monthly sightings for August


Latest sightings for August 2020

28th Ardrioch.Pam tells me that the two barred Crossbill has made an appearance again today, Thanks Pam and Arthur.
27th Ardriooch-Dervaig: Two Barred Crossbill still in residence. Cailaich-2 Great Skuas, single Manx Shearwater, lots of diving Gannets, kittiwakes, flock of migrating Pied Wagtails.   Large pod of Common Dolphins and our first Basking Shark off Cailaich in 3 years. Pam & Arthur Brown
26th Records of interest from our BTO WeBS counts yesterday - A female Scaup on Loch Torr (last WeBS record on Loch Torr was 1980). 9 Greenshank and a Swift on Loch Cuin. Ewan Miles & Rach French 

Osprey at
                    Lochdon 26th August 2020 Pete Morrisy
26th Lochdon.  An Osprey which was perched on a telegraph pole at the bottom of the garden at 1000 this morning. photographed by Pete Morrisy. (many thanks to Sue Royal)
26th Ardrioch by Dervaig: The Two barred Crossbill was still showing at Ardrioch today. Alan Spellman

photographed by Alan Spellman 26th August 2020

photographed by Arthur Brown 24th August 2020
24th Ardrioch/Dervaig. a Two barred Crossbill has been on and off the nut  on feeder all evening. This is a a mega rare bird and only the second for Argylland  a first record for Mull. kindly reported by Arthur and Pam Brown, + visitors David and Catherine Mitchel, Nia, Rishee, Tom and Jack.
24th August: Java - 21 Swallows gathered on wires. Craignure Bay - 2 Red-throated Divers, 2 Razorbills, 2 Black Guillemots. Sparrowhawk at Minister's Point.
23rd: Garmony - at least 15 Golden Plover, 12 Curlews, 3 Turnstones, 200+ Auks on Sound of Mull between Morvern and Garmony. Nancy Somerville
23rd From ferry Oban to Craignure, large flock of kittiwakes, single Manx Shearwater and a little gull. Skua species aswell, probably a Great. Circa 6+ of Harbour Porpoise. These were all, just of Craignure. Lee Dutton & Angharad Jones.
19th: Garmony - I counted 46 Golden Plover but positive there were more out of sight behind rocks.
17th: Craignure Bay - Great Northern Diver. Have had Greenfinches at my feeders for the past week or so. Nancy Somerville
Juvenile White tailed eagle from 2020 Golf
                      course site
This Juvenile White tailed eagle was taken by Nancy Somerville  August 2020
18th Iona: a Wryneck and a Green Sandpiper here today at Columba Bay at the South end of Iona. Also had a Sooty Sheerwater, Black throated diver and 3 Red throated divers from Staffa trips tours 17th, and Hen Harrier, 3 Willow Warblers, Sedge Warbler, Whitethroat, Sparrowhawk, Kestre and Greenshank over the last few days. Paul st Pierre
16th Iona.  3 Knot and a Black throated diver off north end of Iona yesterday. visitor Paul st Pierre

Adult Black throated diver photo by AS
14th Just been swimming in Calgary bay and 2 Black-throated Divers (adult and juv) Surfaced only 15 metres from me Ewan Miles   now open for business
13th  A Pink footed goose in the greylag flock on loch peallach, above Tobermory, and Knot on beach below pennygown campsite. Paul st Pierre
12th Juv Cuckoo, Loch Ba. 20 Golden Plovers, 2 Dunlin at Garmony. Large feeding frenzy in the Sound of Mull consisting of 100s of Kittiwakes, Herring Gulls, Gannets, Razorbills, Harbour Porpoise and lunge feeding Minke Whales! 5 RT Divers on Loch na Keal. Ewan Miles, Iolo Williams and Rachel French. Nature Scotland Expedition

10th We saw a pair (two) of Ospreys whilst sitting at anchor. We’ve been here two days and seen such a variety of birds
Mary & Scott.
8th a distant Sooty Shearwater seen off Mull today from the ferry gliding just above the water surface. Neil Hammatt
7th: Java - Black Guillemot, Red-throated Diver. Garmony - Sparrowhawk.
6th: Java - Black Guillemot close to shore. By path from Achnacroish - 6 Stonechats. Nancy Somerville
6th Whimbrel, 10 Dunlin and Greenshank at Loch Cuin, juv male Peregrine and 4 Greenshank at Lochdon. Ewan Miles   now open for business  6th Lochdon.16.20hrs  Osprey sitting occupying fence posts on the 'Field of Dreams', Lochdon end. Steve and Linda Littlewood
3rd, 4th & 5th: Terns, Gannets, gulls and at least 100 auks (and a few porpoises) feeding along the Sound of Mull at Craignure Bay.  Nancy Somerville
3rd: Java (early hours) female Tawny Owl calling. Scallastle Bay - approx 20 Eider, Pied Wagtail with two juveniles. Scallastle forest path - Whitethroat.
2nd: Java - 2 Red-throated Divers. Torosay Gardens: single Sand Martin with flock of Swallows and a couple of House Martins, female Blackcap, 2 Spotted Flycatchers.
1st Aug: Java - Black Guillemot transitioning to winter plumage, approx 40 House Martins gathering high above.

5th  I saw this Short-eared owl by the three lochs this morning. Ewan said that he hasn’t managed to see one this year, and it looks like a really bad year for them on Mull. Dave Davies
5th Lochdon an Osprey flying over the  ‘field of dreams’ towards loch Spelve at 15 10 hrs today.
5th Loch Cuin
Loch CuinLoch Cuin  Loch Cuin 13 Black-tailed Godwits, Lochdon 3 Bar-tailed Godwits and 2 Golden Plovers, Loch Spelve. 2 Barn Owls hunting at dusk. Sparrowhawks in numerous places around the isle (presumed migrants) Ewan Miles & Rach French

Latest reports for August 2019
31st - Dervaig - 11 Red-breasted Mergansers. Fanmore - 2 more Whitethroats caught and ringed.0th - Langamulll - 35 Oystercatchers, 3 Curlews and 4 Stonechats. Fanmoor - 2 Whitethroats and a Blackcap caught and ringed.
9th - Tobermory Tip - 35 Ravens Tim Dixon
9th A Whimbrel at Croig. A couple of Sparrowhawk sightings on the moors, potential migrants. Ewan Miles 
9th: Craignure/Java - 2 juvenile goosander, peregrine chasing a flock of feral pigeons. Nancy Somerville
29th  Hill road above Torloisk: A Wheatear and 2 Twite.
8th: Java - 2 juvenile goosander (showing facial stripes), six swallows on swimming pool roof. Scallastle forest path - kestrel, approx 20 swallows high overhead.Nancy Somerville 

27th: Garmony-Fishnish coastline - 13 mallard, 10 curlew, 8 turnstone, snipe calling, merlin chasing small bird. Nancy Somerville
27th Fanmore: Three juvenile Whitethroats caught and ringed presumably the offspring of a pair that was on territory in the spring
26th Very surprised to see what must have been a male Common Rosefinch in with the House Sparrows at Fanmore on the feeders at 18.30 today. Seen very briefly, literally for a few seconds before it flew off with the sparrow flock, but noted size just a bit smaller than House Sparrow, sparrow like, blunt conical bill, streaky back, distinct double wig bar and significant amount of red on throat and upper breast. No red seen on head but may have missed it given the extremely brief view. Suggest anyone out birding in the area checks out all sparrow flocks!  Tim Dixon

26th I write to report the sighting of an Osprey  The sighting was from the window of the cottage where we are staying at Torloisk, David Pickering6th Croig: A juvenile Cormorant, 2 adult and a juvenile Ringed Plover, a Whimbrel and a juvenile Wheatear,Glenforssa Airfield: A Crossbill flying over. Tim Dixon
25th Fanmore: 60+ Swallows feeding on flying ants.,Croig: a Whimbrel and a juvenile Wheatear, Glenforssa Airfield:  15 Oystercatchers and a Blackcap.Tim Dixon
23rd Fanmore - Five adult Gannets fishing in the Loch, 120 Greylag Geese and 3 Wood Pigeons.Tim Dixon

24th Fanmore: Three adult Gannets fishing in the Loch and a Whitethroat Tim Dixon.
6th: Craignure/Java - 3 black-headed gulls, 6 turnstones. Nancy Somerville
25th: Craignure/Java - turnstone, two juvenile blackcaps.
24th: Glen Aros - peregrine. Salen - approx 10 curlews flying along coast. Craignure/Java - flock of approx 30 adult and juvenile goldfinches.   23rd: Hazelbank - ringtail harrier.
Nancy Somerville


red grouse at Glengorm August 2019 Ewan Miles
25th 4 Red Grouse on Glengorm . I hear them most times I check the moore on the estate. Ewan Miles. 
23rd  A single Sanderling with Dunlin opposite the Kinloch this morning, Crossbills in the trees here as well.Pam & Arthur Brown 
 21st - Red Throated Diver close to shore at Mishnish Lochs. Ron Cordeiro, Liz and Richard  Airey
16th Just to mention the Osprey. We watched it over Lochdon for about 40 minutes. lovely. Jacquie
and Mike
14th Juv female Peregrine in Laggan bay. 3 RT Divers on Loch Spelve. Single Dunlin at Croggan. 16 Redshank on Loch Cuin. Swallow roost building to 60 plus birds at Dervaig reed bed. Ewan Miles                                                                        14th  30 Golden Plover with 3 Turnstones from Garmony parking area on shingle beach. Black Throated Diver with a juv bird in Duart Bay and 1 Whimbrel.  Osprey sat on Boulder along the edge of Lochdon viewed from parking area along Gorten Road before farm entrance.  Flew when Sea Eagle went over and headed in direction of Duart.  About half an hour later when looking from road towards river after Grasspoint turning an Osprey sitting on top of a small tree Mick and Sylvia Brennan. 14th  70+ Ring Plovers at Killiechronan this morning with a few Dunlin amongst them. Pam & Arthur Brown                                                                          
13th Single Black Throated Diver in full summer plumage at the far end of Mishnish Lochs this afternoon. Very distant record shot. Whinchat along Dervaig to Salen Glen road. Sylvia and Mick Brennan                                                                                                            12th: Craignure/Java - 5 swallows. Scallastle Bay - red-breasted merganser, 3 curlew, 11 eider, juvenile black guillemot, 1 adult and 1 juvenile kittiwake, gannet flying along the Sound, single tern, approx 8 turnstones and other waders (see photos). Garmony - 7 curlews, 5 golden plover, gannet flying along the Sound, a few house martins flying.  Nancy Somerville. 

12th a stunning Merlin chasing the birds on the Tiroran estuary .  It continually chased the crows and waders and sat on the beach for at least half an hour, also two Greenshank there. At Pennyghael, three Knot and six Dunlin plus a Greenshank.  Six porpoise at Grasspoint in the evening with lots of Gannets.  A Ringtail  Harrier at Lochdon and two Ringtail Hen Harriers with Stonechat, Redpoll, whitethroat. Sylvia and Mick Brennan
14th Juv female Peregrine in Laggan bay. 3 RT Divers on Loch Spelve. Single Dunlin at Croggan. 16 Redshank on Loch Cuin. Swallow roost building to 60 plus birds at Dervaig reed bed. Ewan Miles                                                                                                                                                                                    
 14th t 30 Golden Plover with 3 Turnstones from Garmony parking area on shingle beach. Black Throated Diver with a juv bird in Duart Bay and 1 Whimbrel.  Osprey sat on Boulder along the edge of Lochdon viewed from parking area along Gorten Road before farm entrance.  Flew when Sea Eagle went over and headed in direction of Duart.  About half an hour later when looking from road towards river after Grasspoint turning an Osprey sitting on top of a small tree Mick and Sylvia Brennan.n
11th - 2 adult  WTE at Loch na Keal; c200 Manx Shearwater from Craignure to Oban Ferry (2 large flocks plus several small ones)10th - 3 WTE (2ad + 1imm) Loch na Keal; 14 Sanderling & 1 Ruff Ardalanish beach; Hen Harrier Fidden. visitor  Deryck Iving
12th, "so for my first retirement report".  A flock of approx. 20 Twite at Calaich  this morning 10 Kittiwakes on the rocks there as well with Meadow Pipits everywhere.Pam & Arthur Brown   10th A family of 6 Jays viewed in wood from White tailed Eagle view point on Loch Na Keal and 2 Whitethroat feeding young at the parking area.   Also 40 Ringed Plovers and 2 Dunlin on shingle beach from Campsite and 15 Red Breasted Mergansers on Loch. Mick and Sylvia Brennan - visitors.
11th: Craignure Java - Red-throated diver Nancy Somervil
10th: Craignure/Java - 10 swallows. Scallastle forest path - tawny owl alarm call (late morning) 
Nancy Somervile.
8th:Craignure/Java - family of 6 grey wagtails (2 adults with 4 juvs), 2 juvenile black guillemots.
9th Dervaig, 1 Greenshank,  Male Hen Harrier by the satellite station at Glengorm,  Flock of 20 Goldfinch by Druimnachroish , 1 Red Throated Diver on the Mishnish Lochs,  Tawny Owl heard  and Barn owl seen from our cottage Cnoc Fuan on Glengorm. White tailed Eagle at Druimnachroish and one flying over the Glengorm Castle area.  visitor Peter Shearer
Grey Heron fishingred breasted Merganser juvenile
                     Grey Heron fishing.                                                              Red breasted Merganser juvenile.  Alan Spellman
6th Lochdon, morning, 1 little grebe,  3 greenshank, 12 redshank, 1 whimbrel, male hen harrier. Garmony, 1  goosander.  Gribon,  8 dunlin, twite, and 1 red-throated diver. Loch Scridain by Killiemore,  a great northern diver. Lochdon, pm, 4 greenshank,  6 bar-tailed godwit,  2 whimbrel  flying high along north side, male hen harrier,  an Osprey  (caught fish & went off over over plantation west of estuary). Dave Pierce
6th Lochdon  an Osprey fishing over the loch Steve Hiscock
5th 3 Golden Plovers overhead near Gribun. House Martins on the wing up on nearby coastal cliffs, possible breeding sites? Arctic Skua in waters north of Mull. Ewan Miles & Iolo Williams.
5th Lochdon, 4 Golden Plover,  2 Turnstone,  7 Redshank,  3 Greenshank, 4  Bar-tailed Godwit, 1  Whimbrel, 1 Redstart  juvenile,  Croggan. 3 Spotted Flycatcher  (adult & 2 recently fledged),  1 Red-throated Diver. Loch Buie  2  Red-throated Diver, Hen Harrier grey male over Lochdon.Also fledged and unfledged young White-tailed and Golden Eagles  Dave Pierce

5th: Craignure/Java - Black Guillemot. Scallastle Bay - Black-headed Gull, 19 Eider, 4 juvenile Pied Wagtails, 2 Kittiwakes, Black Guillemot, 9 Ringed Plover. Garmony - 3 Golden Plover Nancy                                                                                                                                                                                                                         3rd: Craignure/Java - 2 Black Guillemots, Black-headed Gul  Nancy Somerville
4th Lochdon. 3 Greenshank,  c65Curlew, Scoor on the Ross, 30+  Lesser Black-backed Gull, 3 Whinchat including recently fledged, 2 Twite. Dave Pierce

Black-throated diver                                                                                          Red-throated diver
3rd Adult Black-throated Divers on the Mishnish Lochs and Loch na Keal. Red-throated Divers on Loch Torr and Loch na Keal. non-breeding Great-northern Diver still on Loch Scridain.
Eaglet nestlings turning into fledglings around the isle!  Willow Warblers, Great Tits etc in great song this morning after moult. Ewan Miles & Iolo Williams.   

3rd Porpoise 1 from Lochaline/Fishnish ferry. c40 Golden plover, 1 redshank 1, dunlin. Garmomy,
6 Turnstone,   Lochdon. 5 Bar-tailed godwit, 1 turnstone, 1 lapwing, 16 golden plover,  c52 curlew. 4 Redshanks.  2 greenshank, 8  heron.  Dave Pierce
2nd: Scallastle Bay - 19 Eider, 2 Curlews,3 Black-headed Gulls, Wheatear, 4 juvenile Pied Wagtails.
1st Aug: Scallastle Bay - 4 Redshank, 3 Curlews
31st: Craignure/Java - Gannet (adult) flying along the Sound, Willow Warbler. Nancy Somerville

Latest sightings for August 2018
26th  - Common Tern on Salen old pier.  Greenshank on Killechronan bay.

28th - Merganser with three tiny chicks today in Aros Bay reduced from the seven with her two days ago.  Single Bar Tailed Godwit and 2 Greenshank. Mick and Sylvia Brennan.

27th - 2 Wheatear Gribun near beach.  Reed Bunting along road to Tiroran, near bay.  3 Dunlin and numerous Ringed Plover Loch Scridain.  Greenshank near bridge over river on Grasspoint road.  Ring Tailed Hen Harrier at Grasspoint along with 5 Stonechats and 2 Whitethroats and 5 Black Guillemots and a single Red Throated Diver. Mick and Sylvia Brennan.

23rd One Greenshank at Salen with Common and Arctic Terns. At least two Greenshanks at Dervaig on 24th. visitor Matt Francis
23rd Male Hen Harrier from the Bunessan to Uisken road in the Knocknafenaig area. Ringtail Hen Harrier there also plus one juvenile Wheatear. Hedley Wright
22nd  Ardalanish. Male Hen Harrier and a Golden Eagle from junction with Uisken Road.
23rd Fidden. Peregrine, 1 male Hen, 3 ringtail Hen Harriers, 2 Snipe, 2 Wheater. Knockvologan. 1 ringtail Hen Harrier, Whinchat at first farm.Hedley Wright
23rd At least 20 Mistle Thrushes just before lunch this morning at the Torloisk end of the Torloisk to Dervaig road. Matt Francis
20th, Garmony: 2 whinchat, 12 curlew, 4 eclipse eider, 8 female eider, 2 goosander, 12 turnstone, 12 plovers
22nd, Torosay: 1 curlew, a female whinchat, and Ringed plover  Maybe 30 at least.  Mingling with turnstones.
23rd, over Tobermory: sparrowhawk, long-tailed skua (definite!) white-tailed eagle.    No camera (!) but got a good, clear look through bins.  Long-tailed skua was being chased by 2 gulls, WTE being chased by a hoodie. Nancy
22nd 6 Red Grouse 8:30am today on moors near high point on Torloisk to Dervaig road. 19th 2 Great Northern Diver on sea at Black Beach.
1 Mink at Tobermory on. 20th  1 possible Goshawk (unfortunately no photo so unlikely to be accepted by arbc) and 1 Peregrine at Calgary Beach. Matt Francis 
21st Loch Beg 5 Greenshank, 1 Little Grebe. From Carsaig Pier 5 Turnstone, 3 Golden Plover, c20 Shag and 1 adult White-tailed Eagle (all on Gamhnach Mhôr rocks). Hedley Wright
20th A walk in the Kilvickeon area produced 1 pair adult Golden Eagles, 1 pair adult White-tailed Eagles, Sparrowhawk, ringtail Hen Harrier.
1 Moorhen (Harrison’s Loch), Sand Martins (nesting Kilvickeon beach) plus common species. Peregrine and ringtail Hen Harrier past our cottage in Lower Ardtun.  Hedley wright
18th - 20th - Sea to NW Mull. Thousands of feeding Manx Shearwaters throughout area, particularly off Ardnamurchan Point, where joined by up to 80 Gannets, five Great Skuas and 6+ Storm Petrels. Stuart Gibson
19th Aug at Salen: 12 arctic terns, 1 black guillemot, 1 greenshank, two ringed plover, 1 rock pipit. Nancy
19th Single Greenshank at river estuary Dervaig. Ron Corderiio
17th Just arrived on Mull for a week in Bunessan area. Eleven Black-tailed Godwit from Lower Ardtun this evening. Hedley Wright.
15th Aug:  At least 70 starlings near Inverlussa
16th Aug: male hen harrier, Craignure - over field by hospital.- greenshank, Salen- around 50 Canada geese, Garmony - plus an odd looking gull!)- whimbrel (I think) Garmony - 4 female eider, Garmony-  8+ turnstones, Garmony, ringed plover, Garmony 14th: whimbrel at Java/ Craignure. Nancy
13th 2 Swifts over Dervaig. Carrion x Hooded Crow hybrid on the glen road. Ewan Miles 
12th - Torosay. Two adult Black Guillemots in Sound of Mull; two Whimbrels; and a single Common Sandpiper; the Wheatear seen was a migrant.
11th - Sea to NW of Mull. The now obligatory single Storm Petrel was again seen, as was a Peregrine at sea flying East towards Ardnamurchan; several Puffins; and 800+ Manx Shearwaters in the Sound of Mull, off Ardmore Point. Stuart Gibson

8th a few fields along from the abbey there were two black tailed godwits actively feeding at far end of field in amongst the geese – great to see so many sparrows and starlings as well!. Adrian Podmore

The photo was taken Leslie Robb on Loch Na Keal (Ben More Pontoon side) on 2nd August at 9pm.As well as the 4 on the picture there was another 3 swimming on the Loch.
8th - Sea to NW of Mull. A dark phase Arctic Skua was seen in the Sound of Mull, off Ardmore; and the customary single Storm Petrel was seen at sea between Mull and Coll. Stuart Gibson 7th Whimbrel at Fishnish, Coot calling at the Dervaig reeds, female Peregrine over Craignure, Black-tailed Godwit at Lochdon, A swallow roost of 80 plus at Dervaig reeds and a Pied-wagtail roost of 90 plus. Ewan Miles and Iolo Williams 
 6th - Sea to NW of Mull. 500+ Manx Shearwaters and 300 Kittiwakes (a higher than usual count) off Ardmore/Glengorm area of the Sound of Mull; several Great Skuas; numerous small flights of Puffins; Guillemot with chicks and a Razorbill with chick; and a single Storm Petrel on the sea between Mull and Coll.   Stuart Gibson
4th - Sea to NW of Mull. A single Red-throated Diver flying down (SE) the Sound of Mull past Ardmore was presumably the same bird that was seen flying West soon after; multiple sightings of Great Skuas; a single pale morph Arctic Skua was seen harassing a Kittiwake; and a solitary Storm Petrel.
23rd July 6-8 Risso’s Dolphins north up channel between Iona and Fidden 1 Otter, 1 Mink
25th Ardalanish Bay. hundreds if not thousands of by the wind sailors,  m Hen Harrier, 2 Red-t Diver, Bunessan, Otter
26th Iona.  3 Black-tailed Godwits on newly mown hayfield
27th Bunessan, ringtail Hen Harrier,  Calgary Bay.  Tawny Owl 2 hooting, one squeaky young, Eider 2 females each with 2 young
28th Calgary Bay.  ad White-t Eagle, later an imm joined 2 imm Golden Eagles,  2 Otter. Croig,  Ad White-t Eagle on rock in bay, another distantly on cliff, Whimbrel 1. Richard Allen
Latest sightings for August 2017
30th Adult male Peregrine harassing Hooded Crows at Salen Bay. Ewan Miles   
29th - Hills between Loch Ba and Glen Forsa. A flock of (up to) 32 Golden Plovers were still 1,300 feet up on Beinn Bhuidhe (between Loch Ba and Glen Forsa). Stuart Gibson
28th Juv Long-tailed Skua harassing a Kittiwake, 2 dark phase Arctic Skuas, a solitary Puffin and 4 separate pods of Common Dolphins in waters to the north of Mull. Ewan 
28th 4 Ring Tails at Grasspoint together near parking area  early evening together with two buzzards and a stonechat.  Another Whitethroat along the road to Duart also today.  At least four terns still feeding off Gold Course at Craignure although distant.  1 Shelduck, a widgeon and 6 Teal seen from road near school at head of Lochdon. Mick and Sylvia Brennan.
17th Arctic Skua and Great Skua scoped from Duart Castle.  Lots of Golden Plover, 2 Bar Tailed Godwits, dunlin and redshank and ringed plover in Duart bay. 2 porpoise and kittiwake from Grasspoint with 3 Snipe, Stonechats, willow warbler and a Whitethroat in bushes along road. 
Sylvia and Mick Brennan.
27th There were 11 young grouse crossing the road above Tostarie this morning. Colin Moody
26th Bay at Killechronan - 12 Golden Plover, 5 Dunlin with lots of Ringed Plover, 4 Bar T Godwits, 4 Black Guillemots, Mergansers, Eiders, 2 RT Divers and an otter showing wellalong with a large flock of Long Tailed Tits and 2 Grey Wagtail and a Wheatear.  2 Sea Eagle on Rocks further down Loch Na Keal.  Male Sparrowhawk and over 100 + rock doves in mown field just past Knock Farm. 
Before we left Lochaline to cross to Mull today an otter was showing superbly from behind the snack bar from the jetty and there was also a common sandpiper there still together with a family of whinchats and two Golden Eagle about two miles from the Ferry.  Sea Eagle in trees at Fishnish pier. Sylvia and Mick Brennan.
24th - Tobermory A Swift was over the outskirts of Tobermory this afternoon.  Stuart Gibson
22nd - Port na Ba A flock of 40 Linnets were here this afternoon. Stuart Gibson
21st Adult male Peregrine at Langamull, Greenshank at Kellan 46 Mallards flying east of Loch na Keal. Ewan Miles 
18th - Bloody Bay Larger numbers of Kittiwakes in NW Sound of Mull, with one flock of 21 individuals (5 juveniles); most juvenile Guillemots are indiscernible from their moulting adult parents now. Stuart Gibson
17th - Aros Park. Two Crossbills over park centre, where a calling Blackcap was heard. Stuart Gibson
17th On the crossing to and from Mull lots of Manx shearwaters, diving gannets, young and adult kittiwakes, razorbills on the sea.
At Loch Torr hide last night, golden eagle, grey heron,mallard,house and sand martins and a male sparrowhawk. Barry Bishop
17th Crossbills seen and heard above numerous Sitka Spruce plantations around Mull this week. Ewan 
16th There was a sparrowhawk on the road near Killicronan last night, I wasn’t going fast but had to slow down to avoid hitting it. Colinj Moody
15th Best view ever on Mull of a Merlin near Kellan Mill today. Martin
14th the highlights from a car ride down this road included a sparrow hawk near the cheese farm, 56 ravens at the landfill site and 9 mistle thrushes on the telegraph wires. Barry Bishop
13th Buzzard, wheatear, sedge warbler, swallow, house sparrow, starling,  jackdaw, took, common and herring gull, twite and hooded crow.
Barry Bishop
12th 2 wte at Lock na keal, Greenshank, redshank, curlew, red breasted merganser at Aros estuary. visitorBarry Bishop
9th-11th August at Dervaig,  a Nightjar heard churring over three nights. Felicity Hanson, David Crane. (probably a migratng bird, as no earlier reports for the year. AS)
12th Just returned form a few days on your wonderful island and I was fascinated with a brief close up meeting with a Long eared owl. I was travelling back from Tobermory to Craignue approximately 1900 when I disturbed a long eared owl retrieving some food at the roadside on a grassy verge about 2-3 km short of Craigbure. I don’t know who got the biggest fright , the bird or me but I was traveling at around 45 mph and the bird suddenly rose up from the grass  (very well camouflaged) and almost flew in to my car. Thankfully it had its wits about it and it pulled up just in time to avoid my car but what a beautiful sight seeing this majestic bird of prey in full wing span about 8 feet from my car. 
On Thursday (10Tth) we had another chance encounter in Glendoran with a white tailed eagle resting on a telegraph post. Before i could get out of the car and get the camera ready it took off again and it was shorty joined in the air by another two birds. . A very humbling experience seeing this bird so close for such a brief moment.  viszitor James Lyons
3rd: Treshnish,  an injured  juvenile Water Rail along farm track to Treshnish.  Paul, Shirley and Jess Vautrinot
2nd: Treshnish,  1 juvenile  Cuckoo at Treshnish Point. Paul, Shirley and Jess Vautrinot pp  prasad
8th Lochdon-Grasspoint road: A long eared owl sighting at approx 8pm .Sighting was just past cattle grid on Lane 200m after hump backed bridge at Lochdon on the ro
ad to Grasspoint. Nick Jones (Visitor from Derbyshire)

5th August - we passed through Pennyghael on the way for the ferry at Craignure at around 8am. As with your other report, Golden Plover present, and also a single Wood Sandpiper (seen both on the ground and in flight, and heard calling) Visitor Rob Strong 
7th A  steady flow of Manxies, 4 Whinchat (3 juv), large numbers of Kittiwake at Grasspoint this morning - 14 Common Scoter on Loch Scridain this evening viewable from Pennyghael Regards, Ben, Colin and Shelli Moyes
6th Salen: Single Swift over the hill behind Salen today. David Poolard.
5th - Sound of Mull 40 Gannets and 40 Manx Shearwaters feeding off Kilchoan this morning; around a dozen Gannets still there five hours later.Stuart Gibson
5th Lochdon:  3 White-tailed Eagle and 2  Greenshank, Loch Spelve Golden Eagle, 5 Goosander, Black Guillemot and 4 Spotted Flycatcher, Loch Beg/Pennyghael area Golden Eagle, White tailed Eagle, Golden Plover and 2 ringtail Hen Harrier, Loch Scridain, 2 adult Red Throated Diver, 3 Red-breasted Merganser (female and 2 young) , Ben, Colin and Shelli Moyes (visiting from Suffolk)
5th A Carrion Crow and a Carrion x Hooded Crow on the Glengorm road yesterday. Ewan  
4th - Gribun: A male Peregrine was near Gribun; an adult female Goosander with four well-grown ducklings were at Loch Spelve; a calling Tree Pipit and a brood of Spotted Flycatchers were at Croggan. Stuart Gibson
3rd  Ring Ouzel (female) (am) and Snipe (pm) around the herd of cattle in the Corr-airigh pass on the B8035. Hen Harrier (f) drifted down the hillside near Ulva Ferry and headed off low over the water to Eorsa. Loch Assapol, 8pm - Little Grebe x 2, Tufted Duck x 3  Visitor Rob Strong
3rd Ardalanish Bay. Golden Eagle appearing be eating a snake, 1 Merlin chasing Starlings and missing, 4 Red-throated Divers and 71 Common Gulls in stream running through beach - never seen so many in one small area before
Between Ardalanish and Loch na Lathaich - 1 White-tailed Eagle. Sedge Warbler(s) that are in the reeded area before submitting a bird report. A. J. (Tony) Swann 
2nd Ardalanish beach - Ringed Plover (8), Dunlin (3), Twite (mobile group of approx 20 at the western end), Sedge Warbler along the path to the beach. Whitethroat by Ardalanish Weavers. Common Sandpiper along the shoreline opposite the hotel in Bunessan. Also this morning (3rd) Grey Wagtail along the north shore of Loch Beg whilst otter-watching about 7am. Surprised that this species doesn't seem more widespread here, this was the first I've seen.  Visitor Rob Strong
3rd - Sea to NW of Mull. Six sightings of Storm Petrel (two together at one point), several Puffins and a Great Skua. Stuart Gibson
2nd A family group of 7 Red Grouse at Treshnish this afternoon. Ewan Miles and Iolo Williams 
1st 7 Whimbrel at Craignure Golf Course and a Bar-tailed Godwit at Salen Bay. Ewan MIles and Iolo Williams
1st - Sea NW of Mull. A single Storm Petrel and 1 - 2 Great Skuas were today's highlights; three Redshank, two Swallows and a single Rock Dove were seen flying over the Sound of Mull.  Stuart Gibson
1st- White-tailed Sea Eagle over the western end of Loch Ba, scared up a large flock of Greylags and was then mobbed by Buzzards and crows.
Spotted Flycatcher along the Loch Ba track from Knock, between the parking area and Benmore Lodge. 8pm - two Red Throated Divers at the southern end of Loch Assapol. Flew off to roost about 8.30pm. 9pm - male Hen Harrier hunting on Blar Mor.  Visitor Rob Strong

31st July - Lunga Still large numbers of Puffins present on the Puffin Plateau; all the Guillemots and most Razorbills have now left their breeding colonies at or near Harp Rock; Juvenile Kittiwakes are in the process of fledging and will be on the wing any day now, but Fulmar chicks still with some way to go; a dark phase Arctic Skua was harassing Kittiwakes; and up to four Great Skuas were seen. No Corncrakes were heard, but six Twite were seen; and 12 Black Guillemots were counted together on Cairn na Burgh More. Stuart Gibson
31st we had a comparative rarity today, a Reed Warbler in the phragmites near to Ardvergnish where you turn off to complete the scenic route to Salen. Pete Hall  Mull Wildlife Tours.  (this is a 'rare bird' for Mull, to be confirmed)
31st Iona today - Corncrake calling behind the graveyard next to the Abbey, and in several places on the road across the island to the golf course.
Swift (x1) at the north end of the island.
Considerable numbers of Ringed Plover, Dunlin and Sanderling on beaches to the north and west. Western beach near golf course also had 5+ Redshank, a single Little Stint and a juvenile Shelduck.
Staffa this morning - single Bonxie over the boat from Fhionnport and two on the western edge of the island. Puffins flying around the boat and disturbed off the water, plus a raft of 100+ on the water at the north end of Staffa.
Six Black-tailed Godwits feeding with gulls, crows and Oystercatchers in a field opposite the farm at Tiraghoil yesterday. Visitor Rob Strong 

Mark Blake took this eagle photo,

Latest sightings for August 2016
31st Glen Forsa Airsfield: 31 Golden Ploveron Glenforsa airfield, a family of Reed buntings and flock of Goldfinch plus Twite here also. Juliet Vines.
30 Iona: on an Iona beach today Dunlin, Sanderling and a lone Knot. (a scarce bird for Mull) Anna Simpson
29th Loch Buie: Just wanted to report two summer plumaged Black throated Divers on Loch Buie today. Anna Simpson

29th Pennyhael; a female Merlin here Ewan Miles. 
24th 12 Golden Plovers feeding at the head of Loch Na Keal on low water. Ewan Miles 
24th Lochdon: Osprey fishing again this evening on the incoming tide, Alan Rosie Salzman
23rd Lochdon: the Osprey still about, on post in field past te bridge. Alo Loch na Keal: three Red throated Diver today. Jacqui Fereday. 
22nd Lochdon: about 18:30hrs an Osprey fishing the incoming tide. Alan, Rosie Salzman. hunting Hen Harrier 
21st Lochdon: How lucky to live here. looking out of my lounge window over Lochdon this morning I watched a pair of Hen Harriers hunting, a beaurtiful silver male and a ringtail, for about ten minutes at about forty metres, and where was my camera ? The lack of any photo's is the answer.  Doh !!  Alan Spellman
20th Salen Bay: 10 Black-tailed Godwits in Salen bay along with a solitary Greenshank.
17th - Baliscate: Three very noisy Jays in the wooded area surrounding the Standing Stones this pm. Stuart Gibson

16th Salen Bay: 6 Black tailed Godwit in summer plumage in Salen Bay along with a raft of 9 Common Scoter further out to the East. Ewan Miles and Lolo Williams. 
10th two Jays in different areas around Craignure the last few days. Ross Lawford.
6th on the journey to Oban I saw 3 black guillemots quite close to Craignure. About 6 guillemots on the whole journey, no terns or kittiwakes. However just past the lighthouse there were lots of gannets diving for fish and I could hear manx shearwaters calling. When I went to the other side of the ferry I saw about 50 of them flying low and then they settled on the water. Between there and Oban I saw more single birds.
5th at the hide at Loch Torr. Lots of willow warblers singing and flying about. A pair of golden eagles soaring over the hillside. Some walkers appeared on the ridge so the birds drifted over towards Glengorm.
I am hoping to bring an RSPB group to Mull next May.Keep up the excellent work with the mullbirds website. regular visitor Barry Bishop
6th A single female goldeneye on our lochan yesterday and today. Looks like first year plumage (no neck ring). Suidhe Farm, Bunessan. Tony Jefree

6th Garmony picnic area: an early Kingfisher here this morning, Jacqui Fereday 
24th July Treshnish, 1 Mealy (Common) Redpoll near the wood. I strongly suspect they breed here (as they do on Tiree) but I need more evidence. prasad.  
3rd Aros Bay: an imature Great northern Diver here, very close in. visitor Barry Bishop
1st Loch na Keal: four Red throated Diver and in Aros Bay an imature Great northern Diver. Arthur Brown

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