory Lighthouse walk 5th Loch na Keal: drake Tufted Duck at head of Loch Na Keal on the low tide pool by the campsite at Killiechronan. Geoff Pain.
(5th), Pair of Arctic Tern on Langamull beach, with the male fishing for the female: plus a Swift overhead at the same location (1st), Whinchat singing at Carsaig, and Treecreeper in the woods at Carsaig (30th): Spotted Flycatcher in the woods at the Calgary Hotel (2nd), Pair of Red Throated Diver at Calgary Bay (all week) and a pair at Loch Tuath (4th): Bullfinch at Dervaig (3rd): Male Wigeon at Aros (4th). 
During the week, Cuckoo's at Calgary, Ulva, Treshnish Pt, Ardmore (pair), Carsaig, Loch Don, Langamull (on the telegraph wires on the way to the beach) and Otters at Calgary Bay, Treshnish Point (x2), Flat Rock Glengorm (x2) and Loch Scridain
In all 89 species in a week (mainly North Mull + Iona) - a record for me
Overall highlight was perhaps a hugeBasking Shark in Calgary Bay on 1st - by far the biggest I've ever seen
Matt Atkin 
4th Ferry Crossing Craignure to Oban: In the Firth of Lorn were 8-10 Pomarine Skua drifting west, excellent views. Alan
4th Aros. 1 Dipper and at least 5 Grey Wags on the burn. 1 male Wigeon on the sea in Aros Bay.1 male Hen Harrier  between Aros and Dervaig. Martin Sage
4th  Loch na Keal: 2 red throated divers calling. greylags with goslings. On Scarisdale rocks were 2 WTSE. RF & SG
4th Aros estuary:  an 'out of season' Wigeon here today. Martin Sage
3rd between Iona and Mull. Great Skua robbing 2 gulls between. also found Rooks on Iona 
3rd Loch Buie: a pair of summer plumaged Black throated diver have been giving excellent views here for the last three weeks. WTSE flew over. several Swifts over Grasspoint road. Alan
1st Lochdon. I watched stunning whinchat in the mornings sunshine, and where was my camera, in my car 100 yards away. will I never leaarn ? Alan
1st Gribun: Lots of painted ladies at Gribun. also peacocks. We have a resident tawny owl at gribun this year , and the peregrines have moved to be replaced by a pair of kestrel on the cliffs. Liz and Richard Hallam
1st Gruline Mausoleum. Spotted Flycatcher. Eurasion Jay at Gruline., (scarce for mull) Martin Sage

Latest reports for June 2008
29th Craignure: A Nuthatch was found this morning on the nut feeder in Pete and Jan Halls garden, This is only the second record of the species on Mull, the first ever being only last month at Calgary & Dervaig.
28th 7 Hen Harriers seen today:-male Grasspoint, Glen More, Killiechronan and  Loch Beg, adult female and two juveniles on the wing just east of Pennyghael before junction of Glen More/Gruline road. 2 Short-eared Owls by this junction also Merlin Glen More and pair of Golden Eagles there Ashley  Saunders 
27th Pennyghael: an adult Long-eared Owl and two calling young in the wood behind the Kinloch at Pennyghael. Common Crossbill flyover by the Glen Seilisdeir Sea Eagles, and a Mistle Thrush there, Ringtail Hen Harrier Loch Beg and 3 Otters. At Fionnphort, an adult Whooper Swan flying over, and two Bottle-nosed Dolphins in the sound. On return crossings to Staffa, 3 European Storm-Petrels, 200+ Manxies, 100+ Arctic Terns, pale phase ad Arctic Skua, 2 Great Skua. Ashley Saunders Oriole Adventures
26th Iona - Common Swift and 2 Sandwich Terns fishing in the sound of Iona. At Fidden male & female  Hen Harrier. Ashley Saunders 
24th  a singing male Mealy Redpoll at Loch Buie Also 3 Short-eared Owls in Glen More
25th  a Black-tailed Godwit in the bay at Dervaig, ringtail Hen Harrier by Loch Frisa, Tree Pipit by Loch Ba and Wood Warbler at Knock Bridge.  Ashley Saunders Oriole Adventures
23rd  Balmeanach Camp site: Report from visitor," heard Nightjar again at Balmeanach , Fishnish "
An update on the Long eared Owls - (Pennyghael) they have fledged at least 2 young. We saw 2 young birds and one of the adults late on Thursday night (19th).   Bryan Rains
20th 4 Whooper Swan at Fidden.
21st 2 Red-throated Diver on Loch na Keal. Wild About Mull   Bryan Rains
19th undiclosed sites. Another good year for Barn Owls on Mull as young were ringed today
8 June: 1 Great Skua flew south down the sound of Iona
9 June: 2 summer-plumaged great northern divers close inshore at Ardalanish Bay (+2 black-throated divers)
11 June: 1 Pale-phase Arctic Skua from ferry to Iona
12 June: 3 Great skuas NE over western Iona
13 June: 2 probable  Pomarine Skuas from the Mull-Oban ferry  Geof Barlow
We found the road between Torloisk and Dervaig excellent for hen harrier, s/eared owl, and had good views of golden eagle, wtse and raven there as well. 
10th June - a single and very out of place Redwing was seen on the road from Dervaig to Loch Torr. Meg & Stephen Davies
7th Calliach Point:  a Sooty Shearwater just off Cailleach Point on the afternoon of Saturday 7 June.
also two Great Skuas on the headland itself - from their behaviour it appeared that they might have been nesting there. (the first recorded nesting birds on Mull) George and Anne Burns
11th Calgary Bay: a Hobby was seen here this morning, it flew in from the north & circled the bay before flying north again  John Mason (visitor from Yorkshire)
10th Dervaig: Saw my first Jay on Mull at the Glen Aros/Glen Belart watershed  yesterday. Arthur Brown
8th Pennyghael: We have Long-eared Owls breeding in the wood beside the Kinloch -youngsters
calling every night for the last 2 weeks. Also the Short-eared Owls at Loch Beg have at least 1 youngster. 7th there was 3 Whooper Swan (2 adults, 1 juv) at Fidden.   Bryan Rains
7th  Loch Scridain 2 Red-throated Diver. Loch Beg 1 Short-eared Owl, 4 Red-breasted Merganser. Uisken 1 Short-eared Owl. Wild About Mull   Bryan Rains
7th Loch na Keal: The Bearded Seal is still there on the north shore and showing well, also there today was a drake Teal, Excellent views of Sea Eagles by the camp site at Killiechronan. Alan Spellman 
6th Uisken 1 Short-eared Owl, 2 Whimbrel, 1 Yellowhammer, 2 Twite, 3 Cuckoo  (female bird seen laying egg in Meadow Pipit nest!). Beach 6 Lesser Redpoll. Bryan Rains
5th Langamull walk: 6 cuckoo's sitting on telephone wires, both male and female. Langamull, in the  first clearing about 20 yards from the cart park, a family of Crossbill, male, female and young, the female was feeding the young. Langamull beach, 2 Ringed Plovers.   Pam Brown
3rd I have just received a report of a probable Common Crane on Ulva on 29th May. Carl Winkley. Any further information would be appreciated, to Alan please.
2nd Langamull  - 6 cuckoos perched on the overhead powerlines near the farm house, including a brown phase female.  This was the first time for many years that I have heard the female call - sounds a bit like someone with catarrh clearing their throat - a bit bubbly.  Each bird was dropping down into the bracken underneath the power lines and then resuming its perch while it consumed a caterpillar.   Shaun Mccullagh
1st Calgary Bay: a drake Common Scoter here today. Arthur  Brown. 'Discover Mull Tours'
Late May reports
24th Ulva Ferry: 5 Swift, Lochdon 2 Whimbrel, 27th Lochaline ferry: a single Sandwich Tern, 28th Iona 3 summer plumaged Sanderling, Corncrake at Fidden. Tony & Jan Jenkins 
Isle of Ulva "27th May   a Hoopoe in the rocks above Cragaig at about 13.45. It was perched on the rocks above the path (there is only one path at Cragaig) but flew away when I got nearer, the crest and wing markings were unmistakeable."    Mike Collins 
There was also a Hoopoe at Loch Buie (Laggan Sands area, near the Chapel) on 26th
31st May Loch Spelve: The first returning Nightjar was seen at Loch Spelve today. Guido D'Isidoro. Visitor from Manchester
25th May:Turtle Dove,  seen in flight twice and briefly at rest at Glas Eilean, South East Iona Brian Stone

Latest Reports for June 2007
24th Pennyghael: Hobby seen at Pennyghael l chasing house martins. Maybe the same bird seen earlier (14th) on Iona?
18th Ardalanish beach: a party of 4 Little Stint at 0615am (you have got to get up to see thie birds) 
19th Pennyghael: a single Purple Sandpiper and 2 Whinbrel aropund Ardachy House. Robert Wagner
22nd Tobermory: a Turtle Dove at the camp site, Glendarroch, Dervaig Road, Tobermory Sandra Davies.
21st Fionnphort: Heard a Corncrake between 1 & 3 am, from bruach mhor B&B outside fionnphort.   On Ulva a Short-eared Owl, & twite      Tony Kennelly
21st Inverlussa: 2 female Goosander fishing in the estuary Alan
21st Knock: a 'probable' Goshawk was seen flying into Knock woods. Common Crossbills in the woods at Knock.Irene Boston
13th Dervaig: 2 Common Swift were flying in the village Irene Boston
15th Loch na Keal: Also 2 Swifts,  Dave Sexton
14th Iona: An RSPB group had a confirmed Hobby on Iona. Dave Sexton
11th Grasspoint road: a very rare Red backed Shrike was spotted along the road just below the cottages, this is the first record since 1998 when one was seen at Pennyghael.          Alison Borlase
11th Lochdon: Sea Eagles tagged,  white with black letters M and P, others to follow. Dave Sexton
29th April-3rd May Balmeanach: "I had the Nightjar on Mull calling over Balmeanach campsite (NM658415) on 29th April - 3rd May (inc.) hawking over the site usually from 10pm onwards. I guess this may be a female as I never heard any churring, interestingly could be a returning bird as one was mentioned here in the Mull bird report at this site on 25th & 26th May 2006."   Keith Langdon 
8th Eas Fors: Short eared Owl above Eas Fors falls. Likely breeding site given its demeanor. D Sexton
11th Loch Scridain: While watching a White-tailed Eagle being mobbed by Hooded Crow and Buzzard..
Two Swifts joined in the fun  Bryan Rains 
10th Grasspoint: a pair of Short-eared Owls along the Grasspoint road in the last couple of days,
Andy Oldacrer
10th Torosay: There was a short-eared owl down by the railway at Torosay . (one of the very few reported this year) Alan Schofield
8th Loch na Keal: at least two Tree Sparrows in low scrubby bushes, feeding with chaffinches. By the newly built house at Gribun. @ 5.15 to 6.30 pm. seen by Meg & Stephen Davis 
2nd Fidden: Corncrake callin near the camping site. Tony & Jan Jenkins 
4th Uisken Beach: 1 Pectoral Sandpiper and 2 Curlew Sandpiper, in summer plumage, on the beach at Uisken also 1 summer plumage Black-throated Diver on Loch Scridain. There are 12 Common
Terns on Scridain that look like they'll settle down to breed                 Bryan Rains
Holiday list 26th May - 2nd June 2007. 2 x Juvenile Black Throated Divers - Calgary Bay, 1 x Canada Goose with Grey Lags - Loch na Keil,3 x Sanderling with Dunlins - Iona Golf Course   Steve Follows 
26th May Garmony: a Jay  on 26th May Canada Goose and goslings at Killichronan on 27th - Wood Warblers at Glengorm (28th) and Ulva (29th) - 2 Bonxies and a Whinchat at Callaich Pt (31st) - Pair of Bullfinch at Knock on June 2nd - Dipper at Calgary on May 31st - Tree Pipit at Ardura on 30th  Matt Atkin 
3rd Loch na Keal: 2 juvenile Black Throated Divers, dark phase Arctic Skua and Great Skua at Cailiach Point also Reed Bunting and Whinchat here with Gannets, Manx Shearwaters, Guillemots, Razorbills and Fulmar.  Arthur & Pam Brown  in continuous rain
1st Glen Bellart: an Osprey flying north west towards Frisa. 10.15 hrs.  Andy Bayes & family
1st Killiechronan: Good news, Canada goose seen with goslings. Bad new Ganada Geese. Arthur Brown
29th May Iona: Tree Sparrow seems to have taken uop residence with House Sparrow on Iona near Abbey.a Grasshopper Warbler and Whinchat just E of Pennyghael on the 28th, 2 singing Wood Warblers in Aros Park (31st) and a Pomarine Skua from the ferry in the Sound of Mull on June 1st.
many thanks to visitors, Jim Nicholson & Ali Nimmo
21st May Croig: a report of a Lesser Yellowlegs has been received, if accepted then this will be a first record for Mull. Peter Thompson

Thanks to: Peter Thompson, Andy Bayes, Arthur Brown, Jim Nicholson & Ali Nimmo, Arthur & Pam Brown, Matt Atkin, Steve Follows, Alastair Gossage, Alan Schofield, Meg & Stephen Davis,  Bryan Rains, Tony & Jan Jenkins , Alison Borlase,  Keith Langdon, Alan Schofield, Andy Oldacrer, .Irene Boston, Tony Kennelly,  Sandra Davies.

Latest reports for June 2006
30th Lochdon. An Osprey spent an hour fishing the loch and finally caught a fish only to be harrased by a Sea Eagle which caught the fish in mid air when it was dropped by the Osprey. D Woodhouse et al
28th Lochdon. 35 Whimbrel at high tide 8.00pm on the spit of land along Gorten road. Alan Spellman.  Treshnish point a Great Skua: 1 flying from the southwest around Anand Prasad
27th Killiechronan. Shaun Mccullagh reports seeing a Goshawk whilst completing his BBS survey.
24th-25th Quinnish.  a Nightjar was heard "churring" near the house  about 9.30pm.  and is certain that it was a Nightjar. Shaun Mccullagh (pp) Nick Reed 
(this is the third bird heard and/or or seen this year. Alan)
26th Loch Scridain. 2 Black Scoter (Common) Richard Atkinson.
26th Grasspoint. 2 Swifts flew over, Grasshopper Warbler, Craig Round, Speyside Wildlife, also Reed Bunting, Whinchat , Blackcap and Whitethroat all along the Grasspoint road.
Lochdon a Green Woodpecker was reported at a bird table Speyside Wildlife (pp) Jim Smith.
Early in June:
3 Sandwich Terns in Loch Buie on 10th and an Osprey at Loch Buie on 13th.Mark & Helen Porter
25th Treshnish point:  one Swift flew passed Treshnish Point towards the north-east. Anand Prasad
Lochdon: a Velvet Scoter and an Osprey during the week. Speyside Wildlife Tour
22nd Dervaig: Black-tailed Godwit:  at Dervaig. Anand Prasad
Eurasian Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus) : 22nd -23rd  May. " I clearly heard his song 2 evenings near the farm of Scoor (near the forest of conifers, where there is a broad deforested band). Certainly, the same invidual. It was a surprise for me, like you." Dr Jérôme Fournier..(fr)
We also have the now confirmed record of Eurasion Nightjar at Balmeanach on 25th -26th May (also a male) Dr Geoff Campbell..(Ireland). These sightings are encouraging.
20th Iona. Corn Crake. 20 calling males on Iona and circa 6 now establishing on Mull. Dave Sexton.
19th Cailiach Point Arctic Skua flew across  Calliach Point in strong north westerly winds giving great views, also close Gannets and Auks including puffins. Yesterday possible Jack Snipe at Gruline. Arthur Brown
20th - 27th May report. Whooper still at Loch Assapol, Common Pochard on Loch Spelve, 3 Curlew Sandpiper & White Wagtail at Scoor, Sandwich Tern at Uisken and a Nightjar also at Scoor. Dr Jérôme Fournier..(fr) more information has been received.
13th Ardachoil. a  report of a Garden Warbler in the garden. Pam Brown  (we get very few reports of this species)
11th Ulva Ferry. King Eider drakereported at Ulva ferry. Flew into Loch na Keal. Fiona Harmer 
11th Tiroran: 2 chiffchaff calling in Tiroran House garden.  Shaun Mccullagh
10th  2 Swifts today at Reudle this morning.  a Red Kite was at Loch na Keal and a female Ring Ouzel at Tiroran. Arthur Brown.
1st June. have just received a report of a male summer plumaged Long tailed duck on Loch Ba at the Knock end. Jenny & Chris BuckleyHelen & Colin Wilkinson have sent the following report:
28th MayTurnstone: four on Iona, Bay at the Back of the Ocean,  21st: Whimbrel:  4 on Mishnish coast north of Glengorm Castle. 
Snipe:  probably 8-10 territories between Fidden and Kintra, Ross of Mull – many birds drumming. 
28th:Great skua:  two offshore from Mingarry Point, Glengorm estate, one  Sound of Iona, 
20th: Arctic skua: 2 (dark-phase) from Oban-Craignure ferry, 21st: 4 with great skuas and other seabirds in major feeding frenzy off Mingarry Point, 1 light-phase flew east over Glengorm Castle, 26th: 1 flew east, well inland just north of Mishnish Lochs, 29th: 1 chasing Arctic tern in Sound of Iona, 2nd June:1 dark-phase in Sound of Mull from ferry.
23rd May: Dipper: 1 on Mishnish Lochs, Unusual - first I've ever seen 'dipping' in still water 
20th+: Mistle thrush:  breeding pair collecting food at Sorne Cottage, Glengorm estate,
25th: Wood warbler:  singing males heard nr. Dervaig, Salen Bay,  Flat Rock, Glengorm estate, 
Chiffchaff:  1 heard singing in oak woods nr. Loch Spelve, 24 May 
Spotted flycatcher: 1 on woodland edge near Flat Rock, Glengorm estate, Mull, 
Chough: one flying over Oban harbour, 20 May - disappeared over wooded hill/gardens on south side of the ferry vehicle boarding area.
23rd -28thMay Twite:  four at Calgary Bay,  2 at Kintra bay, male near Iona marble quarry, 
Reed bunting:  several males seen/heard, inc. two at Mishnish Lochs, 1 at Dervaig, 1 by road near Bunessan, 1 at Loch Spelve, Helen & Colin Wilkinson.
6th-7th Port Haun.  one Great Skua  in the evening chasing Herring Gull and 2 Gannets then
resting on the water and 100 (hundred) Manx Shearwaters passing north passed Haunn in late evening also 1  basking shark off Burg and another off Port Haunn Today Wednesday 1 basking shark off Port Haunn.  Anand Prasad. 7th Loch na Keal  heard a Corncrake calling in iris beds near the old school house (with the red roof) Pete Hall et al.
4th  Fionnphort.  there were 3 Basking Shark in the sound of Iona just off the harbour. A fantastic sight. Ardalanish beach  had 15 sum plumage Sanderling (3rd). There were at least 50 Manx Shearwater on the North side of Loch Scridain on Friday morning heading back out to sea. Bryan Rains & Joy Hardy
4th This years WTSE tags are 'custard' yellow and young birds will be tagged over the next few weeks. A full list of Mull tags will be on the Sea Eagle page.
4th Loch Cuin/Dervaig. This evening 9 (nine) male Goosander on the south shore roosting at low tide, Quinish Woods a Wood Warbler in  singing lustily and well seen .Langamull - 3 Dunlin in breeding plumage and 1 pair Ringed Plover Shaun Mccullagh. Treshnish Point. 3 Great Skuas over the cliffs . On Saturday (3rd) evening one Basking Shark was in Calgary Bay, Anand Prasad
2nd, ' Kilbeg Cottage' Glen Forsa. a singing Grasshopper Warbler at 04.15hrs in the garden, plus Woodcock above the large pines at Kilbeg. Andy Bayes Treshnish point 2 Great Skua .Calgary Beach  2 Red throated Divers and a Merlin. Tobermory.  Peregrine over Tobermory mini-roundabout/ temp traffic lights  3/6  Matt Atkin
1st Garmony. a male Hen Harrier hunting along the coast by the picnic area. 4pm Alan Spellman
Croig. Wood Warbler Just off main road going down to Croig, also along Aros/ Salen road opposite the rocks where the seals are, and 2nd on road at Ardura in woods where our nest boxes are. Andy Bayes Treshnish Point an adult WTSE attacking the seabird colony. Matt Atkin
1st Islands. Heard a corncrake calling from Taurus Mara on the small islands near Lunga   Alastair Gossage
29th-2nd Laggan/Loch Buie.  male Merlin on two separate days last week Alastair Gossage
31st May Croig Harbour. Magpie seen at Croig harbour.Roger Wilson 30th May - Dipper at Eas Fors.
30th May an Osprey carrying a fish was seen flying west around the loch Torr area. Dr Barry Prater
28th May Loch Buie on walk to castle. Chiffchaff. Andy Bayes
25th-26th May. I have just received a report of a Nightjar heard and seen at Balmeanach camp site at around 11.30pm on two consecutive nights. Geoff Campbell.

Latest reports for June 2005.
Loch Scridain gave us our first Whitethroat on 5th in scrub by loch side.
Loch na Keal. (2nd) there was a Slavonian Grebe in full summer plumage from boathouse, plus  7 Great  Northern Divers, 23 Dunlin, (most in summer plumage) and 2 pairs of nesting Ringed Plovers. Also 17 Whimbrel in field by Kentellan farm on 8th.
On 4th a pair Black throated Diver and 2 Red throated Diver, 1 Common Scoter. Short Eared Owls have been scarce this year and so at Dervaig, a pair displaying were a delight to watch. Alan Spellman.
An Osprey flew over Torosay - Lochdon on 6th but did not stay around, and another on 31st at Loch Frisa, spent most of the day fishing in the loch unsuccessfully.
A pair of swifts were performing a high speed acrobatic display at Ledaig, Tobermory and were the first Swifts of the year on 10th. Lochdon had 4 Swifts feeding over the loch on 24th briefly whilst on passage.
There were 3 Dotterel on the stony summit slopes of  Dun da Ghaoithe on 24th, I am sure there must be many other migrating birds that are not recorded. On Iona (28th)  there was a flock of 12 Sanderling on the west side of the island. Ardalanish beach is another good place to see Sanderling.
Corncrake are now establishing on the Ross of Mull at 3 sites so far this year and Staffa have  3 calling males on the island again this year. At Fionnphort on 14th there was  a brief sighting of a Spotted Crake at Torr Mor  by Mike Wagemakers
On 16th by the  Mishnish Lochs area, a Knot in full breeding plumage, a scarce bird for Mull this one, reported by Peter Gionannini
Caliach Point is excellent for sea watching a male Black Scoter (Common Scoter), 2 Arctic Skuas 1 Great skua, diving Gannets, Guillemots, Fulmars and Kittiwakes plus Manx Shearwaters were all reported off Caliach point. The first Arctic and Common Terns were in the Sound of Mull on 5th & 6th at their usual site.
All three Divers have been recorded on sea lochs this month, Red throated Diver and Black throated Diver in summer plumage with Great Northern Divers in mid change (eclipse) plumage
At  Croig nr Dervaig on 27th there was a single Magpie on the road to the harbour.
White winged Gulls have stayed around this month with 1 Iceland Gull with other gulls just outside  Fionnphort. village, and also birds remained at Tobermory and Oban.
A Sea Eagle chick (Lochdon ) was wing tagged this month.
June 2005 At Lochdon (3rd) there is a report of a male Ring Ouzel at Gorten turnoff. and Mike Wagemakers reported “a brief glimpse of a calling Ring Ouzel, flying east from Fionnphort” (28th). A Grey Pharalope was seen at Garmony picnic area on 11th. And a Spotted Crake was heard calling in Dervaig reed beds on 16th. On 24th a  late returning Waxwing  was sighted at the Croggan/Lochbuie.
Information on WTSE is that we have 8 chicks this year, the most successful year so far. Frisa Sea Eagle chicks  were wing tagged red with white letters I & S for "Itchy and Scratchy", names by the school children. A Barn Owl hunting along Gorten Road, Lochdon at mid day on 21st was encouraging as it would have been feeding young. Another Osprey flew north over Loch Beg on 27th and there were more. good sightings of both Short eared Owl & Hen Harrier near the Crannog loch through Glen More.
Two juvenile Green Woodpecker on 14th at Lochdon   briefly visited John & Angela Prestons garden and Great Spotted Woodpecker were bringing young to feeders. Len White had a flock of 30 Long-tailed Tits feeding  on tree in front garden.
The lone Whooper Swan was still on Loch Pottie on 28th, and on 24th at Knock there was a single Widgeon at end of Loch Na Keal. Neither of these birds should be here at this time of year.
On Lunga Corncrake were heard on the Treshnish Isles. The Iona Corncrake survey counted between mid night & 0300hrs had 23 calling males. (Dave Sexton RSPB)
Seen from the Craignure - Oban Ferry (27th) were 300 Manx Shearwater off Lismore Lighthouse.
There were 2 Tufted Duck at Aros Bay on 23rd near the Castle end, this is  unusual as Loch Pottie & Loch Assapol are the regular sites for these birds. At Lochdon on 14th  9 Canada Geese (park geese) spent the day on the loch.
Divers have shown well with 2 summer  plumaged Black throated Divers on Loch na Keal on 29th by Inch Kenneth and a summer plumaged Great northern Diver (30th) Red throats have been seen on all sea lochs and Loch Ba

Summary of reports for June 2004
 On 2nd Loch Tuath held a pair of summer plumaged Black throated Divers and a single Great northern Diver whilst Loch na Keal on the same day a pair of Red throated Divers. Also on Loch Assapol and along the Ross of Mull were Red throated Diver on 12th.  Loch Buie is a good place for seeing divers and during the month held all three species. .Breeding Greylag geese numbers have increased over the years and several pairs with young were reported including, by the golf course, 3 pairs with 14 goslings between them. The pair of Canada geese at Bàn    Eilean (Sound of Mull) attempted to breed but no goslings have been seen, perhaps suffering from mink predation. On Loch Assapol, a pair of  Whooper Swans have remained, but there is no confirmed breeding attempt at present.
The leucistic Willow Warbler along the road to Grasspoint has been successful in raising young and one appears to be a paler (leucistic) bird. A leucistic Siskin was regularly seen in a Salen garden and in a Tobermory gardena  young  Leucistic Blackbird was a regular visitor.
On 8th at Loch Spelve there were four Swifts flying high, a scarce bird for Mull with only passage birds being seen usually in late May, early June. Another very scarce bird was a Magpie just south of Salen on 8th.
In the North of Mull at Calliac point on 17th, a sea watch produced 100’s of Manx Sheerwater rafting between Ardnamuchan point and Mull plus Gannets and several Storm Petrel with another single bird at Fishnish having been blown in by gale force winds on 19th. At Calgary beach Shaun MacCullag found a summer plumaged Sanderling with Ringed Plover.
On 6th at Grasspoint an Osprey was being mobbed by a pair of Sea Eagles, and on 15th in Glen More (east end of glen) another Osprey. On 26th one was seen at Loch Frisa and again 0n 28th at Loch Uisg a bird was fishing before moving through Glen More. It’s only a matter of time before we will have a breeding pair on the island. On 15th a Peregrine Falcon was observed flying along the Grasspoint road and other birds were reported from different sites. Hen Harriers have been showing well at regular sites, with two visitors excitedly reporting seeing their first food pass.
All Sea Eagle chicks are now wing tagged, (both right & left wings)  Bottle green with White lettering with the following letters; A, H, O, X, Y, Z.
Barn Owls are not often reported, but we do have a good population on Mull, on 12th a bird was hunting around the Mull rail station at Craignure at 11.30pm and another on 15th was at Lochdon. Short eared Owls, now busy feeding young, have been reported through Glen More, Loch Frisa, Lochdon, Glen Bellart and several other areas.

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