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   latest reports - JULY 

Latest sightings for July 2018

Latest reports for July  2018
4th Scallastle path , (on walk with Ranger Cian Burke-Brown): male Hen Harrier, male Sparrowhawk, two Grey Wagtails, Tree Pipit, immature Golden Eagle over ridge.
5th Garmony: Pair of Mute Swans, numerous Sandpipers, Oystercatchers and Gulls, four Eider ducklings, four eclips males Eider, Single Black-headed Gull.  One Whimbrel.  Single Black Guillemot and 16 Canada Geese offshore. Nancy
3rd I had a short-eared owl hunting Lochdon & a female hen harrier today. Also today a peregrine at Gribun & female sparrowhawk with prey there.
A grey male harrier at Teanga.. Dave Pierce
2nd Long-eared Owl at dusk over broadleaf woodland on Dervaig - Calgary road with three Woodcock also. Two male Cuckoos at weekend on NW Mull. Most BTO tagged birds half way to Africa now! Ewan Miles
1st Lochdon-Inverlussa. a male Hen Harrier hunting along the road by Inverlussa.
30th Little Gull - a mull first for me, first-summer feeding in the tidal race off Grasspoint with Common & BHGulls and Kittiwakes. Bird has a partial hood. Likes resting on the rocks off there with the other gulls.
  Also there fledged juv Tree Pipit and Redstart and family of Whinchats with at least one young.
30th Jay - one flew across road into conifers just west of Lochbuie turn off. Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding Tours
30th Slav Grebe - one in full plumage in Loch na Keal, close to the sea eagle lay-by on north side beyond Killiechronan campsite
27th Swift - single over Caliach Point , one over Pennyghael 29th  Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding Tours
30th Redstart - pair feeding young in nest box in oak woods at croggan
30th Black-throated Diver - a second calendar year bird (non breeding plumage) is in Loch Scridain off Pennyghael hotel, present same spot every day
28th Great Northern Diver - one in full plumage in bay on west coast of Iona.  Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding Tours 

Latest sightings for July 2017
30th a spotted flycatcher, with a singing blackcap nearby, just past the Grasspoint turn on the wooded side of the A849, Pete Hall  Mull Wildlife Tours
30th - Sound of Mull. 30 Gannets feeding with small numbers of Manx Shearwaters attracted 1 - 2 Minke Whales and a Great Skua between Rubha nan Gall and Bloody Bay today. Stuart Gibson
28th -  NW Sound of Mull The Manx Shearwater and Gannet numbers of yesterday had greatly diminished. However, a minimum of 12 ad. Guillemots with chicks, four Razorbills with chicks, eight Puffins, 2 - 4 Great Skuas (two together at one point), a single dark phase Arctic Skua and an unexpected Storm Petrel were present in the Sound of Mull (mainly between Ardmore Point and Kilchoan) today. Stuart Gibson
27th - Sound of Mull 1,000+ Manx Shearwaters in a feeding frenzy (with Gannets), off Bloody Bay, that inevitably attracted a Minke Whale to the party. Stuart Gibson
25th June, a visitor saw an osprey fishing on Loch Na Keal. Two weeks later, on 6th July I think it was, he saw me in person and said he'd seen an osprey again on Loch Na Keal near Gribun cliffs.  Sorry for the late report. Meryl Varty
25th We had a Barn Owl east of Gruline and 2 Short-eared Owls just after midnight near Loch Tor (my first SEOs on the north side this summer). Ewan Miles and Iolo Williams. 
24th a pelagic trip on Lady Jane with Martin  gave us splendid views of a very large Tern colony, diving Gannets, Puffin, Black Guillemot, Razorbill and Guillemot with rafts of chicks, a Bonxie, fishing White tailed Eagles, and Corncrake heard on one of the small islands.(and we all got a suntan)  Alan Spellman
21st - Lunga, Treshnish Isles. A Corncrake was still calling on Lunga, with another heard on one of the small islands between Fladda and Lunga; 2+ Twite on Lunga, where a first returning Whimbrel of Autumn was heard; several fledged Arctic Tern juveniles on the wing at sea North of the Treshnish Isles today. Stuart Gibson
22nd Treshnish, 2 Swifts below Treshnish wood at 9.45am.  prasad
21st 2 Swifts at Caliach and 2 female/juv Common Scoters on Loch Tuath. Ewan Miles
21stJuly 3 Swifts at Knock today, 2 at Killiechronan and yet another at Lagganulva. 2 Red Throated Divers in Loch Na Keal between killiechronan and Knock and another in Calgary Bay. Ring Tailed Hen Harriers Crannich and Loch Torr.  Pam & Arthur Brown 
21st  1 Swift by Treshnish House. prasad  
19th Night rafting Red throated Divers in waters between Calliach and Ardnamurchan, song duet heard at dusk. Ewan Miles, 
18th Treshnish, 2 Swifts at 5.45pm and 1 about 2 hours earlier prasad. 
18th - Sea to NW of Mull. Two Great Skuas harassing other seabirds; and visible migration of 8 adult Black-headed Gulls flying South past Ardnamurchan Point towards the Isle of Mull. Stuart Gibson 
16th - Loch Mingarry. Two Red-throated Divers this afternoon. Stuart Gibson 
18th 2 Swifts over Caliach this morning and a female Sparrowhawk hunting hirundines. Ewan Miles

Willow Warbler busy feeding up before it starts its long migration South. Alan Spellman 18th July 2017
15th a sighting of 4 adult Black-tailed Godwits in grazing pastures beside the road between Fellonmore and Kinlochspelve on the north shore of Loch Spelve . Jacqui  and Mike Murphy
13th - Lunga. One Corncrake calling intermittently near the Puffin Plateau this morning/early afternoon. Stuart Gibson 
12th - Sea to NW of Mull. Two Storm Petrels were the first for some time; and two Great Skuas. Stuart Gibson
11th  today at Loch na keal there was a Great northern diver. (juvenile plumage) Lino Ambrosini
11th Knock: two+ Crossbills at Loch Ba parking area this late afternoon.Stuart Gibson
8th - Loch Ba. Two adult Cuckoos flew from Gruline to Benmore Lodge this afternoon. Stuart Gibson
9th a Common Scoter seen at Lagganulva bay and a Goosander with very young ducklings at the mouth of the river Ba as it goes into Loch na Keal.
Cheers Arthur  Brown  
9th Spotted flycatcher feeding frantically here just now - think they are feeding young. One caught a wasp - didn't think anything ate wasps! What a bird! Chris Austick Craignure
9th - Sound of Mull. 300 Manx Shearwaters (150 off Kilchoan) and a Great Skua at NW entrance/exit to Sound of Mull.
8th - Loch Ba. Eight Crossbills (at least three males); two calling Tree Pipits at Benmore Lodge; two Summer-plumaged adult Black-headed Gulls (interesting as this species is not believed to breed on Mull); and a Spotted Flycatcher in Glen Cannel woodland. Stuart Gibson
9th Heard a Yellowhammer approaching ulva ferry area coming from Calgary way this afternoon. Not seen one on Mull before?
Family of Goldcrests on Glengorm Estate headed to hide. My first visit in July, and lovely to see so many Greylag families all over the Island.  Lee Dutton
9th This morning 2 short-eared owls hunting Lochdon. Also a Back Swan on Loch Don. Roughly halfway between Lochdon & Grasspoint. Dave Pierce


9th Ardtun: a Magpie has been hanging around the Ardtun area for about ten days Now. photo by David Holden
9th just had 2 sandwich terns at craignure golf club and had 2 bullfinch at garmony on Friday  Simon Duckworth
9th: Treshnish, 71 Black-tailed Godwits flying south over lochan, also forgot to tell you about Mealy Redpoll on 21st June sent to ABRC 
(Jim thinks it 'looks good') prasad
7th a Greenshank and a Redshank at Loch Beag today. Dave Piece
6th At least 3 minke whales between Ardmore Point & Ardnamurchan Point yesterday,  Plus one floating dead young ( c5 metres long ). Dave Pierce
7th 6 Greenshank, this morning Salen Bay ( behind public toilets). Dave Pierce
7th Just coming to the end of an excellent fortnight on Mull. We found your Report extremely useful. One query: why so few Jackdaws? It breeds in every county in the UK, it is omnivorous, adaptable and hardy. Competition from Hoodies and Ravens? Climate? A bit of a puzzle! Looking forward to our next visit. Steve and Irene Wood.
7th Aros: a Sandwhich Tern here today at the back of the castle. Arthur Brown
6th This morning a summer plumage bar-tailed godwit at Garmony. 7th at least 3 storm petrels between  N Mull & Cairns of Coll. Dave Pierce
6th - Lunga A Corncrake was calling on Sgeir a Chaisteil this pm; two Twite were seen on Lunga.
6th - Ardmore, N. Mull A Minke Whale surfaced beside 100+ Manx Shearwaters this morning.
5th - Ardmore, N. Mull The local White-tailed Eagle chick has fledged, the first on the Isle of Mull for season 2017! Stuart Gibson,
4th a greenshank today in  Craignure bay, summer plumaged Slavonian grebehead of Loch na Keal where there was also 4 goosanders, a pink footed goose with greylags Loch Beag. Dave Pierce.
4th late news: a Corncrake was at Grasspoint for a few days in May before it moved on. 
3rd - Glengorm. Two Crossbills (at least one of which was a female) overhead this afternoon. Stuart Gibson
2nd - Lunga. A calling Corncrake on Lunga (between Puffin plateau and Harp Rock) and another heard on nearby Sgeir a Chaisteil. Stuart Gibson
Iceland Gull Loch na Keal Nov
1st  We are on holiday from Kent, staying at Ardtun. Great birding every day so far. We found an Iceland Gull, just north of Knockvologan. At first it was difficult  to see the bill, but it then flew a few dozen yards and landed near a Common Gull, showing itself to be obviously larger, but probably smaller and more slender than a Herring Gull. Bill was dark flesh-coloured with a dark tip. Iris also dark. Legs flesh-coloured. No black flight feathers, or spotting on body. Steve and Irene Wood, Anthea Skiffington, Bob Dewire
Latest sightings for July 2016
30th Half an hours bird watching from 2030 on 30/7/16 at Aros estuary.
Grey heron, Bar tailed godwit Greenshank Oystercatchers Mallard Eider Greylag goose Red breasted mergansers
Common gull Herring gull Curlew Great black backed gull. visitor from York Barry Bishop
25th Lochdon: Saw the Osprey flying from Lochdon on 25th July, at about 13:30. Rebecca Burton
24th Loch na Keal: two Red throated Diver on the loch at the Knock end. Jacqui Fereday
24th Loch Ba: an unusual find was a drake Tufted duck on the loch. Jacqui Fereday-Mike Murphy
19th Loch Spelve:  evening, greenshank loch don, hen harrier female loch Spelve. Dave Pierce
20th Dervaig:  crossbill heard in spruces FC Scallastle. Whinchat family oldbyre Dervaig.Hen harrier male Dervaig.
21st Loch Beag golden plover 9, dunlin 1, greenshank 1 & 1 brown hen harrier.Lochdon evening 2 female hen harriers & 1 short-eared owl. Dave Pierce
22nd Duart  hen harrier male Duart. Dave Pierce
18th wonderful views of Short eared Owl quartering over the field adjecent to Ardvergnish, just before T junction. 
Peter Hall
19th curlew 48, bar-tailed godwit 2 Lochdon. David Pierce
18th. Male hen harrier Duart, female Fellonmore, Spelve. Peregrine chasing starling Fellonmore.
Gannet 30 , 15 kittiwake Grasspoint.
17th short eared owl & hen harrier above Scallastle. Greenshank 1, whinchat Gorsten, Lochdon,    Female hen harrier, Lochdon. David Pierce
17th - Croig - Langamull.  Three Greenshank and 10 Redshanks at Croig Oyster farm; another Greenshank at Croig; with 12 Redshanks over Port na Ba heading towards Langamull.  Stuart Gibson
13th Lochdon: an Osprey has been seen around Lochdon for a couple of days now. Alan, Debby Thorne.
5th July 1 Iceland Gull at Treshnish lochan, Mull (NM3548)
3rd just spent an amazing 2 weeks at Hazelbank Cottage Lochdon.. Over the course of the fortnight we have seen:
Golden Eagles - 2 over Loch Spelve  at least 3 different days. White Tailed Eagle- over Loch Na Keal and Duart cemetery. Hen Harrier- male and female over Lochdon most days. Short Eared Owl Lochdon and Loch Spelve. Buzzard- daily. Peregrine. Kestrel. Merlin. Raven
Tawny Owl-garden of Hazelbank Cottage, Snipe-loch Spelve, Black Gulliemot Loch Spelve. Bonxie on Lunga
plus numerous Whinchat, Wheatear, Stonechat, Twite, Linnet, Redpoll, Willow Warblers, Treecreeper, Ringed Plover, Curlew, etc etc. the list goes on.
We saw our first ever Curlew juveniles as well as Oystercatcher chicks.
other sightings Red Deer, Fallow Deer, seals otters, rabbits, voles, shrews woodmice, bats, frogs, toads and palmate newt. Mull is a wonderful magical island and we love it.  Carol J Thorpe
1st Tobermory: , adult male Hen Harrier flying towards Tobermory from the Tiree ferryl. Martin Izzard Esq., B.E.M. 

Latest sightings for July 2015
30th Loch Buie: - 3 Red throated Divers, Guillemot and juvenile, 2 juvenile Black Guillemots, 2 eider with 1 juvenile, cuckoo being fed by pipit.  41+ Golden Plover at Garmony Bay together with a whimbrel.
We have a very dark Hen Harrier down at airstrip seen across bay every day together with what we believe to be a juvenile male seen perched each day ad flying which was today chased by female. Michael Bennan

White tailed Eagle taken from Lady Jayne by visitor Ian Sexton

30th Killiechronan: a pair of Bullfinch and lots of Siskin young fledged birds. Alan & Dave
27th Iona, I disturbed a Great Skua on the moorland at Druim an Aoinidh on the way over to the cairn at Carn Cul ri Eirinn. I assume she is nesting there. She came at me with great violence so I abandoned my walk!  Donald Gillies
26th - Loch Ba A Peregrine harassing a flock of 30 Lapwings near the Hunting Lodge, while a female Sparrowhawk was hunting less sizeable prey nearby; all the area's Common Sandpipers appear to have deserted their breeding territories and are now on their return migrations; and a single Crossbill was seen and heard.
Mull Magic Wildlife Walks 
26th Killiechronan: Summer Plumage Red Knot at Killechronan Bay along with 2 Dunlin and a Greenshank and a WT Sea Eagle on shingle bank.

Aros Bay - Greenshank, Common Sandpiper, Dipper and single Grey Wagtail from Aros Bridge.
Glen Forsa Bay from Airstrip - Whimbrel, 2 Sea Eagle. 4 Golden Plover, Greenshank, Female Hen Harrier, Large finch flock including linnet, Twite, Redpoll, Siskin and young Whinchat.
Scarisdale Rocks small wood area large family party of Spotted Flycatchers together with Willow Warblers and Tree Creepers. 2 Red Throated Divers on sea together with single Black Guillemot and pair of Shelduck with one young. Sylvia and Mick Brennan.
25th Greenshank 1at Aros bay below castle; 11 Golden plover at  Loch Beag  Dave Pierce
21th  2nd cal yr male Hen Harrier Loch Beag. 23rd two dipper,  a Greenshank  at Aros river mouth &  3harbour porpoise in Salen Bay;  two dunlin at Killiechronan; three wheatear  Gribun; Dave Pierce
24th - Iona Still at least 3 or 4 calling male Corncrakes.
24th - Aros Park Four Crossbills flew in direction of Tobermory, where two birds were later seen flying over Breadalbane Street in the town. 
22nd - Tobermory Male Blackcap still in song, Aros Park. The local Magpie seen in Breadalbane Lane (at Telephone Exchange) and a Magpie heard in woods opposite entrance to Aros Park (same bird or different indvl?) 
21st  An Leth Fhonn, Loch Beag. ten redshank, adult golden eaglle, dipper and Grey wagtail Aros bridge, cuckoo 1, wheatear 2, WTE, hen harrier 1, kestrel 1, Ulva; wheatear 1, hen harrier 1 Gometra. Dave Pierce
22nd 1 female summer plumage Knot at oyster farm. Malcolm Ward
21st - Torosay: Three Black Guillemots together in Sound of Mull, where two adult Gannets, single Kittiwake, a dozen feeding Common Terns and two Arctic Terns; three Twite on rocks along coast; and a superb male Hen Harrier in off the sea, which flew NW towards Craignure campsite. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
21st 1 juvenile Redstart at Laggan Bay showing very well. 2 Red-throated Divers Calgary Bay. 1 Peregrine Achnacraig, Dervaig/Aros road.  Pam & Arthur Brown Discover Mull Wildlife tours
18th Grey wagtail 1 & fledged Spotted flycatcher family Aros bridge, 20th fledged part family of Hen harriers, 4 
(male not seen) Glen Aros, 21st  Greenshank 1, Dipper 1 River Aros mouth. Dave Pierce
18th Loch Cuin: a black tailed Godwit at Dervaig tonight. Prasad
19th an Osprey flying over our house here near Cuin/Quinish Estate at around 7pm this evening.Ailsa Morgan
19th Hen harrier hunting above Aros 0930, Also at 2130 I had a short-eared owl hunting above Aros.
A whimbrel 1130 Lochdon/Grasspoint, with kittiwakes & a red-throated diver off shore & at least 4 kestrel (family/part family) over the land. Another whimbrel at Lochbuie 1530,  where 3 adult golden eagles & an adult white-tailed in the air for long spells plus kestrels & at least 2 sparrow-hawks. Gannets diving off shore. At Loch Spelve, an otter, probably a dog, which caught a good size skate brought it ashore to feed on & was still munching on it 30 minutes later when I ceased observation. Also at Loch Spelve an adult WTE & a female hen harrier. visitor Dave Pierce

Common Whitethroat  photo by Alan Spellman
18th  a single swift flew into Duart Bay from the sea.  Felicity Pollard
18th Craignure Golf Club coast: a summer plumaged Black tailed Godwit. Jaquie Fereday 
17th July 1 Swift flying (very fast in the wind) over Reudle Pam Brown Discover Mull Wildlife tours
17th Lochdon: I saw the Osprey at Lochdon, stood on the wall, eating a fish thismorning. Bryan Rains
17th for the second day running a Magpie and it is not the Tobermory bird.
15th  near Torloisk: I was crossing over to Iona yesterday and there are some large rocks with grass on top, slightly separate from the main island to the north of the ferry passage (~400m or so) , and around these, from the ferry I saw 3 corvids which looked very like Chough.  They were tumbling and being quite “playful” in the air, and landing on the grass.  I’m familiar with the species.  Unfortunately I could not make out the beak, being quite far away, and with the movement of the vessel.  Knowing that they nest quite close on other Hebridean islands, it seemed a distinct possibility, and so I looked up “Iona Choughs” on google and found your website.  Has anyone else reported this?  We did see ravens, hooded crows and jackdaws on the island, but my impression was that the birds I saw were different.  Andrew Trevelyan
15th  Aros Park  a Green Woodpecker fly out from behind me, the bench on east side of the park, northwest, in the direction of the car park. visitor Ryan Deal
15th Two Osprey flew over the Bellachroy hotel (Dervaig) . visitor David Shaw

a female Whinchat, a lifetime tick for visitor David Shaw 15th July 2015
A story worth telling
7th July:  we parked in a disused gateway on the Glen More Road half a mile south of the Grasspoint turn where we watched a Short-eared Owl hunting successfully for voles in the field opposite.  A Hooded Crow tried to mug the owl which dropped its prey, but before the crow could steal his prize the vole was grabbed by a female Hen Harrier. The harrier was then subjected to several dive bombings by both the owl and crow.  The crow gave up and then so did the owl but as the harrier flew off with the vole the owl tried again to retrieve its prey.  The owl was unsuccessful and the harrier flew off with it. This episode lasted about 15 minutes.
We revisited the same spot on 11th July  and scanned the area, we found an Osprey sitting on the old wall which flew off after 25 minutes.  We then watched it fly around in the distance, presumably over the loch, occasionally diving out of sight behind a small mound.  During one of the periods it was missing, a male Hen Harrier flew across the field, quartering it as he went.  The Osprey appeared approx half an hour later with a fish.  It landed on a distant fence post and ate its prey.  It then spent some time flying from one fence post to another before eventually flying off as the heavy rain began.  This episode lasted from 1pm - 4pm.
Best wishes  David Steeley

9th Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker seen on peanut feeder in my garden at Knock. David Hegarty
8th Treshnish: very scarce summer visitor, a Turtle Dove and 20 Rock Doves at Treshnish House  today. Anand Prasad 
birds recorded each year:- 2006 at Treshnish 11th May. 2007 at Tobermory camp site in June .
2008  at Glas Eilean and Lochdon 5th May.and also Ardtun in August. 2009 at Glen Bellart in June and at Bunessan in August, . 2011 one was found in a local garden at Gruline on 22nd June.
2012 September 8th in the Salen-Aros area. (Ewan Miles).2015 8th July Treshnish: a Turtle Dove at Treshnish today. (Anand Prasad)

Nuthatch at Pennyghael July 2015 by Bryan Raines
8th I have had a Nuthatch feeding off nuts in garden at Pennyghael for last few days, Also a Jay. Will send a picture when I download from camera. Nigel Burch and Loki
8th I did have a Swift yesterday at Pennyghael too. Bryan Rains
4th Grasspoint road: Spotted Flycatcher feeding young Alan
4th - Male and female Merlin mobbing a Male Hen Harrier on the Glen road and a Greenshank at Croig. Ewan
3rd Treshnish, 1 Swift over the wood. prasad.
3rd Colin Moody reports on how the cold Spring affected our Swallows, "First swallow egg laid this year was on the 6th of June, last year it was on the 15th of May"
2nd Salen:A hobby just flew over Salen heading south pursued by common gulls. Over my garden again. Think I’ll just stay put and watch birds from here. David Sexton Mull Officer 
1st Laggan Bay:  3 Swift flying past Laggan Bay at around 1 pm  Pam Brown. 
1st A Swift at the head of Loch na Keal last night. 

Latest reports for July 2014
28th Aros Bridge: a Kingfisher here today. James MacLennan
24th Male hen harrier flying over Suidhe, Bunessan Tony Jefree
23rd - Treshnish Isles. Two Swifts, three Great Skuas and two Arctic Skuas (one pale morph) among the thousands of Puffins on Lunga today.Ruth Fleming
23rd Aros: a Red Kite at Forrestry at Aros. Ian Erskine
22nd Glengorm: three Swifts competing for airspace with a pair of white tailed eagles and a brood of Spotted Flycatchers. Stuart Gibson
18th - Loch Ba A juvenile Cuckoo being fed by two Meadow Pipit parents out of the nest was a real highlight today. Very few Common Sandpipers remain on territory, most having already set out on their return migratory journeys south to West Africa. 
18th Lochdon: an Osprey briefly fishing over Lochdon. Rosie Salzman
17th Leucistic puffin north of Mull today. Ewan.  Ewans Blog

puffin by Ewan                                       cuckoo by Stuart
17th: Kilninian, 3 Turnstonesd at black beach (Treshnish guest) Prasads Blog
18th: Treshnish, 1 Swift prasad Prasads Blog
11th - Grasspoint. 150 Kittiwakes in the Firth of Lorne at entrance to Lochdon; four Black Guillemots; and a hunting male Hen Harrier; two Kestrels at opposite area of the loch at Gorsten.
10th - Torosay. Three Grey Wagtails, near camp site, as well as still singing male Blackcap and Sedge Warbler.
It is feasible that the Ulva Mealy Redpoll may, in fact, be hybridising with a Lesser Redpoll, further muddying the waters of Redpoll taxonomy Ruth Fleming
8th - Isle of Ulva A Common (Mealy) Redpoll (Carduelis flammea) was seen and photographed on the Isle of Ulva this afternoon. Given the high Summer date, it may be that this species is breeding on the Isles of Mull and Ulva. Pairs have, apparently, been breeding on the neighbouring island of Tiree in recent years. It may be worth checking those seemingly Lesser Redpolls that nest on Mull in future.
A Cuckoo was seen at Killiemor, on the North side of Loch na Keal on the drive home from our walk. 
Ruth Fleming 
6th Three orcas heading north, east of Coll. 15 common scoters north of Loch Cuin and first fledged razorbill chick seen. Ewan Ewans Blog
30th June along the southern shores of Loch Ba, plenty of lapwing, common sands, redshank and curlew.  Then at the eastern end, where the Glen Cannel enters the loch, we came across a calling common quail calling in the classic 'wet-my-lips' fashion, just across the river mouth (grid ref approx NM590362). I hear these quite often in and around Dorset, so I'm in no doubt of the record. It wasn't a one-off as it called a number of times.
Near to the lodges (approx NM575372), we saw 2 Wood Sandpiper.  ID, they had a medium-length straight dark bill (as opposed to plover-length for example), with an obvious eye-stripe.  They were more upright than the common sandpipers which we'd seen everywhere, and had a fluty kind of call. There were only the 2 but I suspect that if they are a pair they should be around that area for a while. 
A female hen harrier 4th July from the parking area on the north east of Loch Scridain (NM519298), and on the 5th, a family of whinchat on the road to Grasspoint (NM738302)   Neil Gibson

6th - Croig - Langamull Two ad. White-tailed Eagles, one of which was repeatedly mobbed by a male Hen Harrier, as seen from Croig; another male Hen Harrier being mobbed by a Buzzard at Langamull; Oystercatcher with single chick, a pair of Ringed Plovers with two fledged juveniles and three juvenile Common Gulls at Port na Ba; a single sleeping Dunlin at Port na Ba was unexpected - migrant or local?; the Arctic and Common Terns are still on course to raise young at Langamull this year - against all odds? Ruth Fleming 
1st 2 Storm Petrels from the boat yesterday between Mull and Coll. Continuing excellent views of white tailed eagles. Martin WT eagle boat trips
30th June: a report of a Green Woodpecker heard in the woods along the Graspoint road.

Latest reports for July 2013
30th Light Phase Pomarine Skua (non-breeder) flushing a raft of Shearwater off Quinish. Ewans Blog
30th - Tobermory Immature female White-tailed Eagle over cemetery, Dervaig Road, Tobermory this afternoon; single Crossbill flew SE over Argyll Terrace at 20.10 hrs this evening. Magic Wildlife Walks
30th A Magpie still hanging around Tobermory; heard a couple of days ago; last seen five minutes ago, in the field to the north of Rockfield, next to my garden. Phil Siddall, Curator, Mull Museum
29th 3 juvenille Arctic Skuas and 2 adult birds together off Glengorm heading east. Ewan  Ewans Blog
28th - Iona 17 Dunlin (inc. several juvs) Fidden; 2 Sandwich Terns (interestingly, one carrying fish on two occasions), Sound of Iona; six Bottlenose Dolphins, Sound of Iona; single male Corncrake stilling calling, Iona; juvenile Greenshank, Bay at the Back of the Ocean,  14 Dunlin.  Magic Wildlife Walks
27th Treshnish, Corn Crake heard this morning (not heard for previous 2 night), prasad  Blog
26th Langamull, 1 Common Tern and 1 Arctic Tern pairs bred and successfully reared 1 and 2 juveniles (consecutively).prasad Blog
25th Langamull, male White Wagtail (also seen on 24th, 23rd and 3rd of July). prasad  Blog
22nd - Garmony Flock of waders included 15 Ringed Plovers, two Dunlin, two Redshanks and first returning Turnstones (2 males and one female). Ruth Fleming  Magic Wildlife Walks
21st just a note to let you know, we saw a beautiful Jay flying towards the forestry between Balmeanach and Fishnish Bay.(My first ever on Mull !) Pete   Mull Wildlife Tours
21st Two fledged Merlins sitting on fence posts just outside of Tobermory on the Dervaig road. 3 Orcas in waters north of Mull. Ewan  Ewans Blog 
21 July 2013, abt 1pm - a sea eagle was spotted by my husband flying northwards over Loch Uisg.
Xanthe Hall, visitor
20th - Aros Park Brood of Spotted Flycatchers along coastal path from Ledaig car park and a male Blackcap still in subdued song. Ruth Fleming Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
16th Garmony Point   4 velvet scoters close to shore off at 6.00pm. There was far too much white in the wing for common scoters. They all looked like 1st w/s males. A f hen harrier also turned up to hunt near,  a w-t eagle and male hen harrier on the north slopes of Ben More. David Mitchell  Leicester 
18th Black headed Gull at Burg 12 bottlenose dolphins inc 1 calf by Inch Kenneth. Martin.  Mull Charters
18th 50 Dunlin flying south at Langamull and earlier 3 at Calgary beach, 1 Whimbrel and 1 immature Black-headed Gull at Langamull. Treshnish, no Corn Crake calling at 00.30 on 19th.prasad Blog
17th 3 Red-throated Divers in summer plumage and at least 6 Bottlenose Dolphins just off-shore at Ardalanish Beach today. Gill & David Steeley
17th 3 Black-throated Divers in flight off Glengorm heading west. 3 light phase Arctic Skuas harassing a Kittiwake off Loch Mingery (big increase in Arcitc Skua sighitngs this season on Sea Life Surveys trips). Ewan Ewans Blog 
16th Croig, 5 adult Sanderlings (pretty sure not same a yesterday) and 15 Redshanks. Treshnish, Corn Crake still calling in early morning. prasad
16th Four Crossbills (inc. two males) feeding on Larch cones a.m. and single juvenile bird there p.m. is proof of breeding in the area this year. Ruth Fleming Mull 
16th 20+ Dunlin at the head of Loch Cuin (later at 13-00 they had moved on!). Rod & Gill
15th, a pair of full summer plumaged red throated divers still showing on Loch Na Keal near Killiechronan. Pete 
15th Langamull, 5 Sanderlings, Treshnish, Corn Crake still calling in early hours  prasad  Blog
15th Magpie in Tobermory and first Guillemot chicks seen in the open sea. Ewan
9th over Lochdon a Swift,   between Gruline & Salen a Jay.  Dave Pierce
7th/8th  Glenforsa Hotel grounds Crossbill 3 including a male 
13th First Crossbill I have heard/seen this season, at Ardmore. Ewan 
13th Treshnish, Corn Crake still calling below Treshnish House at 5.30pm prasad 
12th A group of 15 plus feeding Storm Petrels off Loch Cuin (a gallon of Petrels!) Ewan
11th Jay near Glengorm this afternoon. Celia McIntyre
9th, Calliach Point:- along a short length of cliff -  7 fulmar nests and 5 razorbill nests. Watched great skua harry a gull over the sea to disgorge its food, land on water to collect it and fly towards the highest point at Calliach. David & Felicity Pollard
9thTreshnish, 2 Swifts flying south out of the haar.prasad
8th Treshnish, Corn Crake calling again at mid-day and also at midnight, prasad
7th  Treshnish, Alison and Malcolm Ward head a Corn Crake below Treshnish House. prasad 
7th 8 Common Scoter off Caliach today flying South Martin Mull Charters
5th Ulva.  heard a calling Corncrake on Ulva also a summer plumaged Red Throated Diver in Calgary Bay.Richard & Liz Airey.
5th Torosay An immature Great Northern Diver was in the Sound of Mull off Torosay and a male Chiffchaff was still singing in the Castle woods. Ruth Fleming
4th Treshnish, 2 Black-tailed Godwits at Treshnish lochan (the first record for the farm) prasad 
1st July: around a dozen Black Guillemots and around 20 Puffins in the water around Staffa. Around half a dozen Manx Shearwaters (v. close to the boat, showing exceptionally well!) between Mull and Staffa.
2 White-tailed Sea Eagles at Loch Scridain. Hen Harrier and Raven on road to Gorsten.  Stonechat in Glenmore. 
30th June: up to 3 Corncrakes seen on Iona (in meadow just south of the abbey); around a dozen heard altogether at various sites on Iona. 3 Gannets dive fishing in strait between Iona and Mull.
visitor Alan Hobson
3rd Sgurr Dearg,  A Golden Plover was heard calling in the mist near the summit earlier today. Ruth Fleming
3rd Langamull, 1 White Wagtail still present Calgary, 6 Common Scoters  prasad   Blog

1st Tobermory: I have had a report of a Black winged Stilt flying north over Tobs hoarbour at 6.30pm.......any more sightings to help confirm this one please?    visitor Nigel Judson

1st, Calgary, the 6 Common Scoters still present.  prasad 

Latest reports for July 2012
30th Bar-tailed Godwit at mouth of the Aros also Merlin about a mile up Dervaig road from Aros Bridge Helen and Iain King
29th A Grey Wagtail today at Eas Force Waterfall. Arthur 
27th Eurasion Jay in Ardrich Garden This morning and Male Hen harrier hunting at Dervaig this afternoon.Arthur l
26th a Eurasion Jay calling near Killiechronan. Ewan Miles 
26th Knock bridge: a family party of Goosander here, and at Calliach, confirmed breeding of the Great Skua again this year. Arthur Brown 
25thTreshnish, 1 hybrid Carrion x Hooded Crow, Prasad. 
25th Great Northern Diver in full summer plumage probably the best I have ever seen  on Loch Na Keal by Kellan Farm. 2 Red throated Divers near salmon hatchery on Loch Na Keal 2 more at Calgary, Common Terns Salen Bay, Arctic Terns at Calgary also diving feeding Gannets there. Linnet at Langamull.  Arthur 
24th a good day out with my friend Arthur, good numbers of Terns (100's), both common and arctic off shore at the golf course, juvenile Twite, Red throated divers, Red breasted Mergansers (28) and Razorbill in Duart Bay,
22nd 5 Black tailed Godwit at Killiechronan. Arthur Brown, Discover Mull
22nd - Tobermory A single Common Tern fishing in the harbour in the pouring rain this evening
21st - Glen Cannel. Hunting Short-eared Owl and immature (2nd S?) male Hen Harrier, 25 Lapwing, 12 Curlews and flock of 50 Siskins were among the highlights of today's walk. Ruth Fleming 
21st there was a single Greenshank at Inverlussa today. Felicity Pollard
18th Over on Mull today with work – pretty dreich. I saw a Jay in the woods to the west of Lochnameal Farm (just south of Tobermory. David Jardine
17th - Torosay Adult Razorbill with chick and ad Kittiwake with fledged juv. off Craignure Bay; singing Blackcap and Whitethroat; family parties of Meadow Pipit, Rock Pipit, Goldfinch, Linnet and Redpoll.
Ruth Fleming. 
14th - Iona 1st Summer Glaucous Gull near Iona ferry jetty, three Corncrakes still calling in meadows on road to The Bay At The Back Of The Ocean and first returning Sanderlings (2) of Autumn with six Ringed Plovers at The Bay At The Back Of The Ocean. A singing male Reed Bunting near Iona Abbey was a delight both to see and hear.
14th - Pennyghael. Female Hen Harrier hunting alongside main road this evening. Ruth Fleming Mull Magic 
13th Loch Buie  a Black Throated Diver (summer plumage), a Treecreeper, a family of Spotted Flycatchers and a pod (around 20) of Bottlenose Dolphins. Richard & Liz Airey.
13th - Torosay. A brief (late) snatch of Garden Warbler song from area where heard earlier in the season and single Red-throated Diver in Duart Bay. Ruth Fleming  Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
11th I have never seen so many terns off the north coast of Treshnish before.This has been going on all month but today was even better with 6-10 birds in view virtually all the time. Very roughly about 75% Common and 25% Arctic. So far no Arctic Skuas. The colony at the Treshnish Isles can vary from no bird to about 300 pairs so presumably this is a good year there. Prasad 
10th-11th : Firth of Lorne 180 Manx Shearwaters and 150 Kittiwakes on 10.55hrs ferry crossing from Craignure to Oban (10th), when sea was 'littered' with adult male Guillemots accompanying their chicks. By stark contrast, only 4 Manx Shearwaters and 90 Kittiwakes and no sign of Guillemots on return journey at 16.00hrs on 11th! Ruth Fleming Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
10th Killechronan: 2 Sandwich Tern on the spit at Killiechronan. Jenny
9th Red-necked Pharalope today in waters between Mull and Coll. photo above. 
if we count this as a Mull record then it makes it only the second record of this species, 
the first being in May 2011 at Killiechronan
9th  a small flock of very smart linnets and a tree pippit towards end of Loch Ba Juliet Vine
9th A Red Breasted Merganser with 10 very small ducklings at Aros Castle today. 2 Red Throated Divers and a Black Throated Diver in Loch Tuath. Arthur 
2 Red Throated Divers and a Long Tailed Duck in Calgary Bay.
At least 5 Sand Martin holes with young ready to fledge in front of Calgary Bay Car Park. Arthur
8th July A Wigeon at Aros today by islands near seat at castle end Arthur 
8th - Glen More Three Short-eared Owls hunting along Glen More at Three Lochs 10 am; two Short-eared Owls hunting near Salen scenic route junction 5 pm. Male Hen Harrier skirting hillside above Three Lochs (in view at same time as owls), with female over road prior to Salen turn-off am and another male which flew immediately in front of an oncoming car on main road between Fionnphort and Bunessan. Gave incredible view and near heart attack to driver! 
8th  - Iona1st Summer Glaucous Gull at usual location near ferry jetty; two calling Corncrakes in meadow South of Fire Station; feeding party of seven Dunlin and six Ringed Plover at The Bay At The Back Of The Ocean; short-lived but exciting feeding frenzy involving 150 Kittiwakes, 10 Gannets and six Manx Shearwaters in the Sound of Iona.
7th - Eas ForsBrood of Grey Wagtails along course of waterfall. Ruth Fleming Mull Magic Walks 
7th : Calgary Bay - Caliach Point: Five Twite near deserted settlement of Arine and pair of Great Skuas at usual location. A mini-feeding frenzy at Calgary Bay in late afternoon involved 10 Kittiwakes, 6 Razorbills, 3 Common Terns, a single Gannet and three Bottlenose Dolphins; a pair of Red-throated Divers were also present in Calgary Bay.
6th : Loch na Keal: Two Red-throated Divers in the company of small groups of eclipse-plumaged drake Red-breasted Mergansers and Eiders. Ruth Fleming 
7th Lochdon: an Osprey over Lochdon this lunch (1300hrs) time headed towards Duart, 
5th Dark Morph Arctic Skua off Caliach point, also 5 Minke Whales but no sign of Orcas that were reported in north Mull waters earlier in the day. 
5th July Leucistic Redpoll, Dervaig end of the Mishnish Lochs.  Arthur & Pam Discover Mull
1 July Duart Castle; Gannet [fishing], Black Guillemot, Glenmore: 2 Short-eared Owls
Carsaig: Otter, 2 Red deer, Red-throated Diver, 2 Short-eared Owls, Hen Harrier, Black Guillemot, Eider, 3 Seals, Alan Hobson
2 July Loch Scridain: Glenmore: 2 Short-eared Owls, Hen Harrier
A849, just west of Fishnish Bay: White-tailed eagle [3rd summer juvenile, sitting on top of a hill, Hen Harrier, Buzzard Alan Hobson
4th Big flocks of Manx Shearwaters working an area to the South of Little Colonsay. 
3rd A count of 48 Storm Petrels heading south off Caliach point last night. Ewan 
1st On the road to Fidden, Mull, I photographed a hen  harrier swooping and catching a large vole then taking this prey off to a perch on a rock.Time was about 9.30 am. poor old voles leg are hanging down for all to see.The bird overtook me as I was driving along and swooped twenty yard in front of the car.
Mull, what a place. Doug
1st July, a member of our group reported a Green Woodpecker by Glenforsa Hotel.
29th June on the B8073, Mull going north I photographed two golden eagles hunting and both stooping to dive on the prey, I lost site of them at ground level.
They continually called to each other for over twenty minutes before going into a stoop.
29th June a storm petrel between Little Colonsay & Staffa. Also 2 swifts off the north of Mull on 26th.
Whilst staying at the Glenforsa this week we had otters on the coast either side of the hotel as well as else where on the island. Dave Pierce, Naturetrek.
1st Female Hen Harrier hunting along the coastline at the mouth of Loch Cuin. Roger Craven

Latest reports for July 2011
30th Adult male golden eagle took a hooded crow in flight from a flock of crows. The female watched the event. Seen from the road between Loch na Keal and Loch Scridain  David and Felicity Pollard 
27th Tobermoery: we saw a Dipper in the stream going down by the road into Tobermory, at the bottom just above the steps by the mill building. Moira Lempriere
27th: the male Peregrine still frequenting Tobermory church steeple, Prasad 
25th Loch Beg 1 Peregrine with an Oystercatcher as prey, 2 Red-throated Diver, 1 juv Black Guillemot. Fidden 1 Whimbrel, 2
Dunlin. Bryan Rains k
20th a Jay at Penmore this morning. 3 Goosanders and a Greenshank at Croig near the narrows with a nice view of a Lesser Redpoll on the back towards Ardrioch. Arthur Brown l
19th Checked Barn Owl boxes at West Ardhu and found just one near full grown chick but 3 unhatched eggs. Arthur
18th: Ardalanish: 3 Sanderling, 1 Arctic Skua and 2 Great Skuas  Prasad 
18th Loch Na Keal 3 Red Throated Divers 15 Gannets and close up views of  White Tailed Sea Eagles. Martin Keivers Mull Charters
14th: 1 Common Scoter, close in on north side of Treshnish Point,    Prasad 
5th: a Red-rumped Swallow:"I have just returned from a week's holiday on the Isle of Mull. On the evening of 5th July at approximately 18:15 I was walking along the road at Ballygown and stopped to watch (Barn) Swallows feeding over a sheep field. After a minute or so I spotted one with a pale rump and immediately thought that it didn't look like the normal bright white of a house martin. I trained my binoculars on it and was amazed to identify it as a Red-rumped Swallow. I watched it for about a minute, during which time I got clear views down to about 15 metres and was able to see not only the rump and nape patterns, but also the streaked underside. It then disappeared from view and I got out my camera to attempt to get a 'record shot' . To my immense frustration I could not relocate it despite scanning the field and neighbouring fields for another hour and returning on each of the next two mornings. I have seen Red-rumped swallows several times before in Southern and Eastern Europe and am familiar with the structural and plumage differences from barn swallow and house martin."    Chris Smith. 
This is a first record for Mull and for Argyll
12th: a Peregrine at salen bay near tool shop was stooping at some unseen prey mobbed by gulls then later on out the back of the council depot in the field with prey presumably a gull being bombarded by approx 20-30 gulls,also a male hen harrier at the salen end of the dervaig road, 4 Red throated Diver at Calgary , 2 Great northern Diver loch na keal  Simon Duckworth
7th Loch Na Keal: a drake Common Scoter on south side of Loch today. Arthur Brown 
7th Loch Ba: Several small parties of Crossbills, Knock and 2 Red-throated Divers on loch 
6th Iona: Male Hen Harrier successfully hunting on moor, near Fionnphort; 2 Great Skuas at St Columba’s Bay, where 2 Twite also seen; 4 calling male Corncrakes despite rain. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
5th Langamull - Croig:  4 Common Swifts, over Langamull and immature Great Northern Diver, (outer) Loch Cuin
4th Lunga: 12 Manx Shearwaters from boat; Great Skua being mobbed by Herring Gull and 4 Twite feeding on seedheads above Puffin colony on Lunga.
Late June – Loch Ba: 40 Crossbills, Knock, were probably combination of family parties; pair of Redstarts with fledged brood
Mull Magic Wildlife Walks 
3rd Loch na Keal:  there was a scoter like duck with a lot of orange on bill L na Keal seen from Scarrisdale, though appeared nearer North shore of loch. 
2nd Pennyghael: 20+ Common Crossbills, mainly juveniles, in forestry behind Pennyghael. Male Hen Harrier Kinloch, flew down to bathe in the river!. Male Golden Eagle Glen More, again mobbed by the Merlin. Marsh Fritillary by Loch Buie turn off 
Loch Ba - male and female Common Redstart. Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding
1st Iona. 3 Red-throated Divers and 3 different Otters on Loch Scridain in Pennyghael this morning though. Common Crossbill again behind hotel. Ashley Saunders
29th May I had a Jay on 29/6 at Gruline.Dave Pierce  Kingussie

Latest reports for July 2010
26th Two Corncrake calling one either side of the road beyond Fidden Farm – Carol Marshall 
25th Loch Pottie Amongst the usual were  4 Greenshank, 1 Dunlin, Pair of Little Grebe feeding Young and the Whooper Swan is still there – Mike Wagemakers
26th 1 female Goosander by Aros Castle and male Hen Harriers Glen Bellert. Arthur Brown
25th Quinish: four Jays seen and heard here today,  in a family group, confirming breeding birds of this scarce bird for Mull. 
Alan (pp) John Howard
24th Oban to Craignure ferry: ca.40 Common Terns feeding at entrance to Oban Bay, along with 50 Manx Shearwaters. Total of 250 Manx Shearwaters on sea near entrance to bay is closest this observer has ever seen this species to Oban Bay itself. Small numbers of 'Daddy' Guillemots with juveniles seen in Firth of Lorne during today's 16.00 hrs crossing.   Stuart Gibson
23rd Loch Scridain: Kingfisher at Killiemore. pair of hen harriers & Short eared Owl at lochdon. Ryan Walsh & Vickie Lawton
20th Loch na Keal: We had Red Throated Diver with young on Loch Na Keal today.  Martin 
19th Killiechronan camp site:  at about 13:30 - Osprey first seen overhead being mobbed by gulls and Oystercatchers, flew off towards Knock, returning 25 minutes later - mobbing a White tailed Sea Eagle which had just taken flight. Carolyn Whenm (currently staying in Dervaig)
A few sightings from this quiet time of year...Bryan Rains 
19th July Loch Beg 1 Black-tailed Godwit, 10 Golden Plover, 6 Dunlin, 2 Greenshank, 1 RB Merganser.
13th July Fidden 30 Linnet, 1 Whinchat, 3 Stonechat, 6 Greenfinch.
12th July Loch Beg 3 Goosander.
9th Loch Beg : 25 Redshank, 12 Dunlin and 3 Grey Plover had all moved on by lunchtime.
19th Aerial combat observed Loch na Keal  (Male) White Tailed Sea Eagle and Osprey 13.30 hrs. Michael Leigh-Mallory 
18th July Male Hen Harrier and a single Snipe at Ensay, Greenshank at Salen,2 Common Crossbills at Crannich 
Arthur and Pam 
14th Calliach Point: 3 Great Skuas at Cailiach Point today and 5 Ringed Plovers at Calgary. Arthur and Pam Brown
3rd to 9th July, from Geoff and Christine Carr; Richard and Liz Airey
Species Highlights:  Red-throated Diver 2 birds on Loch Buie on the 6th Great Northern Diver 1 bird in summer plumage near Tobermory lighthouse on the 4th Manx Shearwater 100s passing on the sea near Treshnish farm on the 8th
Hen Harrier 1 female hunting the marsh at Dervaig on the 8th
Goshawk A primary feather found near the church on Ulva on the 5th. (experience of Sparrowhawk and Goshawk feathers from ringing- Geoff Carr)
Kestrel 1 bird at Treshnish Farm on the 8th Peregrine 1 bird near the Tobermory lighthouse on the 4th, 1 hunting over Tobermory on the 7th and 1 at Glen Gorm on the 9th Great Skua 1 bird near the Tobermory lighthouse on the 4th and 1 near Treshnish Farm on the 8th Stonechat A brood on Ulva on the 5th and a brood at Loch Gorm on the 9th Grasshopper Warbler 1 bird singing on the edge of the reed-bed at Dervaig on the 8th Sedge Warbler 6+ birds singing in the reed-bed at Dervaig on the 8th Garden Warbler 1 bird singing singing at Salen on the 6th Blackcap 3 birds singing on Ulva on the 5th Wood Warbler 3 birds in Aros Park on the 7th Twite 30+ around Treshnish Farm on the 8th Lesser Redpoll 6 at the Tobermory lighthouse on the 4th and 2 on Ulva on the 5th Bullfinch 1 bird near Tobermory lighthouse on the 4th and 3 birds in Aros Park on the 7th
Reed Bunting 2 males on Ulva on the 5th
14th Griburn: a Tree Sparrow here today. Mike Shepherd. (we have had previous records of Tree Sparrow here. AS)
8th Knock: a buzzard-sized raptor flying low and purposefully across the field behind the hatchery. The bird was brown with pale barring to the underside. VERY white undertail coverts were particularly striking. The slow yet powerful wingbeats were also noteworthy. Having crossed the field (and flushed dozens of Twite and Redpoll in the process), the bird disappeared into the Pines behind the bungalow to the right of the track. There was no attempt to catch any of the small birds.
The whole sighting lasted about 5-6 seconds and there was no chance to get a good view of the head. However, we are experienced birders and, living in the Peak National Park, we have observed Goshawk previously and see Sparrowhawk in the garden on a regular basis.
We realise that this sighting is probably not detailed enough to be accepted as an official record, but thought you might be interested for your own information. Mark & Helen Porter
8th Ardalanish:There was  a Corncrake in hay meadow to the right of the beach path at Ardalanish.  Mark & Helen Porter
10th Lochdon: male Hen Harrier in field opposite eagle watch caravan.Alan Spellman
6th Killiechrionan: 23 Black headed Gulls on the spit here today. Jenny Buckley
1st Lochdon: 2 Short Eared Owls  between the Eagle watch caravan & Loch Spelve on caravan side of the road. Arthur Brown
Late June – Aros Park :At least four pairs of Spotted Flycatcher  giving good views, including pair at road entrance to park and pair at Ledaig Car Park, Tobermory. Best views I’ve had of this under-observed migrant visitor for quite some time. Lots of Bullfinch activity in the park, with sightings at six different locations, including several juveniles with their higher pitched calls. Adult male also feeding fledged juvenile at Prison Brae, Tobermory recently. Great Spotted Woodpeckers heard calling on several occasions and two male Chiffchaffs in song along the park’s main driveway   Stuart Gibson

Latest reports for July 2009
30th Uisken road: Merlin - female near road from Bunessan to Uisken, plus 2 Raven. Iona: Corncrake - 3 rasping in fire station meadow  Jonathan lethbridge
30th Lochdon: an Osprey fishing (unsuccessfully) at Lochdon this afternoon  12.30pm Alan

27th Off Grasspointl: a drake Velvet Scoter here, also an Osprey passed over Lochdon.  David Woodhouse
26th Iona: 1 rasping Corncrake, in meadow beyond Fire Station, two separate flocks of Twite, totalling 28 birds  nr The Bay At The Back Of The Ocean and first returning Arctic waders of 'Autumn',a flock comprising 14 Dunlin, 12 Sanderling, 10 Ringed Plover and 4 Turnstone at The Bay At The Back Of The Ocean  - Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
23rd Croig: 1 Greenshank, 40 + Oystercatchers, 8 Ringed Plovers, 4 Common Sandpipers, 60 Greylag Geese + 2 ads with four goslings, 29 'redhead' Red-breasted Mergansers, 2 ad ff Eiders with two ducklings, 14 Great Black-backed Gulls, first two fledged Common Gulls and pair of Buzzards with fledged juvenile over Quinish estate. 
21st Lunga: 1 Basking Shark,  Manx Shearwaters, 2 Great Skuas, 3 Snipe, 2 Twite, plus Common Blue, Grayling and Meadow Brown butterflies,  Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
21st Calliach Point: 3 basking sharks, Great Skua, 2 Arctic Skuas, 9 black guillemots, small group (3 - 5) linnets, gannets including quite a few juveniles, Scotch Argus butterfly, all at .  Felicity Hansen and Pam Brown
17th  Dervaig stones: First emerging Scotch Argus butterfly of the season noted today - Ruth Fleming\Stuart Gibson
15th & 16th: Dervaig standing stones: 12 Dark Green Fritillaries; also colonies of Grayling, Speckled Wood & Meadow Brown; Lempke's Gold Spot moth; Great Spotted Woodpecker, Goldcrest & Bullfinch - Ruth Fleming and Suart Gibson
15th:  2 immature Cuckoo's on our fence waiting to be fed by 1 meadow pipit  6:30 tuesday evening. Susan Hall
14th Loch Scridain 1 Common Scoter, 10 Razorbill, 30 Manx Shearwater, 5 RT Diver.Looking out towards Staffa 300+ Manx Shearwater, 2 Porpoise. Loch Assapol 1 RT Diver, 1 Mute Swan. Wild About Mull.  Bryan Rains
13th Beach:  up to 4 summer plumage Red-throated Diver present all week.
13th Uisken road 1 Quail calling briefly also Yellowhammer, Grey Wagtail and Twite. Loch Beg 3 Greenshank, 7 BH Gull, 5 LBB Gull amongst the 100+ gulls present at the moment, 2 Dunlin. Killunaig 30 Common Tern.  Bryan Rains 
12th Aros Park:  Ad. Spotted Flycatcher feeding fledged young near the lodge entrance.
10th Loch Tuath:  20 Graylings  along this coast; 10 Dark Green Fritillaries  Ruth Fleming/Stuart Gibson
12th Loch na Keal: a hunting pair of Merlin here today. Declan Visitor
12th Beach (Pannyghael) a pair of Black throated Diver in full summer plumage. Declan ?
11th   Raft of 50+ gannets off Tobermory lighthouse, and Great Skua. Seen from Kilchoan ferry. Felicity Hansen
10th Loch Frisa: A summer plumaged Black throated Diver on the loch last few days. 
10th Loch Frisa: One chick at Loch Frisa has died , it was retrieved from under the nest tree today. Appeared to 'fledge' a couple of weeks ago, very early at only 10.5 weeks (usual is 12 weeks). Looking at the nest today, quite a lot has fallen out too so perhaps the first chick went with it. It will be send it off for a PM, but the likely cause is an injury when it fell out and even though it may have survived a while it was never able to feed properly. It was never an option to go in close before today as a visit at this late stage could have caused more problems and perhaps caused the second chick to fly before it was ready. 
The second chick did fledge normally this week and is now down by the lochside in the usual place with the adults bringing in food. It is very sad that one chick has died but one chick and the adults are still very visible and it is still well worth visiting the hide this summer.  Dave Sexton RSPB Officer
10th Tobermory:  July: Good close sightings of male Blackcap, Prison Brae Tobermory.  Felicity Hansen
8th Tobermory Golf course: Peregrine falcon at Tobermory golf course  Helen and Iain King
9thLoch Buie: 2 Red throated Diver close-in and calling. Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
9th Glen More: a flock of 30 Crossbills in the Glen. Pete Hall 
9th Salen Killiechronan: a pair of Bullfinch here today. Alan
3rd Dervaig:  Sparrowhawk - male, Greenshank - 2 feeding on Loch Cuin (if this is the same Greenshank we had in the winter, I hope it means they stayed and bred) Irene Boston 
5th Greenshank Loch Beg, Quail still calling at Ardalanish and 3 RT Divers out in the bay.  Mike Wagemakers
5th Duart: Female Hen Harrier hunting at Duart Bay; pr Oystercatchers with 2 fully-grown juvs, Duart Bay; 2 prs Grey Wagtail, Torosay; 8 ads + 8 juv Greylag Geese, Sound of Mull; 4 Common Terns, Sound of Mull; 3 singing Blackcaps, Torosay; ad. Spotted Flycatcher hawking insects, Torosay Castle and singing male at (Craignure) entrance to woodland walk; and juv. Redstart, Torosay Castle.Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
5th Glen Seilisdeir:  20 Common Crossbill (mainly males). Ardalanish 1 Quail still calling.Bryan Rains
2nd Ardalanish: Quail calling from the fields to the left of the track that leads  to the beach. Bob Hastie
(and welcome to Mull, hope this is the first of many rerports we shall receive from you)
2 July, 10 Swifts flew south over Treshnish Point, Prasad
1st Loch Buie :Great Northern Diver in cracking summer plumage in the bay (one of the highlights of the week!).  have been there for the previous couple of days. Also 2 Red-throated Diver  in bay Irene Boston 
1 July  Quail calling near to track down to Ardalanish Beach – Carol Marshall, Norma Dowling and Bev Maidment. & Steve Young  Also a Sand Martin colony at the east end of the beach near the stile. ,

Latest reports for July 2008
30th Dervaig by the sub station. At 0800hrs, a Rose Coloured Starling  Pam & Arthur Brown
31st Dervaig: There was a male Rose coloured starling feeding on the side of the road at Dervaig on the 28/08/08 at 11:00hrs. Regards Maurice Webber 
10th Croggan: A Jack Snipe was flushed from the roadside at Croggan on two occasions. Andrew Carey
25th Salen Bay:  Sandwich Tern sheltering on island in Salen Bay - Mike Wagemakers
24th A juvenile cuckoo sitting on a fence post, we watched it for some time whilst a Meadow Pipit come to feed it, sometimes when it brought food it sat on the cuckoo’s back and the cuckoo turned it’s head to take the food – amazing.  Pam Brown & Discover Mull tour
23rd Pete Hall Craignure reports the return of the Nuthatch to his garden feeder this morning. Pete Hall
21st Lochdon: An Osprey attempting to fish , being harassed by Sea Gulls. Alan, Jean and John Burnham
1st-14th: Excellent sightings of Hen Harrier at- road to Ardmore, Loch  Beg, Glen Seilisder (Gribun end), Carsaig, Ardalanish, Ardtun  they're doing well very well tjhis year. Ulva female Merlin & Griburn Rocks a Peregrine, also Short eared owl at Loch Beg area.   Twite - Balmeanach farm (Gribun)  Dark Green fritilary butterfly (Ardtun) 1 Wood Sandpiper, 2 Greenshank, 7 Golden Plover, 20 Dunlin amongst the usual L Beg evening wader roost on 10th July Alex Carlisle
15th  A pair of Arctic Skua South West Iona Morven Petrie & Joyce Watson
16th Balmeanach Camp site: Nightjar heard churring last night . Alex MacFadyen
15th Lochdon: 2 Greenshank, 2 Bar tailed Godwit, Looks like there are a few birds on the move at last.
15th Calgary Bay:  2 Red Throated Divers in the bay. and 2 adult Shelducks with 9 well grown ducklings AB
15th Garmony: Family of Greylags with 6 large Goslings in tow, also 2 Canada Geese. Alan 
11th Loch Tuath: 3 Red Throated Divers together on Loch Tuath. Arthur Brown  Discover Mull Tours
8th  Loch Beg 3 Greenshank, 2 Dunlin, 12 Golden Plover, 10 Redshank, 20 Curlew, 3 Red-breasted Merganser. Bunessan 1 juv Whinchat, 3 Stonechat. Loch Scridain 4 Red-throated Diver.  Bryan Rains 
7th Fidden 1 juv Twite, 6 Skylark dust bathing, 1 fem Hen Harrier. Uisken 1 Yellowhammer, 3 Twite, 6 Linnet. Bunessan 1 Whimbrel. Loch Scridain 70 Kittiwake, 3 Puffin, 100+ Razorbill, 3 Guillemot, 30 Eider.
3rd a Short eared owl chase away a Hen harrier, the harrier was then chased by a Lapwing, across the loch north of Aird of Kinloch. 6th Saw a Hen harrier chase a Kestrel at Ardtun. Colin Moody
4th  evening,an Osprey was back over Lochdon. Seen by Len & Pam White, Diana & Andy OldacreI.
4th  saw 2 Swifts flying west over Haunn, Treshnish Point, Anand Prasad
3rd Loch Beg:  6 Black-tailed Godwit, 3 Dunlin, 1 Short-eared Owl. Loch Scridain 4 drake Common Scoter still present, 1 Red-throated Diver. Beach 25 Swift, 2 Sparrowhawk. Ardalanish 1 Basking
Shark, 1 Red-throated Diver. Wild About Mull. Bryan Rains 
1st July: Loch Scridain 4 Common Scoter. 70 Siskin, 4 Black-tailed Godwit, 2 Golden Plover and 4 Dunlin 2   Black-headed Gull Loch Beg. 1 Common Tern, 1 Black Guillemot, 30 Manx Shearwater,150 Kittiwake, 5 Cormorant Bunessan. 6 Linnet, 2 Snipe Fidden. Bryan Rains

Latest reports for July 2007
White tailes Sea Eagles tags for this year are white with black lettering and there are 8 chicks on Mull. 6 have been tagged with lettters A E G L M P and two will not be tagged. Dave Sexton
28th   Loch Pottie :8pm - Pair Arctic Skua, one light morph, one dark morph over Loch Pottie heading towards Fidden - Carol Marshall
27th Loch Beg: Arthur Brown reports a single Sanderling here (rarely seen at this site)
20th Loch Buie: Red throated Dive, 2 pairs in bay at Lochbuie, pair of Canada Goose: pair at Garmony, 
Peregrine: 1 at Lochbuie, Dunlin: small group at Grasspoint, Greenshank: 1 Dervaig 18/7, 1 Garmony 20/7.Bonxie: group of 3 buzzed Staffa querulously 17/7; 1 off Grasspoint 16/7.
briefly glimpsed in Dervaig reedbed 18/7 appeared to be Reed Warblers, but no song and they never re-appeared to provide a decent view.  Sedge Warbler at Garmony, Redpoll: Garmony, and in trees beyond carpark at Grasspoint, 20/7               Anthony Cheke
July 2 to July 5.  Short-eared Owl, July 2:  fence post at the side of the road in Glen More, Merlin, July 3:  adult male, Fionnphort, Twite, July 3:  Iona, near Sligneach, Hen Harrier, July 3:  adult male, between Fionnphort and Achaban House. Golden Eagle, July 4:  Killiechronan, also the Loch Scridain.
Manx Shearwater, Gannets July 5:  ferry from Craignure to Oban.       Mark Kulstad
22nd Loch Beg - 72 Golden Plover, 1 Grey Plover(juv), 6 Greenshank, 24 Lapwing and 8 Dunlin(3 juv). Bryan Rains 
20th  Family of Peregrine 2 Adults and 2 Juvenile - Gribun;  Black Guillemot, Red Throated Diver - Loch na Keal  Mike Wagemakers
records from visitor John Beal : Already showing signs of wader movements with 14th, 1 Greenshank Lochdon, 13th  1 peregrine Bameanach, 14th male Wigeon Dervaig, male hen harrier Glengorm, 15th 2 twite Staffa, 1 red grouse near Eas Fors( in grassy woodland, not on moors) and 16th 9 Swifts between  Lismore and Craignure.
19th Loch Scridain - 5 Great Northern Diver, 4 Red-throated Diver, 1 Puffin,1 Black Guillemot, 40+ Common Tern. Loch Beg - 4 Greenshank, 15 Golden Plover, 2 Dunlin, 2 Black-headed Gull. Fidden - 3 Dunlin (juv), 4 Black-headed Gull.  Bryan Rains
17th Fidden: Greenshank Fidden pm today -  Carol Marshall
15th Fidden - 2 Great Skua, 1 Dunlin and 1 Corncrake heard. Loch Beg - 1 Greenshank, 3 RB Merganser, 1 Peregrine. Loch Scridain - 1 Puffin, 3 Manx Shearwater, 40 Common Tern, 1 Black Guillemot. Bryan Rains
15th Loch Scridain:  Pair Red Throated Diver Mussel Farm, ; 8 Crossbills from forest track bridge Gleann Seilisdeir. Michael Wagemakers
13th Garmony: 100+ Arctic Terns, 20 Turnstone, Ring Plover with 3 chicks. Alan Spellman
13th Loch Beg:  3 Greenshank on Loch Beg and 1 Great Skua on Loch Scridain.  Bryan Rains
11th Loch Scridain: .c100 Manx Shearwater, 1 Black Guillemot, 1Red-throated Diver  Bryan Rains
10th Balmeanach Camp site. A Nightjar heard and seen over last couple of nights, very clearly seen at Garmony picnic area early this evening having been disturbed (1640hrs) Tony & Sylvia Holmes.
7th Loch Cuin Dervaig: 13 immature Goosanders on north shore of Loch Cuin.Shaun Mccullagh
Corncrakes on Iona: one of 17 calling males on 14/6 and one of 27 calling males on 23/6. Total figures will be worked out in due course. 
Mull records appear to be 7 calling males, at Kintra,  Fionnphort,  Knockvolagan,  Fidden.  Staffa. and Treshnish (2)
9th Tobermory: Jenny Reddaway reports two Tree Sparrows in her garden. Jenny Reddaway
9th Salen Bay:an Osprey over salen Bay now, heading to L n Keal.Later seen at Loch Frisa.  Dave Sexton
9th oban bay: For the past four weeks, up to 40 Arctic and Common Terns have been opportunistically feeding on the large shoals of  fish ('fry') that are present this Summer in Oban harbour. Stuart Gibson
Pair Shelduck with youngster at Fidden,  Pair Canada Geese and single youngster Loch Pottie - Carol Marshall
6th  Lochaline: Off Mull but a suspected hobby just north of Lochaline .pp Dave Sexton
4th Balmeanach camp site: a Hobby hunting insects at the back of Balmanach camp site also 2 woodcock over same area that evening other birders on site had a  female merlin at Gamony Point same day
David and Lorraine Marsden
6th Quinnish Estate: a Nightjar heard one morning last week at about 4am whilst out with the dog.  same area as last year (Quinish eatate) at about this time.  Suggests possible breeding.  Nick Reed 
8 Barn Owl chicks from 2 nests were ringed by Sue Dewar a few days ago, one near Croig and one near Calgary. 
2nd July, Oystercather with her chick very visible on little grassy Island off Ardtun road. Female Hen Harrier getting an aerial bombardment by Lapwings on old peat moor behind house.     Callum Entwistle
1st July, Pair of Tufted Duck and Great Northern Diver in Bunessan Bay. Callum Entwistle, 

Latest reports for July 2006
Dervaig - 22nd to 29th July; mainly from area of tidal pond
Red-breasted Merganser - max 18 together on sea loch on 25th
Sparrowhawk - a female and a male on 23rd
Peregrine - 1 flew E on 23rd; 1 flew W on 27th
Dunlin - max 5 on 23rd; 1-3 regular
Snipe - 4 on 23rd and again on 26th
Black-tailed Godwit - summer plumage adult present 22nd, 23rd and briefly on 25th
Whimbrel - single on 23rd and 24th
Greenshank - max 5 on 24th; 1-4 regular
Common Sandpiper - max 3 on 23rd; 1-2 regular
Tawny Owl - 2+ calling after sunset on 25th and 28th           David Williams
28th Loch na Keal (Knock end) a Great Skua seen by Colin Moody, also a 'probable Little Gull isreported from Ulva Ferry
27th Fionnphort a single swift reported by Mike Wagemakers
26th Treshnish Isles.  three Great Skuas over Treshnish Isles Anand Prasad
25th Croig. 30 returning Dunlin at Croig today Anand Prasad
22nd Ardnamurchan. I have just received a report confirming the sighting of a Bee Eater at Arnamurchan, near Killchoan Village on 8th May.
July 10 Little Grebe:at Loch Peallach (Mishnish Lochs).12th Great Skua: 1 chasing a Gannet and flying southwest around Treshnish Point 18th Great Skua: 1 at 19.40 of Port Haunn. Prasad
Loch Frisa sea eagle hide now closed for 2006. Both chicks fledged successfully.
The hide still there so people are welcome to watch from there but it is now locked. Chicks and adults will be visible in the general area for several months to come. Please still read wildlife law notices and do not hang about on the track as it may stop adults bringing in food
LAST WEEK. circa 10th. A drake  King Eider was seen around Ulva Ferry it may still be around. Fiona Harmer
17th Lagganulva. a single Little Auk was here this morning. Arthur Brown.
A summer plumaged Great northern Diver in the Sound of Mull this morning. Peter Bradley
16th Lochdon. 37 returning Whimbrel at high tide (9pm), 12 Golden P[lover Alan Spellman
10th Lagganulva. 3 Common Scoter close in shore and 1 Red throated Diver. Arthur Brown
5th Killiechronan. a Reed Bunting also on 7th 3 male Goosander at Garmony. S & H Duckworth
1st Lochdon. Yesterdays Osprey returned  to fish lochdon, (pm) only to be chased off by the Sea Eagle.
30th June. Garmony: Jay in woodland (this is a first 'summer/breeding season' record? We normally only get them in winter months) Dave Sexton
30 June/July Iona.  midnight to 3am corncarke survey : 32 calling birds; 1 also at Fidden.
30th June at 10.00 am a Goshawk flew low across the Dervaig - Salen road about 200m North of the hill fort/ abandoned village in a NE direction.  Andy & Chris Marshall
29th June Craignure Golf course.  3 swift flying south along the shore line .Pam Brown. Discover Mull Tours.
27th June, 2 Twite on the raised beach between Port Haunn & Crackaig. Andy & Chris Marshall
22nd June. a late report of a Black tailed Godwit at Dervaig. from Colin Sedgewick Thanks

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