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Latest Reports for December 2021

Latest December reports for 2020
27th along the Grasspoint Road was cold, but we had the male Kingfisher once more, and a pair of Goldeneye.
Andrew Oldacre
28th: Java - Great Northern Diver, Greenshank.
27th: Java - Barn Owl on my window sill in the early hours! 4 Red-breasted Merganser in the Bay.
26th: Java - Tawny Owl (male) calling in the early hours.
25th: Java - Goosander, 2 Whimbrel, Curlew, Greenshank, (and approx 30 Bottlenose Dolphins!) 7 Curlew in the 'hospital field'.24th: Java - Great Northern Diver.Nancy Somerville
23rd Craignure. The 'resident' Nuthatch in a local Craignure garden is still coming to feed almost daily. Alan.
23rd  Scallastle Bay - 9 Heron, 4 Wigeon, 6 Mallard, Red-breasted Merganser, 2 White-tailed Eagle.
22nd:Java  3 Red-breasted Merganser, 2 Turnstone, White-tailed Eagle flying over Scallastle forest path - Kestrel (male).
21st: Garmony - Great Northern Diver, 5 Wigeon, pair Mallard.Nancy Somerville
21st  Bunessan Pier.  3 female common scooter just off the pier at Bunessan this afternoon. Peter skinner
15th c25 Bar-tailed Godwits on the high tide roost at Craignure golf course. Ewan Miles
15th: WeBS count of Craignure Bay - Great Northern Diver, 14 Cormorant, 2 Shag, 3 Heron, Goosander, 5 Oystercatcher, Curlew, Greenshank, 2 Common, 4 Herring and 2 Great Black-backed Gulls, Rock Pipit, plus 6 Hooded Crows. Craignure - Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, 2 Jay. Scallastle Bay - 8 Mallard, 2 White-tailed eagles (adults) 10 Bar-tailed Godwit? (check photos), Turnstone, 2 Redshank, Greenshank.
14th: Java - Curlew in 'hospital field'. Grasspoint - pair of Stonechat.
12th: Craignure Bay - Great Northern Diver. By Scallastle forest path - Sparrowhawk, 2 Ravens.
11th: Java - Dipper. Nancy Somerville
16th Female Blackcap, Tobermory, at our feeding station, briefly on nut feeder Mike Wagemakers

15th a mal Brambling back in our garden at Ardrioch this afternoon  Pam & Arthur Brown 
12th  monthly BTO WeBS count for Loch na Keal:
Oystercatcher 43; Curlew 8; Redshank 10; Turnstone 19; Greylag geese 85; R B Merganser 39; Heron 13; Mallard 45; Great Northern Diver 38; Goldeneye 2; Shag 30; Wigeon 3; Slavonian grebe 16; Red throated diver 1; Teal 30; Cormorant 11; Black Guillemot 1; Grey Plover 1; Greater B B Gull 15; Black headed Gull>5; Herring Gull >100; Common Gull >40; WT Eagle 5; Otter 1; Jogging Santa 1. Merry Christnmas Steve, with Felicity, Linda, Richard and Jacqui.Steve Littlewood

12th Female Merlin hunting Rock Pipits on the south side of Loch na Keal. 57 Barnacle Geese at Balmeanach. Ewan Miles

11th Lochdon Bridge Kingfisher seen again above the bridge this morning by Andrew Oldacre
10th: Java - 2 Curlews, Greenshank. 9th: Java - 2 Red-breasted Merganser, Goosander, 6 Turnstones.8th: Java - Red-breasted Merganser, Goosander.7th: Craignure - Greenshank, Greenfinch.
Nancy Somerville8th Went out at dawn on the morning of the 6th at Lochdon (Gorten side):
64 Canada Goose, 2 Whooper Swan, 1 Shelduck, 1 Goldeneye (lifer for me). 3 RB Merganser,37 Oystercatcher, 14 Curlew
2 Turnstone, 1 GBB Gull, 3 WTE, 1 Little Grebe, 1 Hen Harrier (flew right over me, photos attached). Jamie Morton
7th Peregrine Falcon at Cailaich Point 2 WTSE’s here as well. At Dervaig 4 seperate Wrens by Skyran
At Ardrioch 2 Jays visiting garden daily, Woodcock in our wood. Pam & Arthur Brown. 
6th 2 Short-eared Owls at dusk alongside Loch Spelve. 7 Ptarmigan (2 seperate groups) and a lone Snow Bunting around the Benbuie range. Also 2 Meadow Pipits 400m up and 3 Golden Plovers at 700m. Ewan Miles
6th: Java - Curlew, Greenshank.
5th: Garmony - Red-breasted Merganser, 4 Goosander, 10 Turnstone, Redshank. Scallastle Bay - Great Northern Diver, 21 Ringed Plover, 10 Turnstone (possibly the ones from Garmony seen an hour and a half earlier), 3 Dunlin. 2 White-tailed Eagles flying above the ridge of Dun da Ghaoithe with approx 6 Ravens below them. Craignure/Java - Goosander, Jay.
3rd: Craignure/Java - Great Northern Diver, Peregrine, Greenfinch.Nancy Somerville
3rd Loch Na Keal Lots of Great Northern Divers and several Slavonian grebe. There was a group of Whooper swans near Eorsa we counted 17 which included 3 Juvenile. Jacqui  and Mike Murphy
3rd Lochdon  Kingfisher was above the bridge in Lochdon again today.Saw it on its usual rock, plus on the power line further upstream. Andrew Oldacre

2nd: Java - 3 Goosander. above photo from Nancy Somerville
1st Craignure - Greenshank, Goldcrest. Garmony - 2 Wigeon, 5 Mallard, 2 Goosander, immature White-tailed Eagle, 8 Curlew, Greenshank. Nancy Somerville

Latest December reports for 2019
31st  Fanmore - The Mistle Thrush was singing and a Coal Tit. Dervaig - Eleven Little Grebes, 2 Greenshanks, 5 Redshanks, 3 Snipe and the Otter frolicking about again.Loch Meadhoin - A Cormorant and a Kestrel.Tobermory Tip -  420 Herring Gulls, 45 Great Black-backed Gulls  and 35 Ravens.Aros Park - A drake and two female Goldeneyes on Lochan a Ghurrain. Tim Dixon
30th Lagganulva - 12 Lapwings.Killiechronan - 7 Great Northern Divers, 6 Slavonian Grebes, 12 Mallard, 7 Wigeon, 8 Teal, Goldeneye, 5 Red-breasted Mergansers and a drake Goosander.Ulva Ferry - A Sparrowhawk.Fanmore - Two Golden Eagles (one went off to Ulva the other back east), a Mistle Thrush, a Coal Tit and a Goldcrest. Tim Dixon
Ptarmigan by Ewan
25th 4 male Ptarmigan, 700m altitude on Christmas day. Also male Stonechat at 700m and 4 Meadow Pipits at 500m. 15 Woodcock at dusk on the Salen - Dervaig road. Jack Snipe flushed alongside loch Cuin on xmas eve. Ewan Miles 
28th In between the dreich we managed -
Dervaig: A Little Grebe, a pair of Wigeons and two Otters. Great prolonged views of one of these eating eels.
Calgary: 33 Oystercatchers, 9 Curlews and three divers which were distant but looked like Red-throated.between Ensay and Reudle: A Peregrine.Torloisk: Seven Jackdaws - a Mull tick for us. Tim Dixon
                                                  lochdon 25th Dec 2019
25th Lochdon bridge. I managed to photograph the Kingfisher this morning. Alan
24th Loch Cuin Dervaig, 16 Common Snipe, 7 Redshank feeding on the margins. Alan
24th A female Merlin at Ardmeanach, Mull yesterday. About 110 Barnacle Geese lifted up by a WT Eagle on Inch Kenneth. RT Diver at Grasspoint and 13 Bar-tailed Godwits on Lochdon on Mull Winter Tour. Ewan Miles

22nd Tobermory Nuthatch still coming to feeder at Theatre car park first seen 16th November. Debbie Thorne
21st Dervaig. a Nuthatch visiting a local garden. Clare and Andy Fellows
15th Dervaig: One Greenshank, 9 Redshanks and 8 Snipe. Eas Fors: A Sparrowhawk. Tim Dixon
4th A few bits from yesterday. Fanmore: A Golden Eagle.Dervaig: Two Greenshanks, 7 Redshanks, 2 Curlews, 120 Common Gulls and 25 Rock Doves.
Tim Dixon
13th Lagganulva: 5 Great Northern Divers, 3 Red-breasted Mergansers, a Curlew and a Bar-tailed Godwit .
Loch na Keal:  13 Slavonian Grebes, 15 Great Northern Divers, a Black-throated Diver, 20+ Wigeon, 17 Red-breasted Mergansers and 2 Black Guillemots.Knock: A Sparrowhawk. Clachandhu: A Merlin chasing Rock Pipits. Tim Dixon
13th: Java/Craignure - Great Northern Diver, 2 Curlews, Redshank, Jay. Craignure-Torosay coastline - Great Northern Diver. Hen Harrier (male) over field by hospital.Nancy Somerville
11th Dec A male Hen Harrier hunting the land between the fish farm at Ulva and the Ulva Ferry road today and a Dipper on the shore side of the Laggan Burn bridge.
9th Dec A Velvet Scoter seen from the pull off with a seat in front of Aros Castle. Two visitors were there and I showed them the bird through the scope and I went and told Jacqui from Enjoy Mull and she went down and confirmed that it was indeed  a Velvet Scoter. Pam & Arthur Brown
9th: Java/Craignure Bay - 2 Great Northern Divers, Red-breasted Merganser (male), 4 Goosander (1 male), Curlew, Redshank, Black Guillemot. Craignure/Torosay coast - 5 Great Northern Divers, 2 Black Guillemots. Nancy Somerville

Juvenile white tailed eagle December 2019. photo by Carol Bennetto
8th I saw a male snow bunting on Erraid this afternoon, just below the community gardens.  Peter skinner
7th: Craignure/Java Bay - Great Northern Diver, Greenshank. Nancy Somerville
6th: Java Bay - 3 Red-breasted Mergansers (2M, 1F), Goosander, Greenshank.
Common Scoter Dec
                                                  2019 Carol Bennetto
Common Scoter on Loch Spelve photo by Carol Bennetto
5th Female/juv Common Scoter still on Loch Spelve. Whimbrel in Salen Bay. Ewan Miles
3rd: Craignure/Java Bay - Black-throated Diver, 3 Red-breasted Mergansers (2M, 1F), Curlew. Adult White-tailed Eagle over hospital field.
4th: Java Bay - 2 Red-breasted Mergansers (1M, 1F), Curlew.
Nancy Somerville
2nd: Java - (male) Red-breasted Merganser, Goosander, Curlew
1st: Scallastle forest path - Jay calling and flying over. Nancy Somerville
Latest December reports for 2018
20th Lone juv Whooper Swan been on Loch na Cuilce all month. Around 50 Teal dropped in last week as well. Ewan 

juvenile black guillemot on loch spelve by regular visitor Carol Bennetto (often a hard one to ID)
16th Java: female goosander, 5 red-breasted mergansers, 1 dipper.  Nancy Somerville
Craignure, Minister's Point: two white-tailed eagles sitting.
Garmony: approx 30 turnstones, 7 wigeon, 2 ringed plover, pair mallard, 20 oystercatchers
15th, Java, field by the hospital: 5 curlews. Single greenshank and single curlew at Java beach most days. Nancy Somerville
8th, Java: female goosander
5th, Craignure: golden eagle
4th, Java: 3 red-breasted merganser.  Craignure, Minister's Point: three adult white-tailed eagles. 
Nancy Somerville 3rd, Java: sparrowhawk; greenshank; redshank; curlew.  Lochdon: 6 wigeon
December Mull Bird Club Field Trip - 1st winter Dunlin, Bar-tailed Godwit, Teal, Wigeon, Greenshank, Redshank, Ringed Plover and Curlew feeding on the mudflats at Lochdon.
A low flying Golden Eagle flushing Oystercatchers and Common Gulls at Croggan. Ringtail Hen Harrier working the distant skyline. Little Grebes and GN Divers on the coast along with 3/4 Otters. Ewan Miles

Latest sightings for December 2017

Mulls second Glossy Ibis, photo by Mike Murphy. last recorded was in 2009
21st Ardnacross:  Glossy Ibis at Ardnacross, Mull (NM545493) ca 4 miles N of Salen on B848 Mike Murphy
19th Suidhe farm Bunnesan  Grey wagtail foraging by the lochan at Suidhe farm Bunnesan Tony Jeffree
11th Dec Loch Scridain 1 Black-throated Diver. Glen More 1 Snow Bunting seen flying up from the edge of the road and then heard calling but not seen again.. Bryan Rains

  White tailed eagles on Loch na Keal by Nancy Somerville
10th On a day when a frozen Loch Na Keal was steaming in the brilliant sunshine, a sample of today’s sightings at Killiechronan round to Kellan: 33 Golden Plover; 31 ringed plover; 3 Sea eagles; 6 red breasted merganser; 4 Goosander; 6 Teal; 54 Mallard; 4 Slavonian Grebe; 12 Great Northern diver; (1 Otter); 7 Redshank; 20 Greylags; 38 Canada geese; 22 Curlew. Steve & Linda Littlewood, Nancy Somerville, David and Felicity Pollard.  Steve Littlewood
4th Ptarmigan he ard up Beinn a'Ghraig and a single Meadow Pipit at 1500ft. Long-eared Owl flew in front of the car half way down the glen road and Barn Owls seen in numerous sites. 5  Whooper Swans flying west over Loch Frisa. Ewan Miles

Latest sightings for December 2016
 We're just back from a Christmas holiday on Mull, very enjoyable but no internet connection so wasn't able to pass on any records whilst we were there. Saw lots of good birds for us but the only noteworthy ones (I think) were two iceland gulls and a glaucous gull (all first-winter) at a dead porpoise on Loch Na Keal at about NM500 362 on 27th Dec. Nearby 5 goosander, 1 black-throated diver, 1 slavonian grebe. Definitely worth a look if the corpse is still there.  Also 210 barnacle geese at Fidden on 23rd. I'll put the more routine stuff on birdtrack unless you prefer  otherwise. Rupert Higgins 28th, we had very clear views of a solitary pink foot goose among a large gathering of greylags and canadas at Killiechronan fields. Pete Mull Wildlife Tours

19th : Knock Hatchery area.  A Carrion Crow was feeding with Hooded Crows and an assortment of ducks and gulls at the hatchery this afternoon. It had previously been seen at Kellan by others. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
26th.  Female GoldenEye loch Uisg.  Jay at Strathcoil. Mrs Rebecca J Burton
25th Dipper on shore at Pennyghael, opposite junction the Carsaig. Seasons Greetings. Rebecca
19th - Loch na Keal Diver Roost Count: Great Northern Diver roost, East of Eorsa, counted this late afternoon, but fewer than anticipated number of birds recorded: build up from two individuals at 16.00 hrs to a maximum of 45 at 16.35 hrs, when light levels prohibited further counting. Twice as many birds were anticipated, but there does seem to have been fewer birds throughout the island this Autumn and early Winter. Two Slavonian Grebes were counted on the sea and a further two flying West during the diver count.
Elsewhere: 23 Teal on North shore of loch at Kellan; a further 20 were present at the Knock Hatchery. A total of 104 Mallard and 24 Goldeneye were also at the latter site, but no sign of the Gadwall pair previously reported; Twenty-three (23) Turnstone, 24 Curlew, 56 Oystercatcher and 15 Ringed Plover at high-tide at head of Loch na Keal, but no sign of either Golden Plover or Bar-tailed Godwits that were expected; three drake Goosanders were feeding at the confluence of the River Ba and Loch na Keal; single Greenshank at both Aros estuary and Inverlussa, where there were 19 Wigeon; five Razorbills were in the Sound of Mull, near Craignure Golf course, where there was a flock of 12 Redwing. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles 
11th Hope you are enjoying Oz. Male blackcap feeding on apple and peanuts 2 days running now in the garden. Debby
8th. 3 Whooper Swans on Loch Cuin.  We hope you are having a great time down under.
10th. 2 Purple Sandpipers, 2 Ringed Plover, Lainne Sguier, 4 Great Northern Divers, 1 Black-throated Diver and 1 Red-throated Diver, Calgary Bay. Arthur & Pam Brown. Discover Mull
6th Dec - Loch na Keal/Lagganulva. Thirty (30) Golden Plovers and five Bar-tailed Godwits at Killiechronan and 11 Lapwing at Lagganulva. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
4th Female Merlin at Caliach this morning. 15 Woodcock counted at dusk between Tobermory and Calgary last night. Ewan 
Dec 1st  Knock Hatchery Outfall -  Amongst all the usual a pair of Gadwall although no ‘white-winged’ gulls on this occasion. Good numbers of Turnstone, Goldeneye and Black-headed gulls.  Mike Wagemakers Carol Marshall

Latest sightings for December 2015
12th Lochdon. four Yellowhammers amongst Chaffinchhes eating seeds in my garden today. Alan
12th A family of whooper swans on the small pond at Arle yesterday 2 adults 3 cygnets. Martin  Mull Charters
11th Oban  Bay. The 1st Winter immature Iceland Gull was still present today, Alan
11th -  Loch na Keal (North shore) A pair of Goosanders; the 1st Winter immature Rook is still to be seen feeding in pasture near Ulva ferry Primary school; and a single Red-throated Diver was at Lagganulva. Stuart, Ewan and Andy
3rd - Oban harbour  A rather delicate 1st Winter immature Iceland Gull gave great views as it scrapped with the local Herring Gulls for fish supper left-overs. Stuart Gibson
4th 10 Teal on a small drainage pond at Sgriob-ruadh Farm, Tobermory. Woodcock overhead at dusk. Ewan
4th This morning we recorded a juvenile Gannet in Ardmore Bay. Given the date we thought this maybe of some interest.  Ian and Michelle Walker 
3rd 2 hen harriers hunting along the ridge overlooking the north side of Loch Frisa, towards the Dervaig end, and 2 male hen harriers over the new hide on Loch Torr. One was chasing the other away, perhaps it had strayed into it’s territory? 5 whooper swans, 2 juvenile and 3 adults on the Mishnish Lochs. Juliet, Felicity and David.
30th Dec. - East Mull: While walking in East Mull, a female Hen Harrier rose from the bracken in front of us and flew a little way offshore. It loitered in the area for some time and as we watched it two tiny dark 'blobs' could be seen high up and in the far distance, sharing the same field of view as the harrier.
These dark 'blobs' were identified as 'eagles' but seemed to be soaring high above the Argyll mainland, immediately to the south of Oban, so which species wasn't yet apparent. These birds were obviously together and as they drifted high over the island of Kerrera it appeared that they were intent on crossing the sea to the Isle of Mull.
At this point, it became clear that they were White-tailed Eagles and an apparent pair. The reversed sexual dimorphism of White-tailed Eagles isn't always apparent, but it most certainly was with these birds! The female was either excessively large or its male partner was on the small side, or so it seemed, as neither of us had ever encountered such an obvious size difference in these birds previously.The birds continued to cross the Firth of Lorne between Kerrera and Mull, making contact with East Mull near the entrance to Loch Don, somewhere in the Grasspoint area, at which point they were lost to view.At first, we speculated that it could have been the long established Grasspoint pair indulging themselves in an away day to Kerrera, but at no point were we able to identify these birds as adults, effectively ruling out that possibility. Of course, the greater likelihood was that these were peripatetic immature birds, but from where? Had we witnessed the arrival for the first time of these birds to the Isle of Mull or were they more regular in their commuting? We will never know, but the experience was an exciting one for the observers. We wonder if the eagles shared this excitement at seeing us watching them? We very much doubt that!We had observed these birds from a very long way, the distance from Kerrera to East Mull being around 4 miles and the possibility is that they were, indeed, further afield when they were first spotted over the shoulder of that Hen Harrier!.     Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
Latest reports for December 2014
31st Bunessan: Male hen harrier hunting over the fields at Suidhe, Bunessan Tony Jefree
30th Dec Fidden 1 Glaucous Gull. Bryan Raynes
17th Dec  Loch Cuin  - Kingfisher, greenshank, redshank, little grebe, wigeon. Felicity Pollard
15th: Loch na Keal, 1 juvenile Iceland Gull, 21 Turnstones & 1 Grey Wagtail at Knock outlet, 3 godwits species, 2 Goosanders, 1 Slavonian Grebe at Killiechronan, 1 Slavonian Grebe at Kellan. Prasads 
15th Bunessan: I have received a late report and photo of  a Comon Rosefinch at the Baptist Church caravan on 30th November. George Newal (Dunoon Birdwatcher). This is a very scare bird for us on Mull.
6th  Loch na Keal: 4 Great northern Diver, Wigeon. Killiechronan: 3 WT Eagles, 6 Turnstone, 30+ Ringed Plover, Hen Harrier. 8th Golden Eagle, 6 Slavonian Grebe, 4 Goldeneye, 9th Tobermory: little Grebe. Calgary: 5 Whimbrel, at Aros Bridge a pair of Goosander and Dipper. Somon and Tracy visiting. 
8th  I am in Lancashire at the moment: I had a beautiful Kingfisher, no more than a few metres away from me, and where was my camera ? At home of course.  Grrrr Alan 
4th Lochdon: a flock of 19 Grey Herons flying over the loch, most mornings they fly to the coast to catch some 'rays' and warm up before returning to start feeding. Alan
3rd Calgary: 3 Purple Sandpipers & 1 Turnstonw at Lainne Sqeir, Prasad.  Prasads 
3rd Lochdon: male and female Blackcap in garden, male Hen Harrier at Gorten. Alan 

Latest reports for December 2013
16th Dec 1 Iceland Gull at Gribun this morning. Bryan Rains. 
15th Calgary, 2 Purple Sandpipers at Lainne Sgeir, 1 Common Scoter off pier, 
13th Calgary, 2 Purple Sandpipers at Lainne Sgeir, 2 Whooper Swans at Mishnish. 
2nd :Two Shoveller at the head on Loch Na Keal, female Long-tailed Duck on Loch Scridain, 150 Golden Plover Loch Beg. 124 Barnacle Geese near Fidden (4th), 4 ad Whooper Swans Mishnish lochs (5th), 4 Barnacle Geese at Calliach point (5th). Phil Allott Cain Scrimgeour  Ewan Miles 
6th  Kilfinichen Bay 1 adult Glaucous Gull. Loch Scridain 12 GN Diver, 1 BT Diver. Loch Beg 5 Golden Plover, 20 Turnstone, 12 Ringed Plover, 4 Greenshank and a female Hen Harrier. Bryan Rains 
6th Calgary, 1 Common Scoter and 1 Sanderling, prasad. 
5th Calgary, 2 Sanderlings, prasad
4th Lochdon: waders on the loch today included 50+ Ringed Plover, 15 Bar tailed Godwit. Alan S
1st Lochdon: a male and female Reed Bunting visited my garden this morning. Alan S

Latest reports for December 2012
30th Inch Kenneth: 100+ Barnacle geese returned to this regular site. Pete Hall
18th Killiechronan, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit and at least 1 Slavonian Grebe. Didn't see any white-winged gulls at Knock. Prasad 
17th 80 barnacle geese flew into Fidden while we were there yesterday. Felicity Pollard
15th a trip out with my pal Arthur produced a variety of species including Snipe, Redshank, Greenshank, WT Eagle, Sparrow Hawk, GN Diver, Little Grebe, Cormorant, Redwings, Blackbirds and lots more
11th - Treshnish: Family party of six Whooper Swans resting on ice at Mishnish Lochs am, later seen feeding pm on nearby Loch Torr; 6 - 8 Song Thrushes on coastal walk were the most numerous and obvious birds of today's walk; a Woodcock was flushed from a bracken slope near the ruined settlement of Crackaig.
10th - Cruach Choireadail, Glen More: A single Snow Bunting was heard calling as it flew overhead as we descended the summit of Cruach Choireadail. Ruth Fleming. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
12th Loch Pottie: just to let you know that there were 10 waxwings in a tree at the end of my drive this morning, at Achaban oppostie Loch Pottie!  Good start to the day :-) Emily Wilkins Ranger - South Mull, Iona, Burg and Staffa 
11th Loch Buie: Brambling feeding with Chaffinches on our feed station this morning.Sacha Christine
10th Lochdon: a male Blackcap in Andy Oldacre's garden for most of the week.Andy Oldacre
2nd A Chough was relocated again in the north of the island, this is very encouraging, The nearest site is at Colansay and it's probable that this bird is from there. Alan 

Latest reports for December 2011 
31st Salen: Rock dove in our garden in Salen today 31st december Helen and Iain King
30th Dervaig: We had 4 Yelowhammers in the garden this afternoon. Arthur, Pam, Jacquie and Mike
29th Loch na Keal:  A trip round the loch produced 6 Great northern Diver, 5 Slavonian Grebe, 1 Iceland Gull, Teal, Widgeon, 
Goldeneye, Mallard and RB Merganser plus 2 Little Grebe. Alan
17th a Jay on the Langamull side of Penmore Mill on the 17th and 1 on the Croig road (nearer to Croig than Penmore) 
15th Lainne Sgeir, Calgary, 1 Purple Sandpiper (roosting at low tide).Prasad Prasads Blog
11th Dec Knock 2 Iceland Gulls. Killiechronan 1 juv Whooper Swan. Loch Ba 1 Slavonian Grebe. Kilfinichen 1 adult Whooper Swan. Fairly decent numbers of Woodcock around too. Bryan Rains
11th We also saw a female brambling today at Loch na Keal, a first for us!  Barbara & Brian Madigan
Sunday 4th Glen Aros 2 male Hen Harriers  Tuesday 6th Garmony Great Northern Diver Wednesday 7th Dervaig Greenshank : Calgary Pair of Stonechats + 3 Fieldfare Richard & Liz Airey.
9th Lainne Sgeir, Calgary, 1 Purple Sandpiper  Prasad  Prasads Blog
10th There were over 70 Teal at Knock today, 7 redshank and an iceland gull. Colin Moody
6th, 20 Whooper Swans were reported to me, flying around Treshnish Point Prasad
5th Langamull, a neighbour saw a Jay along the main road through forest. Prasad  Prasads Blog
1st Dec Calgary: 20 Whooper Swans flew to Treshnish Point, & then headed headed south, 8 Common Scoters today. 

11th October Fidden:  two Pectoral Sandpipers Lynne  at Fidden, Ross of Mull on 11th Oct 2011. Sorry for the delay but have just got around to sorting out the pics.Only record shots with a difficult angle from the car window!.  Colin Wells and Lynne Greenstreet

Latest reports for  December 2010 
31st Treshniish: a Purple Sandpiper on the coast below Treshnish house today, a new bird for our 10x10km square!  Also a flock of 6+ Long-tailed Tits in Treshnish wood today and yesterday.  Prasad
29th Loch na Keal; 50 Barnacles by Inch Kenneth, Michael Jackson
29th Calgary:  a Pink-foot with 17 Greylags at Calgary beach and 3 Teal at Lainne Sgeir, Calgary (the latter are scarce at Calgary bay but there have been between 1-3 there since at least the 14th). Prasad     27th Ardioch Farm Dervaig: 5 Brambling (3f/2m) at Langamull a Crossbill. Mike Shepherd
27th Auchnasaul:80 Brambling in Bill Jacksons garden, what an amazing sight that must have been
25th Salen: there was a pair of Waxwings feeding on a crab apple tree in a Salen garden ppRod & Gill Little
23rd Salen: Pair of Brambling in my garden this morning. Martin (Mull Charters)
23rd Pennyghael: There were 2 Waxwings in the trees behind the shop this morning. Bryan Rains
23rd Calgary: 6 Turnstones at Lainne sgeir, Calgary and on the 22nd we had our first record of Great Spotted woodpecker  (10x10km square) in Treshnish wood. Prasad
20th Treshnish woods: 8 Long-tailed tits at Treshnish wood today.These are my first December records, Prasad
19th I had great views of a perched Long-eared Owl in the car headlights for three minutes approx midway along the main Craignure-Tobermory Road at 17:15. Bill Aspin19th Lochdon: in my garden today, Yellowhammer, male Brambling, Gold Green and Chaffinch, Blackbirds & Song Thrushes
17th Lochdon : A Tree  Sparrow in the field below our garden. John & Ingrid Cable
14th Loch Scridain: a Red Kite soaring over loch scridain not close enough to spot any tags hough. Ryan Walsh 
14th & 5th Dervaig: up to 6 Bramblings (4 males)  "foraging" in beechmast in garden. Rod & Gill Little 
15th Lochdon: 2 Yellowhammer, Goldfinch and Greenfinch brought a bit of colour into my garden on this grey day. Alan
11th at Killiechronan:  today there was a Slavonian Grebe and a Bar-tailed Godwit. Richard & Liz Airey.
10th Salen Debbie Thorne reports a Tree Sparrow in her garden (again)
10th Salen Pier road: 5 Lapland Buntings  were briefly in Roger Johns garden 
10th Dervaig: This morning the female Brambling has been joined by a male - a red letter day! Rod & Gill Little 
9th Loch Scridain - 2 Great Northern Divers, 1 Black Throated Diver. Loch Na Keal - 1 Great Northern Diver, 1 Goldeneye  
3 Goosander (2m/1f) 2 Merlin.  Richard & Liz Airey.
8th Dervaig: This morning one female Brambling in garden with large flock of Chafffinch. Rod & Gill Little 
7th Loch Scridain: a Red Kite here drifting over the hills by the lcoh on the north shore. Richard Atkinson/Alan
7th Lochdon: Owen Tyson reports having 3 Yellowhammer in the garden today.
7th Dervaig estuary: a Kingfisher here this morning at 11.00am. Mike Shepherd
5th Ross of Mull. Bryan Rains reports  Red Kite at Kilfinichen Bay , as different bird without any wing tags showing.
5th Carsaig: a leucistic Rock Pipit has been regularly seen on the beach area. Barbie Coulson
4th Dec : Kilfinichen Bay: Red kite flying around Kilfinichen bay this afternoon  Lynda and Michael Hadow.
24th November:  Salen (late report)  of 3 Lapland Bunting in Roger Johns garden down Puer road
3rd Ross of Mull: Female Hen Harrier flying over Suidhe, Ross of Mull Tony Jeffree
1st Loch Assapol: a Red Kite was seen flying over Loch Assapol this morning at 11.15an. Scott & Dianne Gates
This red kite  has a red tag on the left wing which means it is from the Central Scotland population this year. It’s in juvenile plumage and there is a blue tag on the right wing. It’s the first Central Scotland red kite seen on Mull as far as we know and probably wandered west in search of snow free land to hunt over.

Latest reports for December 2009
30th Salen: Had a Tree Sparrow at our feeder today.  Helen and Iain King Salen
29th Fidden: A couple of good ones from the tour yesterday....1 Grey Plover and 1 Pink-footed Goose.  Bryan Rain
28th December  :  Loch Ba: Single Slavonian Grebe and 5 (one drake) Goldeneye on loch; 10 Redwings, 7 Long-tailed Tits and solitary Grey Wagtail and Meadow Pipit  along south shore was sum total of birds seen on an afternoon that made Jack Frost seem warm and inviting.  Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson22nd Knock: Among the birds at Knock today were. 54 Teal, 38 Goldeneye, 22 Oystercatchers, 6 Turnstone, 2 Redshank, 1 Peregrine, 1 Grey wagtail and 1 Stonechat.  Colin Moody 
18th Loch Pottie:  5 Lesser Canada Goose at Loch Pottie .. Bryan Rains. 
15th December - Loch na Keal/Loch Scridain10 Great Northern Divers, 4 Red Throated Divers and at least 9 Slavonian Grebes between Knock and Inch Kenneth. Pair of Golden Eagles soaring over the hillside above Knock Farm. Dipper at Knock Bridge. 100 + Barnacle Geese on Inch Kenneth. Black Throated Diver and single Red Throated Diver on Loch Scridain. Single Dunlin with 15 Ringed Plovers on Loch Beg where Greenshank heard. 2 Whooper Swans on Loch Sguabain. (the loch through Glen More)  Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson during Isle of Mull Bird Club Field Trip
16th Lochdon: I am going to have to move my feeding station, every morning I find the nuts on the ground because the deer come along at night and attempt to knock the nuts to the ground with their antlers so that they spill open and then they can eat them. It's costing me a fortune. I'm a Yorkshireman and that hurts.  Alan
11th Knock: Dipper on the river by the old bridge this afternoon. Alan
11th Killiechronan camp site: 30 Oystercatcher, 35+ Ring Plover, Iceland Gull. Alan
10th Oban harbour: group of 13 Eider (6M, 3F, 4juv). Felicity Hansen
10th Lochdon: a Great Spotted Woodp[ecker visited my bird feeder again today. Alan
10th Achnacraig on the Salen side:  5 Crossbills giving great views in tree tops up the forest track h.
Waders at Dervaig this morning were 3 Greenshank, 2 Redshank, 6 Ringed Plovers, a single Snipe and a Curlew. There were also 12 Teal and 6 Red-breasted Mergansers there. Arthur Brown
5th Oban:Adult Ring-billed Gull, CommonGulls,Herring Gulls, George Street foreshore at 15.15 hrs.  Stuart Gibson
8th Oban harbour: 5 eider (3M 2F). Felicity Hansen
7th Ad male type Great Grey Shrike this pm (found by Brian John)on private land in Kilmartin Valley north of Lochgilphead. (3rd Argyll record in last 13 years)
6th Lochdon - Grasspoint: Goldeneye, Teal & Wigeon on the loch and a female Hen Harrier at Grasspoint. Alan
4th Calgary beach: 10 Reed Buntings were flitting about in the Marran grass on Calgary Beach. Pam Brown
4th Tobermory: male Blackcap on the brambles behind my flat.  Felicity Hansen
4th  Loch Cuin 4 Little Grebes, 2 Greenshank, 3 Redshank, 5 Teal and 2 Wigeon.   Immature Sea Eagle (two wing tags visible : White ,'E') sitting on rock. Calgary Bay: Three Great Northern Divers present . Ruth Fleming and Stuart Gibson
4th Aros river: White throated Dipper showing well today. Alan
2nd Knock: the first white winged gull arrived with a 1st winter Iceland Gull at Knock hatchery.  Bryan Rains

Latest reports for December 2008
30th Dervaig:  first Brambling of this winter in the garden (male we think on account of its very pale beak with dark tip).  Rod & Gill Little.
29th Glen More: a probable Goshawk seen through the glen by the three lochs. Michael & Andrea Jackson
21st Glen More: driving through the glen this evening between 4pm & 5pm I saw 2 Barn Owls and 3 Short eared Owls plus a single Tawny Owl. a most enjoyable drive through the Glen. Alan Spellman
16th  Kintra - Single Waxwing reported in local garden – Mike Wagemakers
14th Loch Ba: I saw 5 Bar tailed Godwits at the mouth of the river Ba on 14th.  Cynthia Grindley
10th at Ardvergnish today  a very late Swallow. sadly unlikely to return to the sunsnhine now.Pete Hall
9th Loch Frisa: male and Ringtail Hen Harrier, also 5 Short eared Owls hunting on moors above Dervaig. Arthur Brown
8th Glen Forsa: Shaun Braid reports having up to 5 Goldcrests regularly feeding in his garden
7th Ardura woods tetrad the highlights were 1 Golden Eagle, a Dipper and a Woodcock in a 25 species square, At the mouth of the river Lussa were 28 Wigeon, 10 Curlew, 13 Oystercatchers and a Little Grebe. At Fishnish were 8 Black Headed Gulls in a mixed flock of Gulls. Arthur Brown
5th Griburn: On BTO tetrad on hill above Gribun, 3 White Tailed Eagles, 3 Golden Eagles, 6 Buzzards and 3 Kestrels and 13 species in the tetrad. It was very icy on the top of the hill. Arthur Brown
4th Tobermory: Just been watching a merlin (poss immature),  definitely identified thanks to the pictures on your website and my Collins Guide.  It was sitting, looking rather soggy, preening and bobbing its head like an owl, on a dead branch of one of my tall spruce trees, just outside my office window and on the edge of the moor.  Watched it for a good ten minutes before it flew away. Sheila Barnard, 
3rd Glen More, A Red Kite with Buzzards seen feeding of a carcass this morning. Andy & Diana Oldacre
2nd  B.T.O. tetrad Calgary to Langamull. 2 Woodcocks, 6 Buzzards, 3 Kestrels, 10 Goldcrests, !4 Coal tits and over 50 Chaffinches. There was a single W.T.S.E. 14 Hooded Crows and a single Meadow Pipit. it was another good day Arthur and Pam Brown
1st Dec: B.T.O Tetrad from Bennan Farm to Cailaich, highlights were 8 Long Tailed Tits and a flock of 10 Redwings. Also 7 Robins, 6 Wrens, 2 Song Thrushes, 2 juvenile W.T.S.E. and a Golden Eagle. There were also 14 Hooded Crows, 6 Ravens, 3 Buzzards and a single Kestrel. At Dervaig in loch Cuin were 
3 Greenshank, 2 Redshank, 2 Snipe, 3 little Grebe, 7 Red breasted Mergansers, 14 Teal and a single Male Goldeneye. Arthur & Pam  Brown
30th Nov: Loch na Keal-Knock: Gulls, Black headed, Common, Herring and 1 Iceland Gull. Greylag Geese, Goldeneye, Mergasers, Mallard, Teal, Wigeon, Oystercatcher, Turnstone, Ringed Plover, Curlew, Salvonian Grebe (4), Great northern divers (6) Sea Eagles, Shags, Hoodies, Ravens, Rock Pipit. Alan Spellman

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