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Latest reports for February 2022

Latest reports for February 2021
28th Saw a golden eagle displaying over the hills to the right of Calgary Bay this morning, and a pair of peregrine falcons in the area at the same time. Pete.Pete Walkden Photography
28th Lochdon.Our Kingfisher was seen again today just above the bridge. Alan
26th - Craignure A flock of 10 Goosanders (3 males) was a good count.Stuart Gibson
27th  Loch Na Keal. Separate from their original roost area, new 'mini' roost of 6 Slavonian grebe close to the Great northern Divers 127 birds tonight. Steve Littlewood
27th  Juvenile Rook with Hooded Crows in field opposite Bennan Farm on Cailaich Road, we still have the long staying Brambling in our garden and a Yellowhammer for the last week. Thanks to your posting we were able to get to see both the Gadwall and the Velvet Scoter. Pam & Arthur Brown
26th Lochdon. Kingfisher still present today. It was sitting on a rock just downstream from the bridge. Andrew Oldacre
25th: White-tailed Eagle sitting at Minister's Point. Java - Male Tawny Owl calling at night.
Nancy Somerville
24th Java - Great Northern Diver, Jay calling. Scallastle forest path - White-tailed Eagle being harassed by 2 Hen Harriers, male Bullfinch.
Nancy Somerville
23rd: Mixed flock of geese in field by hospital, 43 Canada and 5 Greylag Geese.
21st: Java - Red-breasted Merganser, Curlew, 12 Starlings.
Nancy Somerville
20th: Scallastle forest path - White-tailed Eagle being mobbed by gulls, Woodpecker drumming, 4 Ravens.
19th: White-tailed Eagle sitting at Minister's Point. Nancy Somerville

23rd Above is a  photo (by Rebecca) of a 1st winter Glaucous Gull spotted on Kilvickeon Beach. There were 5 whooper swans on Loch Harris. 15+ lapwings and 2 skylarks. .Rebecca Burton

22nd Loch Spelve. a velvet scoter. It was feeding at the Kinlochspelve end of the water, annoyingly staying distant from my big lens. Pete. Pete Walkden Photography .
20th A juvenile Tufted Duck on Loch na Cuilce yesterday. No sign this morning. Ewan Miles  
20th a female Goldeneye (there were 2 of these) and a Gadwall on Loch Na Keal . Also a Slavonian Grebe in winter plumage . The weather was very dull and the goldeneye looks almost black and white. above photo by Carolyn Whenman
19th A Barnacle Goose in with Greylags on Loch na Culice (The small body of water in the middle of the
Dervaig reedbed )   19 Snipe at the head of Loch Cuin was one of the counts from our monthly BTO WeBS survey. Female Goosander on the Mishnish lochs. Ewan Miles  

Great Northern Diver photo by Nancy Somerville
18th Just a quick message to say that there were three skylarks on the grassy area by Loch na Keal from the Ben More car park
Also, on Loch Torr today was a lone female goldeneye. Pete Walkden Photography 

17th: Java - male Sparrowhawk.
16th: Over field by the hospital) - single Lapwing, 8 Curlew, Raven. Java - 3 Red-breasted Merganser, 2 male Tawny Owls calling after dark.
15th: Craignure WeBS - Great Northern Diver, 2 Cormorants, 7 Shags, Heron, 8 Oystercatchers, Curlew, 3 Red-breasted Merganser, 2 Common Gulls, 5 Herring Gulls, 9 Hooded Crows.
12th: Craignure - Hen Harrier (male).Nancy Somerville
17th 4 Skylarks in the field on Lagganulva Bay side of Ulva Ferry school mixing with Lapwings and Starlings and a female Hen Harrier flew over the same field. Pam & Arthur Brown
15th 5 Snow Buntings at cattle feed stance where River Clachaig enters Loch Ba Friday David Sexton
Small numbers of Snow bunting have been recorded around the island, at loch bar, killiechronan, the hill road at Dervaig and above Salen. Alan et al--
11th Lochdon. Kingfisher present today; on a large rock between the seaweed
fence and the power pole with the signage It flew a couple of feet off the rock, hovering above the water, changed its mind and flew on to a smaller rock. Plenty of ice around to prevent fishing in other places. Andrew Oldacre
11th Craignure. Our overwintering Nuthatch is still regularly coming to the feeder in a  local garden. Alan
11th I have received a report of an Osprey flying between Arle and Tobermory, whilst most unusual at this time of year, I ask for any other reports if available. Thanks Alan
10th: Craignure - Greenshank. Craignure-Torosay coastal path - 3 Curlew, Woodcock.
9th: By the Fishnish hide - pair Mallard, 2 White-tailed Eagles, 2 Golden Plover, Curlew, Redshank, Goldcrest, Rock Pipit. Scallastle Bay: pair Red-breasted Merganser, 3 Goosander, 6 Curlew, Redshank. Also, regularly in my small Java 'yarden' - pair Greenfinches, 2-3 Song Thrushes and 8-9 Blackbirds, (15 Blackbirds one morning last week!) Nancy Somerville
10th At Fidden a single Dunlin with a few other waders in the channel to the right before you get to the farm and a couple of Pink Footed Geese in a field with Greylags across the road from the farm just past Ardness House. Pam & Arthur Brown

7th Killiechronan beach.Min. 16 snow buntings feeding on Killiechronan beach. Quite flighty. Think thats the biggest flock Ive seen on Mull? (yes indeed it is the biggest flock) David Sexton 
6th 39 Bar-tailed Godwits on a high tide roost at Craignure golf course. Ewan Miles
4th Our Kingfisher is still here.He was on the seaweed covered fence, above the bridge,
thats one of the  favourite spots.
Andrew Oldacre

31st Jan   A Snow Bunting 2 miles up the forest track towards West Ardhu from the Langamull Car Park. Pam & Arthur Brown
The last of the Barn Owl boxes has now been installed in Ardura forest many thanks to Jacquie and Mike Murphy
31st Jan   A Snow Bunting 2 miles up the forest track towards West Ardhu from the Langamull Car Park. Pam & Arthur Brown

Latest reports for February 2020
26th Hello Alan, Im a new member to the Mull Bird Club. Thought Id send in a sighting...of a Glaucous Gull at Calgary Beach Thomas Jones. The first Glaucus Gull record of this winter 2019-20.   photo by Thomas Jones
glaucus gull at
                                                    Calgary Feb 2020
26th A male Goosander dropped into Tobermory Bay quite close to the shore on Saturday 22nd February. It didnt stay long; it paddled its way out to the nearest boat and flew off. Also, a pair of summer plumage Black Guillemots are back in the bay. Richard Airey
25th Sightings for Mull Birds Loch Na Keal. At least 16 Slavonian grebe going to roost + 76 GNDs rafting at roost.Steve Littlewood
 25th Inch Kenneth  150+ Barnacle Geese in the field adjacent to the caretaker's cottage for Inch Kenneth, also the 7 Whooper Swans  showing well on the three Lochs, and a beautiful female crossbill perched in the sunshine on the top of the ruined bothy in the Glen. Pete Hall.
 23rd Mull Bird Club Field Trip - We all enjoyed watching a pair of Dippers at Ardura in the morning and we managed a Purple Sandpiper (or maybe two) at Port nan Crullach. We recorded 38 species including WT Eagles, G Eagle, GN Divers, Redshanks, Ringed Plovers, RB Mergs and many more. Ewan Miles & Rach French
Kingfisher -
                                                    Charley Steather Jan
25th Lochdon. Thanks to Diana and Andy Oldacre I saw our Kingfisher by the bridge, it was first seen on 16th September 2019 also a ringtail Harrier towards Inverlussa. Also our Nuthatch is still at the Theatre car park pp Debbie Thorne, .Alan, Diana and Andy Oldacre.
23rd We went down Loch Ba to the bridge looking for Snow Buntings and although we did not see any we did see 6 Reed Buntings, also a small flock of Skylarks, some Lapwings, a few Fieldfares in the wooded area towards the end of the Loch and a pair of interacting WT Eagles. On the water Goldeneye, Wigeon, Teal, Red Breasted Merganser and Mallard.Pam & Arthur Brown 
22nd Three Lochs through Glen More. seven Whooper swans. Jacquie Murphy
22nd Dervaig: Five Little Grebes and a Greenshank. Glen Bellert: A male and 1+ ringtail Hen Harriers. Salen: A pair of Mute Swans, 32 Wigeon, 5 Red-breasted Mergansers and a Greenshank. Ulva Ferry: 17 Barnacle Geese and a Kestrel. Killiechronan: 25 Oystercatchers and 17 Curlews. Lagganulva: A Guillemot, 22 Lapwings and 23 Oystercatchers. Calgary: A female Merlin, 17 Curlews, 22 Oystercatchers and 18 Turnstones. Eorsa: 71 Great Northern Divers at the rost and a male Sparrowhawk. Tim Dixon

Ringed Plover and Juvenile Oystercatcher Loch na Keal.  22nd February 2020  AS

21st: Java - pair Goosander. photograph by Nancy Somerville
21st  Oskamull: A ring-tail Hen Harrier. Lagganulva: 21 Oystercatchers and 17 Curlews. Ulva Ferry, by the school: Eight Barnacle Geese and a Kestrel.Killiemor: 20 Teal, 39 Oystercatchers and 21 Curlews. Kellan: A Great Northern Diver. Dhiseig: A Great Northern Diver, a Slavonian Grebe and a full summer plumaged Black Guillemot. Glen Sheilsdear: A male Merlin.Balevulin: A White-tailed Eagle.Carsaig: A pair of Great Northern Divers displaying. Tim Dixon

20th Dervaig: Seven Little Grebes, 8 Greenshanks and 17 Curlews. Tobermory: Two Black Guillemots in full summer plumage. Tim Dixon
20th Crossbill in the same trees I saw them a few days ago but Pam was with me this time. 4 Golden Eagles from the Loch Frisa track Dervaig end 2 were displaying also 2 White-tailed Eagles seen here as well. Pam & Arthur Brown
19th Dervaig: Eleven Little Grebes, a female Sparrowhawk, at least 8 Greenshanks, 4 Redshanks, 3 Curlews, 130 Common Gulls and 25 Rock Doves Tim Dixon
19th: Craignure Bay - Black Guillemot in summer plumage, apart from mottled head. Male House Sparrow displaying to female in my Java back garden.Nancy Somerville

Lapwing photo by visitor Simon Martindale

18th Fanmore: 13 Shags and a female Sparrowhawk. Dervaig: Seven Little Grebes, 2 Greenshanks, a Redshank, 180 Common Gulls and 25 Rock Doves.Calgary: Five Great Northern Divers, 32 Oystercatchers and 14 Curlews.Ensay: A pair of Mistle Thrushes where the Allt na Faing crosses the road. Tim Dixon

18th BTO  Webs count Lochdon;.  69 Shag,  74 Oystercatcher,  79 Curlew,  3 Greenshank ,  38 Widgeon,  1 Red throated diver,  39 Shellduck, 4 Goldeneye, 45 Canada Goose, 11 Redshank,  15 Merganser, 14  Mallard, 7 Teal,  2  Little Grebe,  1  Heron, 1 Black Guillemot, 4 Cormorants, 1 Snipe, 6  Ringed Plover,  28 Dunlin, 1 Golden Plover. Tony Hutchinson et al
17th - Dervaig: Three Little Grebes, a drake Shelduck, a Greenshank, 3 Curlews and 220 Common Gulls.Lagganulva: 17 Oystercatchers and 25 Curlews. Tim Dixon
13th BTO WeBS core count for Craignure Bay, 2 Shags, 3 Herons, 1 Red-breasted Merganser, 1 Goosander, 13 Oystercatchers, 1 Curlew, 1 Redshank, 4 Common Gulls, 9 Herring Gulls, 1 Great Black-backed Gull, 1 Black-headed Gull, 1 Black Guillemot.  Nancy Somerville
12th Tobermory  Common Crossbill feeding in pines half a mile past the Tobermory tip on the Glengorm road and a pair of Dippers on the Loch in Aros Park. .Pam and Arthur Brown

Juvenile White tailed Eagle by Loch na Keal 12th February 2020, by visitor Simon Martindale
12th  February Loch Na Keal BTO WeBS Core Count. As the Returning Officer I declare the numbers are as follows: 11 Great Northern Diver;  23 Shags;  10 Cormorant;  84 Oyster catcher;  17 Goldeneye; 13 Curlew; 1 Goosander, 1; Turnstone 24;  Slavonian Grebe 10; Grey Lag Geese 20; Heron 8 BlacGuillemot 2;  Redshank 6;  1 Greenshank 1
30 Mallard;  22 Teal;  24 Wigeon;  6 RB Merganser;  24 Black headed Gull;  50 Common Gull;  17 Great Black Backed Gull;  184 Herring Gull; and also one WT Eagle; 2 Otters..Steve Littlewood with Richard Hallam, Jacqui Murphy and Felicity Pollard.
11th At knock in the field the Black Crow associating with a lot of Hooded Crows and in the field before Killiechronan House a few Fieldfares, a lot of Redwings, Starlings and Chaffinches.Pam & Arthur Brown
9th Lochdon by the bridge. a Greenshank and four Redshank, Hen Harrier flew over. Alan
8th: Java - Curlew, Redshank
7th: Male Hen Harrier flying over the field at Scallastle Farm. Nancy Somerville
7th Knock hatchery (blowing a hooley - but the outfall seems to be back in action again): small flock of redwing and fieldfare in field adjacent hatchery; 15 Goldeneye; 4 Shelduck; 6 redshank; 6 teal; 8 turnstone. Off Scarisdale Wood: 3 great northern diver; I Slavonian Grebe; 1 Black Guillemot; 1 RB Merganser.Steve Littlewood.
1st Calgary in field under Calgary castle a single Barnacle Goose with lots of Greylags.  Torloisk 5 Jackdaws,  Knock in field  Fieldfare and Redwing mixed in the Starling flock.  Knock sewage outfalls a Black Crow. Inch Kenneth 80 barnacle Geese. Pam & Arthur Brown
Latest reports for February 2019
28th   saw one & a half pairs of Goosander (2M + 1F) just above the Lochdon bridge. Three Grey Heron near there too, plus at least two Buzzard. Further along I saw three Jay, near the woods that grow over the road at that point. Andrew Oldacre
28th 3 Goldeneye (2 male, 1 female) and 6 Tufted duck on Loch Pottie.   Rebecca Burton
27th Fishnish-Garmony. Male Bullfinch on path from Fishnish to Garmony. 4 Shag from public hide, Fishnish.Pauline and Nick Bidemade
27th: Java - single curlew. Craignure - greenshank. Torosay - three black guillemots (transitioning to summer plumage) 
26th: Garmony - 16 curlews, 8 starlings, 14 wigeon, 16 turnstones, pair mallard, GND. Craignure - black guillemot (summer plumage). Java: single curlew, pair ringed plovers.  25th: Java - single curlew  24th: Java - single curlew.  Nancy Somerville
Purple Sandpiper at Grasspoint taken some time ago. Alan
26th  71 purple sandpiper high tide roost Croggan port nan crullach Spike n Susie Webb    
26th Great Northern Diver, Shelduck, Shag Ffionphort. Male Hen Harrier Pottie. Nick and Pauline Bidmade                                                      
24th 4 black-throated Diver Loch buie + male merlin. Spike and Susie    17th Feb - Fanmore - pair of Kestrels; Eas Fors - a Merlin; Kellan - 14 Teal and 45 Mallard; Kellan Mill - GNDiver; Knock - Black Gilly and 2 m Goosanders; Laggan Ulva - 27 Curlew and 23 Oystercatchers (the latter clearly paired up); Lochdon - a Bar-tailed Godwit; Loch Spelve - a pair of Stonechats and a pair of Mistle Thrush. Tim Dixon, Helen Stace and Jamie Dixon.
 18th - Garmony - a Turnstone; Glenforsa- a GNDiver; Salen - a Greenshank and 95 Wigeon; Laganulva - 45 Lapwing, 47 Curlew, 14 RB Mergansers ( a lot of displaying) and a pair of Shelducks; Torloisk - a Rook just up the hill road; Dervaig -a Greenshank, 2 Redshank, 2 Snipe and 8 Bar-tails; Fanmore a male Sparrowhawk and an adult Lesser BBG. Tim Dixon, Helen Stace and Jamie Dixon.
19th - Fanmore - an imm WT Eagle over the loch and 2 Golden Eagles (a pair?) over the garden; Dervaig - 2 Greenshank, 4 Redshank and 2 Little Grebes. Also a Mistle Thrush just up the hill road; Calgary - a Great northern Diver. Tim Dixon, Helen Stace and Jamie Dixon
I have quite a few earlier sightings in another notebook which I will dig out and send on - mostly unremarkable stuff but does include a singing male Lesser Whitethroat at Ulva Ferry in May 2018. Tim Dixon, Helen Stace and Jamie Dixon.
22nd sightings, Male Hen Harrier near Ulva School, flock of 12 Skylark near turning to Treshnish Cottages also another male Hen Harrier, a third male Hen Harrier at Calgary beach. Andy
21st Slavonian Grebe on Loch Na Keal, 3 Bar Tailed Godwit off Craignure golf course. Andy Bayes                                          
.Short eared Owl in Glen More, photo by Alan Spellman
20th Staying at Scridain View near Ardtun this week, been watching three short-eared owls hunting this afternoon near Achnahard turn off. Regards Iain Chapman
19th Ring Tail Hen Harrier at Ardnacross Farm between Tobermory and Salen, Bullfinch by the old boats at Salen, Dipper upstream from Aros bridge, 3 Black Guilliemots in varying plumage at Salen Pier. Andy Bayes

17th Feb - Fanmore - pair of Kestrels; Eas Fors - a Merlin; Kellan - 14 Teal and 45 Mallard; Kellan Mill - GNDiver; Knock - Black Gilly and 2 m Goosanders; Laggan Ulva - 27 Curlew and 23 Oystercatchers (the latter clearly paired up); Lochdon - a Bar-tailed Godwit; Loch Spelve - a pair of Stonechats and a pair of Mistle Thrush. 
19th 3 Bar-tailed Godwits in Salen Bay, Skylark on 'the Glen road' and a small group at the Ulva ferry, BT Diver in Calgary bay, Carrion Crow at Knock and a Carrion x Hooded hybrid nearby. Barn Owl and a Tawny seen at dusk to the south of Dervaig. Ewan + Feb Mull Bird Club field trip (43 species)
19th 3 Whooper Swans at Killiechronan, 2 Sea Eagles flew past the house at Salen Pier. Andy
18th Little Grebe at Grasspoint bridge, Stonechat at head of Loch Scridain, quite a few Goosander on Loch Na Keal.. Andy 17th, Black-throated Diver, just coming into breeding plumage in Calgary Bay, pair of Goosander in Aros Bay, Teal on Loch Na Keal, Greenshank and Wigeon at low tide in Loch Cuin, Dervaig. Andy Bayes
13th red throated and great northern divers in Craignure bay by Nancy Somerville
13th - Java: pair red-breasted mergansers
12th - Java: single curlew. Garmony: approx 15 turnstones, approx 12 black-headed gulls, pair great black-backed gulls, approx 6 curlew, whimbrel?4 ringed plovers, black guillemot, dipper, pipit?
11th - Craignure-Duart Bay:great northern divers, black guillemot.  Java: 3 red-breasted mergansers (2 males), long-tailed tits in trees by coastal path.   Nancy Somerville
                                                    Iceland Gull Loch
                                                    Scridain Feb 2019
                                                    Bryan Rains
12th  3w Iceland Gull yesterday on Loch Scridain.   Bryan Rain

11th 4 whooper Swans on Loch Torr this afternoon.   Pam & Arthur Browns
10th: Craignure/Java/: single curlew, 3 red-breasted mergansers (2 males), single black guillemot (summer plumage), long-tailed tits in trees by coasta
l8th - Java: 2 male goosander. (Can almost guarantee goosanders at Java when there's a strong wind from the East.)
6th - 2 WTEs over Java/Craignure     Nancy Somerville

10th Song Thrush in good voice this morning. 2 SE Owls south of Dervaig at dusk last night. 1 adult Whooper Swan on Loch Torr. 2 Red Grouse flushed from the heather near Loch Frisa and droppings seen in numerous places on the moors. Ewan Miles
7th  Red Grouse at Reudle with at least 4 more calling and this evening good views of 2 Tawny Owls one near Loch Torr and the other just Tobermory side of the Mishnish Lochs. At least 8 Siskins in the garden with 3 lesser Redpolls and a probable Mealy and now regular Yellowhammers, Treecreepers, 2 Jays and2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers along with the zillions of Chaffinches, not seen the Brambling for a few days but probably still around if the Sparrowhawk hasnt got it.  8 ringed Plover on Lainne Sgueir  today and a single Kittiwake at Cailaich with the long staying Black Throated Diver at Calgary just starting to change into breeding plumage.  Finally 30+ snipe at Dervaig.Pam & Arthur Brown
4th Feb - Craignure: great northern diver . Java: pair goosander, pair of collared doves mating in my Java back garden!
2nd Feb, Java: single curlew.  Arle: 5 lapwings. Garmony: single dipper, approx 20 ringed plover, 6 dunlin, 4 turnstone, ringtail  harrier

1st at Killiechronan were a rooste of 56 Oystercatchers, also 12 Bar tailed Godwit, a pair of white tailed eagles in trees. On Scarisdale rock a pair of white tailed eagles and on the loch 5 slavonian grebe and I counted 9 Great northern divers. Alan Spellman
female Stonechat on a winters day.   Alan Spellman

Latest sightings for February 2018
28th  beautiful day here 40 lapwings just flown onto the frozen Loch Cuin... we dont usually get them here Cheryl 
25th  fish farm Knock , Carrion crow, good numbers of turnstone. 2 male goosander on Loch Na Keal. Also 5 Razorbill, at least 10 slavonian grebe between the pontoon and Scarisdale rocks.  a couple of folk just coming off  Ben More  3 Ptarmigan. Of interest, from our feeders all siskins and a lot of chaffinches have disappeared. other things on their mind I guess Jacqui
26th Two bull Orcas off Caliach Point this afternoon. Also a small number of adult Gannets and a RT Diver. Common Scoter in Loch Spelve last Friday. Ewan Miles 
24th - Loch Buie Two littoralis (waterside) Scandinavian Rock Pipits with two local petrosus  (rocky) Rock Pipits feeding on wet pasture in front of Lochbuie House. Great comparison with both races in the same field of view: blue/grey head and upperparts and peach colour of throat being particularly prominent. How many of these Scandinavian birds do we have on the Isle of Mull? The next month is the time to seek them out, as littoralis birds begin to colour up prior to their return migration, so give those Rock Pipits a second glance!  Stuart Gibson (Isle of Mull Bird Club field trip)
24th Cailaich  Jack Snipe, in a field between Bennan Farm and Sunipol 6 Golden Plovers, at Dervaig a Lesser Black Backed Gull and a lot of Common Snipe, At Calgary Great Northern Divers and a single Black Throated Diver which has been there for a few days now. At Ardrioch 2 Brambling every day occasionally 3.  Pam & Arthur Brown 
23rd A 2 hr 30min walk along a cold and windy Loch Na Keal was rewarded with the following today.
13 Golden eye, 9M & 3F  Ringed plover with 3 turnstone   2 separate Red Throated divers   C 10 GND  7 Slav Grebes  2WT Eagle & 1G Eagle
Group of 9 or 10 little auk  4 Razorbills  1Glacous gull 1 Kittiwake 1Little gull.  Can't wait to cone back in May. Lee Dutton.  Somerset.

22nd Feb Knock 1 Iceland Gull and 1 Glaucous Gull. Bryan Rains
22nd Feb Knock 1 Iceland Gull and 1 Glaucous Gull. Bryan Rains  
Dun da Ghaoithe one of six Snow Buntings seen here  photograph by Stuart Gibson
21st. Inch Kenneth: 250-300 Barnacle geese in field north of abbey on Iona. C150 Barnacle geese on inch Kenneth. 3 Razorbills on Loch Na Keal. Lee Dutton, Somerset.

Displaying drake Goldeney, photograph by Tony Jefree Suidhe Farm, Bunessan.
22nd Bunessan: Lots of goldeneye action today. We've had a pair visiting the lochan on and off for  a few  weeks now; today a second pair showed up. Plenty of displaying from the drakes  and the new pair were chased off to the lochan across the road.  Suidhe Farm, Bunessan.
Tony Jefree
19th Feb. Single White fronted goose, seen from camp site at head of loch na keal, mixed in with greylags and Canada geese. Single Red throated diver on loch Scridain.  Lee Dutton. Regular visitor from Somerset.
We had a chilly few days on Mull last week and thought you might be interested in this brute of a Glaucous Gull on the beach at Calgary Bay, pm 15th and am 16th. Dave McKeown, (Devon)
19th Loch na Keal: This young Kittewake was on Loch Na Keal today.  Lee Dutton. Regular visitor from Somerset.
13th Dervaig garden; a Brambling among Chaffinches and Goldfinches at feeding staion today. Donald Smith
13th Loch Ba: Flock of 17 snow buntings at cattle feeding area up loch Ba today Martin Keivers
10th Loch Scridain: a Glaucous Gull here today. Bryan Raynes 
9th Feb Glen More 1 Snow Bunting.
6th Feb Loch Scridain 2 Black-throated Diver. Bryan Rains  
31st Jan During our drive around the island today we saw:
1 glaucous gull, 2 common loon, 1 red necked grebe on Loch Spelve  A couple of european goldfinch, A flock of greater Canada goose in a field, A couple of eurasian wigeon, 1 red breasted merganser and a common merganser , A couple of common cormorant and european shags, A couple of common gull and herring gull as well as a great black backed gull, A great number of eurasian oystercatchers , A couple of eurasian curlews and common redshanks
1 common ringed plover, A couple of buzzards, 1 black guillemot , A couple of common teal. Hope the info is of use and that we got all the translations right. Arthur-Bernard and Gatan D'hoest from Damme, Belgium.

Latest sightings for February 2017
28th Iceland Gull and Glaucous Gull at the salmon hatchery outflow. Also some 60 skylarks at Killiechronan. 5 Whooper Swans on Loch Sguabain. The Barnacle geese are still showing well on Inch Kenneth. Also a red throated diver in front of Inch Kenneth. Pete Hall Mull Wildlife Tours
28th - Four immature White-tailed Eagles together in air at Grasspoint; five Whooper Swans on Loch Sgubain (Three Lochs); and a Woodcock overflew the hill road between Torloisk and Dervaig at 18.30 hrs. Stuart Gibson, Martin Jones and Stella Clifford-Jones
28th Five whooper swans on 3 lochs. Rebecca Burton
28th - Great Northern Diver roost count, Loch na Keal, East of Eorsa: A total of 78 Great Northern Divers and 10 Slavonian Grebes were recorded at the roost location this evening; a single Red-throated Diver was seen on the loch at this time also, but played no part in the roost. Stuart Gibson, Martin Jones and Stella Clifford-Jones
28th -Tobermory. Magpie still around, briefly at our house and in field opposite this morning.  Mike Wagemakers
27th - Loch na Keal: Thirty (30) Golden Plover were on the foreshore at Killiechronan, with 11 Slavonian Grebes at the head of the loch between Killiechronan and Knock.
27th - Tobermory: A 2nd W/S immature Iceland Gull was with Herring Gulls in the bay this morning. Stuart Gibson 
25th Juliet and I saw 6 bullfinches from the hide at Loch Tor. They certainly seemed very chunky and brightly coloured - even the females, so wondered if they might be Scandinavian ones you once told me about. Felicity Pollard & Juliet Vines. (sounds very much like they were northern Bullfinches)
22nd - North Mull: A 1st W/S immature Iceland Gull was at Killiechronan and 30 Lapwings were present at Lagganulva.
Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
Reply Reply to All Forward More24th Large number Turnstone at Killiechronan from car park of Loch na Keal meals, 4 Bar Tailed godwits here as well and Ringed Plover. 30 Lapwing and 29 Curlew at Lagganulva. Arthur 
23rd Between 45 and 50 Skylarks in field opposite Killninian church this afternoon. Arthur and Pam
23rd - Loch na Keal: A pair of Goosanders were on the south shore of the loch, near Dhiseag; 40 (exact count) Golden Plovers, with 21 Ringed Plovers and four Bar-tailed Godwits at Killiechronan, where two pairs of Mistle Thrushes, included a male in song. Stuart Gibson and Steve Littlewood
21st  a photo of a few of the 34 Snipe that have been so prominent recently at Dervaig. Stuart Gibson.
21st Quick up date the Kingfisher is seen regularly seen last on Saturday it flew in front of Moira's van ! As she left the house . 
On Monday this week about 10.30 am I saw a Merlin flying across the loch . There are still about 25 snipe on the loch all the time . There are four WTE visiting the loch regularly and two juveniles . 
Yesterday there were 17 curlew in the fields opposite Calgary Bay and about 45 oystercatchers on a very windy wet beach. Cheryl 
20th Approx 30 rooks flew over the house at Ardtun this morning.(these will have come over from Iona) Rebecca
14th An update on the white-winged gulls... Knock 1 1st winter Glaucous Gull, 1 1st winter Iceland Gull and 1 2nd winter Iceland Gull. Loch na Keal 4 Slavonian Grebe, 3 Goosander.Bryan Rains 
16th The Kingfisher was at Dervaig this evening seen just before 4pm. Arthur and Pam
15th The solitary Pink-footed Goose continues to enjoy life with Greylags at Killiechronan. Steve Littlewood
15th - North Mull: A drake Goosander was in Salen Bay; 30 Redwings, Killiechronan; 21 Lapwings at Lagganulva; no fewer than 34 Common Snipe at the head of Loch Cuin (Dervaig); and, 3 Whooper Swans on the Mishnish lochs; a first returning Little Grebe to a freshwater breeding site was recorded at this last site. Stuart Gibson, Ewan Miles and Andy Tait 
15th Lochdon: a Treecreeper,2 Yellowhammers and a flock of 12 Long tailed tits visited my garden today. Alan
I noticed two 'friendly' Robins, normally aggresive and territorial.....Spring is in the air. Alan
13th Two male Goldcrests in full song in Aros Park earlier today. Stuart Gibson
13th 2 Jays visited the garden at Ardrioch this morning, there was a count of 25 Snipe at Dervaig along with 26 Wigeon an unusually high count for them at Dervaig and a Black Throated Diver near Lainne Sgeir at Calgary.Arthur and Pam 
12th - Mishnish lochs: Two separate hunting Barn Owls by roadside (one at Dervaig end and another near Tobermory) at 21.15 hrs. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles. 
12th Mishnish  Lochs: a pair of Long eared Owls. Fish Farm a Glaucous gull amongs other gulls. Arthur Brown.
12th Loch Cuin: 12 Redshank. 15 Common Snipe here today. Alan
9th Goldeneyes have been regularly visiting the lochan over the past few days, sometimes two pairs at the same time - with plenty of courtship behaviour on display. Shame there aren't many hollow trees nearby! Suidhe Farm, Bunessan. Tony Jefree
9th 18 Skylarks, 700+ Starlings, Rooks and Jackdaws in good numbers at Fidden today and the 3 Common Scoters still on Loch Scridain from Electric sub station. Cheers Arthur and Pam with Helen and Andy Mortley.
7th A spectacular 140+ Great Northern Divers on the Loch Na Keal roost this evening. Steve Littlewood, Jacqui and Mike Murphy
7th Lochdon seven Yellowhammers in my garden this morning. Alan
7th three whooper swans on the Mishnish lochs and 7 Common Scoter at Kiiliechronan on Loch na Keal, still small flocks of Redwing and Fieldfare about. Arthur Brown. 
5th  Gull at Knock last week Colin Moody
4th A group of 15 Slavonian Grebes at the head of Loch na Keal and Black-throated Diver in Loch Tuath. Ewan 

Latest sightings for February 2016
24th Loch Torr: Great to see five Whooper swans on Loch Torr this morning. Stella Clifford Jones & Cheryll Callow
24th Loch na Keal: just counted 10 White tailed eagles together (2 adults and 8 immatures) at the head of Loch na Keal, also 4 Golden Eagles on the way there from Salen, visitor Tom Callan.
15th Loch na Keal:  two groups of equal size and totalling approx 100 Great northern Divers were congregating to roost on the loch to the East end of Eorsa at 17.00 hrs. Martin Jones
22nd Oban: 16 Black Guillemots on Oban esplanade this morning. Linda Kerr
21st Loch na Keal; 5 Slavonian grebe, a drake Gooseander, Iceland gull, several distant Great northern diver. Alan
19th Ringtail Hen Harrier, White tailed eagle from Grasspoint road, Female sparrowhawk, Loch Scridain
18th Ringtail Hen Harrier, south shore Loch Na Keal. White tailed eagle sat on shore line at Knock eating dead sheep,
SIX otters all together, south shore Loch Na Keal. Andy & Sarah, visitors from Solihull
17th Male kestrel, Ring tail Hen Harrier, Adult Peregrine all at Glen Gorm, Golden eagle, buzzard on moorland road over to Dervaig. 1 x Tawny owl on road over to Loch Scridain from Loch Na Keal, 1 x Tawny owl and 1 x Barn owl through Glen More
16th 2 x Golden eagles on south shore Loch Na Keal.  Andy & Sarah, visitors from Solihull
13th Ringtail Hen Harrier, Lochdon, Golden eagle x 2 Glen More, 3 x Otters (Mother and two very small cubs), south shore Loch Na Keal
14th Pair of displaying Golden eagles, south shore Loch Na Keal. White tailed eagle, south shore Loch Na Keal
Long eared owl perched on rocks on south shore Loch Na Keal  (Also found Long Eared owl pellet along same shore line). Andy & Sarah, visitors from Solihull
15th 2 x Golden eagles, south shore Loch Na Keal, Ringtail Hen Harrier, far end of Loch Ba, Tree creeper at Loch Ba car park. Approx. 15 Hen Harriers coming in to roost at Pennyghael (Mostly Ringtails but at least 2 males as well)
White tailed eagle in failed hunting attempt at Pennyghael. Andy & Sarah, visitors from Solihull

18th on the road up towards grasspoint but on area to between that road and the main road to craignure. In the air together had 2 x Adult white tailed eagles, 1 x Adult Golden eagle, 1 peregrine (2cy as had streaked front but mix of grey and brown plumage) 2 x male Hen Harriers and 1 x ringtail Hen Harrier . visitor Jon middleton
20th - Loch Buie: A dead Little Auk was blown up on to the path above high tide mark by recent storms; also, two live Black-throated Divers were on the loch. Stuart Gibson (with Isle of Mull Bird Club)
18th Loch na Keal, 2+ Glaucous Gulls, and at least 1 Iceland Gull, 50+ Turnstones at  Knock, 6 Golden Plovers at Killiechronan,  prasad. 
18th Gribun: 1st sighting this year of a  Peregrine at Gribun, carrying prey. Felicity and David Pollard

Short eared Owl  photo by Andy Oldacre  (2014)
17th a walk along the Grasspoint road and had a Short eared owl displaying. Andy Oldacre
15th  at Knock yesterday there was both a 1st Winter and 1st Summer Glaucous gull, as well as a 1st Winter Iceland gull. Also Woodcock have been extremely plentiful with at least 25+ along the road sides between the junction of the road to Grass point and Loch Buie last night. visitor Darren Woodhead 
12th Pied wagtail and grey wagtail feeding on the edge of the lochan at - Suidhe Farm, Bunessan. Tony Jefree
12th a very very early Common Sandpiper - between Glenforsa and Pennygown. Debby (now trying to get photo)
10th at Dun Ara (Glengorm) upon an offshore skerry there were eight Eagles sitting in the sun plus two more on the Mingarry headland. Is this very unusual and what would the gathering be for? Steve and Cindy Haynes. (Tobermory
8th We had good views of a red throated diver from the golf course. Also watched a Barn Owl quartering around the road to loch na keal  as you drop to the mosses from Salen. just past the two bungalows. Jacqui  and Mike Murphy

10th Knock: a Glaucous gull and an Iceland gull both at Knock outfall today. visitors Tony and Tim Clark
8th A single Red Grouse flew across the road in front of us at Reudle this afternoon, also a Whimbrel and 2 Bar Tailed Godwits roosting with Curlews and Oystercatchers at high tide from pull off at Aros nearest the Castle. Arthur and Pam. 
7th Approximately 25 goldem plover and 60 ringed plover on Glen Forsa airstrip. Juliet
5th A Little Auk washed up on Calgary beach this week. Ewan Miles.
4th at Dervaig this morning I saw a 2nd winter Glaucous Gull and at last I saw the Kingfisher. Arthur & Pam
2nd 17 Crossbills overhead at Loch Tor with a drake Goosander, and 2 Dippers on the water. Ewan Miles
1st Loch Cuin: the Kingfisher is still at Loch Cuin, Cheryl Callow,  (now becoming a regular overwintering area having had birds here at this time of year for the last three years. AS).

Thanks for the photo Cheryl
Latest reports for February 2015
28th Loch na Keal: Arthur Brown reports a drake Gadwall on the south side of the loch. Arthur
26th Loch na Keal: two pairs of Gooseander & 20 Whimbrel at Killiechronan. 6 Slavonian Grebe, a pair of Shelduck, large flock of Black headed gulls and Eagles. Dave & Alan Spellman
25th Loch na Keal, 3 Greenland White-fronted Geese and 1+ Slavonian Grebe at Killiechronan, 14 Turnstones at Knock outfalls, 1 Jay between Kellan and Kellan Mill,  and 1 Bar-tailed Godwit at Killiechronan. 

winter red throated diver by Neil Prendergast
21st Simon saw a Red Grouse about 100m below the mast, above Lochdon. Laura Percy (granddaughter)
19th Spring songsters:  We had our first Blackbird singing and a 'Sneezing' Chaffinch today (during the sunny spells!).Also a leucistic Great Tit trying to get on the feeders but being badly bullied. Sian and Chris 
20th Knock:There was a pair of Dippers at the fish farm today, taking turns at flying into the spate surface down stream and the flying back to the same spot. Colin Moody 
17th Loch Ba: Approx 130 wigeon, 45 lapwing, pair of golden eagles and white-tailed eagles and 2 pairs of stonechat, at far end of Loch Ba. A small flock of redwing by Gruline Church and a pair of dipper on the River Ba. Juliet Vine
17th Feb Red Grouse seen at Reudle Arthur Brown. picture below  by Arthur Brown
15th  15 Snipe on the mud at the end of Loch Cuin, 2 Goosander male and female 3 miles up the Aros river from Aros Bay and a Merlin flew from the shore in front of the car on the Ulva side of Kellan Mill cottage.Arthur and Pam
15th A beautiful day at Lochbuie and some good sightings! Goldcrest, pair of skylark, tree creeper, golden eagle, white-tailed eagle, kestrel, sparrowhawk, black guillemot and great northern diver. Juliet, Felicity and David
11th Reudle:  2 red grouse at Reudle. Juliet and David
10th Bunessan: Large flock of redwings on our field - Suidhe, Bunessan. Tony Jefree
9th Killiecjronan: a single white front with Greylags in fields down to camp site. Jackie & Mike
7th Killiechronan: A pair of shell duck at Killichronan today, a flock of Turnstone, pair of white tailed eagles and 2 gt northern divers Martin
4th Lochdon: a party of up to 15 Long tailed tits on her garden feeder.  Jenny Smith  (Old Mill)

Latest reports for February 2014
1st March: Knock. An oystercatcher with a broken wing at Knock for the last few days. Colin Moody

Note: The gull that I saw at the Tobermory Treatment Works on the 24th shows strong characteristics of Azorean Gull, a very rare vagrant race of Yellow-legged Gull, which breeds in the Azores. This opinion has been backed up by several other gull enthusiasts, who are more familiar with this race than I am. However, if we can't get a better idea of it's wing pattern, then this mega rarity for the Isle of Mull will never have been seen, as far as the record books are concerned.
If only this bird hadn't had a gob-full of detritus and had kept it's legs clean, then we might have been able to convince the SBRBC! :-)              Never give up on a good thing!.       Stuart
27th Killiechronan a 3rd year Iceland Gull. Reudle a Red Grouse, Arthur Brown
27th Glen More to Fidden: 5 Ringtail Harriers, Fidden, 175 Barnacle Geese, 50+ Skylarks, 16 Reed Buntings, 6 Twite, 24 Lapwing. Loch Pottie, Drake Scaup and 20 Tufted Duck plus 2 Goldeneye, at Inverlussa a pair of Goosander. Edwina & David Sharp, Alan Spellman
24th Barnacle geese 175 at Fidden Skylarks 36 in field next to Ardalamish Bay left side of track
Drake Scaup loch Pottie White-fronted Geese 4 in Field over Loch Assapol single Kittiwake on Loch Scridain. Arthur and Pam
23rd  Sparrrow Hawk perched briefly at Lochdon, Hen Harrier (ringtail) hunting at Ulva Ferry, several Great Northern Divers in the Sound of Mull & Loch Scridan, 24th a BlackThroat Diver in Loch Scridan ; 2 Jays in Aros Park, 2 pairs of WTSE & a pair of Golden Eagles seen from the Mishnish Lochs/entry to the old eagle hide area & a male & ringtail Harrier hunting at Loch Cuin. David & Edwina Sharp
24th Ardmore. Four Crossbills in Sitka spruce plantations, where there appears to be a poor cone crop.
24th Tobermory Sewage Works Single dark-backed 'argentatus' Herring Gull (Scandinavian) feeding alongside paler British sub-species Herring Gulls at Tobermory Sewage Works.
22nd - Tobermory The local Magpie was, again, in the vicinity of the Mull Magic garden this morning.
Ruth Fleming  
20th Female hen harrier hunting over the fields - Suidhe, Bunessan Tony Jefree
20th Feb Loch Beg 3 Crossbill feeding on the shore. Bryan Rains.
18th Feb Loch Beg 6 Crossbill, 1 Lapwing.  16th Feb Pennyghael 1 Grey Wagtail.

Common Crossbill (female) photo by Bryan Raines 20th Feb 2014
17th  Loch Pottie. Numbers of duck on loch varying a lot, up to 32 Tufted and 18 Goldeneye a few days ago.  Just 18 Tufted today but drake Scaup and half dozen Goldeneye still with us and showing well.  Also female Red-breasted Merganser and local male otter visiting regularly. Mike Wagemakers
17th Killiechronan: a Brambling near Killichronan. Also  Peregrine falcon in the same area. We also had excellent viewings of all three Divers opposite Inch Kenneth. Pete
17th Lochdon: drew back the curtains this morning and what do I see ? Two stunning male Goldeneye, Teal and Wigeon and an Otter trundling along. I now know where its holt is. Alan
Loch na Keal Otters 16th Feb 2014
16th Loch na Keal: a good day for otters with seven seen, one observed taking a Shag, killing and eating it, also at least 12 Slavonian Grebes, 6 Great northern and one Red throated Divers. 36 Goldeneye, lots of Red Breasted Mergansers. Alan mullbirds
15th  we had excellent viewing of several crossbills both male and female at the picnic site at Fishnish, as 2 white tailed sea eagles flew over our heads!. Pete Hall. Mull Wildlife Tours
14th Calgary: a Common Scoter in the bay Arthur Brown 
14th Loch na Keal:  a pair of peregrine falcons today. a single golden eagle at the  far end of Glen More. three great northern divers on Loch na Keal and two more in Loch Beg. David and Felicity Pollard.
12th  Tobermory: The local Magpie has resurfaced in the Glen Iosal area. Ruth 
12th Glen Bellart: a party of 20 Crossbill, crimson coloured males and beautiful green females. Richard Atkinson and Johnathan
11th Feb Loch Beg 1 Whooper Swan, 10 Crossbill, 1 Greenfinch.Bryan Rains. 
10th Feb Ardness 6 Meadow Pipit, 4 Reed Bunting, 1 Pied Wagtail. Loch Pottie 1 drake Scaup, 18 Tufted 
Duck. Fidden 20 Lapwing, 300 Starling, 20 Skylark.Bryan Rains. 

Greater Scaup                                                  Tufted Duck
7th Feb Loch Beg 12 Golden Plover, Bryan Rains
9th kIlliechronan: a flock of 36 Meadow Pipits in field and large flock of mixed Tits on ground due to strong winds. Arthur and Pam Brown
8th Grasspoint: a Short eared Owl here today. Nigel Shannon, also a male Hen Harrier, Alan
8th several Jays (pairs) reported over last few days; at Aros Park, Croig and Dervaig. Arthur Brown
8th Calgary: 5 Purple Sandpipers at Lainne Sgeir. Arthur Brown. 
6th Loch Assapol:  we had some 5 pairs of Tufted ducks on Loch Assapol. Pete 
8th Bunessan: Pair of Stonechats, Suidhe, Bunessan. Tony Jefree
6th Feb Loch Scridain 1 juvenile Sabine's Gull.
5th Feb Loch Scridain 1 Slavonian Grebe, 1 Black Guillemot. Bryan Rains.
5th Lochdon: 2 Greenshank on the shoreline plus 5 Redshank. Alan
4th Feb Loch Beg 10 Crossbill, 1 Goldcrest, 1 Fieldfare. Loch Scridain, 1 Black Guillemot, 10 Kittiwake.
4th - Loch Ba: A flock of 16 Golden Plovers and 25 Redpoll spp. were among the highlights of our walk today. Ruth Fleming.
4th on my tour  we had sight of some 200 barnacle geese still showing very well on Inch Kenneth.
Pete Hall. 
1st Knock fish farm: a Merlin seen at Knock.  David Hegarty

Latest reports for February 2013
28th Lochdon.a male Yellowhammer in the garden brighten up an dull day. Alan
27th A group of 5 Black Throated Divers on Loch Tuath today seen from Tostary.
A total of 11 Great Northern Divers seen 3 at Calaich Point 6 in and around Calgary Bay an 2 in Loch Tuath from Tostary.breeding plumaged Black Guillemot at Calgary and a ring-tailed Hen Harrier at Reudle. Arthur. 
25th - Loch na Keal: A count of 41 Slavonian Grebes was made this afternoon in excellent conditions, reaffirming this area's national importance for this overwintering species on the island.
Ruth Fleming. 
22nd 1 golden eagle displaying at bottom of Glen More; 2 over descent towards Pennyghael, male displaying. Three immature/sub-adult WTSE at Carsaig along with 5 seals & 2GN Diver. Flock of 15 reed buntings on fence by black bales on way to Grasspoint
22nd A common Scoter in Loch Na keal today seen from boathouse pull off. 6 Purple Sandpipers on Eilean Rainich on Loch Tuath. Arthur and Pam, 
20th - Glen Cannel 4 Golden Plovers were among the Lapwings recently returned to their upland breeding ground.
19th - Tobermory A Dipper was actively nest-building at its traditional site underneath the bridge at the Old Bond Store in Tobermory this morning. Ruth Fleming 
20th There was a hooded crow at Knock today with a dark back, hooded carrion hybrid?
Colin Moody
20th Loch na Keal: 6 Goosander (4f+2m), 5 Slav Grebes, GN Divers. Edwina & David Sharp & me
19th There was a pair of SEO in Glen More this evening - at approx. 18.00 hrs.
Opposite the three lochs/car park. They were calling to each other. Andy Oldacre

Short eared Owl by Andy Oldacre 19th Feb 2013

19th Loch na Keal: circa 24 Great northern Diver on the loch, 3 Slavonian Grebe.
18th Kilninian, adult Iceland Gull still present at Tostary-Kilninian,Prasad 
18th Ring-tail Hen Harrier quartering the fields between the car park and Grasspoint; Stonechat & 9 Fieldfare by car park. Golden Eagle seen from 3 lochs car park in morning & a pair above the hills on the descent just past there toward Pennyghael in the afternoon. Skylarks & twite at Fidden.
Edwina & David Sharp
17th - Craignure A Black-throated Diver was close-in at Craignure Bay (opposite Castaways) this pm. The white 'blocking' on this bird's back indicates that it has already started to moult into its breeding plumage; a single Greenshank was another nice find here. Ruth Fleming. 
15th - Loch na Keal. Min. 36 Great Northern Divers in loose flock opposite Kellan in late afternoon. We also saw a Skylark today flying North high over Loch na Keal, our first of the season
Ruth Fleming
15th Adult Iceland Gull still in Kilninian - Tostary area (also yesterday) 
15th 2 Short Eared Owls and a male Hen Harrier on hill road from Dervaig to Torloisk at first light this morning. and David
Iceland Gull following fishing boat in Loch Tuath seen from Tostary. 
Short Eared Owl hunting Hill Road again this evening. David and Kathryn
14th All seen from our Boathouse window over the Sound of Mull.3 Great Northern divers flying close in from Aros Mains and  landing landing 1 mile up the sound.1 Slavonian Grebe fishing making way north. 4 male 2 female Mergansers displaying making north. Jack
12th A freezing cold, windy day but dry so as it was the only dry day forecast this week we went to the Ross of Mull. At Fidden we saw 200+ Barnacle Geese, 34 Golden Plover, 2 Pied Wagtails my first this year, 40 Ringed Plover and 28 Rooks. Bird of the day ay Fidden was a Peregrine Falcon and we also had good views of a Ring-tailed Hen Harrier. Tufted Ducks were on Loch Assapol and a pair of Reed Buntings at Ardalanish, near the car park. On our way home there were 24 White-fronted Geese in a field between Fionnphort and Bunnessan. Arthur, Pam, David and Kathryn
13th Two adult  goldies calling and displaying just before Tostarie at 16:15 watched  for 15 minutes, very close. Jack
12th Arrived yesterday with 2 Sea Eagles flying north above road at Fishnish, 3 Northern Divers now off Aros bay White House. Jack
11th Pam and I saw the Iceland Gull near the Black Beach at Kilninian today.
11th Kilninian, adult Iceland Gull still present.
10th - Tobermory Male Hen Harrier hunting around the Standing Stones at Baliscate pm, where it may have over-wintered. Ruth Fleming. 
9th A male Merlin at Knock south shore of Loch Na Keal. David Mitchell and kathryn Davison staying with us at Ardrioch.
!0th A male Hen Harrier at Kellen old Farm and another on Cailaich Point road Cailiach side of Bennen Farm. Goosander on Loch na Keal near Kellan Farm. Arthur, David and Kathryn
9th Kilninian, 1 adult Iceland Gull (it was most probably an adult yesterday too) 

Glaucous Gull and Iceland Gull
8th: Calgary, 4 Purple Sandpipers at Lainne Sgeir, Prasad  Prasads Blog
7th Reudle: 1 Iceland Gull behind lobster boat Prasad-- 
7th Loch na Keal 15-20 Slavonian Grebe, 21 Great northern Diver, 2 pairs Goosander, (no sign of the Glaucous gull today) 3 Common Snipe at Caliach point. Alan 
6th  Loch Buie 4 hen harriers, 6 great northern divers, 2 female goosander, a guillemot in summer plumage and a golden eagle being mobbed by a buzzard. During the course of the day, we saw 6 golden eagles, 2 of which appeared to be displaying. Juliet, Felicity and David
5th In spite of it being a pretty horrible day (weather wise) Arthur had  some good birds:  22 Curlews, 14 Lapwings 8 Turnstones Lagganulva Bay. A Glaucous Gull opposite Kellan Farm on north shore of Loch Na Keal. (see pix). 40+ Black Headed Gulls at Killiechronan with more at the sewage outfalls. A single Bar-tailed Godwit at Killiechronan. 20 Curlews at Knock. 16 Lapwings, 43 Wood Pigeons, 8 Redwings, 2 Mistle Thrushes in field with Greylag Geese at Killiechronan. A Stonechat at Eas Force and another at Lagganulva Bay and finally a Male Hen Harrier over felled plantation on Dervaig side of Glen Bellert past Achnacraig. Arthur Discover Mull Tours
5th Loch na Keal: an Glaucous Gull on a carcass opposite Kellen Farm, should hang around as long as there is food on the carcass. Alan pp Arthur Brown
2nd Feb - Loch Spelve: Female Velvet Scoter, on Firth of Lorne, north of entrance to Loch Spelve; female/ringtail Hen Harrier and single Short-eared Owl hunting at dusk. Ruth Fleming. Mull Magic

Latest reports for February 2012
Later on 29th Loch Tuath, at least 4 white-winged gulls, at least 1 was a Glaucous, behind lobster boat Jessica Louise, BM237. The boat went towards Ulva ferry with gulls following.and with Pam and Arthur Reudle Schoolhouse, at least 5 Short-eared Owls, Prasad. 
29th Caliach Point, at least 13 Gannets flying north around (my first of the year) Caliach, 1 RookTreshnish, 2 Iceland Gulls behind lobster boat. Prasad. 
26th At least 2 Iceland Gulls behind lobster boat in Loch Tuath (from Kilninian). The boat headed towards Ulva ferry. Prasad. 
26th Loch Ba: 2 1st W Iceland Gulls, two Golden Plovers and single w/p Slavonian Grebe
24th Tobermory: 3 Iceland Gulls (2 ads., single 1st W), 10 returning Meadow Pipits, 5  returning Pied Wagtails and one Grey Wagtail in field at Sgriob Ruadh Cheese farm. Ruth Fleming.
25th: 8 Short-eared Owls in the air at the same time below Reudle Schoolhouse on Calgary-Burg road. Prasad.
23rd Lochbuie: sad circumstances to find one, but we've got a long-eared owl which has apparently hit a power line and damaged its wing badly.  I found it just behind our house here in Lochbuie......presumably this still counts as a 'sighting'.  We're waiting to hear back from the usual suspects with regards to upload and hopefully someone can help it. Beautiful bird, quite stunning. Sacha Christine
23rd Croggan: Party of 15 waders feeding on beach near Portfield consisted of 10 Dunlin, 3 Ringed Plover, 1 Turnstone and 1 Redshank. Ruth Fleming. 
23rd At least 4 Short-eared Owls on Ensay-burg rd between Reudle Schoolhouse and the summit.
Fantastic views even though it was low cloud, Prasad.
21st Knock Hatchery: 6 Iceland Gulls today. Colin Moody
21st Killiechronan:- 34 goldeneye,  pair of sea eagles, 2 great northern divers in winter plumage, 2 shelduck, small flock of ringed plover. Knock hatchery outfall:- 2 iceland gulls, large numbers of herring, common and black headed gulls in variety of young/adult - winter/summer plumage. Also, small flock of teal, 2 shelduck and single redshank. Flypast at eye level by sea eagle put everything up - a great sight. David and Felicity Pollard 
19th Sunipol rd, 27 Golden Plovers, Prasad
18th Sunipol rd: 1 2nd winter Iceland Gull, 11 Golden Plovers, Prasad. 
18th Caliach marsh:1 (possibly 2) Jack Snipe walked-up from small marsh at Caliach Farm
18th Tobermory:5 Iceland Gulls (1 1st W., 2 2nd W., 1 3rd W. and 1 adult bird) in pasture on Dervaig Road, at Sgriob Ruadh Cheese farm, provided fantastic views and were very instructive re. this Arctic species moult sequence and associated plumages. Stuart Gibson
16thTwo adult sea eagles came from direction of Glengorm castle, flew over Loch Torr and circled over north end of Loch Frisa. One bird had blue wing tag under left wing. David Pollard
16th Lochdon circa 20 Bar-tailed Godwit on Lochdon.  Dai Roberts
15th mouth of Lochdon: four Juv Sea Eagles on spit + an adult on rocks at Lochdon. David Sharpe
15th Lochdon: My friend David Sharpe had a Barn Owl in the front of 'Maridon' last night & a Greenshank this morning (16th) Alan 
15th: Tobermory, 5 Iceland Gulls and 1 Glaucous Gull at Cheese factory and another Iceland Gull at water Treatment works Mishnish: pair of Goosander at Loch Meadhoin Prasad. 
15th Calgary beach  spotted four Iceland gulls on the grass that is just behind the beach. Patrick Grimes
15th: 20 Whitefront  6 Canada  and Greylags plus 2 Iceland Gulls  north of Fionnaphort, 20 Lapwing at Fidden. AS/ES/DS
15th Lochdon: 6 Goldeneye on the loch this morning. Alan
13th Killiechronan: 2 Iceland Gulls at outfall at the salmon hatchery at the end of Loch na Keal. Pete Hall
14th: 3 immature WTSEs on mud out in Lochdon; 3 other adult WTSEs seen, 2 flew over by TLS entrance & one one Aros -Dervaig road. Edwina & David Sharp
13th: 4 adult WTSEs in air together at Mishnish Lochs. Edwina & David Sharp
12th: Single Hooper Swan on Loch Sguabain in Glen More; Drake Goosander in Scalcastle Bay by golfcourse & also one in Loch Spelve; Single Pinkfooted Goose with Greylags on golf course; Ringtail Hen Harrier mobbing two Golden Eagles at east end of Glen More
10th: Little and large. Around 30 Ringed Plover at port nan Cruilach (end of track past Croggan) and at same time could see 4 Sea Eagles to west, one having flown over from Grasspoint area. Gary Wiltshire
10th Croig, 1 3rd winter Iceland Gull behind the red lobster boat (the fisherman said it has been with them all week). This is obviously the same bird I saw on 6th, which was trailing the same boat. Prasad. 
9th Two golden eagles flying over Suidhe, Bunessan this morning. Tony Jefree
9th Feb: 2groups (3 and 4) Common Scoters flying south down Sound of Mull near Arle. Gary Wiltshire
9th At least 3 Iceland Gulls at Tobermory cheese factory (1 1st winter, 1 2nd winter & 1 adult). Prasad
9th a Pair of Gadwall at Calliach Point (a scarce Mull bird) 2 Great northern Diver at Calgary,male Hen Harrier. AS/AB
8th at Tiroran yesterday and on the way round spotted a Sea Eagle on the shore. Before I could get my camera out it flew off made my day! Carol MacDougall. Estate Agent, MacArthur Stewart 
7th Feb Knock 5 Iceland Gull.  6th Feb Fidden 14 Twite, 120 Barnacle Goose. Loch Scridain 1. Bryan Rains. Black-throated Diver, 1 Slavonian Grebe. Bryan Rains. 
5th Feb Carsaig 3 Wigeon (they seem scarce this winter)
7th Feb: Sea Eagle very  low and hanging in wind for 15 mins over Ardnacross. Gary Wiltshire
7th Aros: a pair of Dippers on territory along the river Aros in Glen Bellart today. Alan
7th I hear that 4 white winged gulls have been seen at Fishnish and more white winged gulls  at Loch na Keal (pp) Prasad
6th 1 male gooseander and 1 male red breasted merganser together at aros estuary. Gary Wiltshire 
6thGlaucous Gull still at Trigh na Cille, Kilninian. There was another white winged gull at Port na B, Croig. It was behind a lobster boat. I think it was an *Iceland Gull,* but I was 2km away. Prasad 
5th,Whilst on holiday. 4 male and 3 female widgeon at aros estuary. Gary Wiltshire 
6th:Walking today on the hill (the low grassy part) above Traighmor and Sandeels Bay this afternoon I saw  an Iceland  gull. Having read in Round and About about them made me take note. Joyce Watson.
5th The Glaucous Gull still at Kilninian beach and another white winged gull off of Burg which flew close to Ulva and was there 10 minutes before I saw the Glaucous at Kilninian beach. Prasad. 
4th: Calgary 1 Redshank, 1 Turnstone and Lainne Sgeir, 2 Purple Sandpipers. Prasad
3rd Lochdon: 14 Shelduck overwintering on the loch. Alan
2nd:Treshnish, 1 Whooper Swan flying E Lainne Sgeir, Calgary 1 Purple Sandiper & 5 Turnstones. Prasad
1st 2 male Goosander on Aros Estuary, 8 Ringed Plover on machair at Calgary and 1 Rook in the field at Ulva. Martin 
1st Feb: Trigh na Cille, Kilninian, 1 1st winter Glaucous Gull.  Prasad.

Latest reports for February 2011
28th Sound of Mull: 5 Great northern Diver, 1 Black throated Diver, a pair of Goosander and Red brteasted Merganser. Alan
28th 3 Lochs through FGlen More: 4 Whooper Swans here. Crossbill at Pennyghael.
26th Loch Scridain: 9 Mute Swans (5 adults, 4 juv), 30 Golden Plover. Loch Beg 4 Little Grebe, 24 Lapwing, 2 Greenshank.
Fidden 30 Lapwing. Bryan Rains 
we had a Pipistrelle Bat flying around in daylight at Pennyghael on Thursday 24th Feb. Bryan Rains 
25th Calgary Bay:  the first Gannets (3) of the year were seen at the mouth of Calgary bay. This is the earliest date I have, the previous being on 8th March 2008; I consider it a migrant. Prasad
24th  Killiechronan: 3 bar-tailed godwits  One was  in summer plumage  - a first for me! Felicity Pollard
22nd:  22 Great northernDivers & 1 Red  throated diver in the two lochs Scridain and Loch na Keal. Also Slavonian GrebeBlack Guillemot, Shags & a Cormorant, R B Merganser, 2 drake Goosander, Goldeneye, Wigeon, Mallard Teal, Greenshank, Redshank, Lapwing, Curlew, Oystercatcher, Sea Eagle, Raven, Hooded Crow, Herons to hang your hat on, some cracking gulls but no white winged & a couple of Otters. About 50 Barnies on Inch Kenneth & 3 Canada Geese on the sea. Alan Spellman/Arthur Brown
21st a   White billed diver on Loch na keal (by Gribun rocks)  David Woodhouse
21st the Pink-footed Goose was with 21 Greylags near Calgary cemetery.There was a Goodsander at Loch Carnain an Amais, Mishnish.Prasad 
20th: 6 Turnstones and at least 2 Purple Sandpipers at Lainne Sgeir, Calgary. Prasad. 
20th very lucky to spot two Ptarmigan on Beinn a' Ghraig near Knock (about 470m up at NM 536 376) - we were by the coast watching a pair of Golden Eagles and just as they disappeared over the ridge Jonathan noticed a couple of white birds fly into rocks at the snow line.  Jonathan Keefe & Moira McKelvie
19th Glen Bellart & River Aros: a male Hen Harrier ,on the river a pair of displaying an singing Dippers.Alan & Judith Spellman
19th Arle: we've had 4 yellowhammer in the garden this morning. Jonathan Keefe & Moira McKelvie
18th Lochdon: This beautiful male Bullfinch visited my garden to steal my honeysuckle buds. Alan S
17th Calgary/Calliach point: 5 Purple Sandpiper at Lainne Sgeir, Pink Foot, Jack Snipe and Common Snipe  at Calliach and 3 Brambling in Arthurs garden. Alan S & Arthur Brown
16th: 3 Purple Sandpipers at Lainne Sgeir, Calgary, Prasad 
16th Calgary: A male Bullfinch in the garden that used to be Calgary Farmhouse Hotel this morning. Took a good photo of the 
Pink Foot and some Mergansers today. Arthur 
14th: 5 Purple Sandpipers on Lainne Sgeir, Calgary and 1 Pinkfoot with the flock of Greylags in front the cemetery which all flew to the stream at the beach.  Prasad 
14th Ardrioch: : Still pretty quiet but 3 very nice Goosanders on Mishnish Lochs this morning 2 males and a female. 2 Brambling with over 150 Chaffinches regularly in the garden at Ardrioch which attract Sparrowhawks several times a day. The tree with the Barn Owl box in has fallen down, we are on the case. Arthur and Pam Discover Mull 
13th Knock: Saw a dipper at Loch Ba this morning.There were two sea eagles on the shore in front of the fish farm this afternoon. One took off and dropped it's prey in the sea, the other took off and picked up the prey, I took a picture of it later.There was also a sparrowhawk at the fish farm this afternoon. Colin Moody
10th Calgary:  a first winter female Reed Bunting in the Calgary beach Marram grass today.Prasad . 
10th Dervaig: a male and a female Brambling in Arthur Browns garden today.
9th Fidden: Bryan reports 140 Barnacle geese here. Bryan Raines 
9th Calgary: Today the lone Pinkfoot is still with Greylags in field surrounding Calgary cemetery,Prasad .
7th Lainne Sgeir, Calgary: at least 2 Purple Sandpipers Arthur Brown. Discover Mull Tours
7th Bunessan: a male Brambling at feeder eating peanuts/nyjer seeds along with 12/18 goldfinches, Bob Lawson
7th Lochdon: Teal, Wigeon, Shelduck, Mallard, Curlew, Oystecatcher, Bar tailed Godwit, Ringed Plover, Lapwing. all a bit quiet on Lochdon Alan

Latest reports for February 2010
28th At Torosay down near the greenhouses, there were 3 treecreepers, 2 goldcrests and 2 wrens - great to see the small birds managed to survive the harsh winter.  Also barn owl back in Salen. Debby Thorne
27th Garmony: I found a dead tawny owl on the road at Garmony this afternoon. Colin Moody
27th Treshnish: A first for our 10x10km square today . 2 Common Crossbills in Treshnish wood also 1 male Bullfinch, which we have seen for the first time at Treshnish this year (4 records in total).Aand Prasad
27th Lochdon: a male Hen Harrrier hunting in the fi3eld opposite. Alan Spellman
26th Glen More Bryan Rains was delighted to find 10 Snow Buntings in the glen this morning. Bryan Rains
24th-25th Salen: A lone Waxwing   at Dunvegan, Salen in garden. Dave Sexton.
24th Salen Bay: a Peregrine here this afternoon Felicity Pollard
23rd Salen: A single Waxwing and first of the year, reported by Martin Keivers from his garden Martin Keivers.
22nd Salen:  a single Brambling in a local garden here. (where are all the Bramblings this year ?) Felicity Pollard
Further to the Red legged Partridge (15th) report below, now have information that they were introduced to the island over the last couple of years for sporting purposes. 
18th 5 Bullfinch & 2 Crossbill near to the meeting point for the Sea Eagle hide at Aros.   Woodcock flew over the main road just coming into Salen from Craignure.    16th Yellowhammer Loch Buie
15th 1 Red Legged Partridge, Kentallen Farm on the main Salen to Tobermory road. Woodcock Aros bridge.   19th Dipper Knock bridge 
14th, Turnstone on the beach by Craignure golf course., Dipper pair up stream frpm Aros bridge, present all week, Greenshank Lochdon pool & Loch Na Keal,  Shelduck Tiroran beach, Great Spotted Woodpecker on feeder on the main road at Lochdon Andy Bayes & family
17th a female hen harrier was "quartering " over the end of the mountain road/Loch Cuin.  A regular place for the species but the first of this year.  Regular sightings of ringed plover, greenshank, teal, wigeon and Snipe at low tide on Cuin. Rod & Gill Little
17th 20 Otters seen around the north of the island during one day, all of them separate Otters, quite a few mothers with 2 cubs. 18 Great-northern Divers on Loch na Keal & Loch Tuath plus 1 black-throated Diver near Inch Keneth.
18th Feb Quinish Point - Merlin, Bullfinch & Great-spotted Woodpecker & 4 Skylarks. Tree Creeper in our garden. also 5 Snipe on Loch Cuin  Pam & Arthur Discover Mull
17th Loch Ba: 1 male & 1 female Goldeneye, 1 Buzzard, 6 oystercatchers. 1 heron (juvenile)
16th   Langamull beach:,2 Shelduck,1 Otter (presume male due to size) fab views for 10 min as it climbed up and down the shoreline,1 Ringed Plover. Rose Day. Ranger, Peak District National Park
16th Croig inlet (near fishing boat trip pier): 3 Redshank,1 Curlew. Rose Day. Ranger, Peak District National Park
15th Loch Torr: 1 male, 1 female Goldeneye.  Rose Day. Ranger, Peak District National Park
16th 2 Reed Buntings in our garden this morning. We also saw the Ringed billed Gull in Oban harbour yesterday. Thanks for the phone call yesterday. Pam & Arthur of Discover Mull, 
15th Craignure: Gilbert the postie tells me he has a dozen Bullfinches at his cherry tree today. Alan
13th Bird Club Field trip down to the Ross of Mull: 2 White-tailed eagles, an adult & a juvenile feeding on a carcass being mobbed by Crows and Ravens 2 more WT Eagles were seen during the day. Great Northern, Red & Black Throated Divers were seen during the day on Loch Scriden and some Guillemots. Fantastic views of a flying adult Golden Eagle and a hunting male Hen Harrier close by the vehicles two more female Hen Harriers were seen during the day. Ringed Plover on Ardalanish Beach  and 2 Grey Plover & 1 Bar-tail Godwit at Fidden.  Pam Brown, Secretary, Isle of Mull Bird Club
12th: a single Ptarmigan on Corra Bheinn (NM53R), not far from Ben More  seen by Emily Wilkins
12th Lochdon: On Owen Tysons bird table, a Great Spotted Woodpecker and later a beautiful male Sparrow Hawk. Owen Tyson
11th Lochdon whilst doing a webs count Andy Oldacre found 4 Red Knot, a scarce bird for Mull. Andy Oldacre
10th - Ardalanish Bay: 38 Golden Plover, 24 Lapwing, 3 Ringed Plover and 12 Fieldfare and a solitary Skylark back on the nearby moor Ruth Fleming, Robbie Fleming and Stuart Gibson
9th Tobermory: A male Goldcrest was in full song in a local garden this morning
8th Lochdon: 28 Dunlin at the end of Gorten road. 2 Greenshank. & Water Rail in the garden Alan
8th Quinish Gardens: Nick Read reports 4 Jays (2 pairs seen at the same time) in his "garden".  A pair were seen there last year.  also has his first Bullfinch of the year going for early apple and cherry buds. Nick Read (pp Rod Little)
8th Dunaros: saw my first Goldcrest of the year. At Lochdon a  male Blackcap. Alan Spellman
8th Loch Scridain: Bryan Rains reports 38 Great northern diver in the loch this evening. Bryan Rains
6th: 60 Fulmar at Cailiach this morning and 2 Common Crossbills on Loch Frisa BTO square. Arthur & Pam
6th Calgary, Calliach, Dervvaig: 3 Greenshank, 2 Redshank, Sea Eagle (pair), 5 GND in Sound of Mull. Alan
5th Calliach: A Black throated Diver, 3 Fulmars, 3 Guillemots, a pair of Common Scoter off Caliach  Arthur Brown
1st-3rd Lochdon: Water Rail back again this morning in the garden 
1st: Bryan Rains reports a Pinkfoot amongst Greylags at Killiechronan .

Latest reports for February 2009
29th Glen Gorm: A drake Long tailed duck at Glen Gorm today, also a few Redwing about Arthur Brown
28th Dervaig: mail from Shaun Mccullagh: "My next door neighbour Brian Abnett was here today to repair our central heating flue.  He does contract gardening and tree surgery amongst other things.  He had an interesting story to tell.  He was recently doing some tree surgery in a garden opposite Dervaig reed bed.  About 20 feet up a tree he came upon a typical Shrike larder.  Three small birds impaled on thorns - a chaffinch & coal tit were still recognisable.  He estimates that the corpses had been there 3-4 weeks.  At this time of year a Great Grey is the most likely. Have there been any possible sightings anywhere within a reasonable distance?  Cheers - Shaun ."I have not received any sighting reports" Alan
27th  a trip round Loch na Keal to Loch Scridain highlights were: 300 Barnacle Geese on Inch Kenneth. a male Merlin at Griburn, four Great northern Divers, 2 Common Scoter on Loch Scridain, 3 WTSE at Killiechronan, 2 Golden Eagles, Hen Harrier, Buzzard, Kestrel, Ravens, at Glen Sielisdeir. Arthur Bown/Alan Spellman
23rd a male Tawny Owl singing at Salen Stuart Gibson
18th Glen Forsa Hotel: two male Mistle Thrush singing & at bAros were 4 singing birds. Stuart Gibson
16th At Glenforsa shoreline: 23 Oystercatcher, 24 Turnstone, 11 Ringed Plover, 2 Rock Pipit, Aros: 2 Teal
22nd-24th Tobermory Harbour: a Glaucous Gull was in the harbour today with other mixed gull by the distillary outflow burn. Alan (see image above) 21 Wigeon in Salen Bay. Stuart Gibson
19th at Salen Bay, an overwintering Wimbrel from 30/1/09
19th Aros: two Dippers carrying next material under the old bridge at Aros . Felicity Hanson.
weekend of the 14/15 February 4 male Goosander at the mouth of the Aros river, 8 Goldeneye (one female) on loch Uisg and two Golden eagles soaring together about 1km before the Dervaig end of the plantation on the Salen to Dervaig road. David Pollard
We also watched 8 bottle nosed dolphins giving a fantastic performance near the Craignure jetty over the same weekend. Apparently they were there for most of the morning.
16th Aros : a pair of Goosander plus on 18th a dead male Goosander at Aros 
15th Salen Bay: 34 Wigeon, 4 Goldeneye. Stuart Gibson
Feb 11th  We had a Mull rarity at Calgary today a Coot on a private pond , Arthur Brown 5 Woodcock at Salen Woods, Stuart Gibson.
9th Salen Bay: 4 Black Guillemot here today. Stuart Gibson
2nd Bowmans field opposite the Craignure Golf course: 14 Canada Geese with Greylags.
1st Loch na Keal: a very scarce, Red necked Grebe, also Great northern Diver and Slavonian Grebe, 7 Barnacle geese. Dafydd Roberts. visitor from Wales
1st Loch na Keal: by the fish farm ouitfall pipe were lots of Goldeneye, Teal, Mallard plus a Shellduck and Red breasted Mergansers, a few Wigeon. Herring Gull, Black headed Gull, Mew Gull. GBB Gull, Oystercatcher Turnstone, Ringed Plover, Redshank, A single Whimbrel and Curlew, Grey Heron. Alan Spellman
31st Jan Salen Bay & Aros estuary:  a single drake Goosander. Stuart Gibson
29th Salen Bay: Iceland Gull (1st winter) Stuart Gibson

Latest reports for February 2008
28th Flock of 50 Skylarks at crannich Sue & Duncan Hall
28th Carrion Crow Ardalanish - Mike Wagemakers
25th mainland:There was a Kingfisher on the fish farm cages at Loch Arienas near  Lochaline today.Colin Moody
24th Tobermory: Jenny Reddaway reports a Tree Sparrow amongst her House Sparrows in the garden.
24th Golf course: at least 5 Canada geese in fields opposite the golf course. These birds have been here on and off throughout the winter Alan Spellman
20th Killiechronan:Approx 80 Greylags in field by Killiechronan and four pink-footed geese
3 Great Northern divers further up Loch na Keal.2 red throated divers near Aros estuary.Jenny Reddaway
18th Tireragan, Ross of Mull  Pair of Golden Eagle soaring over the deserted township and mobbed by a Merlin - Mike Wagemakers/Carol Marshall
15th Treshnish : two Glaucous Gulls around a lobster boat at Port Haunn, Anand Prasad
16th The Bird Club had an excellent trip on Saturday, the highlight of the day being the crossbills. There were some 1/2 doz or so at Fishnish and another three at Loch Frisa (in a broadleaved tree!).Pete Hall
15th Pennyghael: Had a stunning male Merlin fly in front of the shop yesterday (15th Feb).
14thUisken:  Lots of Redwing around (biggest flock was 18 birds) with birds seen at Uisken, Killunaig, Ardchrishnish and Beach. The male Gadwall is showing well in Bunessan. 1 turnstone with 5 Ringed Plover and a Snipe on Uisken beach. Bryan Rains
Bryan also mentions that he has seen lots of Adders about enjoying this last period of warm sunshine.
13th Fidden/Bunessan: 6 Grey Plover Fidden, Male Gadwall Bunessan - Mike Wagemakers/Carol Marshall
12th Aros: three Jack Snipe at mouth of Aros River today, also female Hen Harrier from the back of our garden. Helen and Iain King Seaview Salen
12th Killiechronan camp site: 3 Bar tailed Godwit, 70 Greylags. Duncan & Sue Hall.
12th Feb  Loch Scridain. 3 Hen Harrier at Loch Beg. 8 GN Diver, 2 RT Diver and 10 Guillemot Bryan Rains 
8th Feb - Male Hen Harrier hunting on moor behind house. 6 Rock doves. Callum Entwistle
7th Feb 1 Hen Harrier, 1 Goldeneye, 4 Wigeon at Loch Beg.Bryan Rains
5th Feb 14 Common Crossbill behind the shop.(Pennyghael stores) Bryan Rains
5th Feb - two Great Northern Divers, 2 Curlew, Flotilla of Mergansers. Callum Entwistle
4th Bunessan Bay and around our house on Ardtun Road  - lonely drake Goldeneye Callum Entwistle
2nd Feb 1 Merlin at Loch Beg. Bryan Rains

Latest Reports for February 2007
22nd Lochdon Mast Hill: (Dun da Ghaoithe) : A colleague climbing the hills above Loch Don had 6 snow buntings on the top. Dave Sexton.
21st Loch Pottie: 2 overwintering Whooper Swan, 2 Tufted Duck. Loch Assapol 2 Pochard .Loch Beg  has 4 Little Grebe, 15-20 Ringed Plover, 30 Lapwing, 15 Turnstone, 1 Dunlin, 2 Glaucous Gull(1st winter) and 4 Greenshank.      Bryan Rains  (Wild about Mull WildlifeTours)
21st Lochdon: Five Greenshank and a pair of RB Mergansers in the pools above the bridge in Lochdon this afternoon. Andy Oldacre (Wild Cottage B&B)
21st OBAN: The  Ring billed Gull is still around and can be seen (if you're lucky !) alongside the adult Iceland Gullon the George Street foreshore in the afternoon.  However, with increasing daylength, the Ring-billed Gull may be arriving later to the foreshore area, but always worth checking at any time.
21st :  ad. Iceland Gull, Oban harbour at HT (09.30 hrs); 16 Black Guillemots, Oban Bay; 27 Turnstone, George Street foreshore (at High tide).Stuart Gibson
21st Inverlussa: a Dipper by the bridge over the Lussa at Ardura Alan Spellman
19th OBAN: Ad. Iceland Gull (down to 10 m.), George Street foreshore, also present was a winter plumaged Red throated Diver, actively feeding, less than 10 m. from tide-line.  No need for binoculars Stuart Gibson
17th February  Inch Kenneth: 190+ Barnacle Geese, Scoor Golden Plover. Dave Shackleton
16th Salen: Angus and Eileen Slorach had a single waxwing in their garden today
14th Glen Gorm: saw several small groups of crossbills today in the glen gorm forest. Susan & Duncan Hall
14th Killiechronan: up to 7 Shelduck near the camp site Tim & Rebecca Barnard
14th Craignure a male Blackcap reported in local garden Bob (Craignure Stores)
13th Garmony forestry walk. a Eurasian Jay seen on two occasions Shawn (slaughterhouse
12th Dervaig : 3 Snipe for the first time this winter, a single Greenshank and unusually 100 Rock Doves. In Aros Bay there was a single Black Throated Diver and a Dipper by Knock Bridge, On Loch na Keal there was a Slavonian Grebe and 4 Great-northern Divers & at least 18 Goldeneye Ducks &35+ Red-breasted Mergansers many were displaying. Pam & Arthur Brown. (Discover Mull Tours)
9th Garmony forestry walk: A Eurasian Jay reported here .Martin Keivers
7th Aros Park: Possible Green woodpecker at Aros on the grass near the car park.  Also 4 goldeneye there and 3 little grebe and 2 mallard. 6th at Calgary: 15 ringed plover and 2 redshank. Shaum Mccullagh
5th Tobermory: have a lone Brambling  also Female sparrowhawk,  a flock of about 60  Barnacle geese  - very dark with white underbellies and darker legs flew over Tobermory.   Jenny Reddaway.
4th Loch Ba:  Grey wagtail, 2 sea eagles, golden eagle, meadow pipit, 20+ curlews and 20+ lapwings,    Sue & Duncan Hall.
4th Loch Scridain: a beautifu adult Glaucous Gull on the north shore of Loch Scridain today feeding on a seal carcass. Alan Spelman 
Also on Loch Scridain,a 1st winter Iceland Gull present Colin Moody
3rd Feb.OBAN : 9 Reed Buntings Campbell Crescent garden, OBAN.
3rd Garmony:4 crossbills again at Garmony on Saturday.Dave Sexton
1st OBAN: an adult Iceland Gull  at the George Street foreshore.  Stuart Gibson 
1st Bunessan: the drake Gadwall has returned to Bunessan Bay  Arthur & Pam Brown/Alan Spellman

Latest reports for February 2006
28th Adrioch/Dervaig. a Yellowhammer feeding on corn under the seed feeders with the Chaffinches  AB
27th 7 White tailed Sea Eagles and  2  Golden Eagles. Discover Mull Tour
27th pair of Common Scoter in Loch Scridain,plus  Black Throated Diver, G N Divers Loch Na Keal and Loch Scridain, a single slavonian grebe Loch Na Keal and a Little Gull at Loch Scridain at the Loch Beg
27th Lochdon brodge pool. female Kingfisher showing well mid afternoon today. AS et al
27th Loch Beg. a Little Gull present here. Arthur & Pam Brown & tour group
26th  Glen Seilisdeir  a Merlin chasing a Snipe one of the guests said it was like watching Top Gun.!
26th Lochdon. flocks of Long tailed tits feeding on peanuts in local gardens. John Preston/Owen Tyson
24th Garmony. 5 Canada Geese (park geese) with 70+ Greylags in field opposite Golf Club. AS
24th Killiechronan. a single Pinkfoot amongst 60+ Greylags. field on right at crossroads. AS
22nd Tobermory. a Brambling in a local garden and a treecreeper has appeared briefly. collared dove killed by female sparrowhawk, and pair tawny owls on adjacent trees in garden late last night Jenny Reddaway
23rd  Moorhen seen flying across Ardtun road near Knockan Thursday afternoon - Carol Marshall
This is  not too far from Assapol - could it be the same bird as 22nd ??
22nd Fidden/area. Redwing, Fieldfare, Misstle Thrush, Song Thrush in small scattered flocks. AS et al
22nd Loch Scridain. 2 Great northern diver, A Spellman/A Brown/A & D Oldacre
22nd Fidden. 80+ Skylarks feeding on the shore. 50+ Lapwings. Goldeneye, Shelduck.
22nd Loch Harrison/Loch Assapol. a single Moorhen, Tufted Duck, Teal, Mallard, single Pinkfoot with Greylags. Loch Pottie, Tufted Duck, 2 Whooper Swan, A Spellman/A Brown/A & D Oldacre
22nd Aros. Two pairs of goosanders on Aros estuary. This morning. Duncan Hall
21st Lochdon. female Kingfisher still present near the bridge in Lochdon.  Andy & Diana Oldacre
20th Lochdon. 30+ Bar-Tailed Godwit  plus a Male Merlin flew by. Andy & Diana Oldacre
20th OBAN. 2nd W. Ring billed Gull bathing and preening on George street foreshore, Oban at 15.40 hrs today (20th Feb.), having arrived at 15.30 hrs. Stuart Gibson
20th Loch Scridain/Loch na Keal. 3 Great northern diver, Red throated diver.AS
19th Loch Assapol.  pair of Pochard on loch Assapol.(a very scarce bird for Mull)  Susan & Allan Parker
17th Loch Buie.  Peregrine Falcon, 6 Black throated divers together,1 R/T Diver,1 Grey Wagtail
 Loch Spleve, 1 Pair of displaying Goldeneye,1 Summer plumage Black Guillimot Andrew Kirkham
16th Aros Estuary. 3 Goldeneye, 2 female 1 Male Displaying ,1 Pair Merganser1 Woodcock 6pm 1/4 mile up the Dervaig road form Aros Bridge Andrew Kirkham
15th Port Langamull  (GR  379539). Possible Chough, heard the bird calling and it didn't come to me straight away, much more fluid and melodic than a 'Hoodie' checked on my Birds of Europe DVD and sounds very much like it. Unable to spot bird, may be worth checking if anybody goes to that area.
2 Goldeneye males Andrew Kirkham
14th  Loch Na Keal by Killichronan. Sea Eagle on shore at, no tag on bird, 30+ Greylag's in fields by the loch. Andrew Kirkham
13th Loch Scridain. 2 Black throated diver, 1 Pair of Goosander Andrew Kirkham
12th Aros Castle, Sea Eagle flying down Aros estuary and round the castle out to sea.10+ Song Thrushes fields by  Castle, 8-10 Rock Pipit on shore line Aros Estuary (most days) 1 Pair of Dippers  Aros Bridge
15th Feb OBAN The 2nd W. RING-BILLED GULL was with Common Gulls at Cockleshell Bay, nr. Ganavan on morning of 16th Feb. (SG/Jim Dickson), and on Oban foreshore at 16.00 hrs same day.  Today (17th), it was seen on George Street foreshore (with Herring Gulls) at 16.00 hrs and, again, at 16.45 hrs. It has now been in the Oban area for a full 5 months since it's relocation on 12th September 2005.  During this time, it has been reported from four separate locations : George Street foreshore (where it roosts); Corran esplanade (feeding with Common Gulls); Cockleshell Bay (ca. 2 miles north of Oban, on Ganavan Road); and, Dunstaffnage Bay (3.5 miles east of Oban). Stuart Gibson
15th Loch Spelve  Black throated Diver and Red throated Diver in the loch today plus Goldeneye. AS
9th Lochdon. a male Merlin sighted along the Grasspoint road between the bridge and first cottages and a 2nd bird near Dervaig along Glen Bellart road. Lynda and Michael Hadow
14th Inverlussa.  A single male Goosander in splendid plumage was busy feeding in the estuary. Alan
13th Calgary. a single Magpie at Calgary nr the phone box. Dave Sexton
12th OBAN. 43 Turnstones roosting on George Street foreshore at 18.00 hrs on 12th, coincided with high tide.  This is largest tally I've ever had of this species at this location, ever ! Stuart Gibson
9th OBAN Ring billed Gull :  2nd W. 'running with the pack' of local Herring Gulls, Oban harbour at 14.50 hrs today Peregrine :  Hunting bird, Oban esplanade at 14.30 hrs (9 Feb.) (Stuart Gibson/Bill Allan)
8th Lochdon 2 Red Knot, 20+ Ruddy Turnstone, Greenshank, Redshank.  Andy & Diana Oldacre
6th Eat Brae. a pair of dippers on the Eas Brae waterfall today at noon, and a grey wagtail on the roadside cliff opposite Aros Park entrance. Duncan & Susan Hall
2nd OBAN 2nd Winter Ring billed Gull still at the Esplanade shore. (Woolworths area) Stuart Gibson
1st - 28th Lochdon. Kingfisher still present at the bridge pool    Alan Spellman
1st Garmony: Crossbills and a Jay was heard. Dave Sexton
1st  Dervaig: Snipe at Dervaig Bridge  with a greenshank. Calgary about 20  Ringed Plovers.Song Thrush singing lustily in the garden this afternoon - spring is coming. Shaun Mccullagh

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